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know guys what is going on it is your boy Nick from the foot market and I have a video for you guys tonight today whenever I do put this up but it's an idea that I wanted to bring out for you guys for a long time I did a video earlier in FIFA then it's actually my most viewed video on the channel right now which is the best strong link triangles on FIFA 19 so I did net I never made a perfect link one and some of my favorite ones and I thought that I would do that before we get to team of the season time to talk about some players that I like to use in teams or alternative options to you guys if you're looking for a new team if you're looking for players to use these might be some players that you guys are interested in right so guys what a perfect link is is essentially it is when the players from the same nationality and they play for the same club in the chemistry system on FIFA how that works is they get full chemistry basically in any team no matter what's going on with the surrounding parts I think there might be an exception but I think for the most part they are totally on perfect chemistry so it's way different than it's way different in a strong link which is the green link now they're both green links but this perfect link allows you to really do what else whatever else with your team so I've got about like five to ten combinations for you guys today that I really really enjoy on foot if you guys enjoy the video drop a thumbs up and let me know the comments down below if there are some players that you guys maybe use perfect link wise you know on foot and then that that that makes me interested so you know what tell me if there's any if there's any guys that you guys you guys like to rock in squads so I think what we're gonna do guys is we're gonna start off we are gonna start right off in the well there's not they're not positional right but they are we're gonna be moving around and talking about different players throughout the team so we're gonna go with number one Alexandro headliner just got an upgrade today so this videos done before team of the season guys and Douglas costano this is a pretty fun link to use for the reason that you know when you play a 4-3-3 right this is a really good link to use when you're in a when you're in certain variants at the 4-3-3 because you you basically finish chemistry using this so you you get chemistry out of the way and a lot of the variations of the 4:33 via that link but we obviously the the left back in the left mid so Sondra is one of the better left bags in foot he's hi hi where credit's he's a really good player he actually just got in a fantastic upgrade today on his headliner so that's that's what it is right he's Brazilian and they both play for you vey Juve how re pronounce that and then those Kostas got the road to the final that got upgraded a pretty good amount what you guys could also do now is instead of using the list Kosta this could also go and use he's well he's still using Douglas custom you could use this full birthday card which is a cam it's a it's a it's a central card so if you wanna if you're in a formation like sometimes if you want to flex that around so maybe at four three two one you know you've got that opportunity to do something like that and what I will show you guys real quick not Renaldo but the the premise is that you can put any other player around right and then these two are on chemistry so it is really nice for building hybrids and that's why I wanted to make this video on the other hand guys we're not gonna leave you Ventus we're gonna stay with you they and we're gonna go with Ken solo and Cristiano Ronaldo now this is probably the most mainstream perfect length of this game so far almost every Pro used at this perfect link what they do guys is that they move run-up ronaldo down to center mid obviously with position changes and then they have cancel out right back and that can sell Oh once the watch is pretty maxed out at this point and during team of the season this will be a link that you guys probably see a ridiculous amount because Ken solo is gonna have a monster team of the season same with santur I don't know if I don't know if Kostas gonna get a team of the season but you will probably see the Ronaldo can solo link and almost every team you guys play against this summer on foot so that was one that I definitely could not miss miss out on and putting in this video some other players that we have guys we're gonna go with this one right here which is a definitely a pretty unique one this one is gonna be Telus and Milly Tao Alec stays and enter Milly Tao so these guys these guys offer a pretty unique link right in the way that this is something that a lot of people were using a few weeks ago and a lot of the pros this year used this for the qualifiers because tazed tell us is so good in FIFA right now he's an amazing card and his team of the season it's probably gonna be fantastic I'm assuming I'm assuming Milly tell aunt Elizabeth Bullock it seemed on season cards so this could be a perfect link that when we get to when we do get the team of the season I make an updated video talking about some some more of the perfect links that I like but this is definitely shaping up to be a really really useable one for the majority of people this card is fantastic if you haven't used this card yet I would totally try it out medium I work great six foot one really really really good player guys I'm serious on that that guy is a very very very good card on foot so obviously I couldn't leave him out of this video because it is a very good car we're gonna stay over here guys and we're gonna put Jordi Alba here and I think a lot of you guys already know where we're going next with this one so we're gonna have Jordi Alba accompanied by the man the myth scream Busquets not UCL Busquets we're gonna get screamed biscuits not UCL Busquets whereas chrimbus gets screamed Busquets right this is the 99 pace 99 shooting centre mate and I have used him and I can I can attest to the fact that guys he was fantastic totally would give him a look if you do have some extra coins were you trying out some players and then actually weeks he's a very very very good card so this is a big recommendation for myself I would definitely definitely try to get on him and try him out guys if you haven't tried him out already very very very good card and then you've got obviously Jordi Alba here and Jordi Alba guys is a very reliable left-back fullback in foot and he has been for years he's gonna get a team of the season this year this will be very very very good and then you compare him with scream Busquets one team of the season is out Jordi Alba team of the season cards are always very reliable just want you guys to understand that so Jordi Alba will be very very very good I in your team this summer I'm trying to give you guys some ideas of players that may get some team of the seasons or further special cards this summer as you guys are looking to try out new players so we've got a centre back link here and a little bit of a Champions