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SUPER MARIO BROS: The Musical [by Random Encounters]

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The Mario Brothers are selling their superstar services for a song (as long as you can shell out the coins!)


This song was mixed and mastered by FAMILYJULES ➤

“Phantom of the Bwahpera” Rabbid puppet designed and featured by

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If a turtle takes your girlfriend, then just give us a call.
We do rescues for a very modest fee.
We can handle any Koopa Troopa trouble at all-
-with a limited service guarantee!

If you need to catch a bunny, better get out your money,
cause we got a bargain here today!
Baking cookies! Demolition! We’ll take any old commission-
-for a pittance of our ordinary pay.

We’re the Mario Brothers!
Don’t accept any others!
Because saving your princess
is part of our business!
So call up the Mario Bros!

Say you need a golden beetle for your new beetle box-
-or your ape can’t be kept inside its cage.
Or perhaps you lost your Power Star in Dire Dire Docks-
-we can find that for a small but honest wage!

Star Road broken? Home is haunted? We’re entirely undaunted!
There’s no problem too big- -or price too low!
We can dance! He can paint! -I’m a pilot, but he ain’t-
We’re Olympic-level go-kart-golfing pros!

We’re the Mario Brothers!
We’re your number one druthers!
We play tennis and soccer-
I’m also a doctor!
Make way for the Mario Bros!

If you’ve got graffiti to erase…
Or you need our help in outer space!
We can ref a fight or check your piping-
Travel time or teach you typing-
Blast off Bowser’s face!

We’re the Mario Brothers!
We’re discreet undercover!
Need a Rabbid ejection
Or hotel inspection?
We’ll plan you a party, yo!
KO Lucario!
Just ask the Mario Bros!

right hey Paisano wow you got some dark bags under your eyes it's like looking into a horrible ugly mir yeah you know what I hope you get a good night's sleep a super deal from the super mario brothers won't even cost you a fortune well maybe part of one girlfriend then just give us a call we do risky we can handle any Koopa Troopa trouble at all yeah the limited service guarantee if you need to catch up we got a bargain here today we'll take any old Commission for kitchens up Mario Brothers don't accept me because saving your friend I think you know my brother will next house you'll do the talking say you need a call the meat over yet new Padova or your it can be kept inside its cage knocking daya Diana we can find them for a small good honest Rach Starro bulky for this haunted we're entirely undaunted there's no bottom pooping he condemned incubates I'm a pilot brother we're not low and Rana for the barrio bro if Gardini do we raise or you need our help in outer space travel time last thousand say near the speeds on the top he demanded attention ah yeah I think I have a toilet card upstairs hey very much no you do it it'll be 50 bucks Oh actually I think I'm just gonna buy some Drano and stick Wow what a striking beard you have there my friend oh yeah have some hair product here I could sell you sorry that's my Joker hey thank you guys for watching this video if you liked that you can download that song right there if you like this video check out these other ones over the other free of charge recharge wow that's a steal we'll even throw in this notification bill you should click it because she'll tell you every time we upload the video we do it once a week there's a loop special thanks to a pager an encounter including milk Tony Oh