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The Black Temple Remastered (World of Warcraft Cinematic)

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The Black Temple . Probably my last remaster for this year . Hope you like it . Check out my other remaster projects :
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I remember the temple as it used to be a place of trade within his chambers and meditated among his gardens I was happy then at peace number two the daily upscale torrents of blood were terrified women and children huddled in darkened corners I led many to safety but many more big deals to mid price that day my beloved sanctuary became the Black Temple there the orc warlord practiced a twisted magic that Cobra destroyed is not through their school their their witness to the undeniable power of our dark master even after the hordes reckless warfare eat all the planet apart my people were unable to find a lasting sanctuary I remember the armies of demons that swept down on us like a plague during these dark times the long cold mix eridan made the Gentiles home [Applause] magtheridon wars for hapless demons through them daily then we must seal them permanently we helped him seal the portals about him and cut off the Lincoln's reinforcements we bought was the newly trained and together we reclaimed a sacred ground I think part of me knew even then that the Black Temple had only traded one evil master for another I prefer to remember the temple as it used to be not the abomination it has become my soul bears the burden of my misjudgment but I have been patient I have been waiting and when the time is right the betrayal will become we trade