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Super Mario Odyssey by Bayleef in 3:21:12 – AGDQ2019

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Runner introduction starts at 0:11.
Run starts at 1:27.
JHobz moderates the debate between Sumichu and Sent at 3:40:44.
Punchy is the host.

This speedrun was recorded live at Awesome Games Done Quick 2019, a weeklong charity speedrun marathon raising money for the Prevent Cancer Foundation. Awesome Games Done Quick 2019 is just one of the many charity marathons put on by Games Done Quick. For more information on AGDQ2019, find us at:

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and with that we are about ready for Super Mario to see with bay leaf take it away all right how's it going everybody at home and in the crowd I'm Bailey's you might have seen me earlier in the interview didn't I did my little Alfa change because Mario's about to do his and I'm gonna let my couch introduce themselves hey I'm spike vegeta and yeah this is super mario odyssey darker side you guys that this past sgdq got to see any percent we got 124 the moons now we're gonna go get a big ol and we're gonna get 500 of those moons so we can unlock the darker side of the moon the final kingdom of the game the final challenge of it bayleaf is the legend he's had the record in this for many many months now it's almost a year I was put an unbelievable amount of grinding into it it's been a fun to watch so the journeys brought you all the way here to agdq so with that I'll let you make your own countdown and get it going alright so before I get started you're gonna see a few things right off the bat you're gonna see Mario's spin right away I'm buffering a spin input to do a spinning ground pound and this is gonna allow me to skip a slow ground pound animation and I want to do this throughout the run to quickly change directions and save minor time here and there and you're also gonna see Mario rolling which is the fastest form of movement if you guys are ready over there we're gonna start in three two one go so thankfully this game does allow us to skip most cutscenes such as the beginning one so for anyone who doesn't know what happens we lost to Bowser and you know Mario yeah this is what the afterlife looks like monk ass in case anyone was wondering little grey yes as Bailey brought up right there he's gonna use things the first piece of movement you do the first input is a piece of tech these buffered spin password he needs to rotate the joystick two times and he can do that ground pound right there coming out of it for awhile beginning we thought these spin jumps are gonna be absolutely pointless not useful in the run at all it's actually just to get that immediate ground-pound which will accelerate you to top speed when you start your roll rolling is gonna be the best form of movement when we're doing just like long stretches when in the first person right there so the camera zooms out faster stays about half a second each time I do it going down folks you can pick up even more speed oh yeah he'll be using these buffer to spin towns all over the place so what I did right there is a spin through it saves about a tenth of a second I believe and each time I do it it does save a little bit of time but unfortunately Nintendo used a lot of motion controls in this game so normally on any percent you would see me go to the left side I need to go this way because you guys want to see some boxers so I'm gonna go through extra coins and you told me grab that checkpoint throughout this run I'll be doing a series of achievements that you will see at the end and what that's gonna do it's gonna let me some fast moons so kind of like the route plays into getting to have specific objectives to shave off time at the end yeah it kind of makes the route really interesting and dynamic because it's not just not getting to the end of the run quickly as you can the first part we're almost like we're getting mostly World Peace and we'll explain more what that means a little bit but also prepping the run for when we do this entire second lap through most of the kingdoms to actually achieve our 500 moon goal so right there is cap Kingdom so our next one is cascade Kingdom it's kind of like our first Kingdom that's not really the tutorial level basically what we're gonna do here is we're gonna just grab this checkpoint because I need a certain amount and then we're gonna start our first of many collectibles and no this is not an orb I'm sorry this is a moon you know all you know what we'll work on some mods just for you guys it's for you guys are we gonna make a moon chant for all 500 of these one down let's take one down pass it around 199 minutes to go alright so coming up here we got one of our first big skips of the run normally the game wants to go all the way around this island Cascade Kingdom go through a whole 8-bit section instead we're going to be doing a trick this t-rex bounce as we saw you could touch for cool things like goombahs the change ups you can also capture just a big old t-rex so this is cool we're gonna use this conveniently placed trampoline right here bouncing off there and then D capturing and dive right into the boss arena nice job that's a lot more awkward than you would think having to actually stick the left foot of that t-rex on the trampoline a lot more than you think and right your cool strat where he's trying to again picking up these coins as much as we can but putting the golden chain shop between Mario and taffy backflipping into it immediately knock these hat off capturing it and smack your in the face good fight if each boss kind of has it so instead of speed run strats that we use throughout the run this was just the first of many that we'll cover but I was a pretty good fight didn't really make any mistakes and I met 55 coins I'm a little low know what will make the boxers work somehow yeah again we track right in this route normally we only need about three coins total to get through the whole thing to achieve all the moons do want to get and get all the achievement moons as well but in this route becomes me to get those boxer shorts that's er thousand dollars a little yeah but uh no I've already done a coin round so we should be good to go as long as I don't miss too many but it is uh I can only miss about 50 coins all right so I don't need that stack of ten right there normally in a normal darker side run we would not get the boxer shorts because they do cost a thousand and we don't really stop for coins at all just because things line up the way they do nowadays with oh you're gonna get right there yes for now there's actually two you guys didn't see the globe there it is there hey go all right with that little so most of these is a planet doble orb I don't want to go to a planetarium with any of you guys so right here is a nice little thing I might be able to get nope all right so if you mash fast enough you can actually get that text box to scroll just a little bit faster it saves about a second but we didn't get it so right here is thinking I'm probably one of the biggest kingdoms in the entire game everything's really spread out so it and there's hills everywhere and for those who don't know hills are not your friend in this game they are very difficult to roll up and down in a straight line so I'm gonna grab this checkpoint and then what I'm gonna do I'm gonna plant this seed because there's a bird flying around that I kind of have to wait for and the reason I do that is because I need to plant that seed because it turns into a moon later so we're gonna go down here we're gonna buffer a spin pound so I don't have to ground pound that spot I'm just peace on out I can tell them to pace themselves oh just wait till place no it gets fun post game alright so again just using spin towns to change directions very quickly it saves a lot of time it adds up so I don't need that checkpoint so I'm not gonna go out of my way to get it I only need 40 and this entire run so I'm not too worried about getting ones that I don't need so just gonna go down here so I'm running on current patch so I'm not able to do Sphynx clip so I have to go down here to get this moon nor if you were on an earlier version you would just do something split cuz it's about ten seconds faster so again doing the first person and I can read Japanese so it's fun I knew it's when it was thank God sorry here I'm gonna make sure I get all of these coins because uh we're gonna need them I like how you faked them out there you open the chest that you went over to the cool note I know what they wanted ahead to tease him a little bit I heard a couple of y'all jump in on that just gonna make right so here's this first flip over the run this skips a story moon that's normally used to progress the game so this is a little trick either this specific spot you have to spin and in older patches it's it's free we make fun of them that is not easy that is not easy all right sorry here I do a little cameraman dip and that's gonna change the inside cycle of this room of the 2d bullet bills and I want to do this because I can actually make it through on a faster cycle and just barely make Baroness normally we didn't have that cameraman dip strat but we would just do a crouch jump and kind of like hit the last pixel of the Bullet Bill but we don't to do that anymore way harder if not worth it and the reason why he wants to make sure he avoids that is because every time you take damage in this game I mean a drop for three health to health but also when so it will refill your health whenever you get a moon so right here he would actually lose by 2.2 seconds he was actually lose about two point two seconds to having to refill that health every time over the course of five hundred moons would actually lose you a lot of time right here's a cool little stretch jump out at the top of the 2d section so I can make it over that wall and make this first cycle right here Boop and we're just gonna wait oh oh what's this oh oh oh not yeah I need those coins for you guys any of you jumping on this early wait till he gets the moon at least yeah you guys got four seconds of moon animation so we just do a nice little skip right there skip the other flower that would send us up so we're gonna do another spin pound to go left on that we do that right there because Mario isn't facing the right direction so I need to change him really quick alright so now that we're out of sequence this loading zone actually works so we're gonna do a nice little boss fight so I'm gonna go in this a certain direction to get her to stop bouncing early there's a different strata can do but I couldn't really get it down consistently in practice so I'm just gonna do it my way so I want us to stand up against this wall you don't have to push against it but that's the that's the version one point to test if you're on one point out you can't actually can't do that so we know you're cheating then we just dive away easy peasy and what's the Bunny gonna give us audience and chat re moon we have time for a quick donation cool we have $250 from bard who says we're here to save lives of course we should save the animals except thou sir he needs to die oh no the bowels are paining refight incentive has been met Congrats oh nice you guys you have time for one more Super we have $15 from the schinske who says just started playing merry Odyssey I'm going to watch this people until the pastors of our play to avoid spoilers I'll probably watch for about five minutes sorry thanks for watching alright so now it's night time Metro in each time we we progress towards a world peace in a kingdom the world kind of changes until it reaches its final state so I'm gonna pay this guy right here we're actually gonna use him later to get a few moons so it's very sometimes you don't buffer all the way so alright so if anyone's played the water and realized you'll know it's not this easy that's rigged too by the way you know I just have a good oranjee yeah nice mechanic about capys that you can throw them I actually hold them in a position a nice up throw strap right there oh nice cactus bounce manipulates orangey yeah I've meant to do that alright there you guys saw a hint art each of those pin tarts through ground pound actually will give you 200 bonus points yep and those are only available on current patch have you ever doing boxer shorts percent those are really helpful yeah it's one of the main reasons that I'm able to actually make that an incentive is because the current patch does offer all of those coins at the price of much harder clips but I have a lot of practice room so we're gonna keep progressing we're actually gonna go underneath big kingdom into the ice cave where we'll get a few more moons and finish up sorry here it might it might be a little scary but we're good now you only have a little bit of spacing to make that ground pound work so right coming up is a really neat trick I'm gonna actually bounce off of caffeine I'm gonna bounce off of Cappy and capture this bullet bill at the same time that stays about six and a half seconds of waiting so more coins boo 8:56 oh no I'm a little short but I think we'll be fine nice so all we really have left is the boss fight which is pretty easy but I need to get that thousand really quick nice ball yeah that ball track that's another mechanic to use with Kathy Barnard's yeah that bolt mechanic is something really nice to use where you hold Kathy out and then roll into him and he bolts you from the ground and you can actually still do a ground pound jumping yeah nice setting another those are not easy to do you know that one's a little more safer because if you mess it up you can land on the platform but the first one you will die if you mess it up so this is Olmec or as Nintendo likes to call him doc low-tech but shouts to the legend of the forbidden temple so right here I'm gonna roll all the way to the other side and in doing some would actually make him charging me faster than he normally would this is a miner time save it's only about two and a half seconds over the whole fight but I'm actually gonna position his hands as close to the eyes as I can to get him to just smash it right away and I you can see that I'm only shaking my controller once to get one spin out of the hand and that's so we can actually speed up the final phase for the longest time I think for about nine months we didn't know how to get a motion-control off the final phase because we would always just use them all up I think throwing like a timer or something when you actually have the hands but Tiffany found out that if you shake in a pattern of one one two you can actually shake right away and it speeds up the last hit quite a lot and that's the neck or that's San Kingdom so right here I'm gonna angle my camera upwards to spawn this – but moon in faster so this game has a really bad habit of if it's not on screen yet it doesn't exist so actually you would actually lose about us the second guys gotta get into it I think that like 24 down another 400 a lot to go all right so after this so as you can see all the ice is gone and it's while most of the ice and it's daytime again so now we're in a state called the world's peace and we're gonna be doing that for every King that we come across so but before I go I need to talk to this tourist and taxi driver he actually wants to go see the world but his taxis not ready yet so we'll come back to them later Oh baby who's excite you guys want it you guys got it oh wait wrong side I was like a rebinding the cowboy help all right this one just got a little breezy whoo and it's faster just to work out of the shop what's the rating for this dream I need to bump it up a little bit you know according to Nintendo it's efore everyone that's been interesting usage of e all right so now we're done here so yes you have time for a couple of donations well cutscene plays certainly we have four hundred and sixty dollars from Denalis minion who says this has been such a great gdq i'm so happy to see the camaraderie around among the runners and all the support for cancer prevention my grade on is currently in hospice for lung cancer but in happy news my mom and grandma both had cancer and are in remission thank you to everyone participating in this event and I'm looking forward to everyone yelling moon continuously for the next few hours pretty much all right so right there you saw me go down and select the word Kingdom this is just because of how the route works and by doing so I'm actually gonna have to check paintings throughout this round they're just simple quick ground-pound mins and by selecting wood at first we save three seconds Hey all right so this is my favorite Kingdom because of the soundtrack so let's go through town or not cuz that's lame and that's an any person let's just go down here so in any percent you would not go down here it's actually very bad you just instantly reset but in darker side we get to navigate the dark woods to capture a tree Merry Christmas Happy Holidays alright so there's I think there's only five or six moons that we get down here but the route recently changed to where we actually we cut out one moon just because it's 2 loading zones and it ended up being too slow so we're just gonna go around this tree a long jump and do some jumps there to save momentum just because these slopes are very awkward to roll on all right and why this is even a thing I have no idea but I'm deeply offended that it does exist you guys just takes a corn and yeah I'm offended that that's a thing you hate I love nothing more than knocking that idiot out all right so we capture this guy because we need them to break up in a few rocks and this little pebble over here and then we're gonna take him all the way to the other side and get one last moon yeah it was the really nice reroute to this this has been rerouted a couple hundred times probably over the course of the last year but I normally it was really annoying getting this t-rex yet to manipulate him in very specific ways go for it you had to manipulate him in very specific ways so having a different route where he went down on a different side and just chucked the seat at his jaw and knocked him out so much better oh he's mad yeah he's an angry boy he doesn't not like that acorn or orb right here we're gonna catch this guy he's called an up fruit he's got stretchy legs so we're gonna use him he looks like an orb or I I guess you guys just like that's a nut that that was a nut that was that was not an orb all right let's keep those two orb yeah there's a whoops we're gonna call this alright so right here there's a nice little moon clip however I'm not gonna go for that because if I do go for that I have to do some different movement then anypercent does and if I mess up I lose two minutes so it's not the best idea but that stroud only save about six seconds bunk the bunk there is intentional just because the moon needs sometimes fought in bit of a scary jump right here he's got to get across this gap drop down there you actually go into the deep woods and the reason why I got to run killer is because we actually can't spawn or you can't warp out of the deep woods you need to take one of those beanstalk some people hit the bunk there it's a little faster I got a I gotta get that wow factor and I wasn't worried much all right so here's a nice little skip normally we would have to hit the p-switch but I should be able to just avoid doing that in general with a nice little momentum conservation all right Rick's not over with yet you can actually get up to the night break it and in there very nice Oh No do you see how often players are going to prefer to actually do those rolls off of platforms because there's people a lot more momentum going for a nice skip right here is gonna break this not open get this moon and then fully extend the up route coming out of this little cubby hole allowing this drop right up d caption and get the moon very nice stuff v the majority of the first visit to or didn't we just have to do this boss fight I just call it spirit and he liked to throw up everywhere I don't know why but so do a nice little dive I pull back with my control stick just a little bit so I don't hit him and get as close as I can and when he gives me the Shia LeBeouf I'd like to jump on his head so I just throw a cap under him his hands go down release Cathy and we don't easy there's a nice there's a lot of visual cues in this game that can kind of like help you learn what how to time things so I try to take my time and learn as much as I can in regards to visual keys but all right that's what it one so you'll notice right away that I'm actually not done in this kingdom because there is another boss that we do have to go fight but the way this route works out is that we actually get it later in the run and I think it's like really cool yeah cuts out just a lot of co2 go dead movement because we want to be getting Moon's as much as we can in this route so if you're ever in a long stretch where it's not giving you a moon and it's not a Humber cent required you want to try to figure out how to cut that out as much as possible or where or oh oh my all right you got time for a quick donation certainly we have five hundred and three dollars from Thomas Schultz Schultz was a huge community supporter of mine and Tiffany's is they're super happy to see a bailiff representing the SML community agdq he said he would do a DAB for every 25 dollars donated for question one so I'm keeping him to that another five hundred and three dollars if couch joins in Tim fight I mean it's for charity right mm-hmm that's one three two one Oh brilliant it gets boring all right so now we're in Lake aka The Rock the glitter bomb of the game all right I guess it's a bath bomb really for anyone who uses those I enjoyed you decking that Goomba on the way in actually it kind of works out because sometimes you get to jump a little higher but it I didn't get it that time sorry I want to capture this cheep-cheep if you were using joi cons you could actually