League theme we've got her tongue in an alder weld now for tongue it has a team of the group stage right now and outerworld has a carnival cart now I'm not sure if outer world is getting a any other special card I think we're talking it might slide into maybe team of reason I'm not sure with the most consistent we'll have to see but this is a really really epic duel for a standard Prem team on foot this is not anything crazy right you're not gonna use these two in so mega amazing amazing team right but if you're looking to run maybe that Prem hybrid or something like that this could be a team that could work for you guys I don't know what you guys are into but yeah and then and then essentially I think the way this works guys is like you could do this right here right so if you there's this and this is the point of why I'm making this video right so if we go like busquets and then we go let's not go use elbows gets right but let's go like you're we can do your ethernet but I'm what I'm trying to tell you guys is you could do like the heya you don't have to do URIs you could do daheia so we could put two hey as garden that which I have right and and what you run into then is that you have you have a you have her tongue in here who has that perfect link right and he's gonna play on he's gonna play on that full cam which is pretty sick so that's that's the beauty of what these links are gonna do for for some of these players that I'm showing you guys in this team so we have some other players we're gonna talk about today this one is more of a midfielder to Fort Worth link and I like this one a lot I wanted to I wanted to shout out this one do you guys today I think this is a really really cool one so we've got Fubini oh you see alive which I actually do own in the club and then we've got Bobby Firmino who has a team in the knockout stage card right now this is a pretty cool one I would say that this would be a really fun one to use with the Champions League starting up obviously position change Bobby from you know to center mid that would be something that I would definitely try on the near future I haven't really used the upgrade of Fubini oh this year I heard he's really good I've only used the gold and then you guys know and when FIFA goes on you stop liking the gold as much for a lot of players and then Bobby for me has got a really good knockout stage cards gonna be a dream to see who wins the league this year right because whoever wins the league probably will get some more team of the seasons in foot so that will be very interesting to obviously look at and see for players and things like that right so that's what that's what I am interested in knowing so those two I really like as well we've got another one that is pretty fun to use and this one is a player that is actually out of the Champions League at this point which is Kim fan Bay and his teammate Robbie oh so that that's another fun one that I think is definitely one that I would recommend and this is more of a budget one you could get the league SBC card which is a very good card you could go and get the league SBC done that's not necessary sometimes even the a lot of people are still rocking as blue-blue raviolis very good what I'm hoping this year is that Robbie oh I haven't been watching too much PSG but I know that always players sometimes EA likes to vote in players too most consistent they do have meta cards in foot so Robbie oh it would be a really really good team of the season card if we were able to use a hard with some really crazy boosted statistics from the likes of a player like that now we have another another UCL themed we've got another UCL themed we've got another UCL themed ha perfectly so we've got the licked future star which actually played with last night so much fun and we've got the young who has the future star card as well but there that one is untradable now I've got to put the boys in for this one but that one's pretty cool and then what you guys could also do and look at what you could end up rocking out with is you can do like a daily bling and you've got that like crazy perfect link oh you know I'm saying you've got that you've got that IX Dutch triple perfect link in the team which is pretty damn cool so I was thinking about this one as well I really think that this is a cool one to use so I wanted to include that one in the video we've got some other ones guys which we are gonna discuss a to day and this other one is gonna be a 4 3 3 2 4 4 3 3 4 I think was the formation right we've got a 4 3 3 4 here will go 4 3 3 4 and this one is gonna be a pram one this is gonna be Kyle Walker it's gonna be Kyle Walker and Raheem Sterling Walker doesn't really have any crazy special cards at this point in time so it's understood if you guys are not crazy about this specific perfect link but I thought this was a pretty cool one I thought that this is one this one was one mentioning worth mentioning rather so this is a pretty good one obviously because surlis got an insane team in the knockout stage card now and Kyle Walker is always reliable and you guys know Kyle Walker is always very good in foot so it's another it's another potentially really really really really good perfect link now we've got one more before I end the video today because I don't want to keep you guys here forever and I know that you guys can only take so many minutes of perfect links but another one that I really like is florenzi and this would be with the flashback the rossi and that one is one that I've seen in we can lead a lot with the these are both SPC cards right now but that's a pretty cool perfectly right both money for Roma and both Italian so that's that's one that I think is really really really cool to use and I played against the guy last weekend who actually was florenzi to put them into the center mid and and and into the midfield he was so freaking good so this is definitely a really really really really good card I'll give one quick last shout out to another one that I did want to mention for you guys today because I'm obsessed with perfect links Thomas molars Carnaval card you claimed centrally or you could play mine Center mid and then you can go again a breeze league SPC Court or you can get in a breeze inform depending on which wing you want to play them on you've got the nav Rianne dan Mohler perfect like the Bayern and the German and then what you guys could also do is you can end up doing the situation right where you drop muller down to center mid and then you play humbles at center because Hummels has that to me the group-stage card or UCL a– cards so guys that's gonna be the video for today these are some perfect links that I want to share with you guys if you guys are through the video you've got two guys want to see some more of this just drop a thumbs up and let me know what kind of perfect things you guys are rocking to your team's these are the ones that I liked and wanted to mention in the video but not necessarily obviously all of the amazing perfect links that you guys can use in foot so thanks for watching guys I appreciate it I'll see you guys a video soon so