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Shroud :

happy birthday shroud I have been following you since the clown 9 days and it is great seeing you grow so much over the years love you and that fat cock thank you does anyone else hate that shroud and doc have their own exclusive skins oh it sure is you're pretty good tomorrow I know Saturday but I won't be here so everyone's saying happy birthday mm-hmm that's right yeah that's that's like four years in a row now I've been told remembered then a long time don't open that door don't open that door I'll to you okay that's you oh my god there's another one oh how do you close the door fuck I shot him in the face Oh someone's getting punched out right now it's a guy I can't heal yeah sure it was a good you ran his kind out the stairs are you running people are just punching the crap out of each other what's go I lost my vest and my helmet from that one-shot wonder me oh you go where's one shot gunshot owned me you see the new flashbang check it out I've been flashed it's white like an image oh I closed for some earlier and that didn't happen that's good I want to know don't flash me please don't want to say that can you heal no no don't worry though whatever dude this is here's a drink good ATX is a go connector my god you just crashing around so here we go I'm gonna set this room in bandage I find oh I'm on a quest a phantom Huskies gifted subs so did you look at that thank you I'm gonna go turn in my quest I'll play a level up please wait you're turning in your quest my quest was to find a first aid fallout 76 are you hyped I mean is it multi cuz there's some people says multiplayer but like trailer is just like nothing I mean it's the teaser guy over your army teaser trailer come on how do people know what's multiplayer I don't know leaks I guess I didn't understand that either I'm excited me I'm fallout fans for sure oh it's not a real game it's not a real guy one of those fake guys name was balcony maybe your first date backs right or by for bandages I kind of syringe I'll take bandages yeah injecting myself y'all I do oh my god keep that's hilarious he got is he he's shot like I opened the door and I waited a sec just I don't randomly he shot cuz he thought I was gonna run through and I opened it holy fuck I would have sucked I feel like I gotta be aware of that at this point that's happened way too much there's always a guy that closet well I think you probably just did that naturally yes I do the same thing like sidestep when you open a door it's very scary to open doors in this game I'm gonna talk about 60 out 140 no like 30 only at 17 you know thanks to you playing happy birthday for you truck juicer just other one I had shot he's running ray oh you just got safe oh my god it's all set of clothes Oh what's happening thanks a glass is broken yeah it was a snooze ever you fell right in front of me so I killed them I thought you just own those guys I was like wow that's amazing well my bad I did not oh no I failed you y'all know they're gay that's true 50k for my birthday dude it's possible possible chuckle where the 50k be they are all stream you just do some weird stream and they want some new subs like do like slip and slide slip and slide and slide with g9 just walked in he's alive chicken didn't take him out or he didn't choke to death no I laughed so hard when I read his tweet said it hurts so bad when I laughed crying he said no it would try it no kind of scope you got on that bad boy a tax I'm gonna go Luke these guys there we go real quick I'm kind of eating so I gotta fly it a couple hours here well not really actually but I do got a fly to fly today oh my eye sorry did you get your Stroud merch I know oh my my extra shad MERS just it just cuz just by symmetry like if you're a chat if you're thinking about buying strip adverts or just triple up on it dude my eye I'm gonna punch my face it's the scar better than even for now yeah dude they do I don't know what that was though I didn't feel good now the surfers feel pretty good surprising you dice so fast huh am i at 49 I'm at 48 941 come on 50 more subs 54 subs 50k total I have to get off and to beat to be safe I should get off at 3 hours but I'm gonna get off in 4 and I'm gonna play it close what smells good Jane I did it chokes chicken nice hey the twitch privalov yes yes that's what we need right there the 49k fly solo drew noobs Zilla will bow TBN kraskow senti obese ninja okay here yes what are you here two sets of footsteps maybe my steps what fifty get awesome dude if I get 50k Patricks that's to make that black dude he said he would damn dirty water Berger said whisper for gift weird name imagine logging in every day and typing some underscored thirty underscore Whataburger yeah I log in every day not really shroud is very easy to type my password cuz I don't want to get scammed there's other ways to get phones they could copy my phone from the interwebs oh they there's a way there's a will there's a will there's a way they could no but she's floating loot right here you read back what is it right now so that's a red dot what's weird I've never seen a red dot with like underneath it you know me neither no one has a world-first whoa shootin Oh shooting from last I feel like he's at Royal dude oh yeah he's trolling no way it's real just the one of those guys that just shoots and do anything oh my god precious got the troll but he is trying to kill us we'll see in this yellow house right here yeah yes your shots they've altered our doors broken glass after your shots great bombs this house is really ran now we got to play hide and seek another one same spot trying to back up and I was like why can't I get in this door I don't know where that other team was they're behind us boosting I dried up and they're all above above the place where we knock that guy there's nothing here in that building how long to do we should drop this way I can