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Doctor Yas:

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What’s up? What’s going on guys? CaptainMonk here with a Reworked wukong video going bottom lane with Doctor Yas!
I hope this video inspires some of you to play The Monkey King!

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alright what's up what's going on guys captain monk here so in today's video were playing more of the reworked Wukong but we're actually playing him in the bottom lane as a support to make this work I brought along a buddy of mine dr. Yas to play his yah so so that we can land some nutty combos for those who don't know dr. Yas he's a high diamond yeah so man who happens to be the number three yah so in North America on OPI GG he's also a youtuber who just hit 10k subs so definitely check him out he has recently posted some videos of us duo queuing at diamonds so maybe check those out after watching us screw around the bottom lane with the new Wukong changes thanks for listening and enjoy the video oh yeah dude you look super silver I'm actually so down with these cromoz yes are you nice yeah okay right right look how well we match like yeah yeah exactly oh my god my settings what is this so big yeah maybe take a moment to change him but oh yeah we need to do our cheesy Envy I like halfway be like engaged don't worry I mean I'm probably gonna walk into somebody here but like I'm ready alright no no one's here wait for the Blasco no well I think all the settings are basically this so basically we're looking to do here so waiting for the blast cone and then we're gonna blast in oh wait tarik oh this poor fool kill this bitch no the stun us though I'm dropped ignite oh I didn't drop the ignite alright now I got it Zac's a beast get the Lucien make it wish he was never born oh there's a splash that's awesome spot holy shit is it we're so good I got to move my Chet oh my goodness do all these PvE settings are so gross like settings or whatever yeah yeah dude how baby you play with your HUD ski oh by the way cuz I like playing on it like at like 1000 so I have my map max size just cuz I like seeing the map yeah when it comes to the actual umm like the HUD that's not the map I think I have it set somewhat lower I mean look yeah 50 sigh but like lower but not too bad gotcha so I said I could this matchup we're looking to get level 2 first yeah I feel that like we can kind of fight them level 1 but we don't want to dive into their minions I'm pretty sure but other minions are kind of gone I'm just gonna go at him oh yeah well I got stun that's okay I got potions this is what potions are for oh my goodness first first cute easy with oh they don't have flashes otherwise so we can actually go in on this oh yeah it's super true alright as soon as we get level 2 I think next minion Oh a nice damage nice damage I got electrocuted two seconds minion ready oh here we go this guy's just the new new botlane Yasuo Kong yeah so what kinda new meta I mean it was meta in the summer actually back when I'm away through this twitch is what's coming what's up to it Oh take it take it take the bullet take the move give me this no bastard I'm flashing after this guy wait for it Oh Giotto all right wait tarik what's up this action I don't think so damn son we go what do you what do you think about these changes I haven't heard your opinion yet I like changes man alright so the new passive is actually amazing oh god no no no no what am I done no not like this dude the double buff transfer double thread spurt it's okay what are you put it on tarik because we're gonna kill him later and get him back right oh yeah you're right you're right anyways what do you think of the changes alright so I love the new passives man the crushing blow is stacking up damage whether it's my ultimate auto attacks other abilities etc excellent the Stoneskin having all these resists when I'm within the range of like 3 plus champions excellent the passives are like perfect maybe numerically they're a little bit over tuned but they're excellent he was kind of weird and clunky with the passive because it's not just your cue that has the extended range anymore so it looks kind of awkward but it's kind of growing on me I'll admit the sustain feels kind of out of place but it's really helpful for Lane Wukong specifically and jungles not too bad neither are we going we got a family anyway Oh do again you just killed all over them yeah all right let's pull the wave up oh nice so I kind of watched a video a little bit do you you said that like his damage numbers are like lowered right yeah so a base damage to you is probably lower because it scales less well than it used to and Aziz got a lower ad ratio but I would say that like the damage is actually bigger in extended fights because of your passive okay I'm almost double three by the way once I get all three oh we gonna do with this poor Lucian Tarek you've got a long way to run to get home dude he's just too good he pressed eat my exhaust just came up – I got this each mini for you though mm-hmm all right I guess we push the wave right yeah aren't I such a nice support player giving you all the farm yeah I was about to say I'm like what are you doing you should be taking all this shit Kari I wouldn't say that you're flawless man I want to write it down sure sure all right yeah I feel like I can make the big place the big rome's oh oh here it is here it is oh look at these place look at the boobs