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Oh guys what is going on it is your boy you already know that and we've got a different kind of video today I wanted to do a little bit of serious maybe weekly where I go through some people's teams look at the teams talk about different players that some people are using and that would be all based around you guys so if you're watching this video what you should do in the future make sure you guys peep around for my Twitter throughout the week I put up like a weekly tweeter too saying like yo show mean it seems right Samir squats I want to go through these I want to talk about some of these teams that people are using some players that I like some things that I would improve maybe and things like that so yeah if you guys want to do that just go ahead and follow my twitter and if you guys like this man and you want to see more of this just drop a thumbs up I think I'm gonna go through probably 10 to 15 squats talk about some things that people are using talking about things that I like and so yeah I'm up for this ok so we've got a team number one and this is coming in from mr. Mick @rn as you guys can see and he's a player on xbox now he's got a 4-5-1 set up which usually when using a 4-5-1 what you do is you end up using a 4-2-3-1 that's usually what people do he's got the Player of the Month hazard he's got the Europe legal on zone which is a really good card he's got the best goalkeeper in foot which is the heya and especially the hey a team of the year he's got Blanc which is a really reliable centre-back David Luiz just unbelievable Danny Elvis is still pretty standard I like his flashback card I think it's good best is amazing petit is amazing Coutinho is interesting Cuttino is more of a fun card I think less of like a really meta car but I think Coutinho could be good in this game and then he's got two liska and I like till this guy till this guy go back and forth with sometimes in better gameplay you know he's he's really good in bad gameplay he's really bad so I'm assuming he's probably doing a 4-2-3-1 here he's gonna do hazard and best out wide probably was casino central and he's probably playing for me nowit striker or something along the lines of that with Telesca and petite at CDM that's what I would assume he's rockin with what I would say is that OPA League Alonso is a really good card now so yeah I've done a really good job making that card a very good player in foot now so that's a very good card in foot so like this team a lot the next thing we have is a team coming in from foot McGee a viewer of my streams a lot of my streams and this is a full untradable team so he said this is all untradable he's got your shin he did the prime moments spc which I do as much as you guys think it's funny I think your shin is a top three keeper in this game the moments I don't think the prime is that good but I think the moments is very very very good so he's got your shin moments Van Dyck at centre-back which I like that player of the month you if you did it because it got a very big upgrade Europa League Alonzo at left-back right that he's got real ferdinand that sent her back he's got Danny Alba's out at right back and then he's got petit say Dorf Ballack and then Bop a with stoichkov and hazard and then this is what it looks like on his bench it's the full untradable team he's got Bobby Moore Suarez and tradeable Monty Royce so for me I love in pop a I think Storch Cobb is fantastic if you can get away using a three star weight but I think that's a fun player that hazard is very consistent I think in this team I like Ballack and Patito would probably upgrade say Dorf and then the defense is very good I think a lot of people you'll see you see that it lands on a lot of people's teams but that's probably the only thing I would upgrade with this team don't really know what he's playing in game okay next up we've got a team coming in for mr. Rowland and he's got a first owner cr7 in the team he's got a pretty unique team right Alison is a very good keeper in this game Kyle Walker's flip birthday I have not tried that card I think it's probably a really good card I haven't tried it davin Luis Alonso can sell oh really Metta at the back and Kinsella allows you to bring out that uvlink so he's got Bentinck or Kevin de Bruyne Cruyff Ballack Parrish and Ronaldo so if I were to take a guess he's either playing a fortune ville 2 or 4-2-3-1 either way works with this team Paris which has an unbelievable four birthday card CR sevens out obviously cr7 bits of course got a pretty good card Kevin de Bruyne steam of the year is very good man I do you think that's a very good card I definitely rate that card so that's a guy that I really really like about this team and I'd be curious to know if this caught that card his first owner or not baby crow if I'm assuming he probably packed baby cries out of the baby icon pack which is pretty lucky if you did and that's a good team I write this team next up guys we've got a team coming in from Game Freak who's actually a pretty decent FIFA player man this guy is a very very good player this is the team that he's rockin with right now it is a 4-5-1 interesting team here so kourt's wah I'm not a big fan of courts wah that's just my own opinion I'm not a huge fan of him and I think if I was in his shoes right here with this team I would use davit daheia and then instead of course wah get the weak link to dive in Luis weak link