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next to my back to my mission let's test it a whole shit okay got some air I'm trying to go all loop to punch this bitch like 20 times hi I don't know you go on it and we zip our weave yeah I've never been on Bucer before fucking gotta take the jump Tyler get out of there I down the other walk with my stick that's fun now I'll find a new one the new job Jason I'm gonna shout a joke pad to my jump pad here we go see another team for one bailar one very many men one dressing you I'm right here Mike fuck mad that's reduction bullshit a fuck was I moving so slow for I didn't even get me oh shit am I here god I'm kind of savable do you know what connections that blind to me I've pushed it for a minute and a half with three people watching me out of the back Jesus that was um I was Bangalore oh that's a reef 45 few words later so it'll be what the hell that's pretty much just like asking what's favorite dessert oh shit I thought you had my banner for some reason try and get it we can get it easily tonight you can forgot you could do that Oh hit him in the they're gonna try to do the same thing if they just saw you do she just pop them in the head in the air oh there might look like they're not holy fuck so many people better than you're right other just got something you're so tall not building can you do that none of them are fighting each other there is all fighting us crazy so crazy crazy did it turn to Newton tenant and tenant and tenant in didn't in baby baby baby baby bear bear bear bear be near me really be be neat the championship is I don't know it's you're looking for benefit appease babyback babyback babyback bring these legs weren't made for walking this is your champion same place I'm sure I wasn't paying attention my bathrobe I'd rather was in a game you're an easygoing custard tart Oh dude those are so good oh my god custard tarts are literally they got in here telling a cold barrel nothing to use it with all right I left there I'll find you I mean to you the guy chasing me he's got behind me right now he's balling me he this whole game him now he's dead you followed me for so long dude Oh Tyler how you do me like that near me Pathfinder alright come on yeah shotgun shoulder no I have some I've seen like three you know in this building there's a lot of people up here that sucks that guy didn't chase me only the one did don't worry Tyler I got you skin has like a glitched like rocket on others you want fighting up here or I miss hearing this three two teams resident fella you know they fix roads little slower framing on console every and they seem like they only want to kill me all right the other house and the roof flap well either I mean I know how which one had cell friends I don't know that was very confusing who threw that life lights hard to hit sometimes cuz their back is kind of hunched so I'll give you try to hit her in the head it's not easy sometimes I feel you guys ever feel like lifelines harder to hit the right sometimes yeah just me yeah yeah no no it's I don't know if this is great speed left and right is like really fast compared to Raven yeah I don't know what it is about her but she's fucking quick dude the heavy bag on any of these guys how's everything walk it out I'm dead just play for yourself the be right there not that sick I could jump wall down see that I don't know you can jump all down mug where I could shoot maybe I could hit him you can jump here an obstacle if you're down oh really that I did not know Oh Pathfinder need I just have like 15 people whisper a game with their husband lied a lot of weird the team in I need an extended bag that's dese nobody has one look apparently there was somebody going around subbing to people with like it's like a fucking Avengers spoiler yeah like they had their name as the spoiler so like there's nothing you could do about that you know kind of funny the thing is about Avengers is such a long movie like you can't really spoil the whole movie unless you literally like write out a fucking like massive paragraph like I had it spoiled for me like the I guess like the main like the end dish kind of but not really because the movie there's bro there's so much in that movie it's crazy is there such a thing as filtering out certain words and chats they don't appear in chat that's not a bad idea you just thought of a new twitch feature maybe you should get hired I almost had a little bit of the movie spoiled while I was at the movies because you know like what you you're getting to the movies and they're getting done with their showing and then they're talking about the movie okay it's funny what's that triple tape come on in here where'd she go that's already a feature walk it with noise-canceling headphones that's basically Auto mod no what do you understand what he said you don't understand what come on man mods use your head a feature where you as like the channel person can type like banned words and rather than it like banning the person it literally doesn't show their message rate is very low I want to go kill him real quick we're back never mind never mind you got a heel off you must have a gold backpack there's a literally a feature for that what do you mean literally the word doesn't like the it doesn't even exist I'm not saying timeout I'm saying literally like it doesn't exist like that message that can't be sent