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THANOS Plays HIDE AND SEEK In FORTNITE! (Avengers Endgame)

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it's time for the craziest hide-and-seek that you're ever gonna see Banias the one and only is going to be the seeker what now there will also be two helpers because Stannis is kind of big and you know he doesn't really fit through doors but if you enjoyed this video leave a like at 50,000 likes I'll upload a new ID and seat video also make sure you use PO jelly because because I asked you to we've got everyone here go high let us know looking know looking fan us going I we will tell you whoa alright timers started 30 seconds come on fan us we'll help you because unfortunately you don't fit through these doors okay oh that's a little bit overpowered I wanna check upstairs Josh you broke the stairs oh come on that's right we are just helping you out Josh we are just helping out that I don't think so because it wasn't broken oh wait seriously we got someone in the tree fellas break the tree you're the first loser goodbye alright Danis you're doing good you're doing good we need to stick together Jordi we got to help out Thanos and we tomorrow's big retailer owes me Josh how about the shopping center I feel like that's a cool place to clear the entire place Josh let go make the top level it's gonna take a photo Josh right here we've got a little cat lady on me Josh they're just too brutal I feel sorry for that little cat lady my goodness this is clear that pretty sad behind me that I haven't left any outside but will do Josh this house this store smells a little bit fishy in here it's hard for me to check the roof so I'm gonna mainly focus on the bottom floor whoa Josh you're doing so well Josh you're a great own otherone what that is a sneaky one that is a sneaky one yeah that's too easy too easy you know if anyone's enjoying a burger in here I'm sorry but you've been found [Laughter] [Applause] this is just brutal oh there's some on the door that's a good spot Dorabella ha ha ha wait Josh there's a basement if you check the basement you check the basement but I can't kill anyone whoa there's a gym in here at everything I don't think anybody's here because nothing is broken no you're right they're gonna win if the zone comes in and you die Jordy on Jordy that's a good one that's what I'm talking about yeah throwing building all right that's our duty here as the Thanos helper hahaha no one's surviving I didn't see guys another building here guys another building right over here Oh what Oh Josh how many have you killed more let were you hiding in a tree this is not that good of a hiding spot alright I think the last three people might actually be enjoy shoot the trees and they're gonna die in the zone if they're in the zone in the storm already I think oh maybe they weren't even hiding inside of retail maybe I think I killed 15 right how much all right all right let's go dusty divot how about we start with breaking some trees really it took five seconds yeah our first step if we get rid of all the trees it should be quite easy to find every bullets by the way they might be in the industrial bit as well yeah in the hangars right and the trees we go alright I'm gonna start flying over there a little bit this is already going quick guys wait look at this try not to destroy buildings jelly no I'm not Anna Judy can do it I'm not oh I see an open door here okay wait actually that's not a door I don't see anybody falling out of the trees go should we just get started with the industrial complex over here I mean let's see hello in the center the one tree we leave someone's hiding in it oh my goodness Jordi my goodness Thanos being open oh I'm the lava nobody's at the lava guys oh my god I didn't do anything where are they in the truck how could I've found a single person we got a chick maybe fill out the building in the truck in the truck I don't know welcome please that was very brutal Jordi let's get rid of this building real quick might be more people here there's a couple more Hey killed someone I have no idea how though oh wait I found someone right over here guys right over here yes oh you sneaky recipes Jordi just lasering oh my goodness no but I did just see another person yes in the rock the rock right there alright I'll have a look at the containers you you laser him that's right get roasted how many kills you Jordi kills six kills he's doing well there is one tree I think we should do the hangers last to be honest there's yeah more like rocks where they could be hiding in ok ok Jordan is getting ahead of himself make sure you check the rocks guys check the rocks hmm nobody on the rocks here and nobody's allowed to hide on top of the wrong about 17 oh wait oh wait yeah walk straight past that that's crazy I think there's someone here seriously that's crazy that's actually insane I was gonna walk past that person would have known every single bush there's another bush up there I can like shoot through a bush right to see if anybody's in there and they will make her way up oh no there's another bush this one there's somebody in here which one actually that this one oh that one Jordy Oh survive that that's crazy wait you really just want to break everything somebody's in another push here everybody by building up a good time oh wow people actually win break another one another one right there he just fell down he just fell down turn it right here there's two there's two oh my goodness so many people hiding here [Applause] alright Jory I'm on the other side there's two how many kills you go okay I'm on 13 kills well I think that's it I think that's it no no no there's another one right here right over here and there's another one right in here as well that's it thanks everyone we went again boys it's my turn I'm fat us and everybody is hiding and tilted alright guys how about we try the basketball court building first okay all right I'm just looking around wait I can't fit through doors no way well how's it going man see you all right anybody else guys this is so easy this is the greatest thing we have ever done guys I killed someone I think I might have actually killed someone that no I have to kill wait Jordy oh wait there's two guys I've got four kills already but I don't know how I got the second how about you destroy this building wait seriously you want me to like take it down Jordy you think that's a good idea the easiest way to find people oh you're right Josh you're right okay guys are you ready for this here we go oh oh oh oh we got one we got one only one I'm actually kind of disappointed there we go number five we're doing really well guys thanks for the team word so far oh all right Jordy found somebody in a tree oh I just broke this tree later so I just completely destroyed this building but we'll stir anybody in here have a look for me guys I think I might have just killed another person by landing on accident are you kidding me hey guys I know about one I know about one one second Josh you know this one no nobody's here all right Josh where did you see someone tell me about it I've killed seven people already it's going quick and we still have a lot of tilta to go hope you're having an alright day later wait a minute look at this big building over here guys I'm gonna try and just jump up the entire thing for a second three two one all right here we go here we go I'm gonna slam it I don't think so all right let's break the building down is anybody gonna fall down nobody nobody I'm actually semi disappointed in myself all right help me out guys break all the buildings how are you have a nice day I have no idea how I got 10 kills wait let me just jump up this clock tower it's gonna be great it's gonna be great hey boom no nobody's here well rest in peace laughter fine I don't know oh guy – got one as well all right it will be back for you buddy under the bridge someone's onto the bridge no wait no way another one can I just miss this guy under the bridge what is he doing there yeah all right let me get that one right there Minna actually can't hit in midair there we go there's actually basement here guys there's a basement in here wait you want to do a little dance I won't kill you hey I was just kidding I will kill you Thanos is the enemy never trust I killed someone with that no way Oh building is gone yeah we didn't miss a few oh my goodness tilt that it's like gone I've got 15 kills all right I'm just gonna destroy these buildings oh we've got one more to find hello in the bathroom no under the stairs no oh in this little Hut here guys there we go I got em if I'm correct this is the last person later chicken you're about to get roasted thanks for watching this video this was amazing wasn't it well if you agree with me again at 50,000 likes I will upload a new hide-and-seek video and also make sure you subscribe why am i doing a thumbs up subscribe or I will steal all your V bugs bye if you enjoyed this video make sure you use my supporting creator code jelly in the fortnight items store