do it downward to throw right now it'd save you a little bit of time but I'm using a pro controller so I can't do that trip this Pingdom is basically the same as any percent with a little twist at the end so you can just read donations okay we have $100 from anonymous who says getting my total up to 250 for a chance at that Master Sword putting this towards the dark side boss rush we've got a ways to go for it to be met but I bayleaf in gdq donators biggest skip in the kingdom coming up right here he's gonna try to jump out of the cheap cheap capture and able to avoid the wall get nice stuff sorry they're just you like to quick jumps and then I wait till his hat touches the ground to start my backflip any other good hitbox so I just kind of go right through him and that's right that's fine yep I think casually I probably died like five times he a tall boy Mario can jump high though yeah it's really cool in general the bosses in this game have a lot of quick kill strats to them usually like you stall right there and you seen with the other bosses you have ways to just cancel out their invincibility phases you cut me off whatever is fine no I was telling them you don't matter interrupts oh yeah you can cancel out their invincibility attacks whenever you want at different spots in each of the fights yeah you cut me off you want so right here I'm gonna check my first of mini hint arts so for this you don't know those pictures actually look lightly different but I don't need to look at them too long starting over there so we actually get this moon lass just because I have to go check the art and we're done in leaked nice that was pretty good didn't really messed up too much yeah but a really solid runs so far yeah only a few bonks hmm got the coins pretty fast but I think you're only lost on pace so far is probably did the betting the boys yeah but I'm going to another Kingdom transition so you have time for another quick donation okay we have one hundred and fifty dollars from zfg's discord yeah runs over now they say hey bailiff small of us here from zfg's just wanted to wish you good luck on the run all of us are cheering you on drive us to victory boss man actually do a little online game with them and if anyone's like familiar with epic mafia it's like a little yeah game yeah I like to play that with them and discord it's a lot of thing now Triple E I want to actually go ahead and hand this monkey we got our first ballot this pie right here you want to just lead us through exactly what we're trying to do with Bowser at this point especially what we need is Bowser's gonna try and throw his house because he just really hello doubt and essentially we just want to take it back take it from him and use it against him and there's three phases of this fight as you can see literally immediately rolled straight out to its upper half that's the quick first phase but now we can actually get the second and third phase really quickly by jumping above it when he throws out immediately taking it and just yeah and the timing for actually capturing it it's kind of like throwing it back at him or hitting it late is actually a lot tighter than you would think it's really easy to mess these up very nice oh now we got a fair enough so some people like to do back flips tres I'm more of a fan of damage or yeah damage boosting because it just feels better but you can do either coming here into lost Kingdom this is where you lose your runs for a lot of people this is the run killer there's so many death-defying jumps everything you have to do right here we're going for one round that we got I know I like to call it mean tree we're gonna try to do a triple jump off the branch of this tree and go from there to just completely skip over a large chunk of the level so Bailey's going for a little backup right here just extending far enough to get over there very nice and once again every time he's diving and then immediately doing a spin pound out of the dive to just cut out that slow jump and then ground pound animation sorry I'm gonna activate this checkpoint this is actually very important because I'm gonna do a little bit of death abuse coming up very shortly and you'll see what happens there's actually just respawn immediately if you end up missing them it's a little unfortunate but it's a good backup yeah he's got a see based on wherever those platforms are how he kind of has to react all that because that purple goop is death he wants to avoid that at all cost yeah oh I can't get back now oh no oh no good thing I got the checkpoint oops these boots well that's time loss jebaited it's fun oh it's not fun so we do that because it's actually two seconds faster to take a quick death than it is to just menu to a checkpoint and now right here what Bailey's been also doing the whole time is actually skipping over this trigger the main event of this kingdom is you're supposed to get Cappy captured by this jerkwad right there and what you do is you actually trigger right there so he thinks he's in a state where he's already captured Cappy and now because you've moved him there you won't hit any of the triggers that would cause them to cough and capture Kathy now that he's bought this Paige wants to get up there grab it and then spin pound his way down to one final justifying them very nice now we're gonna do death abuse again to get back up top that's where I can grab a few more moons before I leave so this is our boy glide on he glides shocker we're just gonna go over here now normally I don't do this in my runs but since you guys like flare I have a little surprise for you guys this is a very very difficult trick he's going give another girl I would say it's probably the hardest trick yeah that's why I don't do it the timing is just so precise and if you miss it once it's already slower than any other man you can get I'll give one more good it's it's like I have I have to slide off the wall do a dive and then shake my controller so capi captures the glide on yeah you're spacing has to be very precise there's so many things that needs to go right here that was awesome up I'm super happy you went for that in the marathon though such a cool strat but it has to be said the run killer of this yeah I think three tries loses about a minute and a half which is that's a reset point for me because I think overall my sum up I have less than two minutes of total time saving a 3-hour run so it's a little a little monkey right now and that's inherently what's kind of cool about darker spat I find is because you're only collecting only collecting 500 moons out of the 877 you have access to there is a lot of freedom the runners can say I'm gonna swap out one moon from kind of a standard route to put in a different one because we're talking of a difference of a few seconds here and there yeah I typically grab just a shop moon later in the game I only lose about three seconds because of it so it's not too bad but we got it alright so now we're in Metro it's a little stormy for some reason why Bowser is trying to put together his wedding and whenever he tries to steal a electricity I guess it makes a thunderstorm so normally you want to go through the city but I'm just gonna go above the city because it's faster can also get a few mins along the way that get completely skipping over the entire left side of Metro Kingdom right here oh nice going for the sweet strap just missed it yeah that's been this going for just that little bit of extra speed rather trying to stay in that role there's one of the first instances we have of seeing Oh actually hitting that checkpoint refills due to full health so it cut out the 2.2 second time loss he would have Aunt Edie's that checkpoint anyways yeah really intense room right here this climb trying to make sure he catches this elevator cycle right here and as setting himself where he's gonna use the left side of this pole up the entire way spacing these perfectly to where he's not gonna drop any of them and now we go for this death-defying long jump across yeah if you missed the spinner on it's about 45 seconds and you have no control over the camera so so you might see me shake my controller to the side that's just so I get a spin throw just save a little bit of time I don't do it here because Kathy doesn't like to follow me around Tiffany do you wanna explain us a little bit about mecha wiggler and why he sucked so mecha wiggler has the greatest if folks have any boss in this game essentially what you need to do is you need to shoot these segments of his body as he lights up at each segment you hit will also destroy the Cygnus outwardly make fur to the left and right unfortunately after this phase of him ramming it ramming at you he's gonna roam around the wall of the building he likes to walk over himself quite a bit and it can become quite an issue and if you end up cause if you end up getting an extra cycle due to the bad hitbox it can cost you 20 seconds yeah another major major time loss already gave me a good cycle so I can actually get close to the wall and just spam my shots I'm only doing this because he did he did give me a very friendly cycle he can he has about eight or nine different patterns but that's that's got to be the best one he can give you in a run yeah I like simplicity he didn't used to be like just coil up in a little ball and it seems that random where your shots decided to go like what actually effect I feel like this is one of the more annoying time losses in the run because a lot of what happens in this run when you mess up you mess up but it's one of the few instances where instances where it can feel like it's not your fault mm-hmm yeah there's very little instances of RNG yep Oh moon yeah three moons actually there's very little instances of true RNG in Super Mario Odyssey unfortunately this category does and a um are all unique moons it adds that as well with some of them will talk about later on but that's one of the few instances you're gonna see like in any percent I just rise we're gonna watch those boxer shorts even tire okay great I already forgot their own Mario looks like tell me you didn't do this casually yo these tracks are always so right there holding Cappy out while I go in here I don't have to walk out so there's a lot of minor things I have to take care of in Metro such as planting seeds doing some fetch quest stuff I want to maintain my speed and then use motion controls to kind of throw the seat up here and still jumping to keep my speed and this is everyone's favorite friend most wholesome moon in the game that dood' don't have any friends because you are now his friend he gives you a it's so you can go buy clothes he felt bad for you sorry there I do a little motion control out of that pylon and now we're gonna talk to best girl Pauline so for this you don't know what's going on she sent us on a quest to gather a band for a festival and we just have to go talk to some NPCs but uh this was I think did I your pie make this famous being solid emo is that for about three weeks and yeah what y'all hear right here a little tip yay but you know if I ever wants to let go of that emoji tell them to hit me up give you the right yes girlfriends here alright we're gonna see Bailey thumb of you over a basketball player let's be your coach see I did play for fifteen years oh yeah I did let's see if you were a shooter uh not well you know I like to go for the half quarters yo yeah good speed movement it's one of those underrated things that you would think I can't whatever use pickup us either like having good movement and maintaining your speed in this game just in general but with speeds is really really hard it's very important that I wait for that little white cloud of smoke so they know that the seat is actually active in the plant in the pot otherwise it won't grow so right there just take advantage of having an extra jump in the air to kind of leap across buildings and unfortunately I don't go for the very long ground pound I like to see my shadow first because I'm a fan of consistent strat carry jump right here across the buildings good stuff yeah very easily can accidentally do a roll off of that because it's the same inputs pretty simple you just hold on to see a little bit too long now you do a roll off instead of a long jump yeah if you aim too far left on that little ledge you actually just kind of slide off of it I've done that a lot on really good runs all right so now that we have every one we don't have enough power for the festival so we're not done yet so there's actually another clip you can actually flip off of pipes but in this category it only saves 6 seconds so I'm not gonna go for it it's also another one foots that got a lot harder going from 1.0 now to current patches so yes well unless you get it like 1st or 2nd trial you're not really saving time anyways yeah that that is when I will definitely not get first try we also haven't really gone into explanation for it but every time he does those cap dives those bounces off of Cathy um you can only do one of those in the air after that Mario needs to make contact with the ground in some way so am i wondering at home if you haven't played this bike Oh can't he just do that forever no he's got it in some way make contact with the ground it has to be for at least two frames yes if you get a first frame jump on the ground it does not restore and you will die because I ads are if you're running this category and you get a first frame jump you will be over a death plane more than likely 100% guaranteed so with that we're actually gonna turn back on the power to new dog city right here and now we're gonna go into a lot of people's favorite part of the game about to do the festival and I think it's probably a good time we can reach some donation yes celebrate mr. Mario artist and also just celebrate agdq as we power to that two million dollar mark and beyond we got a few minutes so you're good cool we have another $10,000 from the Eddy and they say hail Getti here y'all really like shirts keep your support coming we'll keep donating here's another $10,000 to get us closer to that two million hype when we get there will be pretty nice you're good to keep reading okay we have fifty dollars from a score game who says boss rush here we come so I'd like to remind everyone that the Dark Side boss verse incentive is live and will be live for the entire run please get those in you want to hit that on that note $50 format Kivar who says dark side of the orb incentive hype and $15 from Yoshio says here's to the darkside boss rush and extending this event as long as possible I agree $100 from Aztec new who says I love bay leaf good luck oh thanks oh I just need some points bonus points the eye has been a lot already we get to listen to the song more we have 30 dollars from Mecca Mojave says my two-year-old daughter learned the words speedrun this week and now requests for it to be put on the TV watch what that makes me a great parent or a terrible one anyway great marathon thank you very much $50 from pickle who says I was so blown away by micro vet as any percent from last year that I just had to donate during the darkest night done this year good luck to Bailey for the huge thank you to everyone who helped put together gdq and donated toward this amazing cause my donation is going towards the dark side bus wash let's see bay leaf trot it is the people singing in the crowd oh there we go so you might have seen me run through a lot of barrels if you have perfect movement through this entire segment you can actually get through the entirety of the festival without taking damage but I did messed up in the beginning and a little bit after I got the first moon so I did have to dip damage boosts my way through the very end but it's like eight seconds so it's and we don't have a health refill when we grab multi moons so it doesn't really matter again he wants to avoid those whenever he's about to go into a single moon animation which we talked a little bit about this tourists we got one of my favorite parts of the artist irise he's actually gonna go on this entire journey with us now we brought peace to the kingdom he's gonna go around to different set kingdoms throughout the run and give us another moon as long as we brought a lot of the moons in this game are locked behind bringing peace to the kingdom and bringing peace their kingdom just means you've beaten kind of the final boss or not the last multi moon or grand moon at the end of each of the kingdoms yeah so little swampy much overall but it's Metro it's very easy to make mistakes in Metro if you do something a little too early you're gonna lose a lot of time yeah people famous we call it new bonk city there's just there's just stuff everywhere in the kingdom you're running through a city so you bonk on everything all right so for those who don't watch me frequently this is my heavy reset point of the run I'm usually pretty consistent up until this point and this is because of there's a there's a wall clip I have to do but it's the timing is a lot harder on version 1.2 so I have a I have less than half a second to do my little role cancel input to get me through the wall for whatever reason intended tried to fix the geometry of the slope and well they don't fix it all the way so I can actually still clip through the wall how we used to it's just a lot harder so I'm grabbing that checkpoint because I need it if you see me go out of a way for a checkpoint odds are I will be warping to it later yeah again we need 40 checkpoints total throughout the run for an achievement moon that we're gonna go for later on and about 20 or so those weren't abusing specifically for war points all the other checkpoints to get there pretty much because they're directly along our path it's probably an okay place to get in one quick donation or doing some movement absolutely we have seven thousand dollars from fangamer and they simply say let's go two million thank you very much my game I love those guys they're great Bailey's got a lot of ice physics we can deal with right you're just one skipping that's gonna kill him all the way down if you throw your hat on ice you actually skid the direction you throw your hat so it actually makes getting those goombas pretty easy and I do a little motion control twirl up there so I can just leave them up there and grab this moon this is a strat I don't normally do but I have been practicing it so I am comfortable doing it now I usually just do some long jumps since it's easier but I figured it out I downloaded the stress from Konami there's a lot of depth within this game we'll get to that and a little bit we'll try to break down some pieces but for now we got go run V run killer right here yeah this is actually very hard to do so we'll see how fast I can get it it's a very very tiny frame window he can go for here to do a handful out of his ground town out of his roll I'd be able to clip through the wall again this was absolutely free in 1.0 yeah the timing is very tough to deal with so I guess normally if I'm doing that in a run and it took me that long I would have just reset I've seen runners declare myself lose like minute half there before even so it happens yeah very inconsistent very finicky trick but that's thankfully the last real clip we're gonna have to do in the run yeah so everything else was here it's just movement so if you're if you're not like huge into glitches you only need to learn – you don't even have to do it that way there's actually a different a few different methods you can do that one just happens to be the fastest so I like to go for it and it's something for the route because I know we've been asked many times is there a clipless route you can do no one's bothered building it because this heavily affects what your route would be if you um this allows you you saw when he beat that Goomba room earlier it opened up one of four barriers he'd have to go in through the other three rooms to get down here instead of just lets them do this right away we'll get a few other moons afterwards and then when we come back we'll go back to those rooms and the game will be in a little bit of a weird state because of us doing it this order all right so I like to give my chat an opportunity to guess what time I'm gonna get on this race – do you guys want to guess on the couch and in chat at home 53:17 5211 I think Oh going real well 53 spruce up because I've never gotten anything I mean bay leaf is how I learned to do this fast I've got confidence to them mm-hmm nice 16 laps six teams are always good to stay again just trying to angle your bounces off these walls to where they jet you forward as much as being cut out the corners come up in the last one fifteen thirty 53 53 unfortunately I messed up the final bounce I think yeah that would have been a 51 if I didn't mess up which is really good you only losing about less than two seconds to like the optimal strats you get a 51 I think by Price is Right rules tympani I owe you dinner so wait what about what about me oh you're the one who screwed it up I'm mad at you you are too good I'll just sit my water all right so this is actually one of the I guess two kingdoms that actually works out to where we can actually do things out of order so in sand and snow we don't have to follow the story progression of the kingdom but if we try that and in any other kingdom that either doesn't work or it just breaks the game so it's really nice that it works out in these two places so right here is a bunny I'm gonna there's a specific strap for each bunny that I like to use so that I always get them yeah if you guys new place good – 54 man these are all a bunch of little nips you missed them and all of a sudden begins a lot lot harder to get ahold of them so that's the common Sparrow see a lot of people used they'll clear out taffy from a distance maqam tour it slows them down and then you're able to grab a hold of them also some yolo strats can go for as well so the clip was not nice to us that's very hard to do but I'd say it only took about 30 seconds so that's