to ramos but since ramos is already on that's strongly tamadra sh you can get him on that weak link that's fine and I think for him right back he's in a tough scenario with that right back and right mid the foster I think his name is Forrest Forrest the right mid that met him actual experience asking I'm hoping that ei brings him a nice team of the season card he's got primal with Socrates at the right camp position he's got the prime team which is a reliable card clunky and bad gameplay right not always the best when the game plays bad but a reliable card Felipe Anderson is less matter than he was a few months ago but obviously F the matter right use players you want to use and then he's got future stars habits which is a very good player that's a very very good player I do recommend trying that card if I were you guys I think upgrade to this team obviously be team you they're moderate right if you can afford it at any point get that the hair going arthouse is not a bad fullback I think you might want to get a player that gets you know one of the sides of the right that you have on full cam maybe you play a right made like for a birthday promise at the right mid position instead of forest and bring forests off the bench but you got a lot of options with what you could do with this team and I like Socrates in are like some of the key players you have in this team next up we've got a team from Teemo and he says it's mostly untradable he's got prime moments Kluivert he's got Kevin de Bruyne steam of the year he's got Frankie to young he's got delict he's got a pretty good team and and this is this is a very solid defense right you've got Ken 'var with delict the Lincoln pass out of the back Kenneth I was a defending maniac on this game you've got Ferlin Mende ffs which is a fantastic card you've got doom freeze SPC outright which is a really really really good car that's a league especie that I would say if anybody's got some time you're grounding the guy species if you're doing that League SPC try try to go and get that leading species on the right try to complete him and get him in the team because it's a very good very very good card and bopping Neymar's kind of that like duo that you can't really go wrong with this year guys very solid van der Sar and that's interesting I don't know if I love that I think he's reliable though I don't think it's a bad keeper for me and this team your your glaringly obvious upgrades is con today's gold you've got to get that looking a little bit better we've got to upgrade that it's another higher version if you're gonna use Conte but other than that I think this is a unique team I love the hyper link that you have between delict and Taeyang I love that I think that's a really cool team to have going in a team right now I like the team a lot man have a 4-1 4-1 team right coming in from the man Alex and he has seemingly like a big he's a big La Liga fan whether it's a Madrid fan or a La Liga fan he's got a pretty pretty standard La Liga team natural Fernandez needs to be upgraded right we see the team and we know that for sure I would say just go with gold Ramos go through the job – hey us great Blancas great Sandra's great carvahal does the job he's not a fantastic but he's okay then you've got bail Toni Kroos I like Toni Kroos I just submitted him in an SPCC but I like the card I think you could upgrade it I think if you could try to rock out with rode to the final Kentucky I'm looking at your cone total maybe you go road to the final conduct BIA Benzema is actually really good that's a very good SPC bail maybe you know bail maybe you get to the team in the group stage a little bit of an upgrade with him and then he's got Coutinho I left Lampard I mean for me that's probably the middle icon SVC so I would say Lampard is probably the area on this team with kondogbia that you're gonna want to upgrade the most that kind of your Center minutes probably need to be upgraded the most so I would look to upgrade to higher higher rated you know better center Minton la liga / icon center mids okay we've got a four triple two team from Hakan and he says uh he says that Ben Arfa is so fun to use now I kind of like this team I think this is a fun fun but met a team right I think you've got two really solid centre backs along with two really solid central defensive mids that are gonna be able to hold down the center of the pitch and I think you've got some opportunity to go out why don't have some fun with players Kevin de Bruyne focus is a top five favorite card for me this year Benzema that card I just talked about the last one Ben's endless card consistently gives me headaches and we can link so that's a very very good card then you've got Ben get her in the team which is a really good player and then Ben Arfa look if it's fun it's fun right I think he's got low stamina but other than ice you got the kurosawa Blanca obviously knows a very very very very good Carter than Kyle Walker is a very standard good fullback I like this team a lot next up we've got a team coming in from the great foots foot spy I think its foot spy foots be look at this team man what do you want me to tell you about this team now he says Rivaldo will be swap soon and I'm saying Raval those weren't ruining this team you've got to get rid of although out now he's got moments Dino prime Ballack team of the year moderates Messi Ronaldo they're almost verón Marcelo daheia where are the dynamic images dude next up we've