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Super Mario Land DX | New Colors & Graphics! [Complete Playthrough]

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📺 Super Mario Land DX
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✪ Super Mario Land DX is a romhack of the original Super Mario Land for the Game Boy that turns the game into a Game Boy Color game. It adds color and changes the graphics to give the game a modern look.
✪ Hack by: toruzz
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all right we've been through this before we know you're not really Daisy yep freakin octopus am i right hey everyone its darby from blue tubs g games they were checking out super mario land and a whole new way this is called super mario land DX now this is a romhack by a guy named Torre's or tohru's or something like that and it's mixed the original super mario land for the Gameboy into a gameboy color game and it also adds some additional graphics to give it kind of a more modern look let's go ahead and start it up alright here we go already liking this Mario is kind of looking a little bit like you did in Super Mario Brothers 3 – that mushroom had the right colors Maria's got the right colors the question mark blocks are yellow and this is quite a step up from the original Super Mario Land as far as graphics go we still get that awesome Super Mario Land soundtrack I love the music in this game so much goombas look pretty cool I'm using a system called the retro freak and the cool thing about this system is you can put in your Super Mario Land cart into the actual system and then you can apply the patch file for this that way you don't have to have a rom or anything to play it but I will put a link in the description below of where you can get Super Mario Land DX if you want to try it out alright but the bad thing about this system is there is a little bit of input lag but I don't think it'll be a huge issue in Super Mario Land because the game isn't too hard maybe in a couple levels might be a little tricky but shouldn't be too bad yeah this is really fun and we'll probably do the whole game in this video because the game is super short you usually can beat the game in about half an hour or less and I play pretty casually usually I don't try to just speed through every level I like to stop normally and check out things but right now I've got a superstar so should be able to shoot in there and get those yep and there we go down here alright we can get up here and get the little bonus maybe there we go and there we go of a one-one in the books onto at level 1 – yes we got three lives alright now we got the little tree platforms and seeing em green and brown looks really nice you didn't really need that but give us some points all that noise when it dies in the air as a kid I hated that noise so much it just freaked me out for some reason I saw Lascaux how the koopa troopas turn into bombs when you jump on them in this game try to get a decent amount of coins so that way we do start struggling here a little bit we'll have some extra lives remember all the scheme isn't too bad difficulty wise and it's pretty short huh yeah that makes it so easy when you have that to take them out and couple goombas no big deal don't really need that so we don't go crazy with our jumps here we should be good there we go extra life nice car coin on the platform nice we missed that one okay we're at the ends now these are like donut blocks basically here jump across and finish one two not too bad alright looks like we want the top one Oh screw tit up did it a little early but eight lives we'll take it all this looks sweet it's kind of wondering what colors they go with for these different sections this would actually probably even look cool with a black background but I like it with the light colored background you can see all the little writings on the walls and stuff it's really cool okay now I always forget the secrets in these loads I guess we just stand there we're gonna get piranhas planted the prawn plants look pretty cool they look more like the modern piranha plants for sure thought there was a way to get up there there's definitely some secrets there's coins up there but I remember how to get up there my memories just bad so I guess we won't be going up there so in the comments let me know how do we get up there I forget I was close I'm going there one if we can jump off those when they're coming down maybe take the sky out first squash him okay I don't think the mushrooms are in those kind of blocks but well we booked her head and died agate hey since we're small we can go here and all the coins and we'll also get a new mushroom so that works out good great that's all right let's not bunker head and fall off again is there something hidden in one of these I can't remember yeah I thought so this is in my head it seems to be a thing okay nice okay let's jump over your head hit the little switch and knock you into the lava 1 3 in the books thank you Mario Oh Daisy it wasn't Daisy at all right back at it oh I love this song too look at these colors this looks so awesome if I saw someone playing this I would not even realize that it was Super Mario lands I'd be like what is this like some Mario fan game or something if we can hit those guys okay how far so good okay so no we can go here shoot that let it do the work for us sorta oh crap I don't think you can crouch into there in the scheme can you I don't know we'll leave those coins there I guess oops the flower Mario yeah yeah just seems to go through them okay the far so good star would be nice kind of rush through here that was a bad jump I lost to all my momentum dang it alright we've already died twice that's did not see that coming I really thought we would just fly through this whole game really quick but you lose your momentum and you just fall off okay doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo there we go it went through me there we go take the hitbox I Mario just looks a little weird cuz he's a little bigger than he's supposed to be oh that was bad okay don't do it there we go I'm it to the end at least I was pretty sloppy but we made it and that's all