not too bad so with that we're done in snow we're gonna progress on to seaside where we're gonna actually you know it's gonna look like we're actually wearing what we're supposed to and finally but you got time for one more quick donation before we get there of course we have forty dollars from Vash says hi Bailey proud of you running darkest night at gdq nice first try a pee clip while I'm still struggling making it within 20 minutes good luck on the rest of the run and let's make the boss rush happen I've ass is actually one of my regular mods if actually I met him through tri X's streaming we've become good friends I'm not sure wide drop with 40 dollars but at least it went to charity and you know not anything else but he did promise me dinner if I got a first try so you got to hold it to it and now everyone knows so right there I don't do is to pin pound just because it's very awkward to line up so I just go first Apple ground pound one of the few that you'll see me do throughout the run just because in some place that is in some places it is very awkward to deal with so here I'd dive in the water so I can get this so this is actually very dangerous I throw in the wrong one okay we're good nice yeah you can very easy so if you put it in the far right pot yeah we're gonna cut that the reason why he's scared is because of you so the plants actually the seeds grow based on a timer that's going on throughout I think the entirety of the gameplay yeah they take about 20 minutes to grow we're gonna be coming back to your much letter later to get those feeds for not a big deal um however unfortunately if you put it in the far right pot in the direction he was throwing it will take it like 57 minutes for it to grow like an hour yet and then we come back way too fast yeah so it's very important that you do not throw it in that one otherwise you lose like 28 seconds yeah there are some backup strats you can use the gushing for speaking of the gush in the main progression of this kingdom is that we need to blow open these about four quarts on top of the box we can fight him and we're actually skipping an entire underground dungeon right here by utilizing the gushin and just jumping all the way over to it you can't those of you can read Japanese could probably say but copyright they're saying something like nice job complimenting you on knowing how to do that skip so cool stuff in the tener likes to learn those nice little compliments if you do things the unintended way I guess but I'm not clipping they don't like that and now for the rest petunia we're trying to get we're gonna go back and get one gushin and utilize them throughout basically the rest of it and you have to be careful because when you get these story for restroom ins and actually the cutscene will be spawned a gushin so he's make sure he kind of babysits discussion the whole way and utilize them in very specific ways also when he lands on the water or hits a moon or hits a checkpoint that will refill the gush ins water cuz slowly he's losing on it also when he lands on the ground that resets what's your max – D so that's why he wants to reset that cos we see him landing at his new spot I also have to make sure he's on the edge cuz captain toad is afraid of everything absolutely you can burn yourself on that campfire I almost did I was about to say there goes two seconds and you also can't capture the gushin too fast because if you try – that might be a problem I've never dropped him that close before we should be fun yeah losing the gungeon ear actually is a pretty notable time loss because then it's been getting to fly through this whole path we're just got to move with Mario there's no gushin in this area alright I still hear him we're good so I saved that checkpoint so I can refill the water and then I can bring him around this corner over here a nice Pike said if you do lose this guy at any point it is a considerable amount of time lost I think it's around 25 seconds that sounds about right so it's very important that you don't lose him at all sorry I'm I don't want to fall it all so I'm gonna stay in the air got Mauryan a little tea pose for those of you that like to do that and so here's a here's a cool little trick that you you learn just from playing the game so much I just know where it is that fine thanks for all the help Dustin I promise we're not using walls up here anyone who plays counter-strike is very offended right now but yeah that's pretty much the last story moon here now we're actually gonna start the boss fight this boss fight is pretty scripted as long as you do the same thing every time you won't see different results however it can be very easy to mess up cuz I'm I'm actually gonna go for a faster strat that I was sort of working on this week I haven't been able to get it consistently but I should be able to first we just got to do is go ahead and take that takes care of the first phase right there I didn't get it it said it only stays about three seconds no big deal with it I actually want them to go the opposite direction but it's fine if he takes a long way around sorry now I'm just kind of going in specific spots kind of like Nascar just kind of make my way around the track so we're just gonna make our way over to the hot springs it's very important that I'm in front of them cuz I actually want to beat him to the hot springs and the game actually forces your camera perspective on him so I'm constantly adjusting the camera I just can't really tell us I'm doing it so often and if you hit him over here like so he'll actually just kind of clip through the hot springs I don't know well yeah that's the fast track for this pose I didn't get the first hit fast right but it only loses about 3.5 seconds does that just push him the other way oh yeah he's like move backwards around it and then when you hit him he'll go forward which is the shorter route sorry I'm gonna do a little backflip cap throw it's very important you do the cap throw right there otherwise you're not high enough to grab the moon's I found that out the hard way it's gonna run have you dove off of the glass ball together I don't think the game lets you do that I think there's a barrier there and with that we're done with seaside and we'll move on to the next Kingdom so you can have time for a few donations cool we have two hundred fifty dollars from a Brad who says stop Bailey from your favorite chat Locker here's a donation toward the darker side boss rush also you're going to submit an all unique moons around fresh gdq right alright I gotta work on that I know Tim would like to see that it's a full-time job in itself I don't I can't work two full-time jobs it's a little much for me but no hey Brad actually got me my pro controller that I'm using right now for Christmas last Christmas it still works your little over a year old of thirds surprisingly but thanks you have time for about one or two more koop we have $100 from okra armband who says hey Bailey finesse mo dudes sorry I couldn't be there hey here's some money for the boss rush as well as track 46 good luck on the wrong week I didn't think about that I mean if you guys want to you can open up a bid war for track 46 or track for anyone here knows the game knows what that is I'm in a bid war track 46 for life yeah track 46 is the endgame music there's actually a song that I can choose from at the like near the end of the game one of the final moons that I get and people like to tell me what to choose track 446 and whatever chaps feel on that day I usually pick the other one so I bait them they don't like that also to the audience now we're just gonna be fighting spirit here again the fight is almost exactly the same here's another square arena instead oh yeah I got a little sidetracked so we're in luncheon Kingdom now this is my least favorite Kingdom just because of everything that can happen and everything that exists in this kingdom I'm not a fan everything in here can pretty much damage you it's like it's like a neon version of Lost Kingdom sounds good to me yeah and I don't know why that I don't know why it's like pink like pepto-bismol I don't know who drinks hot pepper but you should not do that it says so on the bottle oh I think we had a request from that comment about wee-wee who is that what it was what all right so yeah same strats for that boss I messed it up a little bit but it's no big deal um so you would think that I'm just gonna progress forward but this one is actually fast enough to keep in the route yeah I know for a while is actually in almost every sub area and these little sub rooms there's gonna be one moon and then one speaker but that's the secret right there I know people for a while wanted the other moon in there the five minutes become very competitive become very competitive for a moon to stay in their eyelids Muniz to be like 22 seconds or less to be in it now nice it's good whenever you're able to capture an enemy from behind like that so that it will actually knock off their hat and then Kathy still kind of on top of their hitbox to give you that instant capture so nice to get on top of them yeah that that was like a strat that I I guess I can't say I came I mean I thought of it myself if you do that movement up above that hammer bro and you kind of get him from above him it gets an instant capture while he's still close to the cheese and we cannot do turnip clip on this version because it is fixed so here I don't need this checkpoint so I just want to catch that guy really fast yeah a lot of bubbles pretty interesting you can get you do these long jumping art these long arching jumps those are pretty slow we want to use those as well as possible unless we need the height those don't want these spin jumps little corkscrew them across the land I spend time that early taps was pretty difficult to do sorry there's a good case of the moon not being on screen and not existing but if I change my camera at all it gets a little disorienting in this room and I like to keep the cycle the same so I just I just let it happen nice room right there oh yeah for all the sub areas in this run you're gonna be seeing me attempt the fastest strats possible because that's where you saved most of your time aside from general movement improvements I could dive right here but I'm just gonna take a safe ground pound and then dive onto this little lid there's actually a little piece right there I can jump off of yep got a sexier piece of movement coming up as we climb back up this down just a little bit cool alright so that's where any % would finish the function however we are not quite done yet we have a lot to explore and we have to beat the boss which is I thought they were saying boo cuz I was really excited I was gonna bring that guy up here I like someone hurt food as well hey man if you guys want to treat me to dinner afterwards I'm not gonna say no where we going after this uh I mean there's a McDonald's across everyone loves that how are you gonna celebrate McDonald's you also be see we've kind of glossed over this tip you want explain holder just what vectoring is so if you kind of fall from a height that's not if you like kind of angle your descent in a certain way you'll actually fall further and faster than you normally would it's it's very easy to do I don't quite fully understand it myself like you explain these to do a little jig to the left and then a little jig to the right and dance move yeah you can you can see as well on the moon quite a lot because you're the low gravity makes it a lot easier to get Vic to jump right whilst make sure he doesn't hit those wooden pegs right there because that will actually D capture you from the wobble it will kill it and then you fall in pepto-bismol and you die as you do so that's pretty good room so you have two options in there's like little lava bubbles you can either hit the jump button to kind of do a leap like you saw me do a few times or you can use most controls to get a like a little fast to jump into the lava so right here's a nice little trick so I don't know if all of you know that you can capture Piranha Plants in this game what you can I'm not debating you I'm just not gonna do it because it's actually a few seconds faster to let him shoot this and then we can actually use Cappy to smack the fireball that was something really found that from like a year of playing this game and it made this moon fast enough to do it in that way nothing super sexy super fun climb right here beautiful stuff right there utilization of so many of Mario's different jumps and yes but whenever Kathy comes back to you and then you hit jump you actually get like a little leap in the air if I if I didn't get that on the the first part of that trick I actually would have bonked and died so that's very important that you get that little leap in the air really fast first boss has some fantastic kick boxes if if you've never attempted fast drives before I highly recommend that you will understand why I hate bunch of things I love lunch Kingdom but I hate hitting hopefully the third phase doesn't give me any trouble see where he wants to go left that's not too bad alright so we we spent so long trying to figure this out but shadow on the ground just lost a chunk yep yep what a cool boss I love it so if you messed this up at all you kind of have to like take your time cuz he throws up little platforms and we kind of like it the that's it so I would have had it there but um I think I split off I think I jumped a little too soon and I fell off the lava platform as I was hitting joke so I kind of like had to readjust but it only loses about eight seconds no dumplings on the way good orangey you actually didn't get hit by if you actually try to do this bite too fast you actually get hit by indivisible fruit for some reason I think they coded the hip boxes to be active like right in front of the boss instead of like it's weird I think the whole room got split right there I I heard moon food and fruit wait who said eggs new your by the one who said fruit get that guy a tea so we're done in urban or port so we're done in luncheon we're gonna progress through Bowser's Kingdom so you have time for a quick donation okay we have five hundred dollars from JD the budge as this final day has been a great end to an amazing event thanks to everyone involved in let's get that dog side bus brush also save the animals pretty much JD okay so I know I said we're gonna go to Bowser's kingdom but jebaited you guys are actually we're gonna take a quick detour to play some Dark Souls I know we had a lot of that earlier just fits right in the block yep alright so I'm actually gonna start buffering an input since you can control the cameras during these cutscenes you can actually have Mario spin while they play and then start off in a kingdom spinning so I'm gonna use that to get speed to get over here faster and then I want to do this maybe okay that's happened before so I have a good backup so what I wanted to do there was throw copy over there then get my little boosted jump and then get back up there but I just use the backup strat so here is I guess some people would call him Spyro or death playing or whatever video game franchise insert lighting dragon here I'm gonna call him Zekrom cuz that's a lightning dragon and I like Pokemon sir I was about to ask is that up it's a Pokemon I only know Gen 1 dude I know his name's Bailey so it's probably a Pokemon so right here you're gonna see me just abuse some invincibility frames and jump on his head that's pretty much they're all there is to the fight so you're free to greet as many donations as you can yep we have $1,000 from anonymous if they hats off to all the bonus for an amazing run let's get that boss rush incentive net I agree we have $50 from caller who says greetings for back couch dad you've got seaside bustin hope you won't have problems with RNG rock this is going to kill the animals just for you real quick I'm assuming you don't need the hint art here oh that would be helpful there's a few you're welcome yeah there's there's coins there Oh No the time before I were fine nice recovery over yeah thanks for the suggestion I was like babies already got enough coins I don't know I think I do have enough coins but you can never have too many coins we already spent a lot we're gonna we gotta take Princess Peach out for that nice dinner if you had died there I would have paid for your dinner that would have been awkward all the McDonald's you want no no there's there's actually I mean it's not a common thing anymore of a people speedrunners have died in ruined just because of how they damage abuse and they have lost world market paste runs to it but I can say I'm not I have not died on that boss yet whoa let's talk about this but yeah we just have a few more cutscenes and now we're gonna go to Bowser's Kingdom now that we were repaired The Odyssey we have time for a few more donations very well we have one hundred dollars from gold Yeti who says hey gdq what an amazing time it has been amazing runs for a great cause shoutout to spike open yet Eva Jeter for being hilarious the entire time also moon but don't say moon orb oh I heard that that was spike alright so now we're in Bowser's Kingdom ah you're gonna see me utilizing some spin throws here just because they are pretty easy to do so I'm actually gonna hold copy out and when I recapture this guy I'm just gonna fall down here and then all you have to do is really just shake and you get the bird yeah there's a lot of very specific position and go to make sure the pokeo or the Tweety Bird as I like to call them is sitting at the correct position so I have to touch that checkpoint so movement here is a little weird and then we just kind of jump on this guy when my hat to get some points or one just one as long as I touch the moon on the first frame we don't really lose any time it's not like in Mario 64 where you want to touch the bottom for any story moon it kind of just plays out a cutscene when you touch it you believe how bad all these enemies feel when this dude in boxer shorts isn't straight schooling them or dot your arm I will kind of I got it for this that's a really fun movement right here Stubbs first door there now we've got the moon shards right here normally they want you to use these pokeo all the way throughout it we're gonna try to utilize only one throughout nice utilization of a cap cam full right there or canceling the roll in order to switch his direction nine I just split off the roof that's actually a pretty unfortunate death at least he's right there as far as they as far as deaths go that's not too punishing yeah I just I just missed the rooftop I guess I didn't need to come back over here but I'm gonna use these homing attacks with Kathy to lock in and hone in on those gotta use pokey oh right here nice knuckle got rid of his friend yeah he's hit me before so I just take him out ain't got time for that chefs grand Pooh Bear so there's actually a moon behind this that we get beforehand and I want to make sure I grab it at the top so that I can just throw cap you to the right and then roll into the plate and now we can get the storm in yours feel like it is than a lot of properties 3d platformers in general but also just Mario there's a lot of very subtle just specific camera manipulation usage that Bailey's having throughout the run making sure that he's always got this lock on ready to go that he's always facing the right direction cutting out as many just like Kathy throws as you can and just being able to straight dive from there cuz Mario when he gets the moon he will always face towards the camera that's a little risk of stretch if you aim too far to the right you dies but it does save a little bit of time so here's a nice little trick we usually save this for postgame but we found it was actually faster to go ahead and get these two moons and then we'll work out the routing later the game actually forces you to decap sure that jeez Oh for just a little bit I am NOT so yeah we just come out of the hole in the ceiling that we made and then we just get those second moon there's a little bit of time over utilizing the exit pipe right there and now we get to refights both oh I'm on Team Harriette first no good team no we got some team Harriette fans back here let's hear it for Team topper all of you are wrong yeah compensating because you don't have as many mattress topper listen that here here's the here's the hot strats why'd you do this one first if you messed this one up it's fine that's all I got you don't feel bad about yourself going into it there is a little bit specific in actually hitting the bombs out of the air it's pretty easy to knock it off to the side your angle does not be pretty the so you have to like hold your left joystick a certain way just so you're kind of just like throw it straight back at her it's a little finicky but once you get the hang of it it's not too bad Tiffany do you want to explain right here this topper refight right now and what makes it suck timing you'll jump onto that half yeah exactly that that is awful actually you should have enough time you will get back up we're gonna completely de-robe him let's go yeah I just wanna throw it if he had done top of us he could use the Czech plane right now oh you're letting me down Bailey make it team topper first feel good I did it for the crowd I know they they need it they need a little time to catch the breath after saying moon so I don't I don't I don't really feel my health then I'm wearing down back there when did very fast like my god how are there so many moves good that's what we like – agdq 2019 that was very loud of aniele to calm it waked a noise complaint that guy can we get security in here whoa or so I'm gonna do a nice little triple jump off of a fence after I touch this checkpoint cuz I needed nice vectoring right there yeah I didn't mean to do that well I liked it it was pretty nifty yeah I probably shouldn't have said anything you guys would have been a lot of blind knew that he's got to do right here because the