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The FINAL SEASON 9 TEASER in Fortnite!

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Fortnite Season 9 Teaser 3! Fortnite Season 9 Trailer NEO! Fortnite Battle Royale Battle
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Video Owned & Uploaded by GhostNinja (PG, Family Friendly Content & No Swearing)

haha see you later buddy oh why look at that there's a bunch of loot out there should I go for it I need mats alright guys we're like at a victory Royale drop like we're gonna be doing a battle pass giveaway every 3,000 likes so more likes we get the more subscribers we get equals more battle pass giveaways on the live stream so subscribe drop a like right now make sure you guys are entering up on that I know a lot of you guys are gonna need that season at nine a battle pass for free so god I want to shoot that dude bro there's so many people over there Jesus Louise there are so many people right there does that least like five people out of that yeah literally like though most of the lobbies over here right now I'm just imagine if I were to pop them right in the air did that guy these guys are rambunctious fam like dude you're getting hit for five no are you kidding me I just hit myself with one I don't have maths I literally just hit myself with one I'm a bot I'm a big ol bot for that one big ol O's in the chat haha got him I don't think I've ever hit myself with one of those oh my god stream yeah guys out to this game we're gonna be giving out the season 9 battle pass for free for a subscriber watching the video right now so you guys have it entered up and you need that battle pass for free drop a like right now make sure you're subscribed and have the notification bell turned on and boom you guys can get yourself a battle pass simple as that we got a lot of gift cards that we're gonna be giving out literally today I'll probably give out a thousand dollars in gift cards for battle paths it's like I'm not even kidding like today is gonna be a huge day every time there's a new battle pass I always do a buncha giveaways for the battle pass so it's like like even if you don't win the first one the dude they'll be like fifty fifty to a hundred to two hundred nose dude literally like I'll probably do so many today like it won't even it'll be stupid dude if you're subscribed to this channel you're T one supporter like and you're here most of that time like you'll probably get a battle pass literally you will get yourself a battle pass did I need the I need some hay some shield brothers y'all top Haden yeah we're 15 hours away from the new season you guys so later on tonight it's dropping the new season is later on tonight I can't wait dude like it I don't think it's fully hit me yet like I feel like one side he's like we get the final teaser and everything that know kind of like sinking that like oh my god like the new season is literally tonight but like dude you got you guys don't understand like having a new season makes this game so much more fun dude especially for me excite all these challenges and it's like I don't I don't have much to do once I like I complete everything and there's not really anything to do after that point you know I'm level 100 I completed all my weekly challenges like there's not like I like to grind for stuff I like to get skins I like to get like those are the things I enjoy the most about for a night so like when we have the ability to just have a whole new season and do all that it just makes the game so much better dude yo what up Kathy thank you for dropping well I appreciate it yes cap you've dropped like an subscribe so you're entered in the battle Pass giveaway indeed you are all right guys after this game we're gonna be hooking out a subscriber up with the battle pass-by I was probably maybe stupid that I did that because now I'm kind of screwed here oh yes he had a bet he had a get a launch pad that's gonna help me out what dude come on now honestly I don't even need to go up there all right ladies and gentlemen am I gonna clutch it will I choke no come on bro why that's the second time I've done it this game I've never hit myself with a bow ever why is that why have I done that two times already dude I've never done it but I've done it twice in this game I'm gay I gotta get rid of that thing let's get it boys GG's in the chat drop like if you enjoyed subscribe to the channel let's get it hype boys woo let's give out a free bottle pass to a subscriber in the livestream right now oh four night has just released the third and final season 9 teaser as you guys can see it says the future is tilted now keep in mind neo means new if you guys don't know the first teaser obviously had n the second was e and then the third was o which I predicted yesterday I literally said you guys it was most likely gonna be spelling this because this actually is like a reformatted version of new I just didn't see them just saying new just cuz like that was so like just easy to like recognize they always do something kind of unique so neo was the word and obviously that means new so what that means is the future is tilted most likely meaning that tilted is going to be new in season 9 that is my prediction on what I really think this final teaser has to say also I feel like this skin probably is gonna be a tier 1 or tier 100 skin let me know what you guys think about it in the comments below but there you guys have it man the final teaser of season 9 what do you guys think about it let me know in comments drop liked and subscribed will greatly appreciate it