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TACTICAL UNICORN CAMO in Call of Duty Black Ops 4!
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I got the Tactical Unicorn camo/skin in Black Ops 4!

I tried going for some feeds with it, but the lobbies I got into weren’t the best…

Treyarch also recently brought back Safeguard from Black Ops 3 into Black Ops 4, along with adding the Seaside Sunset and Firing Range Night maps.

Vonderhaar was really against me today…


So, what do you think about the Tactical Unicorn in Black Ops 4? Do you think BO4 will have even more crazy camos or skins added? Leave a comment letting me know! ^-^

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what's up guys this is Burke music at today I'm gonna be using a unicorn on black ops 4 it's very unicorn I never thought I'd words out of my mouth ye so this is a cosmetic variant of the gks called the tactical unicorn I showed this off in the last black ops 4 video I wasn't completely sure about getting it but I went for it now when you shake it around its hair and its eyes difficult that's normal that's completely normal for a cosmetic very and I'm gonna try to hit a massive feat with it at the time of recording this video Trek just added safeguard into black ops 4 along with two new maps all they're kind of new Trek added a nighttime firing range and I think like sunset seaside something like that but yeah let's go look for some safeguard it's time to guard the state that is safely guarded safely guard the safe of Guardian while the brother Kyle said that on black ops 3 I don't even know what it means that and Femi grapes and call me looks like we're gonna be playing on Arsenal but what is this emblem what Oh alright here we go got some safeguard on Arsenal I'm actually really glad that they brought safeguard into black ops 4 it was one of my favorite game modes in black ops 3 hopefully it's here to stay possibly do some ground war safeguard Bondy I would seriously just be perfect this is black ops 4 I look great I don't know if this face paint is socially acceptable but at least I'm holding a unicorn gun video games 2018 let's see what happen when you inspect it does it do anything special no okay so they have to move the robot first now this class I'm using is made for hardcore so I don't know how it's gonna do are they moving it I can't tell if there are they moving it did they change safe guard what's happening I hope I'm not tripping but this is not the safe guard I remember it we tell you when the robots moving it would tell you how many people are on the robot it doesn't tell you either of those things now why do they do this I don't know how to feel about this so far oh that noise though my couch is like crap ok well we lost that round I don't know what the thing about safe guard I didn't even know they were moving at the whole time he paused and must be related to meemaw and Peepaw I miss moving a robot they seriously need to let you know if the enemy is moving the robot and how many people are currently on it at the same oh my god the bunny rabbit and the sisters about what was that more players such a nerd oh my God how much do you jump where is he going for a quad fee with the tempest cuz I'm gonna do specialist as well at least attempts to some of them seem like they're all like there it is post look what beat there we go I was pretty good I'd like to get a clean quality with it though because it's really good right now also is this only 5 feet 5 it needs to be 66 or more oh come on Vonda you're leaving us hanging man I don't know I just make this unicorn I forgot how horrible paladin is I'm so glad I don't have to use the paladin ever again oh my goodness triple beeped so watch the whole game though oh and I got playboy they've completely knew where I was that I was so bad I'll just throw your head through oh I got in there's the fourth let's go got the copy of The Tempest top the list I feel bad because I know this is mostly a sniper lobby and a lot of snipers like to go for clips and safeguards so I'm just gonna get out of here I'm gonna hit some donkey feed with the unicorn I need to go play hardcore let's try hardcore Kill Confirmed they have seaside sunset at night firing range wait so I'm guessing there's no like regular seaside in regular firing range now hopefully I can get on the new maps that'd be pretty cool this is a bad lobby I'm leaving I want to try to play the new maps too well what oh you can't throw it in here not one of the hard way I guess what although my reaction was but I just got outplayed by the outlaw oh come on dude water fish Wow Oh headshot bean now my unicorn Hydra feed corner camping it actually be kind of cool to go for a quad headshot B with this thing it bounced one there anymore oh five on killstreak one feeds our green so many people have asked for a Quadra with every killstreak I'm just like that's the most pointless thing I'm sorry I do not care to just camp for killstreaks and then see if they can get quad feed so I can make this look easy I do make this look easy because I'm a beast this is what so it turns out that if you put long barrel too on this it gives it a longer horn I have to do that I just have to I don't care if I have the extra grip just give me one of the new maps though I'd like to play a night time firing range I know there's probably gonna be a lot of camping but it is a smaller map so okay Oh seaside sunset thank you least is something new it's probably not as good I'm not as big on seaside but this looks pretty good got someone oh you're done you're also done Oh expecting all those people to be there okay I don't like this I don't want to play it I really don't I am NOT a fan of seaside sunset and barely a fan of seaside the last thing I want is a darker more colorful version of it's just weird just give me some night time firing range I if it's the jungle lobby I swear okay payload the enemies have a sniper's nest on that's funny because I've got a no thank you quit game I'm gonna mix it up and try some hardcore control I do prefer to play 6v6 in hardcore TDM and a hardcore Kill Confirmed I like having the extra players but sometimes when people don't have an objective they just don't know what to do so they camp and they want to camp for their killstreaks and when they do stuff like that I'd literally rather just watch paint dry on a wall I would have more fun doing that 54 a model crush all opposition Bondi you know you want to give it to me give me the night time firing rate okay that's not bad music though I'm ready to fork trap him oh my food we're good I'm in their spawn I can watch them spawn this is unhealthy man hardcore controls broke it I haven't really played it all that much this is really bad there's 15 afore May one of them rage quit oh come on Navin enemy sniper does what howl yeah we're getting a spawn trap we're actually gang spawn trapped by them now easy cheating like that's not even right though like his level of spawn trapping is just wrong they actually lost that there were spawn trapping us the whole round and they had a kill streak and they still lost this is the play the game it's literally this dude just spawn trapping you've got to see this like he just had us locked up I couldn't even deal with that unreal there's three people on their team I wanted to go for feeds I don't even want to play this one through it's dumb I think I'm just gonna end it there because these lobbies are just getting worse and worse but thank you guys very much for watching I hope you guys enjoyed this video of me showing off the tactical unicorn in black ops 4 if you guys did and you want to see some more black ops 4 stuff make sure to drop a like I don't see you guys later