camera doesn't want to turn around for a while yeah had a bad angle so I'm just gonna take the safe route so I'm not gonna get that checkpoint or any checkpoint kind of above me and that's because it makes the final checkpoint very hard to menu too so you'll see later that I do have some very fast menuing when it comes to going to the checkpoints and skipping those two actually is very important because if if you don't skip them you kind of feel like a zoom in and take your time but since I don't get them it's very easy it's something subtle we don't talk about too much but just rolling on uneven surfaces is extremely awkward to do nice pokeo capture right there oh yeah it's the worst if you can avoid rolling on slopes do it cuz it's awful all right so I don't want that one but I do want this one yeah this is the good one so if you don't hit this checkpoint you lose about a minute getting all the way back up here in post game I've done that before never again so the this is the reason we kept the bird the entire time is so we could just get this moon and now we're gonna fight the mech everyone's favorite but first I wanna get a moon do you want to explain this one or do you want us to do it you guys can explain this for you Tiffany do you actually want cuz you I know you know the good for this boss you want me to do it okay cool so the first thing we are we going for is this right side we're gonna try to stand on these screws on his legs normally the game wants me to grab these Tokyo and use them to knock the bombs back at him blowing debt blowing up the legs and then getting on top of him and hanging with the pokeo instead that was gross and disgusting at the same time we're gonna try to just utilize these cat throws every time he does that shock wave it actually refunds your ability to do a cat back so we're gonna do that over and over then to try to stay on top of him now we're in the bucking bronco phase I like to call it right now he has to do these three charges and he's invincible during this who's gonna try to catch our boy right as he's curving over we got to get back on top of him one more time while the cameras fighting him he's just got harriet to take him let that ear turn around try to get whack-a-mole and we're out of there I keep messing up movement throughout the kingdoms but hey at least I have good boss fight that fight is gorgeous that was like the first like really really fun strategy that people theorize and came up with back the first couple days of the game being out cuz that's doing all those strats probably saves a good like two minutes over what you would do casually there you did it clean so yeah you can actually do in it you can do it in a different order but it's so a little more risky and I don't have enough practice with it just because I do focus on the longer categories so I'm not trying to like shave off that like final one to two seconds like the ending percent guys are and that's a good moon all right so now that we've restored peace to Bowser's Kingdom I don't know why we're not gonna leave just yet there's one final moon we're gonna get and it might have taken you a while to find this one unless you cheated with me bows yeah you know who you are this one right here I might achieve I knew it I called him out earlier we kiddin he wouldn't say anything all right so now we're done with thousands Kingdom so so you have time for a few donations oh this cutscene please sure Oh we have $250 from that fan who says come on people two million or bust thank you very much nuts down and we have $100 from anonymous who says awesome job everyone finished strong complete orb big uber great cinematography right there we have a thousand dollars from Thailand who says great gdq great runs great prizes I love it chari donation six yes you can do one more thank you we have $50 from fish-hunter who says long time watch our first time doneita glad to finally catch a gdq event live this donation goes to killing the animals okay so now we're back in the tuxedo sorry guys it's temporary it's fun so so now we have moons physics so I'm gonna abused what we talked about vectoring earlier and it's very easy to see and do on the moon just because it has lower gravities so I just take advantage of that to clear the gap faster than I normally would with a long jump really nice bunny strat right there and trying to pay him a certain direction yeah anytime he cleanly kills a bunny third anything like that catches a fish that's the hypest parts of the run I'm telling you it's never gonna do three jumps again factoring in between all of these you see the thick distance to get on all these jumps yeah we used to just long jump across because it was safer but then we found a consistent set up that saves about five seconds if you do it that way so I waited on top of that rocket flower and had Cappy come back to me so I can just kind of always keep to that way I can just kind of ignore the slow movement of the moon so right here is kind of the skip we all know and that's moon skip you skip the entirety of the inside of the cave easiest trick for anyone to do so instead of going in I think I should probably get some moon it's actually really fun to optimize your movement all over this front I love optimizing it here in the moon alright so right there I want to be very low to the ground because it is very slow to ground pound on the moon like this as you can see sometimes you can't clip on that small ceiling right there so I just kind of I try to do a quick backflip but that's okay because there's normal moon or normal non moon physics yep as soon as you walk indoors so we go up to the rafters and get this moon and now we're gonna crash the wedding what a jerk I know right he's just trying to live beat live a happy life and I mean his boughs are really the bad guy I mean think about it we have an angry Italian plumber running around in his underwear stealing moons from every Kingdom you know not even asking if it's okay just leaving and I mean kind of just crashes the wedding she tried to take Bowser's fizzy soda from Seaside and not to mention look at Bowser's hair absolutely gorgeous how could you think this was the bad guy 50% of the graphical production went into animating that hair I mean I wish my hair looked that good I would say saying but mine's better so it's whatever oh alright weird flex but okay oh wait uh yeah this fire here I was gonna roll around just like a thousand times what what listen when you don't get hit by stuff too often it you just kind of forget it's there so we're gonna wait to roll into the cow and that's just because there's a he throws out more so it's actually better if I just wait a few seconds so my invincibility doesn't run out and one last hit boom yeah good fight good fight alright so now we're going through the escape sequence pretty iconic moment for it all you're right here so the cutscene we skipped we kind of just we fell into the inside of the moon Bowser's unconscious because we won this time and now we take control of Bowser and Peach is riding on our shoulder as we make our way through the end of this you might not think there's a lot of optimization to this pitch we were just talking about the other day a lot of the Eskimo boys about how you can easily lose a ton of time to good players in this section I was thinking utilizing got a triple jump right there also we're coming up on something called a 2-d shortcut I got to give him a little bit of serious time right here because he messes this up he dies and looses 45 seconds salads comes a serious time there are nice it's berries you just have to walk completely off of the ledge and then do a jump where you have like up your back toes your back toe your best foot its pixel on there and then you can make those little jumps say to you like two seconds and here just trying to use these fireballs as much as he can to blow away these walls than everything while he's from distance and then going into straight is claw slashes from there and then outdoorsy this room is a nightmare yeah which so I'm gonna try to go for early pillar so I'm gonna try to shoot I missed one one unfortunately tonight you go for an audio to you right there that tells you the fell down or not oh okay that's work if you can see the camera fighting me there missed a few more so if you do them good enough you save about eight eight seconds as opposed to just running around the whole time but that was a little sloppy so this was where any percent would end but since we're not done collecting moons yet we have a long ways to go so this is kind of our halfway point of the runner boom Andy were spent on any percent done let's give it up for the 80% ports on the run really start stuffing bailing so far little floppy but it's okay so now we have the ending credits but we're not done so you have time for a couple donations while I skip some cutscenes certainly we have $1,000 from eyes they say nothing quite like watching an Italian plumber saving the world in his boxers donation goes to boss rush and with that I'm happy to announce that the dark side boss rush is a quarter of the way that if you want to say that get them in it's working guys let's work it out I believe in you guys you can do it so what you saw there is a little moon cube so now since I've beaten the game all of those are active in kingdoms where I've achieved world peace which is all but one at this point so now I'm kind of doing a little bit of maintenance and Mushroom Kingdom before I start my collectathon so I hope you guys are have a lot of energy left and I hope you're ready to say moon about every 20 seconds yeah we've got a hundred and fifty moons but now the rania really speeds up quite a bit there's been a lot of fashions thrown in again optimizing your speed movement here really difficult to do trying to keep that P speed of Swords that's what he's constantly jumping stuff the ground the friction of it doesn't take too much away nice good curves right there plans wear them nice shot right there very Kobe not long so yeah that that's it's very easy to lose time in this kingdom if you do miss those shots just because you have to go pick up the scene just manually toss it in but I go for the long Thurs so here little throwback right here to the sm64 community here's one of the more movement intensive moves that you can get I'm gonna using a lot of buffered spin pounds on different tiles that doesn't sound nearly as funny maybe it sounds funny wait who's right the screen says moon but the crowd says star I think they're conflicted now I don't want no one panic no one panic well we'll get back to normal streamers they just forgot to translate the Japanese subtitles into star it's fun actually if you play on English it still says moon and from here that's actually all we're gonna be doing here in Mushroom Kingdom making our way over to our first warping so kind of the conception of what this route is really built on are these warp paintings that'll allow us to go back to 10 I kind of this string of 10 kingdoms in a row and it cuts out I mean one we get just a moon for ending up in the secret area but also we don't have to watch capys animation or the cutscenes of having to fly to a new Kingdom go to the Odyssey dump all the moons back in Utah no time this is where things really pick up for me so if I go very quiet it's because I'm trying to think of the next like small piece of movement that I have to do but luckily getting notes is pretty slow because Hills are awful in this game so right here we have captain toad he's just trying to you know protect himself from the cold but I've knocked it down so he's probably gonna freeze sorry go back to Chris actually pretty hard yeah all right so now you can see that moon cube is glowing so I'm gonna get over there as fast as I can so actor old excuse me we saw that right it was like on the left side sometimes Cathy is really bad at this game and just dodges the things you want insert a typical I've never had that happen before cuz it actually I've never had that happen but um so this is where the first of few aspects of RNG come into play in this run so I'm actually come up to a thing called phishing and it can take anywhere between one and like I've had to take up to 12 tries which this is a lot of time but I'm doing very specific camera movements to avoid him swimming away immediately so I want to come over here and he should be on the right side so if I just kind of nudge it right here 1 2 3 4 5 the joys the fish alright I wasn't having it so I just kind of despondent that's really unlucky it probably would've been like four or five more so this one's probably just gonna be first bite yep so fishing moon so yeah they can either be very fast or very slow so that's an instance of me losing a lot of time to a single moon and I can't do anything about it just because it's a pure rng yeah I heard someone saying in the audience not to call anyone is how is this moon fast enough to be in the route to be in this bright so the way this route works there's um so I think it when I did moon to moon splits it actually only took about 16 to 17 seconds on a three bite which is very fast for the route however they can take a while but on top of that we get three of them and there is actually an achievement to where you would get three fish and then you would get a fourth from toadette so it's actually four moons for the price of three yeah we haven't really talked about it but I think there's a decent time to bring it up so toadette you might have seen her there in actually this is a really cool move we get to watch real quick yeah that's some good but so toadette was actually in Mushroom Kingdom back there at the end of the run where and go and talk to her and she's actually gonna just give us a bunch of moons or stars or whatever we want to call it and they're based on basically achievements in this game oh you got you talked to captain toad five times then cool I'm gonna give you an extra moon for that you talk to captcha thank you by the way we're back in the true happiness so the reason the reason I wait until now to put the boxers back on is because I wanted to actually make it look like I tried to route something in but also you do not have to be close to these guys at all so I can actually just put them on get my outfit change and then just turn around and talk to them and it actually works out it's where you can just do a nice little time over here and talk to this guy and he gives me a moon for wearing the boxers and the name of the name of this moon is I'm not cold I hope okay rolling around and that has got to be offered oh man it's got to be ice-cold so here we're talking to peach I have to talk to feature so many times to get an achievement moon at the end of the game plus they're very fast so that will give you a moon for top getting five moons for peach getting ten moons from peach so on and so forth all of these roots are spiked all of these rooms look different since I've beaten the game there's actually three moons in this room now so it changes up how you would handle it just a little bit I didn't get I didn't pull back far enough she'll be able to go catch this cycle yeah should be fine Joey blowy so I do a spin throwed just because it covers a lot of distance and this guy is a pretty big target okay this is bad I have to do I have to dive is you guys this cutscene is over good all right so now you'll notice since I'm doing this out of sequence normally the barrier would slide out of the way so you could actually go do the race but since I've already completed the race we actually just don't have to watch that at all yeah there's a few seconds yeah again going back to these rooms that you were supposed to do but because we did the snow cliff we're doing them now this was the room that gets affected the most by it right here and if they got three more moves here one that just spawned and the two main ones and so normally after he gets the secret moon back here he would go up and rango the tall idiot that we defeated earlier in lake kingdom he would be there chillin and we'd have to defeat him but the game is in this weird state where it thinks you've already defeated him somehow which doesn't really make sense also this idiot says okay I didn't I didn't mean to get that spin sir I just kind of like buffered the inputs I had to adjust if you take too long he does just kind of like go under the ice and just bolts away from you so it was actually faster for me to just kind of like adjust and hit him a few times till I was ready well yeah and we don't to fight the boss it's just here yeah so you have to say the free 30 seconds or so from having your feet the Boston watch's definition everything and it also affects this room right here because this is the only room where you have to get five moon shards those moon shots are now gone as well cuz once game to the once again the game thinks you've already done that otherwise how could you be here right now so that's primarily the reason why it saves so much time I came up with that threat it was I know I got it from you I was watching one day I was like oh I do this one it was a little mini explosion when it was themed for the first my god oh my god spikes not a totally say shouts the spike for coming up with that strap saving saving me a few seconds you're welcome urban yeah himself so who wants to do that race again Oh baby too bad those booms are not bad it is a very slow moon so we will not be doing it however we have our first instance of Hattin seek and it's called hide and seek because there's a little Cappy guy and he's kind of like in that do tap and they give us quick news so just you know this adorable children's game we have possession going on so that's cool it's fine okay sometimes Cappy doesn't want to cooperate and stay out ideally you would do a backflip and just hold him out until it breaks and with that we have one more moon to get and then we're out of here yeah the nice thing when you get the moon rocks there's a couple of just completely Freeman's the baseball all over the place which are fun to get your route in and keep the pace of the run going so normally we would take this guy all the way over to that wooden block you see on the right and we actually just like uses wind gust to blow it all the way over however I'm just gonna take him over there myself and avoid doing all of that now there is a strap where you can go on this wall and do some maneuvering however I don't have the check point over there to actually do that fact correctly and so it would take me a little bit of time so this is the best backup yeah you'll see us utilize that all over the place where we can't throw into the wall just to make Mario happen cling to the wall a little faster so he doesn't lose any ground falling yeah and you're gonna see me skip a majority of the checkpoints when I come out of the paintings and that's because I don't need them they're just slightly out of the way and I'm using it as minor time Steve so I broke that rock because there's gonna be a moon there when I break open this rock controlling this idiot it wouldn't be so bad but I actually have to land up here this time as opposed to any percentage I like to like bonk on the edge of the wall because they're trying to save all the every little second they can but I have to actually make it up on the platform so I can break open the rock and get the tude I know for a lot of people they consider this one of the run killers actually for a number reasons we got a really hard room coming up here we got a segment that sometimes can feel like orangey definitely I think one of the harder segments in the postgame of this month yeah it's very easy to lose a lot of time in this Kingdom if things don't go your where you kind of get a little tilted I mean what speedrunners getting tilted never I'm gonna say he just captured the big chunk learned it seemed kind of pointless but it's actually one of the toda achievements we need at the end of the run to capture a certain amount of enemies or creatures in the game and we don't capture quite enough throughout the natural course of the routes we have to route in a few extra captures along the way I think I'm one an okay cycle here yeah he has to know his cycles right here and how to avoid having to use these green platforms as much as he can and more importantly avoid having to use these cloud platforms nice dodging of everything really good room right there yeah so you can actually uh cap you can actually like hit one of those clouds and just disappear and you'll die cuz you can't jump on it just want to grab this check point is right in my path to travel so it's definitely worth getting another scary moon right here he's gonna have to deal with these platforms these cloud platforms to get spawn very easy if you throw it a little Eartha Cappy will get absorbed by one of the other ones skip them as much as you can today and all they've got very nice stuff it it's very easy to die on that uh that section you want to make sure you kind of take your time when you go jump on Kathy because if you do it too fast you'll actually lose some height and you won't make it far enough sides have to make sure I delay it just a little bit what kind of thing what's the intended path right here at the beginning of the game and so normally you would get this moon before going up but darkside we actually save it until post game because since we hit the rock there's music notes actually spawn in this 2d section and we can get both of these moves at the same time and this is probably the worst moon of the run right here so the hitbox on this moon is very finicky there's only a very small window of opportunity that you can actually use to hit it and it feels like sometimes you just don't get it but yeah it's very precise where he asked the lineup to change somewhere it will snap back and hit it cuz only they want you to hit the other change shop into it that's just crazy I don't even see how you would do that casually honestly I've never done it that way that's how I did it