faker all right I proved my value support Wilcock time to go back actually I'm gonna take the scuttle crab it's gonna take me forever but I believe yo oh you know I'm gonna do I'm gonna build lethality ah so fuck it we'll just we'll just like holy crap it is it is so lit because if we both go lethality like because they're tarik right they got the extra armor like that all right well there you go black cleaver for like the shred but if you want me to go go tonight okay all right you've convinced me anything else and and your fake news dude fake news oh I'm so ready for this dude yes I can't wait from level 6 so they promise they have a tariff but if we play it right it won't matter that's true or I might just decoy in two lanes they don't see me coming oh wait oh I don't think so oh my god Mike savage finishing I'll finish him now you feed her what are you doing I'm trying to funnel the kills all this Tarek oh god no no no TF know we could I want to tell them we could talk about this when you already kill me didn't give you a chance no we can talk about this and we could talk about this shit alright you know it's okay though we're approaching level six and so will you like we're gonna be so set up oh yeah I know we're we're lit we gotta give him a little bit of a chance right I wouldn't even I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy to play ad carry into Yasuo Wukong poor guy Oh never lucky I really hope at some point when he's trying to use this culling you're just there with the wood wall and you just like dance behind it as he's just like incapable of doing anything I'm gonna go into the seas alone oh absolutely well I'm just gonna do a little bit of that loopy loop here no – solution oh yeah yep Oh the exhaust this poor guy finish him finish him yes I got my all well how close yeah I'm only just hitting level 5 so like how we do this Tarek situation you ready mean I'm telling that's what the lethality for I believe I believe you think so okay I mean I believe I'm gonna look for some twitch in the jungle mmm no twitch on this on this room maybe maybe some Twisted Fate hmm or maybe maybe we just come to like yeah taking the blue xxxx I think it's exactly to do because it switches talk I love the new decoy how it hits the jungle monster doesn't see my weight now because it doesn't do the like weird animation anymore yeah so it doesn't spit anymore instead of just Auto Attack sanding nearby and places on hit effects so if you got like dust boy you can hit champion oh my god that's so broken that's really good oh I don't know if we win 100 yeah six yet I got two relics though I'm gonna grab these minions over here see how effective that is man I can reach four minions with my Q and get the last ten broken oh wait Zach's dude I'm ready yeah now almost 600 just push the wave here see yeah I feel like we should reset the wave and like pull them out and then go for the bait combo oh there it is I have it I'm so excited alright yeah they have to put that way if that I'll just like I don't know a big old decoy from this first brush they don't see me coming whoo that would be actually really good yeah yeah I got flashed too so yeah this will be okay I'm just not sure if we focused Eric or Lucian cuz I feel bad for the solution at this point oh that is dashed this guy just ran it down I'll fuck it in okay which is it this Eric oh I'm not even chance Oh got him oh wait for it alright now we go oh okay finish up ah oh my goodness XD oh wait hold on Zach's got the moves Oh Zach oh no no no – its oh god what the fuck do I do I think I know the place of Jukes okay do I got try oh yeah that's where Scott's rolled yes oh nice Ed's that got out oh my god dude we're actually surfing on him the team is this the dream the dream team oh there it is so where do you think Wukong would play like do you think he's still gonna be like good topper is he gonna be like exclusively jungle I think his laning is better because he has sustained however I think his jumbles better because he has sustained and a decoy that autotext the jungle monsters making his first clear not abysmal which is such a game changer because like a for who Kong basically had to like accept every defeat for the first like three four levels just because he's jungling and he's almost dead but now he doesn't have to do that he can actually make place okay okay it's excellent dude excellent dude we have the exact same score why are you copy we really what do you mean my CS is a my see his numbers are looking real smooth oh do we have this I'm not sure we do oh oh there's the win wall I'm going in okay I'm with you all this port illusion I steal that kill though well I want that oh I need to make sure my score is better I think I yeah I'm done wonder if this will work oh yeah I could reach the side and still him with one the Nimbus hits I'll finish all the lash this guy's smurfing Smurf me on PB oh yeah this twitch this torch is gonna walk right Express wait is it though I'm you close we see him and vis or maybe he's just going to farm you oh he's right here oh saved yeah all right hold on decoy do your best decoy do things wow that's so cool that the the decoy actually hits the target I'm just gonna casually walk the other direction and let hope he lets go all right looks like he's letting me go nice dude so close I'm 700 off of dusk this is yeah ghost blade can we please go to focus okay yeah yeah I'll go double ghost you're right you're right yeah exactly all right black