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Sneaky Sniper in PUBG Returns (Playerunknown's Battlegrounds)

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what's up everybody average sniper here and welcome to another pub G video in this video we are doing sneaky sniper version two and if you don't know what the first sneaky sniper was it was simply a video that I made a pub G win where i commentated and gave my thoughts on what I was thinking as I played the game and the decisions I made and why did them and for some reason it actually got a lot of views so I am making version 2 this time not expecting it to get as many views but hopefully you guys enjoy the content so I decided to end its Stauber I don't know why but when the plane flies close to Stover I get this really weird urge to jump out and try my luck sometimes well stopper is kind of weird sometimes there's a lot of people there and sometimes it's just you and one other guy and you get tons of loot so I loaded up Stauber and edited out that part because it's boring and I realized that I needed to find a car to get to the next safe zone because the next safe zone was pretty far away not as far away as it could have been but far enough away that I don't want to spend 10 minutes doing a running simulator I'm still looking for an optic I found it six times for my mini 14 which will be the sniper rifle that I'm using for now we've already got one sneaky kill with it on that guy that opened the door and tried to punch man doesn't that suck when you land in and you just don't find a gun and there's somebody there right in front of you that already has a gunner that's picking one up it's just like you just you just want to exit back the lobby and restart or just quit playing for the day or something but I guess that's battle royale so I was just Lewton minded my own business this guy started taking shots at me it took me a second to figure out exactly where he was because he was suppressed but I did I wore him down a little bit and he got the final hit on him and this guy ended up having just what I needed some boosts some attachments and most importantly the to time scope for my m416 my m416 is always my preferred sniper rifle I mean preferred assault rifle and of course my preferred sniper rifle would be any bolt-action car 98 m24 or awm awm being the best one because it's the most powerful and it can just wreck people with one shot and it's it is amazing but I'll pretty much take any long-range gun that I can find and if I can't find something that's classified as a DMR or a sniper rifle I will usually have a secondary assault rifle with a 4 x or higher magnification scope so I heard some gunshots coming from out here in the field still got quite a ways to go still looking for a car I ran this way because there's usually a car here and I see this guy it looks like he's having a gun fight with somebody else so I take him out and I kind of proceed with caution trying to look around the direction he was looking and catch a glimpse of the guy he was shooting it right when I run past this tree and this rock I looked to my left and I see the guy on the field so I'm like alright let me get some cover behind this rock and see what's going on much to my surprise he turns into a snake and gets one shot killed so I can only guess that guy was in a gunfight with the other guy probably didn't have enough meds to completely heal himself up and spotted me and decided to try and snake his way over to the guy that I killed they get some meds and whatever I decided not to loot these guys because I pretty much have everything I need to survive at the moment and it's still around to the safe zone after all that action I hear a buggy coming and I'm thinking oh crap he's gonna run me over I'm out in the middle the open but somehow he doesn't see me and I get a couple good hits on him at the drive-by to hoping against hope that he'll stop and he stops big mistake he said he should have just kept going I guess that's kind of a spoiler alert he goes into the shed probably to heal up probably exactly what I would do actually I'm pretty aggressive player if I'm driving a vehicle and I Drive by somebody and they take a shot at me I'll usually stop and engage or stop and find a place to heal up so I can engage but this guy kind of put himself in a bad position he gave me the high ground and he kept the low ground so all I had was a smoke grenade I believe that's all I had so I threw the smoke grenade down there so I could move in closer but then I decided that might you know I don't want to give up my position he got a hit on me here he somehow snuck outside the shed and down in that little defilade but I'm pretty sure I shot one of the tires out on his buggy so that was pretty much my goal right there is to make his vehicle inoperable because I noticed there is a buggy sitting right on the corner of the road to my right that I can take that he probably doesn't see or if he does see he can't get to it much to my surprise this guy decides to get back in the buggy and I get some lucky hits on and lifts my sniper rifle or with my DMR as he's driving away and once again this time he has to stop the hill because he's in the blue zone and those two hits I just got on him took him down below at least half health so since he's in the blue zone I know he has to stop to heal so this is my opportunity this is when we changed from the sneaky sniper to the aggressive sniper so I see him standing out here there's a little rock for cover I stuffed a little short but that's okay all this guy needed was one tap to the head and he is out of there I decided to use my med kit since I'm in the Blue Zone and I just wanted to have as much health as possible to get to the next zone I hate driving out of the blue zone and then having to stop to do more heals I'd rather just let my boost take care of it for me so I'm not one of those guys that drives out of the blue zone and then immediately gets killed so I checked my map I look for somewhere close and I go but on the way I spot a rogue care package that looks like it had just landed you can tell because the smoke coming off of it and it actually probably has been here for about a minute because the smoke just stopped so I'm a little cautious here thinking that somebody's camping it's very rare that I run up to a care package and there's not somebody that's already looted it or somebody that's camping it but fortunately it has my favorite full auto gun in it the m249 so now it's just now it's just gonna be murder now I have my mini 14 well just well just call it a sniper rifle for now because that's that's what I like to call it sniper rifle we have my mini 14 so we can be a sneaky sniper and we have them 249 I stayed here for a while before the blue zone looked like it was gonna change and I noticed somebody pulled up this guy pulled up on a buggy right here I'm not sure why he stopped there at this point but I figure he sees me and he wants to fight but he doesn't seem very aggressive so I push in knowing that I have some good cover with these rocks and I get it very easy kill on this guy I found out later that I think his buggy actually ran out of gas so that is that is why he stopped there that was just unlucky for him somebody else was taking shots at me I went to take a shot back at them or to find where they were and I got hit from somebody else well I assumed it was somebody else because it seemed to come from a different direction so I stay low and I heal up check this guy for the I take the red dot over