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I'm blind as hell are you five granted you in this Toyota get between Toyota I'll give you toilet I sort of got Toyota Toyota Toyota Toyota don't think about the Twitter the thing about the first pressures on Toyota dude you're shaking I could tell it did boots Toyota I thought there is pressure dude fuck well what for is very low where's last guy you know was there lurking I believe you're right brah we don't read never lose those zombie we win easy now I can't remember them I talk to a lot of people man getting lobbies banned or what the taking off the wrong hat sir did not help always he crashing my lobby or something did you just crash my condo strike is this a new streamer thing man my seat goes crashed again one more long Park washing something I had to do something dug over what that was the plays indeed let's see if I can get the Virgin in here I've been saying that all screaming for is you gives them actually a man advantage general on the op down to 20 K HP with no armor so one bullet is likely going to be all and it takes to take him down but with the one shot potential to be off that's the player that you wanted on yeah I'm gonna guess he's gonna be like this at the moment it's grenade gonna go straight into the beetle is pretty well timed I mean I guess you'd be disappointed with the damage that it did enough doing but it gives you the idea that of course the back their position is well and truly known Malta with three on the spray down it leaves mizzu alone it's not really too problematic here for greyhounds but they cannot count their chickens before they hatch and they giving 1b wines to mizu this is now entirely winnable for him great out surely this is not the round to lose self up the a K he's got the smoke on doors and he drops the Molotov into the windows so he can cut down the amount of angles that Zico can work with the problem is that he cares to check pretty much everything that smoke means that means you could have made it across towards car great Molly out what that is a nice clutch time it does oh I haven't done that on Jumu'ah chat but now you guys know my point I should not have done that I should have saved it for a better time gonna be a little ways away you will go barreling in and loll very hope inside of the B bomb site we saw him tearing big apart time and time again in the CTF they're gonna try and replicate that now on the T side and loll over here at B is making noise getting the attention of big taps ins wrapping around but this bomb still rotating in and it could either catch Thompson on this look oh my word loli take your mind okay planting I went in boiler is it good for apps right you can go out then yeah what's up short timing yeah that's right peak yard hey now bigger definitely interested it going for this round is it tourism with another this bomb is ticking away from them they have to pick up the pace a bit but have to get on it I'm gonna get on this bomb and there is a man trying to stick it Oscar's getting burned out he finds the ball Centaurus is gone there is one even stripped away Oscar timing just running out with a flash like that ago are you kidding me yes an AWP bomb drops it turns around and takes down pH or but again there's three rifles already dropped the potential to pull this back is even on the board for Ag oh it is but with the HP for okay she can't see me he kills me I'm able to dish out the damages the push comes in Berlin with two tries to pull it back but it's all on grubby he's up against these three low HP players and the bomb still has to be diffused sitting in the open in the middle of short catches one from behind is conscious of this bombs coming through but low HP sneaking this bomb is gonna be very difficult what kill found on another but the defuse is found in time $6,000 for piety or all aks it would be a bit of a kerfuffle of big big big big it did so they won't