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Shroud :

those are two completely different feelings okay what the fuck I don't understand it's pissing me off I talk about this a lot my chat and it pisses me off every time because I don't get it it's like panic and you just can't calm down fear / panic for no reason is a good way to describe it okay so maybe it's like okay I'm trying to like imagine it maybe it's like a life maybe it's like a feeling of like like a life threatening you're not like a life threatening situation or something but you're not actually in a life threatening situation but that's what it feels like kind of I don't know just banned me please oh god someone bad thunder please hello I heard movement can't we're good okay no music I don't think thunder knows how to hold a mouse that means it might come off your door Michael door please oh I'm so sorry [Laughter] sorry be damned what happened oh that's a good call okay no problem hey are there okay anymore car 98 animals he's got me though oh he's got an 8 X 2 for your boy bro big shot from Batman what something good what do I do about this dude there's three people I don't know what does a guy um I need to kill these guys because they got loot I just don't have hey he's dead now oh hell yeah let's try the m16 out huh thought I heard this guy I did and I should probably have my m16 out whatevs my check boat Justin my best friend of all time but he's into girls now so vote for shroud e boys I mean if you guys liked you guys would like to see some more pub G content may be some CS content I mean vote for me I'm just saying if I win I'll give you guys anything you want anything think about that I'll leave a ban thunder coming at the new speak will game after this game actually seems great a lot of people stop playing it keep forgetting you can alts look-see yes content really showed yeah I'll do anything if I win think about that for a second anything can't tell views meeting I'm not I'm not meeting I'm being serious Wow every time I sneeze I have to like try so hard to not like overly flex my arm lay them out yeah I got my I got my staples removed today all 26 of them I don't know the lead anyone close let's watch it close but not quite there I keep traveling bhop I mean I know you can but like I'm doing it wrong there's the guy somewhere here looking for him a good way to get the lead down is to be in situations where I have to lead so I want to try to find a guy from far away and then it could help me like gather the lead information back hilarious it didn't hurt at all right read all the staples no it's it's so yeah I mean like you guys said it didn't really hurt it's just like it just it's just like a slight it's like a slight sting you know like a very very slight sting each staple and it's only for like a couple seconds and then it's gone and then another staple another staple I had one staple that kind of sucked it looks like I do I had one staple that kind of sucked because it was in an awkward spot it was in like a bend of my elbow and it uh she had to pull on it like twice that one that one hurt the most but it wasn't even that bad a little bit I like the blue is this new how long has it been what's not a dude yes oh you little fucking bitch my zeroed in by accident it's been a while since I've played sorry let's stream stinky Oh almost took your fucking tape off well 26 small stings together would be a big painful one no that's not really how that works never know so I kind of forget how to play this game and they changed a little bit of the damage values on some weapons and and stuff like do you is your priority priority still headshots or body shots they're like where do you where do you aim when you see somebody you know oh you mother shrimp dude fuck I thought he was gonna be strafe right this is good practice they'll keep doing what you're doing Schumer sniper it's a good way to holy fuckin zoom in are you shoot me from about to put a 4x on this bitch he was using a mutant I can't to use a mutant Oh does it I keep forgetting doesn't swap your attachments it's not that advanced oh I might need that I didn't think this fear sniper was trying to kill me to be honest with you this was the guy that was just fucking around strafing left and right but he is actually he's actually trying to kill me is that in the tunnel it's totally in the tunnel isn't it nice I forgot audios kind of weird in this game this is a bad idea but I'm doing it okay Arius let's get rolling in the tunnel he goes can stream snipe a little weenie luckily he's not good so I'm not too concerned I could just kind of keep going on with my day let's put an 8x back on I miss this game a little bit a lot of people stopped playing it sorry vote for shroud ESPN eSports beat the French America not even Americans you not have a twenty eighty last time you played I did why that is so hard that dudes fucking zooming why can't I it's weird didn't let me alt fuck I hear you I don't see you I know you're there but I don't see you on my screen what this fucking magic I need a car why have it why am i over just been running what am i doing apex need a vehicle else we're gonna kick caught in the fucking loan you have a car hahaha yeah I got a heat up my pool I don't think anyone want I mean there's a chance traces staying at my place you know that is my old cs:go manager me and Tyler he's staying here for a couple days and I don't know if he wants to jump in the pool or anything but I should probably heat it up okay okay okay Scylla Stream sniper shooting at me look at bitch I don't know it's better I don't they changed vest a little bit so like I don't know or did they change of us they changed something hey bike I should probably take that like that's a good idea I saw that dude in the window take the buggy yeah too slow sooo easy to kill a buggy and if you pop one tire that's up I'm good good good I mean I guess if you pop a tire on this thing too but it's very very difficult much harder to pop tire this then well I didn't sound like that it has both of tires schemes so smooth it's fucking weird it's weird to play smooth game send it well not quite not quite how I want about to go down well at least I mean it got sent it's down there you know come on man besties what's serious lots ahead right there baby here one I still got it that's cool smart the ex swap I want to go for the snipe of a fuckin century he's fuckin 700 meters Oh almost dude why does it kick that hard that's not how I remember I keep bleeding too far alright well now he's out of my hello s oh it's a fake Michael such an easy fucking shot I hit the hard shots can't hit the easy ones sorry my fucking life what is this fog dude this game still has this no wonder nobody plays it anymore I can the point of this Jesus I want to kill this guy this guy in the edge here is the fucking stream sniper I know his look if I want to get rid of him but he knows that I know that he knows so he won't make you know saying he won't make an obvious play fuck has that got him hearing oh it's the up that's right they changed it it's not 9 mil anymore oh there's some lag right there I should probably full boost ok a good time for it cuz it's about to close then well still await a little bit away but it's about the fights they're about to close then I gotta I gotta kill this guy nice hill I think before he looks down on me I gotta get up this hill before he gets to the hills if he gets through the hill before me I'm dead oh shit I thought I heard him no there is hey I'm gonna get blanks gotta meet nose bro oh shit – I own that guy okay I can't pick up any of their helmets because I had shot them all ow ow ow ow what do I do here the fog makes it difficult I want to jiggle peek this right side here make sure no one's creep in it's hard to see though I don't think anyone's there I could go I think that stream snipers still alive this or this whole arsenal at me no one's over there okay I might have a little three helmet right you got right here right in front of me damnation I didn't know there was another one holy fucking shit hope you winds die on me is that for sure and lead me out real quick headshot headshot the lettuce man is the scar better now is that why he's using it that was a suicide note was it no that's true I think that guy that there was like always a guy behind me and he kept following me but he never attacked me so very confused how long have you been playing pop G and is this the first time after a long time that you play it cause I really enjoy watching you playing this game yes how long have a blank budgie I don't know a decent bit but yeah this is the first time I playing in a while kind of fun actually it's not bad not bad at all not freaking bad let me tell you