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Stewie2k sneaky plays in CS:GO! Twitch Clips, Pro Plays, Stream Highlights!
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what's that hey check out csgo net for a chance to win your dream skins you can use my code sin for a 25% bonus deposit I easily double my profits on the hyper knife case unboxing a nice flip knife check the link in description and no I don't want to go anywhere near that so I'm really interested to see if this is where they wants a head support where CT side Stewie's such a fantastic offer if he's comfortable and that connector should be on the other side who has spotted Bob up in these positions there's no one in the back the month you tank there's nobody by the restrooms and he can't really make it out this other way I am I'm really confused Henry I can't understand why he's here alone did he get spotted I'm not sure what no no no no this can't happen oh god they shouldn't each other now Landers they've dug they haven't checked the key position short of it now Stewie to K actually survives you've got the insane reason available he gets it as well from the grave takes rush down and twist mulling heaven nice dream that I wouldn't but my wound is better more more free be a sight to even work out the mouse ports are in these positions having a mac-10 like this is gonna be extremely valuable to just going in and getting that information oh well they've been rumbled the boost dismantle kills covered in Kerrigan in with another three three and a half shots here now sports this car for you how they reach power right but it might pass a one be free required the USB is doing everything a pass try to answer back Chris J deletes window washing me dude oh my god you'd say anything used tosses it every single oh my god dude it's actually so frustrating dude I don't want to play I never hit my desk that hard before that many times Kerrigan only so this smoked yam is there and he seems to wear this flank possibility those spot pass and Kerrigan gonna drop him another one b2 does have the kit to work with no armor though behind him so has to be a bit Kerrigan know the kill now just one man left with these even things out and yeah I'm Kerrigan this is one hell of a start four kills from him done so you've got rush planting the bomb on just as little HP this bomb site could have been so easily cleared but it still could be he knows Golden's there based on the reload and cippec's has now got himself into the bomb site three kills and a bomb to get on top of he's gonna pull the goose egg and all automatic automatic horse ten second stick of course cippec's pulls this out of nowhere perfect it's been a long day yeah congratulations on taking that game against cloud nine there it's great how many viewers you got I don't know so I don't know this is Flom stream right it was Flom yeah it is so we couldn't I'm doing it I'm doing I'm doing this for you I thought this was for blast it no it's a blaster Zeus punishes glaive as he does get the element of surprise by zip backs manages to get Zeus down the kit this time on his back and he's gonna wait he's just gonna toy with electronic who resides up in the apps there is no smoke to blanket this bomb and zip X he's gonna stick this not again my clothes off the stick vs cloud 9 and doesn't well this is unbelievable long as they keep golden kind of in this pinch that they have the rest of the straw is sectioned off but gonna clear the sum of the angles for him and then he can actually stay back they'd still gotta identify the person in the sight I'm here to get a plan to play doing a good job already blades gonna do this one before on the palm sight and Corbin has no time what the hell how is Kenny he's able to hit such a quick shot on the USP of all weapons nice gets completely obliterated lucky takes down me who fortunately Veggie towards outside should be able to shut this down before it gets too out of control but again really good damage been found they have no idea Kenny that's the knife easy money for the off can he get the final cut he got I don't know why we swapped off him and it's in y'all's hands so if you lose that suddenly things look so much better for charging there's a fast peek from cello e dances on the edge of the tanker train and it is just surf starting this round the corner he's been shot in the back through the smoke yells there shot taken circ successfully so he might have heard the bombs been touch mitts back off Daniel ela lateral is it another one V 3 clutch sir no certs wrists need to be bound that was a sick shot oh my oh my one and a half it looked like the bombs down ass on site for three he defends a hundred eighty degrees and the next one is well JK has 4k looking for the ace on pistol no stopping him yet just Marquis and he is in front of JK s about to get broadsided give him the ACE on the pistol round just convert he was in such a great spot who's actually a wolf among the Sheep but still it's just Ethan fucking Freeman only seven HP and a lowly Galil he's at the tanker train he's got the first giant as well now yell has an OP of all things he's jumped down clutches out with an ace a one right now the renegades don't really have all I believe that was from underneath catching vanity yep crossing the bridge there was only Cooper it's got that first shot 13 seconds left to plant this bomb leas you swing around this corner but Cooper just hangs tight sticks it one b3 clutch from Cooper I've lost three of them running in from the same side a really long range shot twist following another one coming in three in a row four twists that he is still alive still we gonna help out and twist is finally gone but now it's golden trying to keep it that's one great shot almost followed up a golden gonna be able to save the round with six health players very hard to do anything and go depending which is pistols here absolutely fantastic time spinning around with a mac-10 and getting three kills and actually a fourth one raining in there so he's really loving life for the moment he's been an exciting player I feel like ice since we've seen him appear onto the scene with the mac-10 Henry I mean nuts they've gotten three francs and only two fraction well only one frack sorry in favor of event now I'm gonna be a two on four lei Pok what was that that was a brilliant flick to the hip of blitz here Park is now gonna be left alone with that AWP in – what's pool gonna make you sway up so what's the side itself one play on banana one play on this side one player in CT he finds the second headshot gets the third fret how does he do it a port you're about to be disappointed 2k 19 is trash don't be a hater what is that what I look like I got open tumor on my face the last round the half regardless right so we're gonna see NRG force by up maybe you know well search already got that aw Quinto so not really much going on in terms of not getting the pie you want yellow okay oh my goodness from downtown does he have it he does absolutely so we've seen liquid have it all to play for now they have to try and commit through its monster and rushes in a prime position he's guaranteed at least one killer trust me he's at least getting that can he find a few more now answer back he has to dig so deep now and that's a good start two kills for him vice holds two wars short with 15 seconds remaining surely there's no way 15 seconds 2 versus 3 they need to get up on the side around the golden water how has this happened golden he's got the health but they're two right on the other side he's gonna look for it no he's low as well and they're just gonna hide surely they don't pick him they should be on the winners oh my god liquid somehow turning their favorite ox was doing here oh no so do once again with the triple finally off no answers back he lines them up for a triple of his own of new absolute madman peeks out he fights the courtiers oh no are you absolutely joking we're doing everything you can do you okay so what I want to do is I want this is the best proper habits of all the water I want I went into this and I want you to throw it throw the throw the bottle of water okay so that's that's quite a difficult way to do it right what we could do is what I want to do is I want you to easy way we're gonna pass me the bottle what it's my hand what's happening I'm doing space soldiers I'm making something super easy very difficult everybody that's what they did that was you know what he got the what he got the bottle ready and I had so many ideas I know Chad you know he get to have my thing got hammered he's he's a simple man this is quite complex for you in terms of gags I was like you