that matters most important thing about us playing this today is just checking out what's been changed you know as far as the colors go and the graphics to lives I was just tapping a I didn't even mean to pick that but I'll take it okay and run across here there's like good old noise again get him out of the way cuz I think we can go in this pipe think yep alright so let's do this again but this time do this one okay only time a power up it's a multi coin block hey we'll take it an extra life that's gonna help us in the long run there we go yeah are we talking lots and lots and lots of coins but for sure it was like a hidden item in there somewhere that maybe not yeah the bar the songs not too bad I'll never shoot that watch out for that we thought that was gonna hit us for a second and him before he does that again oops well that's no good that Oh bounce I keep bouncing off stuff and getting killed dang it oh that time we're okay alright whatever I don't know where the star is we're just gonna finish this where we get killed again all right here we go okay I really like a powerup I remember if there is one somewhere nearby here or nuts nope there far no good okay I bet we can go in the Swan I'm go in yep sometimes you can just tell ya where are we going up right here the hidden block there it is oops get on the Block Maurya multi coin block okay Oh keep jumping still little late I swear it's input lag but you know input lag mixed with some bad playing on my part too okay now do i all we got this okay let's see if we can do this nope ID to be a lot quicker than that oh I love this level sub level as a kid I mean this is like my favorite I just I don't know love driving around in the submarine it turns Mario into a shoot-'em-up star when I fix everything easier yeah star in submarine almost feel bad for the enemies almost but not really you I mean they don't really stand much of a chance octopus things are a little bit tricky but once you get out of the way after they should fire reminds me of playing club clown car levels and Super Mario maker kind of breakthrough the long time there we go is that you oh I guess not it missed I love this house spells out Mario it's such a simple little thing but as a kid I just thought that was so cool all right getting close to the ends boss fight almost here it is boss fights actually pretty easy here yep easy peasy Luigi sneezy level complete two three in the books on two three one all right we've been through this before we know you're not really Daisy yep freakin octopus am i right all right now this level these little things here Wellstone guys I can't remember what they're called but uh they were a pain in the butt for me as a kid remember being kind of bad at some of these levels dude I wish she would have made them look a little bit more like bullet bills I've been cool all right we don't need a mushroom do we maybe we do mushroom please no mushroom fine let's look really cool having such a different color than a Mario and everything everything in this row Mac really stands out as it's in a little platformer you can't go on that one I thought we could for some reason hey that was always scary all right what bill make us see how the bullet bills come out of the pipes it came out all the way whoa Renny guy oh thank you no thank you ready guy ready guys are bad news okay you're dead it's more coins I really need power no power up you think about not having a good memory is it keeps me guessing where things are gonna be choose our mark there there we go we're doing this one coin in a big deal okay far so good there we go whoo okay we got that somehow we didn't get hit mm-hmm well I guess we can go this way to get that that works that works too okay get somewhere so I'll evil put a little bullet bill right there I guess fast Oh somehow we hit him through the feel right but we got it a little rocks you got a jump on I remember these doo doo doo and remind me the shy guys in Super Mario Brothers to the US version they have those little vehicles and yet I ride them to get across the spikes spikes on this look like background oh that's oh crap whew that was close yes okay Oh scary we almost lost the split we need another rock it won't hurt to ride the rock there we go be quick there we go that time we did it our skills are improving as we play row 3-1 in the books good job Mario Oh get the flower instead of the three lives that's all right still this this is another level where I remember secret where you can get up above stuff don't remember how to do it maybe there's a hidden block some way or something I don't know my memories just not so good when it comes to games I haven't played in a long time you see up top there there's stuff how do we get up there the trick I don't know I wish India will never know oh man stupid spider but here we want to like oh that's a hot you do that dang it all right let's try this again see like it's just right up there that was awful least we got an extra life back mmm oh I forgot the little spiky stuff fall down aspire to come over you come down whoa nice try a spider a little trickier don't hit me I'll guess all right we're still alive it's all that matters we don't need the power up we got this do another Rock here we go rock it up my rock please cool and ok a lot of enemies right here there we go that's what we need kind of need a miracle really at this point I'm not having much confidence in this level all of a sudden they spot me past that tricky part okay cool there's a lot of enemies in that one section I'm sure all that didn't hit us and now we're getting somewhere we blew that that's okay we finished the level three two in the books all right cool well that was a bad jump there we go that was better now pay a little bit more attention to these platforms boom house clothes new thank you before the rocks are helping us out now they're being jerks there we go lots of coins we need that as we've lost the life here we go so probably run across here that's pretty good let's start up here or my crazy I went up that's what it was hey don't screw this up Mario okay do we have to drop down there no okay another one so many bonus areas in the scheme we get the