casually that's weird oh okay we're good that moved to be a little scary cuz falling down there community a lot of times you would use the checkpoint to warp back up I could have stopped to do it fat or do a slow strap but this is a speed runner so we got to go fast appreciate that sorry here I'm not gonna have Cappy when I'm doing this movement to make sure I don't rely on him to do any of this so I do a little vector here so I get a little more distance to it and for anyone who wants to wear in this category you'll you'll find that just never slowing down your movement from moon to moon is gonna be your biggest source of time Steve I mean like that goes for any category but that was a little early so what I wanted to do there I wanted to get the moon and captured the dinosaur at the same time but I was just a little early so we got a rock down here that's got a moon who's still trying to land on top of it and roar and eat the moon effectively if you do not roar eat it like bite the moon you will not pick it up and that can trip a lot of people up and he'll go ahead baby yeah if that happens you actually have to get out of the dinosaur and you'll lose a lot of time in general moving the the t-rex feels like a Mack truck having to move him around so it's understanding how to move him correctly does she pretty wonky so capturing that little wire right there is actually just a little faster than doing some movement not much but it's something so right there I go into first person so he starts talking faster I don't do it too often cuz you have to be standing completely still in order to go into first person so it gets kind of awkward in some areas you might see me dive into a certain spot I try to do it when I can alright so right here is our first shop moon or no second so you're just like oh yeah purple coins yay I'm just like no yellow points yeah it's important to know that purple coins in darker side are going to have no effect on the run just none of them are fast songs you have to go through extra animations that's out there watching watch both these guys right here next week run a um all unique moons to be able to see those utilize 400% let's talk about hundred percent all unique moons the really cool category though Tiffany just a few months ago pushed it to about eight times so there's a lot of moves in this game eight hundred and eighty those it just it really shows the difference between like let shows how many slo-moes there really are on this game wouldn't there's we get over half the mints in this game and it's less than half the time and how do percent you have to grind coins for a few hours you can buy all the costumes and everything so yeah no big deal so some simple movement out of cascade no big deal and now we're gonna head off to Bowser's this is one of the easier kingdoms – learn postgame just cuz there's not much going on and if you're good at menuing you won't lose a lot of time here so the movement here is very simple and basic so it was one of the first pots we're gonna be using a lot of checkpoints to go around oh go ahead yep so what I'm doing here since I know what checkpoints to warp to I'm warping to the one I think right after the bosses that you saw me triple jump off the fence so before I go get moons we are very close to this wolf that will come into play later that's actually in San Kingdom for those who don't know so if if you see a red moon pop up and when I'm in sand that's where it came from yeah it is the port Joe who's people a surprising amount of people asked me the question oh do you actually have to look at the hint art yes he does know where the moon sorry he doesn't need to take a picture of it you do need to look at that bridge actually spawn the moon in oh I see not going all the way out far over there saves a little bit of time I think I saw the Tiffany dude so right there since I didn't grab those checkpoints I can actually just flick my control stick to upright and select this checkpoint right away cool Skippy's gonna go for I hear off his buffer to spin pound try to get past these torches then go into some victory triple jump to completely skip the left side all together good movement right there yeah this just avoids taking some slingshots around the entire place I'm gonna do a dive and a spin throw so I can knock down the spine and I do is I like to do a spin through here just because you mean you can throw copy out like normal but he does not like to home into that sign so here's a here's another bunny scratch coming up I'm gonna do a spin throw and just roll into it that was a beautiful bunny right there yeah these get out of hand very fast if you don't get them fast oh my god you lose 20 minutes you killed the bonus bunny you couldn't let him live without his brother I mean I gotta make hay he knows he knows yeah hashtag kill the animals please thanks yo can we get an update punch no worse they've killed the animals sitting at I can't save the animals is currently winning by about $13,000 what no yeah there is still time left in the marathon to fix them all so there's still time left let's get an update also on where that Dark Side incentive the boss rush is looking at we are about sixty thousand dollars of the way there out of two hundred thousand oh okay so for those who are not familiar with what that is that's about at the zero gravity refight of all those bunnies that we saw there's a little little twist I stay for you guys I will be doing that invisible so I have I have been practicing so I can do it when I cannot see Moria so if you would like to see me just completely school them at their own game okay I'm stuck without it that I can't do it I will be doing it invisible normally this room right here they want you to use those use those to go around and put them on a bunch of different switches but Mario is an athlete so he can jump up there and we can kind of do with some precise jumps could just skip over all that stuff this actually wasn't in the route for a long time because we didn't really think that that jump was possible but it's actually really easy to do so right here I'm just mashing my buttons so that I can follow the coins at the wire so let's see if I get good spiny orangie this moon has always been a mystery to me how to do well it's pretty good though that was good so I'm gonna do a little camera turn right here I'm gonna do a blind long jump around this wall and the reason I turn my camera this way is it actually makes this guy spawn in a few seconds faster so I don't have to wait as long for him to come in because you're not supposed to do this but uh yeah if I would have jumped if I would have threw capi too early I would have done I want some good note movement right here good the little poke at the end very nice just for you spike just for you thanks buddy I know you're gonna take a real casual of I didn't ask for it this is actually normally in the older routes when we get these two other g0 moons on the side but we do them earlier which will cut out a load screen later on so since I was doing I pretty much knew I was gonna be doing the boxer incentive I had to like think about when I was gonna have enough coins to buy certain things and I still need to buy a few shop moons just because they are very fast so I decided to keep this one in the route because I can actually warp out of here to my next objective and it does save a little bit of time compared to anything else I could have done plus B says Oh tab yeah I don't know how they got here like they know they can go home right like Bowser's not here anymore brought peace to the kingdom normally this guy he drops down he poops out all these little goombas and we can stack them up and then detach them and jump on top of them or just jump as you do in Mario games now you may think that note over there is fast enough it is not there are a lot of notes I have to collect in order to get that moon to spawn yeah that's like three rounds worth a note so there's varies again the cutoff for moons I want to say was around like 22h seconds it's kind of where it's currently at original route is about thirty and it's just getting faster and faster all the time big shouts the Sumari water-ski community just routing the heck out of this category I got the back left I think one no there's definitely I think goes back loose so depending on which see potted lands and kind of influences how you're gonna handle this next section yeah we're good you should get Cappy back soon enough it's also important a little minor thing we haven't point out cuz we talked about how oh if you uh you can only do a cap bounced off Cappy one time every time you get a new moon it actually refunds that you can do really fun things like that just Jolly Roger Bane's to minors 64 sounds for you guys now we're gonna be using that lighthouse checkpoint that I went out of my way to get earlier and that's just because warping and doing a chunk of the objectives oh this is actually really bad it's kind of importantly don't mess up this movement because there is a bird that is flying around and I kind of need them so we'll have to quickly do this because these birds are moving around on cycles as soon as you come out of a load zone or from that checkpoint grabs that man he's gonna shoot straight up in the air and then try to find this bird that wasn't a lot of fun knowledge based routing there knowing that the birds gonna be right in this exact position we're gonna be doing that sort of stuff all over the rest of this these revisits alright so I actually have to take that gushing little octopus thing far away enough from the shopkeeper cuz if I don't he actually get scared and like goes on his show and you can't buy anything from him for like being scared feels like a minute you also can't like bonk on them because that also has the same effect so here we're gonna be utilizing the cheap cheap all in the place just giving you much better swimming controls you're seeing him do this little like roll of the thumb I don't know physically what you do but across like spinning down spinning up giving you this spin across the flat ground it doesn't really speed you up but when you're trying to like make angles up and down it's the fastest way to cut out those slow diagonals yeah things here that I'm kind of like wiggling up that's so I'm just spinning so I can take sharp corners all tonight shake is just really good as a replacement for ground pounds if you weren't the cheap cheapy we have to ground pound each of those mounds instead he just attacked them and it gives you the effect you need so we use that all over the place it's actually probably a good place we can fit in a few donations mostly just yeah everything around with the cheap cheap right now very easy movement absolutely we have $1,000 from flap they say loving The Odyssey run so far and hoping to see the dark side also I want to say the luncheon Kingdom is perfect yeah please get those in for the dark side boss rush you're on a good pace right now you have a $10,000 donation from the yelly Hale Yeti here sorry to keep interrupting this moon quest but y'all keep buying more shots oh we're gonna keep donating if you forget to pick up shirts during the last ones tonight don't worry our agdq collection will be live until midnight CST tomorrow moon we have $10 from a shoot posting who says chad is telling me to donate for the boss rush chad is telling you to donate for the boss rush and so am i donate for the boss rush agreed $100 from Gino who says loving miss run so far as much as I'd love to kill the animals I want to see the bosses more good take I have $100 from trihex trihex here just want to say that Mary Otis Lee community is like family to me I'm so happy to see all my voice spiked tympani curb is dangerous and of course Bailey for altogether celebrating the best category darker sides crazy to see darkest I'd go from five hours in 2017 and to losing over 90 minutes since flex how you got the 2.5 moves per minute love y'all try hard out yeah shouts everybody also here on the back catch though we got a lot of great tomorrow honestly speedruns back there are no curbs and dangers among them I'm sorry I'm actually gonna stay low the reason I do this there's actually a bunny above me and if I go too high he'll actually it'll buffer his running away animation just because I got close enough and then he actually will just kind of mess up my movement later on so I think I know some people in the community were kind of like wondering why that happened so I kind of like did some lab work this week and it's just because you swim up too high so it causes him to kind of run away keeping the camera in this top-down position to try to keep this eel from spawning and now is it coming out like that it didn't bite him that was good trying to slip his way out of here waiting just a little bit of tack but you see them a little bit of time here on this next moon otherwise the normal stress you just barrel in there take damage and then you have waste over two seconds wanting the health refill so with that camera shot you can actually go in and out before you even spawns but I bonked on the very corner of it so it kind of like threw me off and he spawned anyway so but I tried to go for it hey it's tough it's pretty precise to actually save the time there cuz you want to spot him at the correct time to where you barely get past them and then he's moving back in so you can move right back down here's the bunny we were talking about earlier as soon as you as you can see he's just sitting right there he didn't move that's because I kind of like made sure I was a low in the water nice bomb dude sure and then it wouldn't be a kingdom revisited if we didn't visit Princess Peach both of us wearing our great swim attire I don't know I have a hat on I mean he can fly just saying is that had much to do with swimming he doesn't need me all right so off to my favorite segment of the run would eat Kingdom yeah that's really fun he does yeah no pressure it's very easy to make a huge amount of time lost in this kingdom but when executed well it looks very sweet so you guys might remember how we talked about Oh we're bringing peace to all these kingdoms except for one this was the one and because we got that I guess we went through that secret exit right there to warp over here that cut out a lot of excess movement from the Odyssey up to this spot because now we're at kind of the top of the kingdom we're gonna fight the final boss of the king of a torque trip yep so I got that four four four aim right there it's pretty good eSports ready yeah I've been practicing so it actually so if you go I think it's what it was down right left up on those little steel beams you you don't have a high likelihood of being blocked by the cannonballs coming down so that's just like the order I like to do it in but it doesn't matter how you do it so this is a basically an autoscroller so just you can just read donations for this whole fight absolutely we have five hundred and five dollars from ellipses and they say ellipses here this is my seventh time attending agdq2015 CF has never felt so personal right now my father has a few days left to live due to lung cancer he's probably the reason I love video games enough to come here and meet so many friends when I was four he seemed like had got into Calphalon for the Atari 2600 when I was 10 he played hundreds of hours of RBI baseball 93 with me even though he lost pretty much every time this is the last gdq that my dad will be around for but he will always be remembered and loved thank you very much it looks good it's really quick you guys might have seen me jumping around on that little platform right there on the ground and that's so when I land I don't lose any speed normally you kind of get stuck in the ground as this guy but if you you can keep walking around if you kind of have a speed source we don't know why it works we just know it works no back to you punchy oh Cape we have fifty dollars from Protein who says I've got disappointed when I heard you say you're only a quarter of the way to the boss wife incentive not anymore but then realized I hadn't contributed toward it yet so here you go let's go people I agree I agree very much and we have $300 from wolf man who says evening all wolf man ake a dance dad here I've enjoyed my time at agdq 2019 hopefully intermission dances my friends and I have done have put smiles on your faces during the event now it is my turn to give remember folks be kind to your fellow folks donate to charity when you can stay grooving and keep on bringing the hype thank you very much I see you out there alright so very easy boss fight' not much can go wrong there the big thing is to not take damage each time you take damage you lose about 20 frames so it's it's some time so now we were actually in the start of woody Kingdom again now we're gonna go through town and get those moons fun right here pick up this rock sorry bunny out and now we're gonna throw that rock pick up the other rock and bust the moon out of it very nice or wait what hold up I believe that's our final shock moon that we'll be collecting in the run yes it should be Dagon the routes a little bit different here because the adjusted it for you know the box of short stuff alright so I hit this moon rock so it's I'm not normally I would warp but the reason I selected wooded Kingdom first is coming back full circle we're just gonna go in this tree save a little bit of time and then here it is so this one little painting is the reason we sort of pick wooded Kingdom first yeah cuz it actually changes the entire order that witch kingdoms which lead you to which other kingdoms from the paintings that puts it in it where what it will now be slotted before Sam so we'll just pick that sand that's an moon up later on I'm supposed to come in here afterwards left show off his tanks pills little dork take care of a couple moons that ones should be on top of it let's see what oh that's an angry face I love I love trying to get more into a different pose every time I break open that chest and we got a big old skip coming up right here this one's very very sexy and very easy to die on this is one of my favorites with knee entire runs I hope I don't mess it up try to get a jump right at the top over the gate right here Oh actually not going for it oh no my vector the hard vector well over the capital got it easy really showing the power of vectoring right there good stuff Bailey it just gives you so much speed on top of the rocket flower it just just carries you all the way over there normally you would want to capture glide on and just fly over but it's much faster to get that rocket yeah yeah normally the game wants you to go pick up a speed walk up these slow platforms and then plant it it's it's a very slow process brings us right back up keeping with the theme we're just going to Noor there's these whole little sub areas you have to run around to get to these moons we're just gonna drop on them I actually don't know how you get that casualty there is a there's Larry right there is that I don't know I did that too anyways so moving on now we're going to catfish this poor girl over here she thinks we're gonna be 1/8 stack of goombas instead we're just gonna make a 7 stack yeah and walk up this hill yeah if you stand like right there she kind of knows does you so uh yeah they say Bowser's the bad guy that's like geez poor Carmen Sandiego nice little curved movement down here to get this night not around the corner and then for this one right here you have to want you want to get basically right underneath it so that you can do those quick like just kind of melting the three hits on top of it at once it is possible to get a triple but I've messed it up all right gotta if you grab this moon from the bottom your camera automatically turns so it's kind of helpful when you line this up super fun room you guys have promised being a lot of any percent runs right here the fuzzies pipe we're gonna try to beat this cycle the fuzzies are moving constantly along with the walk the water racing up and down so we'll see if he has really good movie he cannot have to utilize the water to get up to get the second good movement so far Oh gorgeous normally uh I mess that up in practice I'm glad I got it today if you the way I do it if you hold back on the controller too soon you kind of like just bonk off the ceiling so kind of I don't know it gets Frankie so right now I'm talking to Pete oh yeah um should probably know this is like one of the areas where it doesn't really matter how fast I go just because I'm actually on a bird cycle so as long as they don't make any huge mistakes I'm not really gonna lose any time to anything the main thing I'm worried about is just going fast enough to make the cycle yeah he's gonna have to collect about seven or eight moons right here that was weird he wants that to reset this up and also have the camera on top of this upper right here that's already spawning in again this bird is moving from the time he warped up and started talking to peach I mean he's not really solid move it all the way throughout to get done with all the objectives he wants and then catch it including all this flow upper movement we're trying to get all these loon shards and everything in this maze it's the reason we have to wait on the bird is uh there's a toadette achievement so it kind of works out that we can kind of do so much and then end up where the bird is kind of makes all of these slower moons worth it now we're done with the nays and we're just a check see where is he's way back there yes the Bailey's movement has been really really good I might be able to try early cycle it's really risky I don't think I've gotten a didn't run yet it was about four seconds but Emily go go for it I don't really I don't it the timing is weird cuz he kind of bounced off a Cappy normally you I would get this moon then I would just immediately jump over there since he's way out there but I'm just gonna play it safe yeah unfortunately this little gap right here if