cleaver second now because I want a shred for you oh yeah yeah I think the stacking about my passive would just be amazing like dude it's I feel like with with Black Cleaver we're close like always been good with it I don't know I just feel like it's an item you need on him yeah there's one thing I need to test by the way my friend was saying that there's a bug with who Kong that's been there for like a long time where you could use your decoy to actually last hit with relics tax and that will in fact actually give you extra stacks of relic so white yeah my decoy didn't Autotech the minions there and I was trying to test it but apparently like that's what he was saying I don't know if I'll like accurate that is sounds pretty broken no that sounds extremely broken because apparently it gives your decoy the money and give the money when your decoy gets the relic stack so I put that decoy okay that was probably bad decoy let's just ignore these bad decoys I'm putting down all right what my next real like stacks available I'll have decoy in like close timing nice tornado well I was thinking about it yeah I've got all T in 20 seconds we're in no rush I'm just gonna get some deep vision at the blue since I like cheese in this twitch at his blue I think it's funny all right I got a Rolex tack – oh you think good guy wonder if they're standing here they are standing here oh I feel like we kill him before oh we don't quite well the tornado I'm gone for it you're crazy ghost plate right oh the fadeaway we got CF coming in well he went for sack oh nice tornado I think we run away though yeah I think we get out I got window on like two seconds hold on hold on here's the nice twitch go out – it's this poor – it yes he walked out of it oh fuck a body would say dude that's it it's done it's over that's that's GG that play was so huge and I think that's Tower too I like how we're taking a tower you're like can't be bothered there jungle let's say fuck that shit you guys can have it ha ha I want jungle who would I got the tower gold mmm juicy you know those chicks who have like those sweatpants with juicy written across the ass oh yeah sometimes I really appreciate it other times it's just the worst thing in the world to see on whose unless I'm not gonna say anymore but it just depends on who's that wearing it yeah to say the very least I think my girlfriend's got her pair is somewhat similar but it's like under like the Victoria's Secret brand so it's more like the pink stuff or whatever right it's a pretty nice like or the more good-looking ones yeah all right both have bounties on her head now but I have one too many or one too few deaths so I'm gonna run this down right I can we have to have the same score is that how it works okay fair enough fair enough All Right see F free kill here we come all right everybody all right well I have ulti in a few moments here five seconds I still relieved to test this theory though so for the next minion wave I have a relic stack and I've got my decoy so I think leave the minions for a moment okay all right decoy do your best huh oh wait it gave me why it gave me but I don't know if I got a doubled I didn't do my math fuck yeah at this point I've tried actually may I have a word I have one more try all right maybe some math hopefully that should be like low enough for Angelus here I think it does give me the money twice I could be wrong but I'm pretty sure I got like a lot of money I don't know yeah I would go back and watch that be kind of sick yes I won the call Mary please let us know cuz I can't do instant math cuz I'm an idiot alright yo I'm ready for the big combo if you're a big combo I'm ready all right I'm just gonna run Oh got him this guy oh my goodness that's us combo I was hoping to get twist too but weird a little bit late who you want to run top yeah dude we're just gonna fucking go on okay we're just going everywhere oh my goodness he's staying he wants that tower he's grieving dude he's actually kind of tanky though I wonder like you from Abella take this guy out oh wait holy shit once oh wait I'm hallucinating I thought his mommy cinder was a fucking Sun fun fire already hey what kills yeah we're still almost going neck-and-neck I just have one less death than you yeah get the audio oh wow come on VIN all right it's control word I'm being a team player I still think it's hilarious keep going ghostly oh no oh wait the windmill right the fight oh wait I'm trolling I'm trolling I fucking rift Mike you okay like a becomes the damage got him it's good I need it to die so you could get that kill so we could even have to score again yeah exactly oh never mind yeah but then again I'm just gonna go everybody uh wait the TS got gold I'm not ready for this oh yeah decoy whack the maokai oh oh wait Jeff used wait what the fuck am i doing I'm smurfin he's okay that was oh my holy this maokai smoke eyes actually smirking like god oh we went down forth so this point my relic shield has basically paid for itself oh the bail cost place oh my god god i'm oughta split in hit lucian for the slope oh dude that was actually so good thank you dude I was a kid growing up I had like as a kid growing up I had issues like burping I was like one of those guys has more of like a feminine burp so so you know how like kids you know they're like really immature and they're like oh who can burp louder who can like do all the things I could like never do that shit yeah who can prepare a bit yeah literally I would always get