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SML Movie: Black Yoshi's Call Of Duty Loan!

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Black Yoshi wants the NEW Call Of Duty, so he gets a loan!

ah time to watch some TV do you like fortnight do you like Call of Duty that you need to get call a duty black ops for we basically just stole fortnight and put Call of Duty graphics on it Oh could that be uh hello yeah hey I got a package here from Mario I would order anything look man I'm just doing my job you gonna take it in that oh yeah I guess there you go I don't know what are you doing inside the box how long you been in there well since this morning see what a happy was I went to the UPS though and I decided to ship myself to you same-day shipping and how much that cost oh seven four hours so then why don't you use that $74 to buy the game because the default look wasn't enough to get the collar dude it special edition that was 120 bad blockage I'm not giving you the money you asked every year for the stupid game should be far away hey back off I a pepper spray no I need you to have a package for me what that's not how this works you have to go to this store and ship it all the stores are closed I need to strip this right now where the Antarctica is there a person in there no I just shipped a nautical and have a nice day okay finally now I don't have to deal with black Yoshi asked you for call of duty all the time and said go back to watch my documentaries the emperor penguin stands at 4 feet tall even a new car dude even God revoke mr pontipine well what black dog hey stop it who could that be hello hello hello is anyone here what a package I didn't order anything I swear to god that's lucky oh yeah block you're just swear to God here in this box I'm gonna kill you hey there what's doing oh you get a phone call a phone call hello like I'm not bringing you back here okay you're always asking for the new call of duty and I don't care if you're called I see you don't annika for a reason I want to talk to you ever again I'm not bringing you back here until unless you promise me that you'll never ask for the new Call of Duty ever again like you if I bring you back home you swear to me that you'll never ask the new college udy hmm okay bye here go get them what but it's so cold can I at least have my phone so I could play games yeah here thank you hello I wonder what this could be sorry about that I thought it you definitely don't want to eat a cheesy gordita crunch wrap right before you pack yourself into a box for a week yeah block you sure you're not gonna bother me about the new Call of Duty are you no okay my new best friend gave it to me that's me well why would you give him money well I had to be stuck with him in a box for a week with him bitching about call of duty black ops for with the mat packs to be exact well those immediately give up money well it was that and I also felt kind of guilty about the whole ancestors and slavery thing oh yeah you go breed it up again my ancestor it hairy inflatable tube man ain't free the save is on the underground choo-choo train for me to have to hit what your your ancestor Harriet inflatable – man did what my ancestor carry inflatable – Man 3 the savings at Walmart so that's how we got Black Friday you give your money to him yeah I'm kind of wanting it back now Marv you you just make is you ain't invest in my college dudas like if you how is it investing anything if I buy you the new college area they make every year for the return on invested see what happen is when you buy the game from Gamestop and you play it food it'll be you just take it back your money that's for tunas on e business when you're when you take the game the game soft they gave you like 18 cents for it exactly we're truly song in business you're happy that you gave me money no but he said he'd pay me back yeah I were to be back I think he's good for it right absolutely let me go get a game real quick how do you say he's gonna pay you back well he said something about a welfare check yeah you're not getting that money back well I'll be back here next week for the money just in case okay just don't get paid back broken guy what's the money you owe him ma'am or you know I ain't oh no buddy no monies huh yeah you do you owe me $200 oh yeah box man that's me so why you said you were gonna pay me back what's your welfare check came in where's my money oh yeah yeah see what heaven was it ain't never come in yet yes a dead black is your welfare shot came in like a few days ago we stitch okay so where's my money see I already spent it all how did you spend all that money already all pirate cookies but pirate cookies yeah let me show you ships ahoy mateys yep I read cookies so you spent $200 on ships ahoy pirate cookies yeah mr. faught box man let me do a head do I have a will sad calls came to town and I had to give him some