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it took me three minutes where to land three minutes it took just press play get into a game wait for the timer and then to land it took three in minutes that whole song there's no way the songs three minutes there's no way there's no way it has to be like two minutes or something there's no way there's no fucking way that it that it I need a check hold on now the song is three minutes that took three fuckin minutes are you kidding me it's not blackout dude I can't spray across the map relax [Applause] [Applause] wish I could fucking spam that means right here Wow no voice chat anymore he's like now is that that hurt a little bit wait where's my best okay I was terrible why was that his play I can't hear I'm did I do oh it's on team only okay its bugged you can't hear all it has to be up to you only what the heck hey okay apparently need to be a team needed to hear how do audit yeah are you are do you have blue watch it Oh on it smells Oh God take it trout what why do you what why man it had to happen my shits all fucked up he's got a mutant I don't know if this is a mistake or not but hey where the fuck I am he's got the okay voice back r98 all right you know what me me me I want the mutant okay I would die in a second here anyway I didn't take the extended that's alright who needs it fuck it hello forgot a snipe in this game to be honest with you wholesales goes you missed a trophy system feeling I'm making a mistake doing this I also can't see anything so it didn't help me at all Wow I don't know sound in this game I thought they were like way on the fucking mountain and shit that guy was nope do you have plans on playing bf5 I'll probably play it a little bit per day but it's not that it's not very fun so I don't know it might play it today I don't know maybe who knows where the fuck I am I grow that new what the fuck shots like one of my best friends forgot this knife he's this I mean I kind of did at all uh-huh games definitely a lot easier to snipe them fucking Cod dude Cod people move so fast and it's so fucking hard they're sliding they're jumping why why did you do that what was the was the purpose there and you he was gonna die for sure Hey where the fuck I am hello they went out here so quiet I'm not used to this Wow Oh where the fuck I am this game has some good levels of your own footsteps like volume – and blackout when you're fucking running around it's so loud dude like your own footsteps mask everything in the game I don't think Schneider I'll think the enemy footsteps are an issue I think it's just that your footsteps are so loud and blackout that you literally can't hear shit happy I could barely hear myself stepping right now like that's perfect well she could meet your own footsteps that'd be nice I don't know why you'd even want to hear your steps with you fuck it you're rid of it hello there's people here somewhere I just can't see him right over there somewhere make it a little lower ah where where do these guys go maybe they went this way if they wrapped around thank oh shit oh my god I'll tell the clothes Oh should probably have my rifle out but we're doing it for the content here we go content baby right over this hill content content content content content thanking it can't it be get I don't really know where that was and he was this way somewhere content the blue you doing over there where the time where the fuck I am where the fuck I am ah I think everyone's over there last side of the map goddammit I just left that light would have had an angle I still have an angle who hit him in the fucking back I didn't aim high enough I hit him in like the shoulder back right shoulder yeah this is a terrible spot but I love it this is me right here this is me No oh my god this how are you gonna miss that bro I miss just the tiniest bit dude I thought he's gonna step one tiny bit closer to me hello oh shit I don't see there we go hello hello wait what how did he huh I'm confused he disappeared he's gone did he leave the server is bro what I don't know what happened I don't know where he went I don't know where there is what in this shit I don't like this stifle my car away I should take it out I mean throw it away get rid of it right now it's gonna be killed got me killed I should have got rid of it dude I would've been able to flick to that guy and probably kill him