made fun of maybe like Marc Marc you can't do any of this stuff you're such a girl really girl really are you gonna burp like a man I know it's so sad yeah I grew up with three sisters you can't blame me yeah they rubbed off on you mail exactly you helped bury now I want to solo the dragon no help required no no please help me I'm lying please oh wait I already too late this is me oh is that the kid it's me we got the dragon oh my god what's this healing wait okay you want this I was gonna say if you lost like I was gonna flame you wait dude it's fucking maokai healing i always forget how good it is always all right I think we get this mid turret here we still need to find opportunity though we're like your lafalot e yeah so build like pops their team with my uh-huh I'm trying to think of like what other item I could probably get last whisper it also seems like our bottom Lane momentum has like carried into the rest the match cuz now everyone's doing good nice everyone's got a bounty except for Malphite XD oh yeah I'm not sure okay oh you wanna fight you man fight yeah let's fight oh I'm bad wait I'm bleep fighting right I thought were fighting what are you doing I thought were fighting what do you mean oh oh wait are we fighting oh wait what oh my red Bob what are we fighting wait i need help i need help are you sure I thought we're fighting it's gonna give you a low key fuck you I'm um it's good day symmetry oh I want to share that you don't get that man oh oh oh are we fighting oh god yes cupboard oh fuck he's already got me but look at these sick Jukes dude oh I left I left sack to die yeah I'm the most selfish cog support never wonderful team player right all right let's go batshit get the black do they have enough healing to justify a mortal reminder should I just go straight for a Lord Lord looks like no cars got caught oh but that Malphite are combine oh is it enough oh it's not enough I think I want to go with the sterak's gage I think that'd be good with the combo actually if I lost their bounties dude oh that's true they probably got so much gold off of that holy crap yeah that's something with the leave it's really strange right now is like if you're losing all you do is like one or two bounty shutdowns and you're back in the game yeah dude ice I've had that happen so many times where it's like my team is just where we're winning super hard everyone's got like five six hundred bounty on them and then we just lose why see blue Sun still got him no wait wait why's okay excuse me please yes so I know they changed the east of it like the extra will kong decoys that come out or like a little bit harder to tell apart oh my goodness what do you mean what do you mean riot right games yes he has no he has a cloth a cloth armor oh yeah I found one piece of come here you bastard no he's fucking to die be so good are we gonna kill you – oh no no is it I got him oh no twitch no oh I got a live no chip Jeff oh no he's over there I was thinking to be underneath me team I'm a great support I promise I'm a great support I promise you guys I'm the best watching this in base and just watching you guys kind of loose I'm thinking that can go in I see the right opportunity I'm doing it in I didn't do it close close over Zach oh the big damage I kind of liked it too reverted does a car actually cause like now you can actually carry a sack again yeah but that's not gonna lead to carrion alright sterak's gage components I probably should place my cat roared by Baron because this point that's like the only thing that matters other than dragon but like I don't know I think we have enough control that will just get dragon by default oh is this the treaty for us yeah so uh yeah man this is BS this teleport maybe I should nitrate me horse but then I got a black leaver they don't really stack that well oh oh dude they're at D okey kill the Lucian though oh my goodness the sick nasty place come on oh all right well the Cavalry's here now we just this malachite is slowly but surely dies I like the Malfoy r41 target that was definitely necessary oh man the amount of times I've seen a map I go for like that sort of playing just absolutely with is incredible yeah Malphite are risks riffs are amazing you be surprised men you know they struggle and even in diamond people are trash I actually had a Malphite who like purposefully like whiffed every single R and then or just like put in the chat like sorry team I think I missed that one but we'll do better next time like he had this like super like go lucky attitude and it was like so obvious that he's just briefing the game and then say nice things in chat yes I fucking hate when people do that because it's legit just like okay I know I don't want to get myself okay wait what the fuck yo what am i decoys it's like what's the side that was so strange I was so confused where I went isn't it supposed to confuse them not me yeah wow that was weird oh wait oh yes the twitch is popping off oh nice tornado we're almost the same score again dude all right they're starting to grow oh it's a baby this is us oh I don't know what this rose okay it's time we group and get the wombo wait because they're definitely rooting weight America this feels like our ranked games that we play Minh true I mean not exactly because normally we're not playing we'll call yeah so bottom with lethality but true true but yeah you should we get ahead early and then we kind of control and have fun and then we lose it's like okay Betsy be okay