he misses that he's gonna fall in the deep woods then again you cannot warp out of the deep woods so here's the mini-boss fight next fight yeah thanks guys I almost died he almost got me I was rooting for him or that's because I'm rolling around isn't it there's couple different routes we've toyed around with with this room some people would prefer to take the bullet bills right here instead with really good vectoring and just p-speed move in general you can avoid having to grab it and save a little bit of time we do need the big boy down here though oh boy Banzai can we get the clip no get it that's that one's definitely hit or miss if you line it up perfectly you can actually he'll explode and you'll grab the moon at the same time and you'll kind of clip through the ceiling and for this you don't know why I said Banzai that is called a Banzai bill no bonsais in the crowd there we go it was too many syllables oh yeah there she's fan moon oh oh oh all the dance the recovery so I have to wait for Cathy anyways that's not a big deal but it is gonna cost me a little bit of time and right here he's gonna take a fun route through this timer challenge don't really want you to go on the other side but instead he's gonna do a ground pound which will allow them to do what down throw I think he just utilized the left side instead and with that nice wooded – that wasn't too bad a little sloppy at the end overall that was really good so this sand kingdom number two lovely grieve is it this is notorious for eating up a whole lot of time if you do mess up some strats I think my current PB loses about 23 seconds here just because there's so much you have to manage and there's so much that can go wrong try eight better than I would have done it's like one pixel you have your ground pound there I'm angry yes some spots are very generous and some are not generous at all that is a not so generous pot so here's another bunny strat this one's fairly simple I just want to roll into it slightly to the right so um I'm doing a little less shopping this time you may notice that I have a lot of coins but schlopp moons aren't that exciting so I decided to give you something a little more exciting so uh these don't right I don't remember what their names are good men no eyes yeah gonna catch this and then shake like a madman and warp his way back up so there's trick number one normally they want you to use the moai because you can put on his glasses and you can see all these platforms there are not many platforms here and he's gonna try to do this blind – no that is not actually a part of the darker side route bayleaf is just a try-hard I just wanted that for you guys it's true it's about five seconds too slow for the row just because of the two loading zones and coming up but I need you guys would like it so I did it for you you're welcome and I know I've been the gut neglecting twitch chat lately so can I get some pogchamp CIN the twitch chat pogchamp function also it's important so he triggered that dog earlier to go actually dig up a moon form and also make sure he kind of keep the dog on camera so that it keeps doing another so you see it's a little bit awkward but he wants to do that so that once he goes over there the dogs already on the correct spot yeah if you take the camera off the dog he kind of stops moving for some reason so he should be digging when I get there if it all went according to plan and just very now we get some frankerz ease for the good pupper and frankerz e oh my dog oh my god wowie wowie so I bunk there intentionally so I can turn to the right faster normally I would be sliding due to my momentum but it's quicker just to kind of take a quick bunk yeah in that crawl space you don't have like a big like fall down animation just box you can easily turn there on another global cycle right here from entering out of that load zone we're gonna pick up this boon and then it's mainly affecting get another bird cycle where he's going all the way around the jacks he ruins and these poisonous waste lands I'm also managing a platform cycle to my right that's why I had to keep my camera turned a certain way my back up there is to use the stairs to gain momentum as the Goomba but I had just barely made it using the stairs is the optimal strat that is very risky it's alright we're gonna get this guy there is a method where you can kind of lead this guy over here I don't like doing it though cuz it's a little risky yeah it's very important that I don't mess up any of this because the correct bird cycle that I want in that swamp will actually save me about six seconds over a different tribe you usually have to use but since I had good Goomba movement I should be on the best bike what I have right now so here's the moon you guys probably start with those casually and the one way out here if you just let go over the Y button and just use motion controls you actually slowly gain speed the whole time so it's really it's actually really easy to get and for a while we thought this moon wasn't fast with we in the rock because it's over here by itself but as it turns out you can actually just stand on this arch play right here and give us an alternative method to get up on top of Jackson ruins yeah so in my PB actually uh the game actually throws my hat in a wrong direction and almost kills me just because of how the camera works there and it looks like my movement was not good enough so I'm gonna have to get this bird right there okay backed up right there yeah so ideally I wouldn't jump off of Jackie at all while I hit that bird because he would be low enough in the swamp but I was just slightly too slow so we're obviously cheating right here to go over to this moon but the game likes to cheat back and give you the worst camera in 3d games yeah you have no control over this camera well all of this happens you just be able to kind of cranks away from it right there so you kind of just line it up and then drop in a neutral and let it go you could control a cactus in this game alright so if I put Jax be in the right spot I should just be able to be dive onto him right off his head sorry the sport is getting rode around by a boxer shorts hey we we paid him all right I wouldn't Bob we paid him good money also those washers on his back maybe all right so here's a fishing number two so hopefully hopefully this one doesn't go as bad as the first one that's that personal God oh yeah blessed RNG please so I want to keep my camera a little angled a little high right here if it's not the fish kind of won't notice me for some reason I figured it out this week but I don't know why he doesn't notice me Andy's coming away nice thanks buddy oh my full 180 on me one all right okay James put me in a circle wasn't good but I'll take two bites that's not too bad have some nice motion controls right here you don't fully understand how to get the spin through off the top so I just kind of wonky yeah I trying to just try to manage to with one half there but I messed it just a little bit Santu is our sand king a Magento such a massive Kingdom there's 89 moons here the biggest outside of mushroom kingdom which gets cut inflated by all the toadette moons here's a nice little strut normally or just long jump over there to get that moon but since I know where I am I can kind of just do a roll to get max speed that's fun movement ascending these stairs to the next room that we just bought so it's important that you that you don't miss the moon but there's actually a a Bullet Bill cycle on the inside of this pyramid and if I turn my camera up at the right time it looks like I'm on the right cycle I will find out I actually want to get these bullet bills lined up with the platform's better in here as well and I I'm definitely on the right cycle and this is just oh that's not good we'll save a little bit of time by doing a cool little trick right here nice so it's just a nice little shortcut that we take advantage of and then you know what time it is princess peach moon both do you have a favorite peach costume in this Bailey I like the one in snow Kingdom in the leggings I'm a huge fan of peacoat they're very comfy all right so we just got some simple jacksie movement here so you can probably get one donation cool can do we have four hundred dollars from the french restream and they say hello guys the french restream here we're doing a modest donation from art which revenue once again congratulations on this great event love from the french restream thank you very much shadows the foreign language restream okay so I'm gonna take jacksie down here and this has to hurt it boom well he takes it like a champ we're still we're still booking it alright so there's a there's a nice little moon here and that moon is blue because that is the only found in wooded Kingdom just dive right back on Jack see now I like you want to make sure you go from there right for this moon cuz it it is very easy to knock that cactus off the ledge and you will not get the moon you actually have to reload the area by going to a checkpoint otherwise it won't come back so casually I think everyone loved doing this room this was the worst room in the game but you know we're speedrunners we just we're just gonna go up top all that crap down there we're not gonna do that normally once you get a bullet bill go through this whole maze ya ain't got time for that now take a little cameo Oh pile of coins sneaky sneaky Nintendo they knew all along what they were doing alright so that was another sub area done faster than intended casually so right here is this was up debate for a while I like doing it this way you can actually just hold Kathy out and then capture him while you're sort of inside these blocks and since the game just kind of like spawns them and you can kind of just jump straight up but I like going through it and then just diving onto Kathy that's actually a little faster than waiting for him to come back to you that was a I think we waited for a very long time before that actually changed so uh just so we're aware we need to kill the animals think what not sure alright so here's another segment of invisible platforms where we're supposed to use moai but I have the room memorized so I don't need to use them just see where I'm going yeah or we can just use Kappa to kind of just go over the entire thing one final section here in sand – we're gonna be utilizing glide on again we kind of glossed over because there's a much harder variation on this turkeys doing but uh guys if you actually shake the controller a lot shaking is the go-fast button in this game by the way as much as that stuff you can actually try to get lose no height here nice didn't drop underneath it normally you got to go all across those platforms and we're gonna continue to use Gaiden to go all the way over to these platform I think I can probably fall right here maybe but oh okay we're good a little too far so what I was trying to do I was trying to roll on to that spot and buffer a spin down spin towns are really powerful in this game they only save a couple of frames each time you do it but over the course of you know a three and a half hour run you can save a ton of time it definitely adds up a lot but if you're just learning the category you can definitely take your time to get more comfortable with it it's not only less important when you're just trying to go straight as opposed to if you're trying to change directions on a dime so right here I died on purpose Wow try to not die that was probably stay hydrated we got yelling orb right now get up here everyone way to go spike way everyone I'll up on the couch yeah hope you got enough room back there all right so that was actually a very good sand aside from the fish swimming and wonder like Luke that was very good so now we're back in Metro Kingdom well you see we're off in this little island if you're a Mario trick jumper you can probably figure out a way to get over here this is one of my favorite revisits of Kingdoms I love this stretch Kingdom but it's also very very difficult easy to lose a ton of time here again back in new bonked City yeah it's still when you come back the second time it's still very easy to lose a lot of time in this kingdom so here I'm gonna do a dive and do a spin throw and that's just to kind of get some a little extra range now this is arguably one of these slowest moons currently in the route however look at how long it takes to get here like Harry gonna I'm gonna go get coffee break come on you guys it'll be a while I pick my original route of this I had like four of these I'm sorry I'm an idiot we only have one left and it's good because that does give us one of our 35 near captures it kind of just works out that way it's it's a little long but we do get a capture out of it so it's not all bad right here if your camera angle isn't right you can't talk to this guy so it took me about a second to be able to talk to him but camera angles are very finicky in this game all right all right so uh I'm no professional but I'll give it a shot Joe you actually have to turn your controller upside down you know the ever-important don't die method here yeah so I'm doing triple jumps to save my speed throughout this entire thing I want to make it back almost the entire way before it can't be comes back to me so that that's pretty good so these lovely platforms spawn it's pretty easy to use them but I don't feel like it so maybe I should have no powers to use them I don't need the platform nice to earth all those crazy make it a lot easier to get out of this area yeah I mean you don't need to get all of them but now I don't have to worry about honking into them so it makes it very easy just to garden too uh so who thinks I'm gonna get out first you guys have a lot of faith I was sweating they will move very quickly to the second prize you can win from it so you do need to know the timing it's not a terribly tight window it's very easy to learn so this movements a little awkward there's not really any good way to go about this setup tapi and then to a homing attack putting it on camera lock on to it I think's gonna try too hard flick his way over to this platform nice in the leg right there being able to get up here and catch the bunny immediately good stop mr. Kingdom is notorious for being very laggy because of how much it tries to load so I don't need that checkpoint but I like to get it yeah for fun wait fun in the speed run so I do a little camera turn so it you kind of see the back end of Metro and that's so I don't see the rest of Metro Kingdom which would like me good timing and so after this Bernie's gonna be going down into another sub area this a crowded hallway hello was there did we just kill like 400 mosquitoes at once we're gonna try to get all three of the moons in here at once we got one of these little suckers one of the more well hidden moons yep little weird you got this I believe yeah just do a spin pound it's fun all these guys I know got the tummy now she's gonna have good movement to get to the next one it tries to skip out on this middle one completely there's a there's a little faster okay I got it there's a little faster strat you can do for that but I like to play it safe all right so uh this is where chat needs to spam frankerz he he needs to be a good boy because we're about to use the dog again but I might give a little love tap on the news now this is the trigger him right away we're going to go ahead and grab this man while we're waiting he will always go to this spot first yes he will always have to go to this spot first and then we'll want to immediately lead him over to the correct spot and then grab this bird this bird can be a real jerk very nice and now hopefully the dog will be thinking up right as we get over here oh that dog Oh bad dog bad loser bad y'all it's okay you're adorable oh no treats for you sure yeah but not that dog that dogs adorable dogs fine the dogs he has a little hat on this is a super cool stub area right here very fun climbing section oh you got to move around here right off the bat to get in that cat throw to give himself the momentum into the trouble jump to dive into here supposed to use these guys that sounds lame yeah yes I really like doing these sub rooms fast one of the main reasons why I like doing this category so much is that it it does include a lot of sub areas and there are really fun fast recipes and a lot of other really cool ones that are usually just a part about almonds as well very fun setup right there where you can go home backflips to do those immediate dives in with them good recovery though yeah happened what you know you know get that guy a mic over here alright so when I try to drop this scooter onto the pad I was a little too just go away this just kidding that's basically on it yes we're dropping that right there this guy's like your nice pre-party I'll pay you for putting it here have you ever had it directly land on it one okay in like nine months all the other times I'll be using the scooter here dude it makes getting the tote very easy and I just do like a little cat bounce for safety actually gonna fit oh actually real quick there we go we're just leaning into it now it's Saturday night so we've got a very risky moon grab we gotta get right here we got this bird coming up he's gonna try to do some movement down to this thing that's just sitting up above everything and then trying to land on top of this light this lamppost if he loses their food loses a bunch of time very nice yeah unfortunately what I wanted to do was land on the light post but I was I didn't land too far ahead of the moon so this is another room I really don't like just because of how the controls are with your camera those early I guess pillars right there in the very beginning they can be very bad and not Li you want them at all that's good for metro to there you go that wasn't uh wasn't too terrible just I think the only notable mistake there was the bird so that's another one down so we're not gonna turn him in just yet we're gonna use another painting yeah that's the ultimate place to get you baited and just drop your dump your moons then we don't wanna do that early I've done it by accident a couple times Betty for years a thousand you actually lose so much time that they finally released another good Paper Mario is that even a hot take I mean it's been a while go fishing yo I love fishing let's see how bad this after that take your three first try yeah we need like the two thousand year door now I don't know they don't they don't pay me to make video game titles they just pay me to make bad jokes you get paid probably nice bin throws right there to get to the story yeah nice bin throws right there to get to catch all those very early so before I do anything else I'm going to activate the moon rock and then so lake is a very condensed Kingdom so these moons are very fast and very close to one another another one of my favourite kingdoms to get to do in the run continually to awesome sub areas we get to do always the joy to watch and you get to do clean on building a blood pressure so hopefully you don't screw them up wait what wait look she being dunked right on this bird good stuff and landing on top of the pillar so you might have been thinking well since you're right there wouldn't that have been a good time to kind of grab that kind of hint art painting right there and it's actually not it would never work out in the route just because of how the paintings are ordered we go back to Cascade far too early for that to ever be a useful option now this is one of one of my favorite sub areas I will be going for the hardest cycle so I need good luck we're not out of the woods yeah not done yet all right now we're good that was gross so yeah bounce off the frog that's not the Frog witzy wasn't that cool gotta get a coin don't cap him please don't capture him okay we're good that's one of two really really good yeah if you can if you can get it down like that on the first cycle it's very satisfying but you barely make it so risky to go further cuz if you die in the ramier all the way at the beginning and any death in this run is about sixteen to twenty seconds depending on how far you in all right far you're in I think my PB currently only has one death in it so right it's tough all right so I'm gonna use a nice little spin town right here since I don't have Cathy I need to make sure I get a triple jump so I dive into the top of this area kind of float in yeah these are the gloss over all these sorry all these big these small pieces of movement everywhere but that's what this category is your time is gonna be based on the movement to and from each moon and optimizing those even if it's sometimes beautiful trivial you can easily lose seconds to the top runners like bay leaf and timpani here all right there I waited a little bit because I I knew if I tried Kathy was not gonna help me out on capturing this guy so I know myself included and probably just brown pound all the way down here but it is faster easel fish please do not try it at home to get down here without the fish you'll make it Marilyn you won't be happy about it all right so we save captain Ted for the second visit cuz normally by himself he's very slow but since we activated the moon rock that extra moon is down here so we get both of them and then I just leave yeah it's obviously the basis of a lot more routing in this category in general that you want to try to hit areas with a concentrated amount of moons you're not going to an area just for one moon it's four to three minutes at a time even when one moon might seem a little slow you're getting a bunch on this nice row and string a moon alright and for this one it doesn't matter where you enter the I guess the goldfish bowl or pawn but uh I just like to go right there so I can do a triple jump this is not probably a good place to get in one quick donation before we get to super candid we have $200 from anonymous who says need more donations for the boss rush and the boss rush incentive has raised a whopping eighty one thousand