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The 5 Best Decks Right Now! (Including an Unknown Sleeper Deck!) – Hearthstone

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Regis breaks down the five best decks in Rise of Shadows right now.

-Most Popular Druid:
-Highest Winrate Druid:
-Most Popular Warrior:
-Highest Winrate Warrior:
-Most Popular Rogue:
-Highest Winrate Rogue:
-Most Popular Shaman:
-Highest Winrate Shaman:
-Most Popular Hunter:
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did I perfectly theorycraft one of the five best decks of the expansion I actually did let's talk about it yeah this video we're gonna talk about the five best decks and rise of shadows right now and I really did predict the best version of one of those in my theory crafting before the expansion so the decks in this video are essentially gonna be the decks that have stood out so far these are the ones that are looking like they're gonna be those tier 1 high tier 2 staples and if you're looking for a good deck to play you're gonna find a lot of good decks in this list and you can even find the deck lists in the description below that said let's go ahead and jump into the very best deck and riser shadows right now so up first here at the number one spot we have token Druitt and I've got two lists here the one on the left is the most popular right now and I have seen a lot of different variations of token druid this is the one most people are playing according to HS replay but the one on the right actually has the highest win rate with a pretty significant sample size too so you might find yourself succeeding a little more if you venture towards this slightly more unusual list on the right with cards like force of nature eccentric scribe which blows my mind and micro tech controller a couple different ways there to just give you a lot of reload minion potential wide board stuff which is clearly what token druid likes to do you're building up the board protecting that board and using buffs like power the wild the new blessing of the ancients and savage or to hopefully just overwhelm your opponent with lots and lots of damage and because there aren't a lot of good AoE board clears in the meta right now decks like this can succeed you got to be careful those warpath's out there I think could be a problem but obviously this deck has carved its way to the top spot for a reason because it's winning games and it's working and although I'm sure this won't be the final list it becomes kind of the go-to standard for this deck you can probably gain a little bit of an edge right now if you play either of these frankly but the one on the right you know tweak it a little bit here and there to your liking but it seems like this one's doing something to be one of the very best decks in the game right now moving on to the number 2 spot here we have bomb warrior and this is no surprise if you've been playing hearthstone at all the rise of Shadows meta these guys are absolutely everywhere and I do think this deck is gonna stay good it just does a lot of great things where here's good car the bombs themselves can be oppressive but it's really I think the dr. boom and Max energies that make this deck so strong I wouldn't be shocked if a control warrior variant of this became more popular and more prominent in the meta as rise of shadows persist that's already a deck that's ranking very highly on HS replay and seems to be trending upwards so keep your eyes out for a shift in the focus of this deck maybe away from bombs and more towards control they might end up landing somewhere in the middle we'll just have to see but here we have the current most popular version of bomb warrior on the left which I believe is actually just creep Aryans list that he threw crafted very early on in the pre-release stuff and people are playing that to great success it's working very well there is a slightly higher win rate version over here on the right which makes a few interesting changes like cutting omega Devastator that shocks me i thought that card was amazing but adding in militia commander in its spot instead is actually leading the higher win rates which when i think about it kind of makes sense right omega Devastator is only really good very late in the game and if you're playing a deck that is a little bit more on the aggressive side because you're just creating a lot of tempo and pressure with bombs then perhaps a card like militia commander that helps you keep up in the mid game may be shut down aggressive decks a little harder can pay dividends a lot faster than a card like omega Devastator it serves the same sort of purpose removing something and playing a minion perhaps taking a value trait essentially not quite as big but more efficient more early more reliable perhaps and consistent so that works out in its favor now both of these lists do have cards like Darius Crowley the one on the left has captain green skins so they are you know not super control focus they do have a little bit more tempo built into them but that's really only one of a handful of differences between the two they're mostly trying to accomplish the same sorts of things and they're both working very well but if you want to play the best version technically right now the one on the rights the way to go so now let's move on to tempo rogue at the number 3 spot the third best deck currently in Rise of Shadows and this one's a deck with a lot of different variations a ton of different ways to play and although the two lists here on screen will look rather similar to one another you might have trouble finding the difference between these two there a ton of different decks and textiles you can play for so for instance King tog waggle is a pretty prominent choice in a lot of decks and frankly you can play talk waggle lists that are very good we're talking about you know maybe one to three percent differences between all of these different decks so none of them are gonna like ruin your chances of hitting legend you can succeed with all of them the difference is here about maximizing those you know little one or two percent differences these of course do not run King Kong waggle another popular card is Mira's unstable elements nobody's running Mira's unstable element in either of these lists but a lot of people do have Mira's baseless as well now the game plan for these X if you're just not familiar with it at all is essentially to play out good strong early tempo cards do crazy things with prep to cheat out things that aren't supposed to be possible get big minions with edwin vancleef play some really high tempo dread Corsair and waggle pick plays or you just swing the board super hard start hitting your opponent in the face with you know just early game chunk damage and then finish them off with all kinds of crazy Leeroy shadow step shenanigans or waggle pick Leeroy shenanigans or just tons of waggle pick damage you can kill your opponent really quickly while still maintaining the board