how low is the Baron though half all the Bell fight combo I don't have are yet but please I got it now it's kind of late though Oh Aleutians solo I didn't finish them though or vel'koz can though oh they're sold oh please please you're scared baby the stoats kid the decoy autotext oh we slapped him up good dream we're switch wrist which oh that's a good question too I'm actually so terrified now yeah I thought was really gonna pop you well can bail cause live oh my god helium let's go alright it's all fish to go guardian angel on support Wukong I feel like it kind of is let's go living what 2hb you do it anyway all right so we need to coordinate our next Ultimates mine's up in 25 seconds you've got yours already mm-hm I believe in the dream meanwhile sex cell pushing mes Tomales treat us some damage but that's like the only thing zach has it as damage to towers no like legit yeah you just like kind of like tickles the tower a little bit here and there take the tower yeah I should probably wait my support item but let's be honest by now we've realized I'm not truly a support don't fool yourself yeah don't don't troll I'm not actually super all right got my ultimate I'm just looking for a grouping and I'll communicate to you when we're looking for more gonna have it the thing is though is there seems kind of smarter like they know not to like group for like Malphite ultimate or mile I think the make a coconut yeah I do they're totally gripping is it baby oh spend away let's go the Terek oh these kind of like cock block here but a little bit of a cock I won't lie but oh I think we got no all Ellucian you think you can escape you can't escape this nice little daddy gave us this lucky guy oh I go go the note that is clean that was some clean place from the mouth fighting you like it was really knock up in Tanaka into my all and for like oh the combos yeah I come on a slow mode on too much the lafalot II ultimate from y'all so I should can do yeah I think that's insta Baron for us yeah this composition works pretty well you got a mage mid Malphite top we call yeah so bottom and as a jungle I like you can you can toss out some champions and switch them back in but this is this is a true teamfight composition right here did I love these comes to most to be honest with you yeah like also super good yeah no I agree because then like you just start grouping and you know you don't know what to do you just kind of like start winning well exactly and the other thing as well is like if you think about solo queue your teammates often don't really know how to coordinate split bushes or proper sieges yeah exact of control and disengage and they just want to go in go in go in so play teamfight know exactly and I always just want to say that it's like I hate this but push team calm so like Tryndamere like Jax is that only split push because people don't know how to like 131 yeah they really just don't understand how to like pressure then kite back and pressure then kite back they're just like go go go go go and this like doesn't that's not how it works yeah and they like take it to 545 they lose and they're like dude why don't you come I was like uh I was top away with no teleport what do you mean exactly right alright I'm ready for looking another combo here I've got the ultimate I think some of them are seaching bit here which is really unwise there's malphite's so far are not malthus alright malachi for evolution I'm not gonna arm though I want to look for them big grouping all right tarik arsonist all things out oh they come with the bat I want that I want that oh all right got a couple here as well oh that's which I got into yeah boy just piles in and dies at this point yeah they really can't take away against us at all alright that's probably a decent note to end it on valide Yasuo is it a thing big data Yasuo will call huh your mom's died fortunate yeah I mean I don't know exactly how good the combo is with the without yeah so but I feel like you're always so much more damage for sure oh oh yeah cuz like your ultimate actually don't do that much damage when you go crit that's the thing no yeah it's it kind of sucks but I mean in general I mean carousal is definitely better but it's it's so fun so fun oh yeah it was still it excellent time in dissolution give it us for free buddy Tarek what's some of this oh that's the game all right well thank you guys for watching hope you enjoyed it if you did make sure to drop that radiant let's check out those post game stats I'm actually kind of interested in seeing like the damage charts and all that good stuff I actually would be surprised if you do the most image you think so is will kong support yeah I'm calling you I'll wait for my money on it I'm gonna wait for my money that you don't waste your money that's the most damage alright let's see graphs no it was you I was second really no I swear I thought you didn't were damaged than me cuz I feel like you took a lot more fights I don't know about that would you took a lot more split Bush fights I was kind of playing with the team you know transporting later right here you right you right the classic Yasuo 1v9 mindset okay I was taken no mouth maokai just got dick done yeah big boy XD just like holy crap alright well thanks man for joining me for this this was a lot of fun and I'm glad you excellent alright well that wraps up the video thanks guys for watching hope you enjoy you have to do to support the video and I'll see you all the next one peace