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Funny moments from the new FREE edition of CS:GO!
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is CS coke full of hackers it's free now that means it's got it on the music off hold on there we go okay great free csgo does it suck is it full of hackers everyone's saying that now it's free it sucks shut up we're gonna find out I see everybody testing out the free csgo and now that I am officially a part I am recognized as a part of the csgo community it's it's nade King said it I donated some money to well-known people around csgo community I think it will be cheating it's real now I want to know more about what it's like to have a fresh account I'm over here I'm Jim MIDI chug bunga's checking in for duty brand new account free no pride now hackers maybe but I want to know our new players more toxic our new players 10 years old our new players bad do new players even talk I'm gonna go ahead and queue up for everything because that is what default is and that is what the game is giving me for an option I'm gonna pretend I don't know shit go dust to deathmatch poop am I gonna have a pleasant experience you've got snow balls in hand how do you I don't know how to talk I'm gonna kill this a lot on my screen I feel like I'm playing an MMO right now is your boy chicken fungus checking in ok I swear to God if you say that one more time listen this is your boy chick fungus checking alright so I guess we still need some XP when you get like level 2 I guess the grind is on what are you telling me No yeah fuck dudes can take forever think I could still play danger zone – I want to watch me from danger zone I'm gonna run my normal strat alpha south hit the coast clear through ship and get on top order a scout and cheat and we'll see how much xp weekend I'm willing to do this for you ok and see you please game I get shot at it is what it is once we get up top here it's gonna be interesting there's a guy basically doing I don't fucking know over here pretty much toast we're gonna go for this he's rolling the water I almost feel like I don't know where he is I mean I think I and second place goes to lag EPP Pisan guy with no armor do people really want to fuck M&Ms I've been putting on a string and put up this as anal beats way too many times yeah boku no GU Kai I got fucking flying oh here we go it's happening Oh No I wonder if we all report him at the same time if he'll get banned instantly you see a man do a wheelie with his legs I want to see this hacker man come in to beat tonnes be hopping and just turn my butthole inside out it's an experiment that's roblox kid let me tell your mom you did that not my mom dude all right until your other mom yeah that's some good shit no I'll follow you I'll follow you Holly this is where the games how do you guys feel about free csgo do you think like it's a good thing or what I don't think it got too terrible at least yet I just feel like it was better when it wasn't what made it better they can't answer it's hard to answer it isn't it it's like weird it's just a feeling right it's not like hard facts it's just a feeling it's time we get inferno as our first ever csgo game and the first csgo game we play we get koreans my daddy does kiss me why does my voice sound so I actually got scared to reply because of his voice dude I think I got there he'd be with it okay so Sydney you know the burrito chimichanga yes I know him no no the burrito now big chimichangas haha I like my bitter I'm cheekbone geez who here is is playing free csgo okay who here is what is anybody playing on free csgo right big Nuggets I might need you to shush your mouth right now oh my god on your own time soldier I'm gonna axe you so my strategies I'm gonna try okay and I'm gonna see if I get a call down or cheating let's sneaky okay who's new to see us go is anybody here kind of new like within the last okay mango how you liking it so far you don't sound like a youtuber but I didn't point that out did I I'm talking to Chango mango where are you yo dawg why don't you like it so far it's not fun this is actually a great spot to hide if you want to hide here this is really good yeah yeah yeah like right in this corner yeah be honest how are you liking it's kind of fun right with your friends you know yeah it's kind of fun I was just kidding bro yeah what friends yeah I mean we got them it's a good it's a good gun good choice backwards you know how I'm chick bunga's yeah you know how I swapped like the first Levin the last letter yeah I'm gonna need you to do that with your name too whose are getting shaky half and ten you can do this right you can do whatever you want it's free csgo it's free csgo guys bad country and freedom right I know I'm a youtuber and I know I edit videos I promise you this is the first counter-strike game this account and I on this account I'm getting this is my first fucking game okay chili and deer solely mango that gun is sick bro do you really think so and you have enough money saved up to go to college after I mean Community College don't get ahead of yourself you want to run boost since here on free csgo and you know how to do that okay I'm gonna jump once and then I'm gonna jump when I land go ready it worked question mark first I think you should have a new guy tell us what to do this round be our commander okay okay yeah don't stop pressing the entire game Roger copy that looks like our guns are completely inaccurate I'm gonna die okay I'm Bobby I'm gonna plant the mom Abby no you can't stop running how high ever register can you get on that thing like can you get up in the Maria Carrie do you mean this chick fungus what guess what what this that's not how this game works I don't know if you're playing our free csgo but it seems like you're new to this game guys this is alright so this is an example of how not to play competitive mode this is not was this competitive guys this this whole series of actions right here in spawn was this competitive I I take back my statement you guys are doing great wait no don't kill yourself you get pin don't kill yourself you'll get banned it's okay you'll get lost kill you guys big bunker this is a big boy youtuber that I absolutely love and adore with my life they're gonna think I'm hacking dude it's freezing Counter Strike you're in silver by the way can we not this is this is not how old you we're making a lot and also your footsteps are do make noise Dooley's yeah you still have $2,000 in my view two more there two more n-bomb just hold tight and you guys got this tight like my virgin asshole Wow okay overshare GG oh wow okay okay wait wait what is this team that's a good way to start off introducing someone new to your game have them play someone like two and a half times you're right so how do I actually like block his name you can't valve this is ridiculous hello hello hi how are you I'm pleasant that that's that's well let's what one tap let's see what you got buddy I think one taps hacking I think that we haven't seen anything suspicious yet yeah nothing at all whatsoever yes still nothing suspicious yet absolutely nothing so how many of how many of you guys on this team are free to play csgo players I know one of you is nope the rest of work so you tell me it's it's just one tap that's on free to play I mean I'm not on free to play but I'm smurfing so right did you pay for prime though no okay so you're playing free to play huh okay so so so guys I hope you enjoyed this video I hope it brings some peace and calmness it relaxes the community here one to ever you spend money and it shows you that this game is fun for players and it can be a great game if you just give it a shot next time on my channel I'm gonna be paying this girl to be my csgo girlfriend and maybe some more stuff as always take the press straight