through your back stabs and your vendetta's and your really cheap dredge Corsairs etc so this is truly a real tempo deck not just sort of a board deck but a tempo deck or you can swing things super hard super fast and overwhelm your opponent and it's working very well right now in hearthstone and I think a lot of pros are trending towards this deck they like playing rogues successfully I think so a deck that will remain I'm sure a Tier one list for now I don't see any anything supplanting this one in the future but between these two lists the difference in case you didn't see it is there is a SAP in one in an acidic swamp booze in the other so perhaps your tech card of choice here or whatever you're seeing in your little local pocket meta you can adjust this outside of the key package with like vendetta's and rating parties and red crosshairs and henchman burglars and leroy's and waggle picks you can make some changes here and there and not totally break this deck but clearly something that is successful with a lot of different changes and it doesn't hurt the deck too much so feel free to take this one and customize it to your liking so up next here at the number four spot we have merlok shaman and this one's not a surprise when we saw scar Gill and underbelly angler intox fin and sledge slurper and sold a Murloc all these really strong looking Merlotte cards you're like okay this is definitely gonna work this is gonna be a deck and in fact it is one of the five best decks and rise of shadows so far pretty obvious game plan for this deck just play a ton of merlocks as fast as you can reload a little bit with underbelly anglers scar gills merlok tasty fins go again protect your board with soul the Morlock and eventually kill your opponent with bloodlust that's a traditional kind of merlok plan but it's just better than ever in this exact deck so we have the most popular version of merlok shaman here on the left this one works very well can win a lot of games but the highest win rate version of merlok shaman so the best of the best of the fourth best deck in the expansion is exactly the list that I theory crafted like a week before the expansion came out the main differences in my deck are hagath of the witch which might seem crazy in an aggro deck beyond that also Hinch clan hag and Hinch clan hog steed are fairly unusual choices for most of the merlok shaman builds you'll see out there but I think they add some important element agatha's there of course to give this deck a little bit more reload potential you already have this kind of mid game reload shift happening with Scargill and angular where you can go for a second or third wave of murlocs and then with hagitha each of your Morlocks in the late game once you played hagitha kind of give you like a fourth or a fifth wind where you can just keep doing things and maybe stretch out a win that you're not supposed to win so she adds that extra little mid game mid-range oomph to this deck that apparently is actually finding a lot of success because the data says this is the best version of merlok shaman right now in Rise of Shadows so insolent hag is another kind of mid game minion that shifts the curve a little bit later and all of those things seem to be working really well for this list so sure enough the regis gilben merlok shaman is the best version of the fourth-best archetype in Rise of Shadows and then finally here our fifth best deck so far in Rise of Shadows is the mech death rattle hunter most popular version here on the Left zul jin of course making the cut a lot of people have made fun of me for not putting Zildjian in lately but we could see here a list that does look a little bit reminiscent of the death rattle hunter of old just swapping in oblivia Tron for Katharina and a MEK package instead of a big beast package and you've got yourself a deck that can pull off a lot of shenanigans summoning crazy things under the board you think a lot of seven sevens out of your mechanical whelps you've got soul jinn there to help you get a lot of 9lives value a new card that's really cool and essentially it's a deck that just finds a lot of ways to overwhelm your opponent and then win games if it doesn't do it a blivet Ronit can often do it with a little gin so a really cool list now I will note that the list here on the right the highest win rate list as opposed to the most popular actually changes a lot about this deck I would argue it's almost a different deck entirely it does have death rattles and it has mechs so it's living in a little bit of the same space but it's a total different take because it's much more agro based whereas the list on the left feels like a mid-range deck where you really hit your power turns around like five six seven the list on the right is just curving out with aggressive mechs you've got Mecca rue bomb toss venom eyes are whirly glider your summoning a ton of goblin bombs in particular using the goblin bomb death rattles to overwhelm your opponent with raw damage and pressure reloading with things like Ursa trance you're still keeping cards in hand playing big magnetic stuff with replicating Menace and then war gear to just do tons of damage to but then you know you've got leroy jenkins and boom masterful arc there as well to just give you all the late game damage that you need so I'm actually almost hesitant to include these now HS replay did put these in the same bracket but they're obviously not similar lists at all but nonetheless this version on the right of mech aggro hunter almost is what I'd call it is actually working really well right now in Rise of shadows and could be a sleeper deck that would give you a huge advantage on your opponents because they might see cards like mecha ruin think oh I've got till turn 6 or 7 for this game to matter and then you just hammer them with magnetic mechs and damage and pressure and it gives you a really nice advantage so a little bit of a secret sleeper deck here that might give you an edge right now in Rise of Shadows and there you go folks that's my breakdown of the five best decks right now in Rise of shadows now obviously we're only four or five days into the meta all these things can change but I do think each of these decks just looks fundamentally strong I don't see anything taking their place they might fall a few spots they might shift around a little bit one might take the crown one week fall the next but they're still gonna be strong decks so I think if you want to commit some dust to these decks maybe don't go crazy but at this point I think you can rely on these to at least be consistent now maybe they fall to tier three maybe you hate me but you'll still find some fun and find some wins in decks like those that said if you guys have thoughts questions observations on this deck if you just want to Pat me on the back for predicting a list exactly in a theory crafting phase well please feel free I appreciate it but I don't thank you so very much for watching and until next time game on