dollars so far you're doing a great job out there but there's still a ways to go you know we are about 240 in so you guys got about I'd say we're about on the 320 pace with everything that's happened so not too much time left if you want to see me do it with the invisible cap on normally this room right here wants you to go ahead and like bling onto these walls and you slowly float up everywhere instead we're gonna skip over all that crowd and we're just gonna be diving on top of these utilize these going just far enough to tick off these walls and skip all of that right there I wasn't sure if I touched the ground so if you don't touch the ground before going back up on that first flower um after the first set of fuzzies you actually don't your cap jump back which really nice room right there yeah there's a very good leak yeah they can easily be a runkiller with those rooms or fish or fish yeah it's all oh it's always the fish in the lunches my favorite you hate this Kingdom all right I like coming back to it boss sucks we're here we're like a minute it's fun food booth McDonald know our be Arby's we have the meat okay so right here it's very important that we you would think it's okay to like kind of dive over to this guy but there is actually a bunny right there and if you would dive this bunny would actually start to move faster and you would miss the the easy cycle for this guy so we kind of just after they're done talking and just dive bounce off his head and the bunny comes right into us I love stuff like that that in this game where you just are very creative and use the environment to your advantage so I keep my camera angled like this because the good old rule if it's not on camera it doesn't exist it'll make it so I can actually get this moon and then we're gonna capture this guy right away and then we're gonna break up in the big rock so this is the final Kingdom in this life string of war paintings that we're gonna be doing I thought we still gonna have to go to a few other kingdoms though to fill out our moon count but coming over right here none more another one of my absolute favorite rooms in the entire game fort flickin let's do it gonna be utilizing the up throw as much as we can right here Owen just made it up so I have I have certain ways I like to go for up there's just so I can kind of ensure that I get them that's why you saw me kind of going up and down with my controller just so I get the correct throw are you going for this right here yeah so this saves about eight and a half seconds if you can get it on your first try and the hard part about this category is basically not really messing up until this point but then we kinda have to do like nine really hard jumps at the very end of the run and they each cost you like 20 bucks 20 to the 30 seconds a few minutes so it's fun the baby route is you would go from the top of there over to captain toad and then you would make your way back across all this work top I'm gonna grab this checkpoint for safety hopefully I don't need it for this I like to do a triple and dive back and hopefully I don't get sniped by the fireball like death okay he didn't see me I've had I've lost a run cuz there's a stray fireball that just killed me so so yeah my visual cue for that I wait my visual cue for that is I wait for three flashes of that platform and then try to take a triple jump off the very edge so that I make it but you can't go too far because if you go too far you die because you don't get caffeine everyone's favorite part of the run while we take a huge moon dump you can read through some donations Oh gonna be a very big orbit I'll do my best we have 22 colors from elm cave who says I want to see that boss brush would now be a good time to start a $5 donation train wink wink is that time school yes it absolutely is on that note we have five dollars from Jeremy who says let's get that boss rush my challenge to everybody this name donate five dollars a phony the cost of tomorrow's latte and we get to make dockside happen and support the prevent Cancer Foundation that's the spirit Jeremy thank you very much nothing is more satisfying than seeing that little orb expand to where the camera can't hold it all right so my moon counter is at 397 right now which I think I'm one short but thankfully I have back up means to use in the room so it's not a big issue I just have to remember to pick up an extra moon so yeah thanks alright so yeah this is another jump right after a previous one that was terrible nasty yeah each time you missed that you lose about 18 seconds sorry I want to go for a very small optimization it doesn't really matter if I get it or not it would just save me like one hat throw I didn't get it so what I was trying to do I was trying to knock his top hat off while capturing that at the same time but I can still get it in one through yep there we go again hitting him from behind the cap ease that box he's still on top of the Goomba so I want to land on that sign so it gives me a little extra height so I can barely get up here in this together this guy and if you know doing two jumps that could cause me to die wasn't good enough well let's make it three no they're terrifying right here and we've pretty much got it yeah that's another one of those very small time staves that we use in the run it's say oh thank you sorry so that striae is about five seconds so it's just a bunch of small things that just add up to minute in this run so and that we're all very fond of the slide from Super Mario 64 so let's see if I can get a 13-7 that's probably not a good time also my god this tracks laughs dude so yeah this room looks like really terrifying but it's actually very easy you control Mario's surprisingly well on this slope so it's really easy to get extra coins and it's just fun in general all right so you know I did three jumps that could have killed me well let's make it four and you know why not so I'm going for a very fast route when I get all the way up to the top of this tower I love hitting that checkpoint almost three hours ago now is when we're using it yeah doing something three hours ago saves you like a minute a half later wrong toad all right someone try to set this up as fast as possible and then not gonna slow down for this I should be fine yeah so captain toad faces a certain direction so you kind of want to go the direction he's facing and it kind of makes it easy to line up but if you don't pull back just a little bit you will overshoot that moon very easily because of all the speed that you have nice roll cancel right there yes as you can see I'm still running so it's pretty good okay anytime he throws out capi there it's not weird to be talking about three hours then the run – yeah sorry iterate a time he uses Cathy right there he can have that piece speed that he's running right there and throw copy and change direction on a dime and keep all that speed he's been doing it all the way from yeah also best Beach yes hey curry you to spike buddy also this whole time since he last took that deathwarp he's been on another bird strike well he's been working off of the whole time so that's pretty good right here should be good so far should be fine but if you do take too long as opposed to like three or four seconds here and there if you have sloppy movement in this section it's actually gonna cost you like 25 seconds cuz the bird just flies away hard start wait a minute that was that was from the painting that I checked in Mushroom Kingdom and as you can see where the bird is I've had good enough movement to catch it on the correct cycle he's kind of wait for it and then we're gonna get these notes there's couple more here and cat before we go to very terrifying Kingdom in Lost Kingdom – so I do have to shake to fly faster as a Goomba unfortunately so I don't really want to talk – I do that it's a little weird yeah that's kind of unfortunate that the go-fast button in this game isn't a button you just shake that control of the whole time someone say shake I think they did yep alright so here's another bunny strat you want to aim just to the right of it and it just goes right into you and with that we are done in camp and as we're making our way over to lost – come on ladies gentlemen let's push that number higher let's get to two million dollars raised for PCF here at agdq2015 own a Tientsin right now alright someone do something anyway we're almost there I believe we can do it we could do it by the end of this run save kill the animals darkside boss rush whatever you want but get in the donation all right so we are making a return for you we are making a return to Lost Kingdom where we lost a lot of time earlier so we're gonna start off by talking to peach so a thing to note about this kingdom it's been kind of reworked lately over the past couple months I'd say to where we kind of get through we took we take a different route we didn't used to get the moon shards here because we thought they were too slow but with a reroute they are actually very fast things they only take about 18 seconds which is just crazy yeah again that purple group as we saw showcased in the last time we were there it is they one shot so this is the like the final run killer of the run I would say thank you for reminding me of the Bekaa oh right you know I suppose the duck there yeah we just take the damage here which creates a like a shock wave like effect blowing up those blocks Barry's theory jump here to get into this little captain code cubbyhole so I'm actually gonna take the safe route yeah the reason I do it this way as opposed to the other method getting it wall jumping onto that tree is a nightmare so I just don't want to deal with it ever and I run this method loses a few seconds but kind of like pick your poison do you want to play more consistently throughout the whole run or do you want to like try to get as many times days as you can so I opted in for a little bit of both they normally want you to do this whole thing with the tropical wiggler just going on getting all the different yeah he's made of a lot of orbs so I kind of like don't slow down at all when I'm going through that section just because I know how far Mario dives so I'm not really worried about overshooting anything so right here I'm gonna actually it's faster to not have this guy when you do this section but defense I like to use this guy for a bunny strap that you're gonna see very shortly so for some reason this bunny just kind of jumps right into you for whatever reasons so we can kind of just cut them off at the pass we just hold ourselves out there and he kind of jumps into your back legs for whatever reason I don't I don't get it but hey it's a free moon right so it's like it's just all those consistent strats that I like to take make his way over here baiting this guy over to get them in really nice little bit there yeah you can also save a lot of time in your speed runs in this game if you're if you just become very good at multitasking without Cappy while he's unavailable or doing something speaking of multitasking we got this moon that's fun over there to the right yeah we can take a little detour maybe Odyssey to wait on Kathy and with that very nice lost – all right so yeah no death yeah Cup went over there as committed to the orb really hard I love it may I cut in real quick yep of course lovely we have a $5 donation from slurpy who says hey twitch chat I heard you were going to do a $5 train at 3 hours let's do it so on the three al-ahmad guys I'm holding you to that you have 90 seconds do it check smiley face do it up and drop that slur I want to see that number jump two three billion dollars in like six seconds McDonald's on me if it happens ooh all right Chad do it do it I need that me too maybe shoot for like 2.9 sorry here I'm just taking advantage of low gravity again yeah moon – in the route is a lot of people probably look at this fake cuz we're only gonna get five minutes then pieced out immediately it does end up being fast enough the time commitment to come over here cuz didn't get five very fast minutes right at the start and then just leave immediately because they're all pretty quick that's what you get to talk to this the tourists over here one more time which will send him the mushroom kingdom to talk to him one more time so eventually like you're getting a fixed moon as well yeah so we just kind of visit and now we're done so it should be yeah since I'm one shortest should be at 4:36 yes that is correct normal normally I'd be up for 37 for those and back off to luncheon 3 as it turns out yeah so I think what was it Tiffany and did we do we save like happy three-hour mark we spent 5 seconds with this fat so the deal with lunch and coming back to launch it again is that when we get an amount of moons we unlock four outfits and that's like the intervals of every 20 or so moons you'll just unlock more and more if we moon dump at the end of luncheon two we effectively skip one of those new outfit messages and effectively by coming back here we actually saved 2.5 seconds on text oh nice that number has been exploding to do a chat come on you guys got it Haley Bailey if you're doing great this is all this deposits for you it's much whoa look every moon that I get starts a new $5 train I'm seeing the numbers go up on my end and Wow Wow do it twitch chat smiley face emoji foot twist step twist step foot step twitch chat oh my god I don't have this much money in McDonald's all right so we're talking about the game real quick I was a fool also nice Goomba boost right there off that slope a little up throw got a catfish one more time though corn no no it's all donate $5 to corn real quick that'd be great we have any corn emojis oh so this coming up essentially the most important part of the entire run if you love anime donate $5 right now because that will convince bayleaf there are two different songs you can use here to talk to this music tote yeah he wants to listen to I believe it's a monster on the rampage there's a choice you can select on option number four to be the t-rex music which is you just flat to that I'm watching the tracker and I'll know if you guys do it I mean I think I think it worked maybe so cute chat oh yeah enjoy extended anime cos new technically control Bowser during animes second so it is a monster rampaging so you listen to the rest of luncheon 3 the twitch chat train just put us over halfway to destruction center the Twitter chat train just jumps be offended by like 9k in the past we're making it half without here people can do it come on let's go million dollars five moons instantly we got a sixth up in that twenty five dollars that is five move five dollars from twitch chat that's like a fourteen uh key whoa don't tease me please please trying to pin this on me it's not buying up a 10k this is really going nothing when you guys that you guys are killing it killing it I love y'all knew this but uh Bailey's the speed runner he goes real fast don't running out of time to get that Darkseid incentives bad yeah if you think I'm slowing down for you guys better spending five dollars and the charity until you really want to let him win yeah if I five if I beat you guys the two million you guys are never gonna hear the end of it think of how smug oh there's emotes for them oh it's still going keep going all right little risky jump right here yeah I gotta get a nice full extension there 125 thousand dollars and Counting it just keeps going up aroma is vanity incentive check-check cha-cha-cha cha-cha-cha let's go chat show me what you're working with it's coming it's rolling they jumped three thousand dollars but the course of that class all right so since I am short of moon anime is becoming real right now just turn it back on in the next level all right anime Bailey's has absorb the power of anime here this pace all right back to mushrooms with one final jungle-people use that $5 $5 Bissell's oh my god it's going so fast and this brings to an end the the secret painting exit tour of the rock star we forget it it's not a moon so twitch chat I heard you like the anime but I hit a once many times when I pop in the menu now it's gonna be on the song this is the banger he's playing but it's not animal yeah round 3 round 3 the triple oh my gosh it's so cool all right that might lose the ones what chats going in I got this looks fun there's no way you need a backup dude I already got it that's Pokemon yeah the pokemons yeah why does the speedrun Mario so did a nice little spin through man it's so weird listening to this track while I'm in here I'm not used to this casually they want you to use the scooter right here in order to get across but just really good rolling movement over all those mounds and everything yeah Rowan's very fast so if you somehow managed to get all this way on TV pace I believe you guys run there's one final jump that can cost you about 17 seconds each time you must yeah if you love this jump down here I actually do it on it just so I don't have to do it later thanks bets to me I'd do it right afterwards this is actually an extremely hard jump he's gonna go for these jumps ah you better never miss that trick again you'll get it with 500 people screaming alright let's just talk about this I'm probably gonna bunk here no we're good listen you know it's funny all the hard tricks and I messed up easy movement oh come on I'm gonna win split chat all right so for anyone who watches darker side this is caught this is the residentsleeper time so this is what I'm gonna let punch you just read off their Nations for five minutes this is where we get all the achievements for all that stuff we did so you have four minutes go for it bunchy oh the real quick real quick if you are bored at home and you're not toting which you should donate you can play rock-paper-scissors with Mario right here yeah and if you lose you donate five dollars yeah just look at his hand you can play rock-paper-scissors every time for this the donations go god I think I just won't spam okay god bless you for strolling because the donation page went down briefly a ninja III bricked it we have five hundred dollars per anonymous with no common we have two hundred and fifty dollars from true rhyme who says just one of the audience to know that I'm clapping along at home moon Maria donates $5 to state which attract donation trained height we are a 185 thousand dollars to the dog it's almost bad how do I breathe right now I'm losing my voice so what i'm doing here i'm just going into first person before every moon it saves about half a second yeah things about ten seconds over the course for talking to her thirty one time we have 2500 streams fellow he says have you heard about the restaurant on the moon the food is great there has no outlet fish that's good which cat let's go what you guys are almost there oh man we might hit the 2 million mark by the time I'm done with toadette it's still going up it's extremely possible we have $50 from Pheebs it says having lost both my mother and my father the casa i'm extremely appreciative to generous events like gdq i saved my donation for the most entertaining games to watch honestly thank you for a wonderful week and for the hard work of the gdq staff and all the runners what a fantastic week or so touched at you know around with $5 my bellies you run out of time chat you're on no time I'm almost done you more moons I think that's why all right so I should be at 500 should be are you gonna are you gonna beat the moon dump twitch chat can you do it 500 you got her fine we're doing it a couple backup moons yeah it's fun just okay I cannot believe what I'm seeing oh I'm not gonna win this it's over just remember spike chromis McDonagh two three go keep it going yeah that's 500 sometimes to kill the animal make sure you kill the animals which that alright so you you win this time with dad you were in this side okay so now we are going into the darker side dungeon since I'm on the most current patch I cannot use frogs give I'm mostly curious about which boons I may write so here we are at the final kingdom of darkness at distance our goal for the run is to beat this kingdom this is what we were collecting the five moons to get to you the goal the category is to get over to that building all across the gap some of you might be familiar with a skip called frog skip that was like 1.0 exclusive trick now 1.2 we can't use anymore it's pretty difficult dungeon casually and even here don't for some of the speed strats wouldn't be very difficult he's just start off with going through this room trying to grab on to these poles from the outside and dodging having to climb up all of them little death-defying because that's death down there which means death-defying nice Nick full extension right there games that last bolt into the buffered spin town they have a liable doubles function coming up right here very easy to lose your lava bubble have it break and you've fallen lose a lot of time here by the way if you die here you go back to the beginning of the dungeon this is a lot of time loss I said three million twitch chat and hold you to it bay leaf right here going for an absolutely insane strike going for the uproot skip right here gonna try to completely skip this tops feeling able to get there for the initial section it's gonna try to avoid any of the damage in this next water this poisoned water phased out take the damage oh yeah gonna have to drop out that is not good I have to just let this go and long jump over the whole group this is purified he's got to get out and try on whoo guess so unfortunately I think I like I think I'd drop the dive input which is actually very bad in that section but I'm not done yet like I can still die yeah we stopped a couple of very easy sections but where he could take damage and again any death here will send him back to the beginning of this dungeon oh yeah by the way Yoshi's in this game by green dog we killed him he whoops so yeah that's pretty much the majority of it as long as I don't do anything stupid nice should be fine punchy let's get an