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RTZ and some mail well we've been teasing it all day a show Mack kept these punches out here who's who women's the cosmetic game I guess you know well we're getting ready but it's like a mini game style points hey man it's important courier style points do I judge on that oh we hear them so you do have a very very fire for sumail but not over on the side of art easy yeah I don't think we can yeah they might be peeking each other screen that probably are yeah I'm waiting for them to start slapping each other just starting to move each other's arm yeah a basic hurry what no no because it still takes into account creators Kazuki's kind of a cheating hold on I'm trying to the perfect block Oh doing the angle here yo yo ya know hook goes 0 for 4 is that a deal ok yeah yeah okay no are you gonna cheat I'm gonna oh yeah I might do it plus you boy sometimes anything's gonna have a better block pick some milk I'm waiting for someone a big brain it does not not block at all yesterday interesting is on point arteezy's about the field played right here for god oh thanks no you can't trade with me well you take down some Roth as well Oh fuckin ease strength bonus one female played probably last week of March was deafening I read anything for sure especially these few yeah yeah 580 reagent level one it's pretty nothing I think my excuse is I've never played this pageant before excuses are coming out the classic fledgeby fudge me are you gonna get a fairy fire comes out rtz doesn't care RT Zika is to kill doesn't need to touch a keyboard for two weeks still got it smell say it's fun yeah yep yeah arteezy's calling him right now do you know wait and wait for Bobo to start calling both of them just a mess with I want some handicaps I want like people like dancing around in front of them trying to describe them see how good they actually are they should each get like one one person with like a mini like a little one of those cheap mini squirt guns this blank cat whose fucking songs dude yeah yeah self you sound so he's got the region though where he's got the level up as well no no dude you also what did you go a fucking hook dude no honest yeah okay you think they're gonna stay honest with each other bolo there's no these guys just gonna go anyway yeah kidding me doesn't cancer cells anymore my rock dude is the enemy rock it's not yours you're not did you write what we're all learning together looks like RTC is gonna have this one 14 five okay you're kind of weak man the thing that's died the first way you just go all in a move on each other in this level one spin is like yes coach about it yes coach what do you think about this plan that was our idea I'm sure it prepared us to run at each other basically that's fun hello yeah how are you letting go hey Joe hold on I got a tactic he has a tip I do like when you see well our tours gonna come away what do you do he's gonna cut away right yeah look it up and go he can't cut the first place I don't know I don't know maybe he's just uh he's trying to bamboozle Cemile clearly you're sure Elvis where you going our door it's a little jaunt through the woods here for rtz taking the scenic route what does it remember the TI where they had like pocket towers and they tried to like jungle in that little area and everything went wrong because they did not grow properly and get some damage here ax is the only reinforcement this army needs cannot withstand mobile cons rage battle such that it injures them until it's satisfied mobile cons work icons are pulling us into Beijing he just read Mobile Khan is an embodiment of all even battle and carry the launching into a gruesome fatality against those who dare to engage the axe in common yes learning with our TZ I thought we'd go ahead eat boys then why don't we just do this for 25 minutes Rina all right fellas fellas whether you do it for 25 minutes or not I do want to get some words from you both and one thing this is a best-of-three so Somali you are the one talking the most trash before this but you're on the down in right now so what am I gonna do to try and pull the victory two things I might be such kind words and you're being modest you were being modest earlier RTZ do you want any trash talk I'm giving you a second chance come on you're just too nice for this one v1 match that's going on right now but hey you did pick your song you're jungling huh oh we do this right now but I do want to know well then I'm gonna let you get back to it in that competitive mindset who's gonna pull the victory in game number two here today what is happening now we're pulling into the gyms samayal got like a quarter level advantage off that first pool but arteezy he's back in the meta courier just walking through each other's lanes we don't even care just got a farm fast I'm you know that I have to all in do it I don't have a good you I didn't kill your core you don't touch mine dude my career's dead yeah do why were you mind back which one battle the bracer the imagine is this additional of it thank you looking bad do dissing you fuck off whoops sorry up guys ah yo it seriously I come on man leave me alone man Oh clearly rtz was reading the information so you know I love this game it's got the edge they're both 27 last steps but where are the denies guys da they were juggling you're actually ready [Laughter] well you want room this three bracers on art easy right now it goes are you learning so much from two of them Oh like watching two people just punch each other in the face it's RTZ that went for the : blue I think your mechanics touch-me-not thing dude I pray apparently it's going right back in again Jesus God I don't know gonna get the way I die like this man GG to mgt got it like a true champion I am