try to need I better get it down okay one of each team is down right now I'm pushing okay this next that left you seems low oh my god I just be the craziest playboy no problem got me in this building on my right fuck I don't know if he's a troll or not dude no this side this white one okay there's still a guy in did he not hear me that's not him there's another one there's another one he's really loved on the RV I think maybe this car is a really good holy crap yeah they buffed it there's still more by the way I just got car 98 sniped least I'll put on blow up right now how did you bathe them but not working I think he's pushing yep okay I take it back I don't like this bar anymore it's very scared whatever then we have 49 K o 40 type K hype dude Oh baby okay I love the waist shroud finish this off guys yeah no I finished them off with style dude koala bear Thank You Mickey the Captain Crunch gifting subs Jenkin dude I got it I got a jump on this gift train dude I gotta give some subs if I die early okay if I die early Chaka will play out and I will gift I will gift gift gift shredder is definitely hitting 50k today ah I have a flight to catch but he'll in three in three hours we got almost 900 subs and I have about three more hours of laughs it's possible three more hours to get a thousand subs like it's possible for sure it's just that's a lot of subs for three hours time that's a lot of subs man people would have to fucking they would have to cool like they'd have to sub it punch the subscribe button not just smash it with their fucking fingers you know wind it up and go okay there's a shot here right there's a bike yeah I think I don't think goes in here it was fast house maybe at the plane no I think it's fast that too fuck I bought six months Auto renew yesterday why is that a bet what's the problem there why is it a bad thing oh you could have gifted subs I see I see that's all right thank you for summing for six months man I appreciate it did you also get your Strad merging scoffs nice trout hey Chacko did you did you did you check out my merch I jinxed cops last route no yeah just came out today right yeah yeah I'm getting shot at cuz like I I wake up get in the shower sit at my computer start stream no browser damn you know fuck around shit right in there it's all serious for Chokey no fun games but how did you see the doctor eat was that after your stream last night yeah wasn't someone shooting at us no I don't think so well they were actually but I don't know where I'd like someone shot at me where's while ago when I was looting over there hey I think you're making something look man I don't think anything up it's the lip talking don't trust the lip still on those drugs I'm not paying their mothers hey buddy what day is it every sleepy thankee blaster boy was mark mountains thank you what a duck tweet it wasn't a dog tweet it was a dream act tweet I just retweeted it where subbed and t-shirt Shazam thank you Joe how are the new updates are pretty good man we're pretty good the tick rates pretty good there was a server lag though interest earn out so I got some nice ones nice models yeah they turned out pretty good I'd say on the on the jig's website if you actually click on my merch it's just a chat as the models the binders of the drop clothes Oh Oh it'sit's a two-for-one I'm gonna for the far other one I'm going right you go left five smokes I do okay got some – oh it's you vehicle driving just kill me no you can't I'll just push you out of the way I think there's a team coming for this one I don't care one of this compound down here grows it as you also need the crate I needed these guys the better down here for nine there's a team stop following mark is there a guy in there oh no it's not easy to push there's no zone there nothing I'm gonna wait there's gonna be my call oh god that guy got owned there's another one in there serious oh wait wait she's down put that yeah I just lost a mate in the back left corner that's what that building their head on the to kill the guy that's not I hope that's not him I I saw second time this game confused I saw somebody else like pretty far away and I went for him when I got home it's just funny happened earlier to like with the mm-hmm I'm just doing long-range Snipes where's the sub for your 50k love you shout thank you vibe thank you for everyone else that subbed as well thank you for everyone that's gifting a lot of people have gifted their first subs today so thank you for giving somebody else $5 that's essentially what you're doing you know you're giving another person $5 and then that $5 goes to me yeah you started hot yeah now it's not so hot huh steal all your kills money for how many frags you got sorry sixteen oh that's pretty fucking good we're outing right now let's go for forty are owning to dominate the throw over now the same exact thing but doesn't even actually aim you just got like hey what's going on what happened here you try to figure out what happened that guy's name is Trump did seven alone it's pretty good you made seven eleven Oh see you man – ten – two men many men back part of it high part it's 20 branches I hate a thing today I don't know maybe had a branch yeah we're going 40 we could get it if we kill everyone else I'm pretty sure else I can't man that's 21 yeah we would we just need three right all right now we need for your 16 I mean everybody I mean everybody to get 40 wait going now I have 21 that's fine no actually three now we should see three nevermind that dum-dum math is hard you know I bet you they're down here trying to climb up no maybe not actually okay girls they died of the zone I'm gonna be very upset with them I guess maybe here to the left where we came from that's my guess 90 damage to both those guys damn it dude and 60 kills forever what's your like half no your oh I don't know I closed it like not a lot of damage goes the stealing kills well we got it 41 41 41 hooray