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‣ Edited by: jnZaneHD
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today we explore even newer technology that has graced our stone vicious Scott pound sweeping strikes the scrap town and then magnetizes iliacs onto it in order to deal five with leaving damage which means 15 healing 15 armor keep Braille against probably took injured I mean the decks are really face up her class right now have your mage neck hunter most of the time tempo rogue Zoo lock mcpadden generally control shaman or merlok shaman that's like the only class that is – and it's know me priest I think I didn't mention warrior just because there are two control warrior boom way different we have a tree intrude and Drella just man do I shield slam the den geologist no well I should consider that it might be Hildred for that reason I might decide never to attack the opponent until I'm really sure that it's token which would Apple is very on the standard for a token druid list like really slow I did get kinda chocolates in Easter not chocolates per se but I went to buy some donut holes today rifles are delicious so you even sweeping strikes here isn't bad it's like cleave not too shabby but I haves iliac sweeping strikes which is really good late game I just play Harrison Jones without having weapons project just for the tempo I think that would be right in America sleeping strikes was good there but it looks like it can be really good it'll eventually deal three-hour deal six peel six I can make them over a drop seems good but I want to warpath here I'm necessary have a really good tempo yeah good enough my hand is to trade and then one two three for sure oh my god slight missplay you just assume that all the druid stuff is non-mechanical especially you set me up with all that nature and all that tree and all the apples nice I miss clearing one of those because I could have sent my guy into it he set me up yeah at least a mech also still burns Oh perfect target oh there's a full convent the full combo has been assembled five damaged iliacs which gains armor with the cleave look at this value oh oh yes that is actually a value I was like guys like you get one more but it's gonna get another the for saving time imagine the worst case of double savage roar roars doing 10 apiece right now 10 20 28 it's cold one more sweeping darius also works just pretty sweet but I think I really want to do exactly this combination my swap darius we would actually have a full clear and darius Crowley would be a 10 10 8 so it's a little tough I have to deal with an extra the forest aide things to Varga I have to make sure to LIKE clearly hoarsely and efficiently whenever possible without using the area these sweeping strikes is one extra AoE that's not normally in here at least so I think it's time for the vicious scrap hems iliacs thing will gain a lot of armor love that much unfortunately bad enough then my remaining AoE is one more path and one for all the upon has three more castes of the four stayed left I haven't seen a single soul of the forest yet that's got me an extra ten more armor bonus interesting thing is the warpath is actually better than the bro I did it being able to kill soul the forest no sweat so for all it is third thing you have to take it [Applause] even though I'm a 56 against token drew them the super late game it's still looking dodgy haven't drawn my mega value cards yet it's being kind of one of them I guess sadly kena warpath just this and this might be a decent brewmaster target now I'm down a medic is gonna be better I'll sign me at the 4/5 tempo and play I think hoping soul of the forest is cast that would be a really good more pass answer here we go mega value his worst would be three savage roars as each savage roar only does ten damage so it's only 38 damage I'm lucky two knocked if the doctor boom or more Omega assembly earlier or the super collider super collider is a good like triple AOE against your triple mini AOE but where you're a lot more comfortable thanks to the extra 25 armor buffer that the vicious scrap hounds sweeping strikes zuly x gave us finally hmm has even triggered a blessing of the Ancients I'm gonna have to do five damage I read everything which is unfortunate maybe there's another way to do this so my masao is just one more brawl I know he has another the foresaid and then the twin spells aforesaid pink against the floor said I will display doc the boom river here that's here I guess an emetic would be a better play I'd rather play dr. boom man genius for the Boomer either hmm I think I have played dr. boom got the Dino medic but this little forest is now upset no longer quite as good each savage roar is 16 damage 32 33 34 35 37 I lost no he didn't no a double savagery okay whoo only one savage right maybe he just didn't count no we still can double savage or me oh my god it's the VM oh my god yeah what shall we hunt Wow so I know he didn't have to seven Jory wins right now his hand doesn't have any savagery they actually run that in this deck what that to be fair that's a pretty good loop target two four six eight ten twelve fourteen damage of savagery 15 with here at power six cards Zach I just got a hope he doesn't hit the one in six still gotta get through the force eight and the force aides moon spell also you can't gain 25 extra in this game there's the benefit of a brewmaster / baleful banker actually came into play for once alas IANA might be the right play this upcoming turn oh it's hard to say okay she's not the right way even though I'm unlucky he's a little bit unlucky to do not have have the second savage roar and to not have drawn the foreseen number two yet kind of bomb I have two six eight eleven damage four six eight eleven you want to make it that he can blow up seven plus two 25% show me the bomb oh well I can't deal with the 7:30 could be interesting Oh terrible a hint don't thinking we'll have plenty of time maybe I think he'll draw all his good cards not like that if thing is going first and can't play mountain giant this turn I thought about all the cards that I would like to get Dino mattock shield slam Town Crier supercollider and I was like yeah there's a quite a number yes I plan on playing secure in one day someday and shall be done can't pass up the good challenge and a good safe safe safe safe okay get in my hand is formed oh my god the perfect situation for the perfect