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all right again so we are back with another video guys make sure you smash that like button guys where's my headphones oh forgot my headphones but anyway guys we're gonna gonna be robbing a bank I'm not robbing a bank but robbing a liquor store and robbing other stuff let's just go just do it a whole bunch of crazy stuff guys um I do want to take a guy and I do want to change my clothes god I think I'm looking a little too you know you know who robs places like this you know so let's go ahead and try hey whoa let's drive to my place guys it's pretty far so let's cut some time here guys you know you know we got to cut some time hair guys we have to cut some time here we can't be driving that far we're gonna keep cutting and gonna keep cutting keep cutting keep cutting cuz you know those hills guys got to go up those hills and stuff and it's gonna be horrible for us to go up those hills so let's just go right here boom guess what guys we're here we're here we basically here guys we took a shortcut okay guys we took a shortcut don't hit my car bro don't hit my car all right park my car here guys and let's go ahead and change our outfit guys it's getting dark so it's getting is a perfect time to you know to go rob do some crazy stuff okay so I think we're gonna start off with the gun story guys we're gonna Rob the gun store that's what we're gonna start off wait hopefully it's open all right outfits okay you get over okay there you go you do got a burglary outfit perfect guys perfect we ain't gotta even do a customized one we could just do one that's already pre done for us okay so let's go ahead I do want to call I don't I think I want to get an all-black car as well guys you know I'm like a nice all black SUV let's get a couple guys as well to UM to help me out with this robbery um what am i doing guys so let's go ahead and spawn a nice SUV a nice one guys uh armored perfect guys armored / thick I just want to change the rims to all-black this is perfect though let me call me a squad real quick let's go ahead and call a squad everybody all black on foot assault rifle into the micro estimate she just gets got a shoot from a car and we're good guys follow me all right so cool about it alright guys so that's what I wanted I want to change the rims of this car while we wait while we wait guys gonna change the rims as well also gonna change this where's that guy's crazy that where is that where's the wheel it was the first one really ok SUV stock rooms VIP perfect guys all blacked-out rims are they in my backyard damn my backyard guys let's get a nice gun out I don't think they're how do I take it in my backyard chop how come you didn't invite him chop okay my dog should have bit him alright anyway got a nice SUV here this looks like a robbery all black now is armored you know it looks like ok what's my other guy doing is he is he do we gotta leave him I guess we gotta leave him he's taking forever so the gun store guys first first is the gun store they were gonna go rub all a couple of these other ones alright where's the gun store where's the gun starting one gun store ready ok we got one over here that's far guys oh it's a lot of gun stores actually think I want closer to Alton oh yeah ones right here of course one is right there down the street guys all right guys it look like it's dark it looks like it's dark oh I guess we I'm going with only three got two two guys that's all we need we need to – guys back up that's cool oh this car is nice though I like it cuz there's a armor too so if some I try to shoot at as guys from the car we ain't gonna be able to take a lot of those bullets all right guys you're pulling up we are almost stairs down the street you gotta just hit a left the next light hey I'm coming through okay got some good grace got good brakes all right let's go do some crazy guys all right guys this is gonna be crazy all right guys get your weapons out get your weapons out look at us guys I wish I had mass going to the AH to be perfect all right you know what I want to I want to shot good I want a shotgun this one uh or a sawed-off yes to this hey bro oh oh oh give me your money bro give me your money guys take the guns guys take the girls take the guns let's take all the money here all right let's go let's go let's go over let's go let's go let's go we got what we needed oh no somebody somebody here who's this guy come on guys come on guys where the cops came fast Oh Oh okay we gotta go we got old we got a 2-star only so that's not horrible are they shooting at us they shot a cup so that's that stop alright guys see where you got away from the cops okay let's turn here I was gonna make a hi right over here everybody get out get out the car guys get out the car we're gonna stay right here by this pool we will just stay right here by this pool stay down guys stay down stay down guys you got no hell oops all right guys stay cover stay cup oh do y'all bed not come without any update not come down here yup ni get out the car alright perfect perfect guys we good guys really are good we're gonna get this other there's other gun store over there cuz I was gonna make this like that just robbed a whole bunch of stores I might just just route the gun store guys cuz they actually gonna fight back so makes it more little interesting guys alright our next our next look our next location guys we're gonna fix our vehicle go ahead and fix the vehicle here there you go don't hit my vehicle objects big stick alright bro