the two times because the m249 has a lot of kick and I feel like the recoil is a little harder control with a two-time scope I decided not to take the car ninety eight right there because see out of gas that's what I thought I decided not to take the car ninety eight because I just didn't want to take time to swap it change out my ammo I'd rather just keep both guns five five six since I have well over three hundred rounds of 556 going for the mini 14 and for the m249 but the ultimate goal here is to get a much better you know much better sniper rifle it was very hard for me to pass up that car ninety eight but sometimes when it's late in the game and I don't have that much time to loot and I'm not in the safe zone I will pass up a good gun just so I can keep on surviving but what happens next is just a huge stroke of luck this guy pulls up on a motorcycle completely shredded by the m249 so I'm like well maybe maybe this guy has something good so I go I hid his loot box I start Wow actually I decided to reload my gun first because I need to make room to grab some more ammo some more five five six of course and some more meds so I grab what I can and then I'm scrolling through his loot and I see the 300 Magnum ammo which means this guy has an awm so immediately I'm like alright that awm is mine let me get rid of this mini-14 I mean no matter what no matter how far into the game you are you cannot pass up an a WM sniper rifle that is almost I wouldn't say it's a guaranteed win by any means but it'll probably give you the best chance of winning especially when you're in that final 1v1 scenario the other guy sees you you see him you're behind cover you need a powerful gun so you can finish him off in one shot even if he has a level 3 helmet so he can't keep ducking back behind cover and healing every time you wound it that is so annoying in the final circles and then what it turns into is whoever gets pushed out of the blue first loses because you both sit there with basically unlimited he'll shoot each other in the arms and shoulders and keep on going so the awm will will put a stop to that now I'm still in the safe zone but I'm right on the edge so I know people are gonna be running towards me this guy makes a huge mistake probably trying to get across that road so he can get some cover but unfortunately I was ready for him we got the first kill with the awm the sneaky sniper saga continues and it's a gold awm look at that skin that is an awesome skin I'm actually not sure what skin that is but but I like it this guy is the second victim he starts taking shots but you can tell he doesn't know where they're coming from I messed him with the second shot but he's hurt so bad from the first one that the play zone actually finishes him off so I feel like that I feel like when that happens you should get the kill because you just did like you just took like 80 90 percent of their health and then the plays don't finish them off it should definitely give you a kill or some kind of assist for them this guy was a easy 1 shot because he was obviously in the blue and running out of it probably had about half health when he took that 300 Magnum round from the a WM and just got folded up so now I am NOT in the safe zone but I've noticed that there's a shed on the edge of the map and it looks like some definitely covered I decided to take the bike but then I realized it it's kind of missing tire probably my fault I probably shot it out while I was shooting that other guy so I decided to happen the buggy very thankful that nobody else was hiding in this little area that I was in and I had right out here I'm pretty confident about heading out here because I had been scoping it out with the awm for a few minutes I hadn't seen any movement and when I get here I'm just thinking oh my god this is like this is like the perfect spot but of course the circle has to move on me after a minute the circle moves and I decide to check the edges to make sure there's nobody else that is hiding over here that I can't see it very glad I did that because as soon as I go over here I get smacked with a stun grenade on the replay I can easily tell that it came from behind me but in the actual game I did not see it come in I just exploded I'm like where is this guy where did it come from how close to me is he a many start shooting from behind me I'm like oh crap I'm dead this guy's got me but I got completely potatoes he didn't hold his patients he didn't wait for me to be in a good spot to shoot he just started taking shots at me while I was moving back and forth and then since I had the superior gun there well actually I don't know I think it sound like he had a an MK 14 right is that what it sounded like let's see let's see if I scroll down enough to see that yeah yeah he had a mark 14 right he had a mark 14 it didn't take me out so I guess he I guess he's just potato to me but now we're down to that 1v1 situation I was talking about and honestly I'm feeling I'm feeling very confident because the way this game has gone so far so instead of sneaking through the grass and giving somebody an easy kill if they happen to see me I decide to quickly run to the best cover I could find inside the safe zone I start throwing grenades at this rock over here because I figure that's pretty much one of the only places this guy can be that rock or that tree and my suspicions are immediately confirmed by a returned grenade so I decided to hit this med kit and I then I see the guy he definitely is and there's a grenade right at my feet I have to get on this side of the tree somehow the grenade doesn't kill me and this guy does not take Vantage of the fact that he actually forced me into a position I didn't want to be in I don't think he was ready for that I don't think he realized how close that grenade came to finishing me but if that were me throwing the grenade I think I would have tried my best to be ready for him to push out that's one of the things about throwing grenades you can't always SPECT expect the grenades to do the kills but what you can't expect them to do is force someone out of cover if they really don't want to get killed by the grenade they're gonna make a run for it or change their position so that you can shoot them so this guy throws a smoke grenade and I was fresh out of a game where I had rushed into a smoke grenade and got killed so this time I'm thinking look at this I've got circle advantage this guy has to come to me I don't know how he did that right there honestly I never saw him pop the shots off my mother actually worried me a little bit I'm like can this guy see through the smoke so that was actually another reason I decided I'm not gonna rush through this smoke like a maniac I'm gonna wait on this guy to come to me because guess what in like 10-15 seconds the smoke is gonna disappear and then he's just gonna be laying right out there in the open easy kill and at this this point I'm fairly certain that his rock is being pushed out but then the smoke disappears and I'm like what his rock is still in no way he's still behind there he probably crawled off to the right you know there looks like a little section to the right that I might not be able to see so I just keep kind of staying behind the tree getting ready for him to shoot and then I see him he's still on the rock quickscope the sneaky sniper wins again thanks for watching guys I hope you enjoyed I hope my commentary on why decisions that I make helps you in your gameplay if you did enjoy hit that like button thumbs up subscribe for more later