home I gotta be rough plus an extra 10 to go nice surprising that this didn't go they here and then Ponder's phone might imply doesn't have conjures cloth I think I have to burn the coin obligated to you played it just as I reach 10 mana obligation or even add about that greedy it's not grade getting into 97 but I can magnetize something on town it's probably good and it's a good thirty year that's not that useful just yeah Atari I'm Rover value actually so I'd hate to get splitting imaged here and given the rest of the secrets it's starting to look like it's gonna be splitting image so I should probably Darris Crowley in a meteorologist I could brawl that I really need the bra for the even worse situation no I play with Darius Crowley is the big question probably just probably dairy-free Asher what a greedy guy and the Condors Colleen didn't do her [Applause] kind of sort of really the role guarantee is gets rid of two idiots I don't really have another way around that so I guess I have to play it which means the the next one is going to be a major problem so you're gonna lose despite getting our Super Arena oh my god oh right I play both cross it's like oh my god you madman you actually have guaranteed lethal since I noise contours calling but maybe he forgets that you can use it on Dino Matic maybe I get a top top of diver medic good enough hungers calling your opponent stuff like that's an overlooked play let's play nice and relaxing game here I predict a draw what wine armor of holy cow I don't seen that in forever I am planning to play the shield block it would be too clunky to hold on this little block for the rest of the game I believe you draw before you actually fatigue Adamus oh okay see palm warrior plain armored up well he just played a naked elack oh man I was looking forward to handle on attacking me now it'd have been sweet eight cards ten cards yeah I'll just play this I do want to make sure that his wrench caliber is hit maybe it's not that big a deal members are supposed to warpath two times for warpath warpath Harrison that's that's okay Oh order should've done this first all right yeah I think the scrap hounds oleic sweeping strikes it's gonna be so good in this matchup it's so good [Applause] slightly awkward I don't want to play piloted Reapers and still pull my scrap hand out this is fine as is in the spirit power is amazing insulin wow I can't play that because the brewmaster now either brutal oh my god he runs brewmaster in his back womper walk if I run my Darius into that and just get zapped canned I guess we'll just hit him all right this is uh this game is rapidly careening into a draw which I guess is a fine result given that I got dr. boom so much later than he did talking about this game the past ten sorry I'm gonna save my Town Crier until after I draw all the rush cards in this deck since we were going the distance here since I have the combo I should be able to stay out of dying in the game even post fatigue because I can just heal and get my armor back though we are going for the really long term plan of keeping scrap pound and zuly axe and sweeping strikes in our hand for another roughly 28 more turns 27 no actually roughly 30 more turns why yes I did over it Bob how would you know Oh doctor boom wasn't calling you [Applause] I draw dr. Boone man genius and then I draw an actual card that's a little bump and then we'll do the I think if it's a 50/50 bomb situation I'll play LSD on it though yeah well let me just come come on bro come on bro give me the brawl oh my god give me the brawl I guess I'll take bombing them for all I'd be fine well first oh you're kidding well it's time for this valley to show itself simply gonna make me miss a delivery room oh well it does not want you to game time wherever okay next turn they're gonna play less Fionna panda for pretty much the delivery drone for you either this would be a good one inspiring but reasonable Wow very patient to not play Alessi on a broom cistern or did he just mess up interesting life oh my god he has to play let the unn into this oh my god can't do it [Applause] where she shows up to four five and tonight you came to my one ones [Applause] he's played one bro to war past so the only removal he has left is one brawl unfortunately it's not possible to play magazine and win with it until after I've played my second Alessia of it it is possible it all kind of the same make a theme for a really long time [Applause] you thought I didn't think what in this project might actually um be putting on so much pressure on him he doesn't nobody get that was kidding this accent okay so much pressure as I was gonna say that he'll actually lose to all this pressure possibly laboum River is massive pressure well you haven't played them to an empty board it's fine sleeping strikes valium sleeping strikes does kill has a guy I have two in my deck so basically abusing sweeping strikes to deal two damage that's reasonable since I'm ahead on the board yeah I should definitely play that into the human silly human you're actually pulling ahead they only have five cards left they have no removal they're like constantly trying to catch up Oh what wait created by no actual in duck okay desperation let me get my fester root Hulk out here he's 7 for sure no I should use these it's they're about to die Kondo so the goal is to keep pressuring him until he has to play LSD on us because the turn where they play Alessio they basically do nothing for return this is good pressure hmm the best I can do is play both replicating menaces here magnetized to you I forgot my last card Isabel but it's good to you put on this much pressure onto the opponent before they can play Alessi on des [Applause] I'll be all dragons in your hand we'll chance it I was sensing a dragon in here well we're gonna bash some faces in oh well swamp well that's he's a lot very precarious position here Playa Luciana and bashed for seven actually get bashed for ten he was not gonna go into fatigue shout out to once again vicious scrap pound plus Zoli X plus sweeping strikes for getting me to this spot without which I wouldn't have made it security remember I was actually pretty good into kaboom well I should do that then we can do the finally I roll the zap cannon when I'm paying attention with my otama time do we have lethal coke six seven yes okay six – well no it has to be that that dynasty I also didn't count for this here plan you