cookies and milk and bean I was just chilling by the lake and then Cookie Monster came up some cookies so that's where all Mama's okay look look I I don't even care what happened to the money now I I just really need my money okay I have bills to pay yeah man I'm sorry about your bills but I'm gonna need like two or three months before I can get you your money's uh yeah that's not gonna work for me I need my money now so you better have my money by tomorrow okay listen man you come back tomorrow or the next day or the next day but I told you I ain't gonna have the money who about two three months listen you better have my money by tomorrow or else okay I'm taking a pirate cookies with Oh nokey dokey little man good I like you you should probably just Pam is 200 ollars by tomorrow boom Oh yo I ain't gots the money he ain't gonna do nothing man what's he ever done for me he gave you $200 like joshi ma'am I why you always bring up the pass you always bring up the pan you and you white people bringing up the pass you always bring up the ancestors mortgage so you see there you go dear breed up my ancestors see my prey ancestor rose the Sharks they ain't go to the back of the Titanic for you to be reqtest by me boat Morgul you blind what may you see I play duty right now like if he's broken guy he want this money going into the door I don't want to talk to him Oh fire folks I guess I'll go answer the door me rule out old wall sin yeah I'm not selling anything I'm here for my money may I already told you come back like seven eight nine books and I have money I thought it was two or three months you was listening mr. faught box man come back to free books and I have your money for you no no you better have my money right now where it's not gonna be pretty well y'all ready ain't pretty so ain't gonna get much worse for you from here let's man you better pay up you're not gonna like what's gonna happen are you ain't gonna like who's gonna have it if I do pay yes I will pay me man all right real talk Kuki mostly got your bunny April Fool's April Fool's does he have my money at night yeah man you just gotta go find you – Cookie Monster when when you find a Cookie Monster you give you two hours Cookie Monster huh mm-hmm all right I'm gonna pay Cookie Monster a visit are you doing fault box man Jaime not now – please do this what did you pay for guys money no man I just gave another clue to find the treasure what yeah like that movie nationís treasures where they found a map on the back in cereal box cookie cookie cookie your name is Cookie Monster right yeah kooky me and you go buy cookie a monster cookie hmm okay mr. cookie now uh where is my $200 I know know any Dame I need money my cookie I like cookies oh yeah how do you afford those cookies yeah yeah that's what I thought now we can either do this the easy way or we can do this these look like some good cookies Oh Meatwad cookie give me cookie oh yeah you like cookies right ha me like cookie oh good you know who else likes cookies mr. Hammil likes cookies a wide cookie cookie ho ho ho me want cookie okay well then how about you tell me where my $200 is mr. cookie I not know anything about money huh I already like cookie that's too bad yeah tasty right yeah all right mr. cookie I'm gonna give you one last chance you tell me where the money is and I'll set you free you can have all the cookies I know you bought me it's really too bad hello Mario I don't know why you be trippin for me you'd be crazy I think I think you gotta pay his money more you I ain't got the money thought me he just trippin there might but you that might be you Mex up see Mario stop worrying Alba be fine box turtles no let's see yeah well I gave you a friend cookie monster a visit and he didn't talk and you saw what happened to him you're next look man I got your money boat that's too bad I guess I'm just gonna have to sell your Xbox box oh that's what I'm doing I'm getting my money back What's Wrong boy does fine well black lotion you owed him $200 so he's probably just rying to get his money back he's gotta sell your stuff now well black gosh you took his money and now he's trying to get his money back with Blanca gee you got to learn your lesson and you can't just take money from people and not pay her back well Mario do you think you could buy me a new Xbox bye why do you think you deserve it hmm yo you know what you should look um inside this box is a new Xbox in there hey Mario no it's fine I got my money back oh you got your cherry dollars back by selling black bitches Xbox yeah sold it on Craigslist oh well I mean I guess the only bad thing that come out of this situation is you killed Cookie Monster oh no I didn't he's fine I'm a doctor I just taped his head back on yeah I said I was sorry and and yeah I gave him a whole bunch of cookies Oh Pookie okay so whoa waste black Yoshi oh I don't know let's check the nature Channel