multi coin block but we're gonna just play it safe head-on alright need a little more moment so I'm actually there's a hidden block there never mind yes you wanna go now a little scary well that was scary too I actually went a little early luckily I worked out to be getting near the boss look I go by new fast guy man it always scares me that be something good in your right well rocks trying to take me out we go but you live or being nice today okay my guys have to get over them I think we can kill him with that too Oh any more oh okay I jumped the rocks across me I really screwed that up Daggett yeah this is a good checkpoint oh we took a hit that time we wanted to go up above but a little short oh wow we took him out very generous checkpoint putting it right before the boss I like it all right we know this game already you're not Daisy are you gonna be this time Spyder just great where the heck is Daisy oh I love this song oh and I ruined it by going in here and I didn't hold right so we got none of the coins here we go let me go back in as is such a cool song all right so this character is kinda like dry bones you knock him out but he comes back all right we'll dance to this music can't blame me that's so good okay back to commentary I just was enjoying the music for a moment this love it a chorus or whatever the second part of this is just so cool it sounds so good I mean it's kind of crazy how good a music you can make on the Gameboy I'm gonna think about it there we go like we can go in one of this maybe not yeah just don't screw this up Mario the far so good the clan blocks not what I want squash that goo but would be nice okay goombahs like hit all the product it came back out alright now we're talking no as I feel like the checkpoints put you off and a better position than you were before there we go okay we're good we're good go on the spike now oh there we go now we're talking now we're talking japonés for me thank you careful all I definitely get blown up mistakes are being made all right let's try this again less dying at the end – here we are or one in the books on – four – yes three more lives we're gonna need them because we've been tying a lot okay here we go I just check every pipe because I just can't remember which ones we actually can go in all right a little plant guy I thought we would just drop down onto the Koopa Troopa not the case okay try this again there we go just keep going we go in that one oh wow yeah we can go in this one dang got our life back that we just lost oh I didn't mean to go in there that's okay we got one of our lives back at leasts we're gonna think about snake little snakey snake down know if there's any chance a chance we had a mushroom we could go through there well let's go because Mario's sprites so much bigger than usual or at least a little bigger it sometimes look like we're gonna get hit when we're not that shoots apps for that now we got some Mario insurance about sick we'll see on this with some color like the disco waffle ball things from re three loops all right whenever I get hit I just panic and run want that yeah now we talking where she would give me a tricky platformer jumping part enough to give me a star there we go okay that works out okay yes nicely done once in a while after we die a bunch we redeem ourselves with a decent little run here and there oh well why did I say anything out loud okay oh that's the hitbox there I think got me okay pretty much starts you right where you leave off which is nice I don't remember that she's how the checkpoints working the scheme you just always start off pretty much where you die of it it's definitely pretty nice I happen to redo things I've been doing pretty terrible at these so let's really try to get this right and there we go or two in the books on two four three one life oh well better than nothing yeah and now we talking you know do do doo doo doo doo doo doo dee doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo this is pretty much just like the sub stage by having the clouds in the background you think you're in a helicopter throughout airplane instead yeah so instead of being in the submarine you've and now a copter dang it I keep saying helicopter I'm an airplane what are we in jeez hard and as saying the right words is even harder once again though getting back at the task at hand which is grabbing that one up and also admiring the fact that this romhack is just so so cool adding color to this game and updated sprites really adds a lot and I love the original game this is one situation where I definitely like this this remake or this reboot or deluxe version more the graphics and the colors and everything they better suit how awesome the gameís I think sometimes this games ever looked just because the graphics are a little funky the controls a little funky as we almost get killed there but I've always loved this game okay so far so good I'm gonna sneak up here drop off down this parts relatively pretty easy if you're really bad at controlling the airplane actually doesn't say helicopter that time that's something all right through here real quick here mushroom we don't need almost get hit I love those little punchy fists that come out of pipes okay that noise is pretty scary too there we go easy boss and now final boss let's see how we do in a while but I'm pretty sure this boss fight is pretty easy from what I remember I remember this giving me much trouble let me take a hit once already okay we did it awesome now can we really save Daisy finally Oh Daisy Daisy thank you Mario just don't tell don't tell peach just don't tell peach your quest is over I like a little kicki feet you do doo-doo-doo-doo doo-doo-doo-doo doodly-doo to leave you don't meet me do hop in a little jet and get the heck out of here alright guys you have to let me know what you thought of Super Mario Land DX in the comments below alright guys if you enjoy the video make sure you hit that thumbs up button if you're new to the channel you like what you see be sure to hit the subscribe button and the notification bell to stay up to date the latest videos from btg thank you guys so much for watching and until next time I'll see you around