what's up bro you got a problem oh he got a gun I didn't look on get in the car get a car you get a car they're shooting I have that shootout going on in already shoot it I just started some trouble guys are we going we going oh we gotta go what did this guy doing what was that guy doing all right guys we got to get out of here so it's at our next location I don't do the cops are gonna see us we only fear long Oh I turn it to what did I turn to okay watch out watch out guys I'm coming through coming through coming through [Applause] Wow cops are right there cops are right there like pick up the police station who was it that guy okay guys you pull it up we come in to all the cops right there they slow down slow down slow down slow down bro slow down slow down no no crap yeah no no cops lokar's oh we should let we shouldn't what who was he shooting at guys let me see reacting he went in able to squat whoa whoa babe what I don't know what that was oh it was the no need to be close we could be close we do because get back in the car get back in the car bro oh it's right there what am I do that what am i doing I'm not sure woody was shooting it all right guys right here lady get out of here it's fun to get other day lady hey hey oh I shot him I said on once give me your money bro is he done okay he's done take his money take the money take all the guns take all the jewelry take all the armor everything let's go cuz cops are already down the street cops are already down a street Oh bro bro bro bro obviously poor guy oh come on bro come on bro [Applause] come on bro why is he walking look at a whitey taking his time what is he doing up I came back for you bro you taking your time I had to take off some cops for you bro he just taking your sweet time huh all right guys let's try to see if we get away from this we got a look for star which is pretty bad got a helicopter autos it's why now all right let's see let's see this serious it was our best move was our best move right now straight hits straight is our best moves we hit this right this helicopter on us though so why not get away okay okay okay it's what we gonna do right here sharp left here guys keep going straight a block or two bro go go you see me coming you know what all right guys let's run let's run in this story run in the store hurry up hurry up hurry up hurry up hurry up all right oh crap guys okay I'm gonna call another squat I need another squat on the nscaw yes hey guys private there you guys go did I call them okay I call them I called them I'm gonna need help because they were all dirty in here dirty in here Oh Oh God guys Bri are doing watch out bro cooper-breaux let me go in let me go here bro oh no bro let me go a bro let me go away go – go ahead take them out bro take them out I need my son oh my gosh they're having a shootout guys they're having a shootout let me go help with a little help I already shot one of my guys uh I got both of my guys I got Pokemon guys oh my gosh Oh Matt oh come on come on come on Oh Oh my guys are here but guys are here but guys are here guys you here to shoot it they out there my guys what's up bro are they shooting me from the window they shouldn't be from the window guys they try to kill me but guys are out there okay I mean okay we call my other squad this missed call come on I got another squad coming for me oh I take another squad out bro get out of here bro just run bro okay this is defeated I did the defeat it busted my SWAT my second squad room I swear we call them as well well my other squad is out there again look guys okay I'm getting the cops away from me I'm getting the cops off of me right now because my squads are distracting the cops guys there's a lot of guys I have a lot of guys out there right now so they like so the cops are distracted the cops are distracting guys let me see if I can see I can't see I don't want out I don't wanna up come on come on I want the cops to get off and get the cops off me I already have a pig you're having a huge fight guys they have any use for I stood up my whole my whole squad – guys it's none of them die yet so about the members of squad one already died okay I just lost a member right now Scott won come on guys keep them occupied keep them occupied / guys it comes off to me the cops are looking my squad look at this perfect watch this look at these guys they should look up we must look at my squad look at my squad guys my squad is savage guys y'all came through guys y'all back me up one squad backed me up guys it took out all these Cubs when I carefully distract the guys it all got away from the cops they savages guys I want everybody comments savage down below they came through from you guys they helped me out a lot look at this guy look at this guy I want you guy I want you to take care of him take take care of him take care take care of a man yeah you scared Allen bro take care of them no there you go take care of him take them out that's what happens when you mess with my squad you don't rush oh oh get him get that get get that get that in turn and let's get the amber Lancer man he just hit me man showing up we don't we don't mess around guys yeah take him out take them out take them up take them out Oh Oh my squad is savage guys they came through oh my gosh go get him go get him Oh what it should matter wait oh my gosh they should have oh my god today look at this oh I told you my squad don't play guys my squad Oh Blake I said my slash at what life but it got thanks for tuning in but I see you guys in the next