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Shroud talks about CS:GO! Twitch Clips, Pro Plays, Stream Highlights!
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Michael Ailey said that the black hole picture was fake what checkout csgo net for a chance to win your dream skins you can use my code sin for a 25% bonus deposit I easily double my profits on the hyper knife case unboxing a nice flip knife check the link in the description yd now just like csgo I never said that who said that I never said that fuck counter-strike it's a great game I just don't want to play it but it's because you don't play a game doesn't mean it's not great well there did head like with you mid side are you holding library yeah alright I'm Lynn okay one lucky one moto nice line but do you really want to do that like is it worth it like I'm gonna stroke your cock tonight with my foot brown sub mom man oh there you go chat solve it Joe I'll call with Jeff ahsha's on mid one question to be could be a cat again well mid Javed Robin dad that's gonna be dude I almost I almost like completely failed my spray through like four times okay I'll see if 45 seconds on the clock but with a lot of diminished map control on this T side till the game Allegiant they should be able to at least close out this round keeping the majority alive in his screen getting close to relaxer spots at least the first and the second but a beautiful adjustment on for the head of djl that is one more man down relax or even one in the second piece and up I never do that buddy ready frog he will trade back at least but yes he's round over yep hourly should be I mean Freddie frog still he's got 63 and screamy slow although 12 seconds cream coming oh he's been hurt I guess it's not a problem to you till oh oh no no so I could a fun I kiss the opportunity is gonna get that friend Cruz leaving only slash in the 1b three he's done it before can he do it again here jumps on top gets one looking for the second on Nismo can't find it just yet opportunities not sticking the hollows are six mom there was so it's not pretty by me mean this is a little bit you seen before so fast short died like I do now smoke like that middle class out like this so he's coming to be blind and jump over here glass on the window run with it and there we go boys finally it works huh nice little neat trick you guys can use if you want to get some nice effects on your match rings that exit broken approach tired Rustom the Frog of Shekar defies it sounds as though somebody that retakes dear George flash to the dojo Freddie Frogger crazy – cream no existence pass any at around scary so the girls card whenever corrosive existence try just opened in 1980 locksmith Rika quadratus model honey fireball – Elka's to crack on a table rock on – for the four straight ahead to the middle of holes in the middle of all keep living for now oh who doesn't know the whole setup oh my god their halls tockman years all scream actually does find one hey Jess Oh swings in for a second situate ourselves record and now at 1 V 2 this is still up in the air here and with hate Jess Oh denial of relaxer and down to banana 45 second oh this is in the realm of possibility but hey Jesse right now always on the run though he's gonna dip toward the a site that's so incredibly smart at least he'll be able to get onto the bomb site before barth unable to oppose oh and this might just be working out when hate just his favor the bomb will go down time constraint starting to take him with HP relatively even at the moment this is going to take every single piece of determination from bottom but hey chests yeah he seems way more focused on short right here he's actually gonna grab it a game Allegiant yeah I think that's what I'm gonna do like just play I think I'm just gonna stream and play show everyone you know cuz might know my hunger is like I have had it sort of but now it's like really like it's like Drake vs. the world I'm just like kind of mad like I'm sad and mad at the same time so I feel like I'm gonna feel that to me once I kill him on this clip fuck you Shawn when a right left second window I wake James's just waiting in David Pete as soon as he gets the information from jinxes gonna throw that made but it's gotta be jinx don't hike them up for a triple that's magical a minute he's gonna get taken down here by ships ships now aware about potential off a flank it's a slight gap in the smoke or right above it ships connector on Mac and – what's the flank needs to be careful about one more player he digs him as well Logan goes increasingly low Logan still posted up with the USP still trying to find the angle of ships but they get on bursts connecting on Lok and brings it back to a two and two still have bomb control here the vinegar players a bit of utility as well whole ship he spots the player he reacts in time that's absolutely brilliant can he find the climax though indeed he can ships with the trike TK mer so he gets money yeah rounds Windigo are in a form – OH poison Oh oh my god he basically did a 360 there he gets the kill anyway awful and kills Macker into the one-on-one ships knows where he is and ships is starting to move in with the digue he wants to end this right here he's gonna go forwards maka holding off the angle not quite there and I don't know if he will be aware of ships his position the mind games are really really interesting here ships runs over towards beef but maka hasn't even got the bomb yet ships actually throwing away the AWP he's that's a ballsy move especially considering that the money is not amazing here for vinegar but obviously they're so far ahead that he can afford to throw throw away the weapon they're still gonna be able to to get you know a couple of echoes in the mix and find the last round eventually at least that's what they're aiming at could hiss ah the game sends from ships is so great he's been waiting on this be bomb site for so long already Macca he needs to go like full-blown hardcore rush to walk the site get the bomb plan Plan B just throw down a smoke and that ships with a brilliant opportunity take a bit of damage through what he finds and that's a one on three