update we have hit that Dark Side incentive what is save/kill the animals looking like my man let's see shall we save the animals is still ahead by fifteen thousand dollars that with eighty thousand total I mean I did toss the sheep off the ledge for you twitch chat so I think it's only fair nice large dip right here haven't just skipped out on all that stuff with just a well-timed so there's a heart right there but you are an idiot prove me wrong : in the chat so this is what he's gonna try to skip over the entire us dungeon he has to shake like an absolute madman you just see him on the camera right there that's not for fun that is not for pleasure he is doing right here so we can skip the rest of the dungeon trying to fly over all this it might look like it's missed okay we're flying across it there are a ton of invisible barriers here that will kill glidin and by extension kill you so he definitely wants to avoid that at all costs if he drops any of the flight inputs he will drop to his death here trying to get to that back platform back that we're losing a lot of height right now there's gonna be very close if he can make it oh shake it like a madman right here we're in their way he's still alive wait he's supposed to fall in the lava I mean what so if all that wasn't bad enough we we have we do have a fast trap for the letters it's it's nothing major but we like to do use to get you will pee yourself the first time you do this and then and then we have a nice nice bubbly thank you switch test all right now he's just gonna climb this building that's out taking damage if you find a way to take damage here I think I would just stop burning the game we're just on to Super Metroid at that point did you ask you want to optimize these jumps a little bit yeah so here's video for a big one skip out on that lower platform I get ready on time as soon as he touches these moons we're out of there all right thank you thank you thank you everyone is so kind okay all right so we're not done yet we're not done yet so the donation for the boss rush was met so we're just gonna go straight I'm not gonna be changing or or so a321 twelve that loses about I would say about eight or nine minutes to my best splits but I did I did add the boxers in and add a lot of deaths throughout the run but we get to both it felt fine them very concerned actually it's probably this shot means yeah yeah here is dark sides for this is the darker side unlocked at five hundred man's dark five is a two hundred fifty no thereís been a darkest AG I know it should have been there but here we are at the Dark Side of the Moon who at 250 moves you unlock this and we have to do in order to unlock all the little sub areas here you have to beat all the brutal again in this pose there's a heart right here we're just gonna go ahead and take it debated we don't need it he has to be five bosses in a row without taking three hits of damage and he can't see himself yeah it's a little hard to see Mario hopefully it all goes well so the first boss topper with three hats just being to utilize the technique where he jumps up there and throws copy real quick in order to deaden Mario's jump so he doesn't go too high oh my god that is really hard to do oh hey topper okay thanks there's one boss down but one hit down this wood topper is the most annoying one to deal with just because it is low gravity and you kind of have to you don't want him to go around everywhere but I didn't get all the quick hits just not the final hit get some coins cuz I'm poor cuz of the boxers that really cut into your fun right I don't usually spend them I wish we could still just see the boxes and that would be funny the boxers of doom nice next we have Harriet she has her two pieces of hair so her patterns are a little different this time around actually um so if she's gonna go that way however we want to stand in front of her again so she's actually gonna go away from me ooh nice walk on it the last second to confirm that hit that's two down two to go so this next one's not too bad I just can't miss time my hat throw otherwise it gets pretty messy literally 200 IQ plays gives a little pukey up in here again though it's so cool just a little silver again there are no recovery hurts so this one's a little weird you can just want to like do a little jump and throw Cappy away from him when his tacos pointy and you should get him every time and then he gives you the gives you the shia labeouf again again i cannot reiterate how hard it is to control Mario's height to get these these precise timing bounces off the enemies when he wants to just fly up in the air because he's in moon physics yeah so this one the second and third hits on this next guy aren't too bad but the first one is terrible it's very clean very clean tighter so this one's really easy you just ground-pound jump up when it's hat touches the ground just hit the ground pound button you don't have to do anything just go up and down super easy but the the first hit is really annoying to get because sometimes you can just go right over them so it's it's AIT's hit or miss I mean I think I've seen some people doing damage list runs kind of take a hit just because they kind of hit the back end of them so let's see that's all of them actually so we have one more we actually do get a life apart should I take it oh sorry it's not a directly in your pack yes there's almost no way well here's tempted but he's fine so this white is actually very easy and can kind of be like your entry way into learning how to do the MEK faster you would think this would be harder but it's super easy we don't need any help yeah it's like Oh keep in mind I can't see myself oh there we go I think you're defending yourself now okay I am invisible so we're just gonna get on top of them maybe come on there we go so we just kind of do the same strat I'm doing it in a different order just because of the zero gravity it doesn't really matter so we just kind of just try to get them as fast as we can again during this bucking bronco phase they are still invincible so you can't get them during this you gotta later run on as soon as it stops moving that's when you can hit it oh wow that's that is not easy to do even in this gravity the bunks there it doesn't really matter cuz we're way up here and it's that easy so that was a dark side boss rush but I was invisible so a little a little extra for you guys and then I think the last one was the bow Zuri fight oh yeah we're doing that so five minutes fifty for that one that's actually pretty good I think I lost about I think ten seconds to my original goal so it's not bad where am I gotta load up a new I think I think my game is broken I hold up hold a hole up I want to spin that into Nintendo have them inspected wait why did we have to join what a monster alright so now we're in the the Kings outfit has a nice little sound effect so with that or so it's in the game on some lovely credits let's head back to the moon one last time and this is um I found this strange that Nintendo put this and you actually can't refight any of the original bosses throughout the entire storyline but they did make Bowser challengeable for some reason so I'm not entirely sure what was up with that and but I mean I'm not gonna question intend to so we're gonna do some more basic movement just to get over there yeah we can definitely read some donations yeah right over it'll be a long super can do you have five hundred and fifty five dollars and fifty five cents from knob they say it also rhymes with five dollars close enough correct with sixty five dollars from the flyest who says I don't know what's going on moon suzushiro says games done quick is my favorite anime these are all in all caps that's why I'm yelling spying five hundred dollars from Marco Polo he says just lost a merit what paper says is a hundred times oh I'm so sorry we only played it thirty one time yeah what happens all right so here's our reef fight it would be cool if they included all the paintings just so we could go refight all the boss yeah not so fast huh wait what all right so same fight pretty much it's like it's good if you're not the best and you're still learning speed strats cuz it it's good I mean it's good practice so it's nice that they have it in there I just wish they had it for all the bosses so we just do some more of the same strats maybe uh maybe else it's been over the fire no that's the actual stretch that's what I do you know that's why it's good oh it's all the turnaround though whoa I was in that ask you could tell the fire hitbox was not exactly it's not really what it looks you can roll over it it's a thin little line on I was used to the zero-gravity first I was waiting for my phone to pop oh whoops it's fine you can keep donations rolling through this as we do the refight absolutely we have $50 from Chi Minh who says I came back from getting through just in time to hear the count up to two million awesome there's still time let's go for 2.5 million we are we all coming up on the gdq record if we can keep this train going it's very possible Oh a record well time to drop some $5 get that get that train going again Chad keep it going alright chant we all did $5 at the three hour mark at the three minute mark of this one $5 everybody and then I will owe a lot of McDonald's to a lot of people every McDonald's McDonald's everyone we're down yeah sign me up now hold up spike I don't I don't know if that McDonald's out there is prepared they seem like a fine establishment they're friendly but I don't I don't think they're ready they don't let it drive through what does they all think that's weird that I have a drive-thru I didn't even notice I drove around there multiple times they don't have a bathroom they have a bathroom what else were you doing there so you see I missed my triple jump there you can actually just do a little a little claw swipe and I'll give you a little extra height in case you mess up all right little serious time again there and I I also I have to point it out for a long time we didn't know that you could save time in there you can hold Y to run just like Mario does that 8-bit sections for the first like six months this gameis kit was that we didn't know that all the time we did were like oh my god we turned our gameshark what happened all right five dollars ladies and gentlemen Oh No Oh No Oh hold for the it's the stream content come on we've even brought that anime a fourth time in this run you don't see that every day all right I final time coming up very soon yeah we're gonna we're gonna smack that final button as soon as I blast off into the critter and but give it up for Bailey yeah thank you so much everyone so I think real quick know I'm limited on time I would like to thank twitch chat for getting us down to the two million mark during the run you guys are awesome I would also like to thank Mike and Tiffany for helping me out through the run I tend to get a little tunnel vision in the second half because it's just so fast-paced and huge shout out to my community for just making the run enjoyable and if you want to watch me do these runs live I do stream daily and I'm on the grind right now for this I had to have under two minutes to go until I get the time I'm happy with and if you guys want to come hang out feel free to follow my channel and I will see you guys in the future gdq's future streams and you guys are awesome I love you please follow both of these gentlemen right here Bailey forget infini and with that we'll we'll get this super metroid run going and hopefully and kill the animals thanks hi thank you very much Bailey for that amazing run of marijuana C thank you very much give it up one more time for Bailey crowd we're gonna kick it to an advert boom we're gonna kick it to an and real quick but stay excited the finale is coming up got a cool design you want to have printed on a tea break it over to the Yeti comm we have a bunch of colored tees to choose from we'll review your design and if yours gets accepted we'll schedule a sale date your design will be available for 24 hours only and you'll get 150 per shirt sold and three free shirts on us after that you'll still keep the rights to your work neat huh visit the Yeti com forward slash submit today greets is a serene and evocative journey presented through stunning art and animation and a breathtaking soundtrack available now on the Nintendo switch and PC is it Greece game calm for more about briefs and developer known artists to do you can find the social media on Twitter at nomada studio BCS at police game okay thank you for sticking with us we're gonna kick it straight to another interview we are doing price shenanigans we've spent at Hobbes take it away guys hello everybody and I'm just going to immediately apologize for my voice not holding up I might have been the one that yelled come on so it's kind of gone at this point my name is Jay Hobbs and I'm joined with not only cent but also sue Michu so uh hello and welcome everybody thank you it's nice to be here always great to be here Hobbes yeah well we just passed the two million mark that was pretty fantastic right but it's not over yet we still got one more run right and that run has a pretty good incentive you know pretty time-honored tradition for historical incentive for sure save or kill the animals right and there's pretty much only like one clear choice obviously no it I mean yes but it's obviously save the animals right right sue me hello are you sure like come on saving the animals has always been something reserved as the ultimate level of disrespect in a race it's the thing you do to style on your opponent's you can't do that in a solo run that you need that time it's like 16 seconds to go get them it's like 960 frames that's a lot of frame that's a lot of frames okay well I have played a Super Metroid before okay and I have finished the game in 13 hours and I think that save is just completely the right choice right to me I mean I understand where you're coming from but as the person who consistently finished last in Desi's puzzle races kill is obviously the only way to go okay as someone who has never played Super Metroid you're both wrong we want to raise more money for the prevent Cancer Foundation and all the awesome work they do and right now save is in the leaves so we got to go for kill I mean I agree with your ideology they're hubs but I mean I feel like your opinion has kind of been invalidated by this wait a minute wait a minute alright pause right now because I have got some stats since when you have a white board I always have a white board Oh so if you look right here as you can see save versus kill this is the gdq lifetime stat right now okay it's been in a grand total of 16 marathons and save only has seven wins kill has nine that's you know that's true sue me but what you're not telling the people is that that 20,000 $100 difference is actually for save save has raised more money over the past 16 marathons yes the save has raised more overall so we should get killed equal up to that we should make kill raised more no but I mean look at these cute animals like look at how happy they are happy happy happy happy happy what you don't see is behind that visor is a face of despair okay Samus is just upset at how many frames she lost saving those animals through me I bet you don't even know the names of those animals like come on this one is called Beelzebub okay this one's name is Lucifer okay Hobbes Hobbes I I don't think any of that is factually correct you're far know though that that is definitely wrong but I mean you're on my side so I'm still gonna support you in this argument okay you know what you know what I have right here some graphs that support my argument all right in these graphs you can clearly see that across every metric kill beat save including in this bottom right graph where the line moves to the upwards and to the right thus I'm happy okay sobs I'm on your side here but that makes absolutely no sense yeah you know what makes no sense your gloves make no sense then you're wearing them backwards that you've been doing it all week what I'm just wearing gloves Hobbes sent you know what I have here but what do you have I have a sign that will support my argument another whiteboard okay Hobbes why do you have that sign and why is it more accurate than your graph this has been bothering me all week I definitely did not just write this now all right you know what you know what Hobbes it's not it's not about the gloves or how I'm wearing them wrong it's about saving the frames and accomplishing the mission the mission comes first ABS that I can agree with I totally disagree all right everybody twitch at obviously save the animals is winning so let's keep those donations rolling please soomi how can you have people donate for save the animals don't you want to raise more money for peace yes I mean they're gonna donate to kill but I mean what if there's just if even if you're gonna donate more money you know you can always donate to save them more why on earth would they donate to save when it's already winning well Hobbes I might know why they might donate if it's already winning maybe if they're interested in winning some of our amazing prizes prizes like this amazing grand prize we have here a beautiful master sword and Hylian Shield courtesy of our friends over at heroic replicas calm we also have a couple of facts about this sword such as how it's made it has a sand cast bronze cross guard and pummel oh yeah right there it has a tempered high carbon full tang blade full tang blade that means the blade is going all the way through the hilt it has gold-plated cast pewter gems and access what nope I got this one it's right here and it also has an oak handle with leather wrap very nice and also for the shield the shield the front of the shield has a form steel that is powder coated blue the edges of the shield the back cross which is on the back of the shield as well as the crest they are made of aluminum and powder coated chrome and they come as a set ah yes ok but then what might one have to do in order to enter for the drawing for these for this beautiful master sword and Highland shield donated by heroic replicas well Hobbes you know you might just have to donate two hundred and fifty dollars cumulatively throughout the marathon so if I donated $100 earlier in the week I could donate another 150 and be in the running that's exactly right Hobbes knowledgable you're ineligible Belle but those viewers at home they certainly are eligible and they're definitely gonna want to get those donations in for it also for anyone who wants to see any any development photos and step-by-step process on how they were made you can visit them at heroic replicas calm and the heroic replicas is also on Twitter Instagram and Facebook oh that's super cool sue me now you know guys I do have one more prize I want to discuss about before them thoughts over this price is a little different because you can't donate for it this prize is the friendship we've made along the way but bulging why don't you come down here come on down ladies and gentlemen this is a bulletin for those of you who do not know he's one of the members of staff here on games done quick unfortunately as some of you may know our friend religion is actually leaving GDQ staff after this event but he will still be wait oh I hear the audience is going on he will still be attending all of our events and volunteering but we do want to recognize all of the work he has done behind the scenes yeah I mean first religion has been integral in providing a link between you know the runners of every marathon and the committee or as prize man has come to know them the evil shadow council Fulgham has also helped a lot with coordinating volunteers and pretty much being the guy to go to when you just need something done and you don't know who to find you just grab him and he'll hop on and get it done yes also as some of you have seen before he has also fired me Who am I regret nothing this is from sgdq 2018 that's a garbage me are you kidding me right now not even a red card that's literally a pink card it's good enough whatever Oh God so hooligan doesn't really let me have fun and you know this is your last event and I just want you to know that I don't hold grudges but I do like to get even so you're fired but seriously religion I am presenting you with this red card this is not just a red card like the ones you see in soccer but it's a red car get it Kart red Kart red card hey son can we fire sue me too yeah I think we have to Hobbs so sue me you're you're fired it had to be done frankly well thanks again religion and we will let you go ahead and read that card later but we are just about ready for our final run of the marathon remember everybody yeah that's right yeah give that some applause yeah remember everybody that prevent Cancer Foundation does a lot of fantastic work and as we even saw from Rick from PCF earlier in the week even $200 can be used to make a life-saving device and think of how many people are in the stream right now that's forty five dollar donations okay just please keep those donations cuming save kill whatever it be kill for sure I mean we always think of these donations in terms of like tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands or even just thousands of dollars but when it comes down to it you know every donation matters so like Hobbes said please keep those donations cuming whether they're for save whether they're for kill the obvious better choice save them and with that let's go ahead and throw it back up to the front for Super Metroid with shinies any for our final run okay but but really soon me I'm gonna need your badge and that croc on our back now I know I know you all have way of more energy than that can we please hear it for breaking the two million a here's what we're gonna do we're gonna shatter some records tonight chant we can't do this without you crowd we can't do this without you so let's see if we can make it to that two point three together