got a team coming in from Abdul and he says what do you think I love this team dude I was just using hamdallah and we can link he's actually a fun player to use I enjoyed him he's got moose Lalique SBC Del Piero's baby probably out of the baby icon pack I'm hoping he had good pack look he's got Giuliano which I believe is another league SBC card Lyn occurs moments which is okay if you look at statistically lit occurs moments card it's really good card EULA volgy is it another decent one probably a little bit outside of the meta now I think I would upgrade because you can do any French player there look into doing concierge well maybe get a better version of lava even though he's red piranhas solid Perez he's okay I don't know about his fullback at the left back we should probably look for a better left back and considering he's got a Brazilian there I would say Aleksandra for me is a option for this team and then I don't even know your goalkeeper but maybe you look into getting an essential record swan net but if you want to use rights by all mean so that's fine like the uniqueness of this team okay we've got Mitchell coming in with a very very very Luke he's of lucrative trader on xbox got a lot of coins and he says in the message hello I like SBCC and I hate game play yes he clearly does he's got end of an hour check carnival rüdiger and carnival Mendy he's got Kevin de Bruyne split miss which is a very very good card Roy Keane right he's got a lot of SBC's in this team that were easy to complete good value for what you were gonna get so I laugh when I look at this team but I like him and I like I like some of the things I like I don't know if he's really used to Bella Bella for me was a little bit of a letdown just cuz of the weak foot Akemi solid ypres obviously bruh Alfonso Davis was probably one of the SPC's this year that I really missed out I'm doing and I'm very disappointed myself that I didn't complete that SBC because that SPC is very good so I am a little disappointed that I did not go ahead and complete that SBC this year so that for me was just a letdown and I'm pissed that I'm looking at this team and I don't have him but I like the team it's it's standards a hunter chemistry right you'll take it okay we've got FIFA Kadabra another really really good trainer shout out to him he is number five on PlayStation right now on the transfer profit leaderboards he has a team it says trade to win no message included he's got basically the best team in FIFA only thinks he could really upgrade it would be you know probably the you can't really get a better version of Dino so if he likes to you know in that position Dino's other versions are left mid and then the moments for the whole a into the era but other than that I mean I really this team is insane dude this is probably the best team in FIFA trade to win and I love that he's got the 700 K just sitting up there ready to go I'm sure he's got a hold transpose of investments to bet seem coming in for mr. a West and this is a 4-3-3 to team informed on a rumah with prime Nesta marquinhos as headliner which actually got a really good upgrade recently so I'm liking that that's got a really good upgrade recently Kurosawa spc I think that's the second one we've seen in the video today malinka MS Savage aka the god that guy is so good I'm pissed I didn't do that even though was such a grind Crespo is very annoying to play against Munir is very solid plugg was very solid because solid promise is very good i think only thing i would upgrade this team realistically down the line donna rumors of solid keeper would just be probably moving out some of the players you after team season versions and then on reinvest uh probably gotta get upgraded it's crazy that I'm sitting here and we're talking about a FIFA where that Quincy promise for birthday and my opinions better than on read that's kind of where we're at with this team like this team though very very solid team coming up for mister Hotel Garuda who I believe is a music producer yes he is and he says yes that here you go five tripled what the heck is gonna fight two-to-one I'm wondering if he's switching in game at to anything he didn't send me the other variant but he's got Cavani in form which is a unique card I don't see that I would say honestly I'll trade that to the road to the final even though they're out because it does have some very very good statistics Neymar inform can't go wrong Bale can't go wrong Munir is a very very viable option right now until we get until team of the season team of your modrich is very very good carvajal inform is very good Lucas Hernandez I do like as well we've got team of the year on team with her Marcelo Cannavaro the goat and court Swan goal I think the only thing I would change with this team headliner headliner for Hernandez and then a better upgrade and Cavani another than that I'd like to see my we've got a team coming up from G as a legend he says this is what I rock with I know I could have been a lot better for a number of reasons but I'm happy with first owner rules this year so can G has a legends on a first owner road to glory and he's got a pretty good first owner team I mean this is I mean considering SPC's right as well you look at this team and say the pack pulled once was Ramos he arrow he's got red essential right that's out of Reds and then yeah the rest of them are SBC's it's a solid team I like the Buddhist like I like the Royce player of the month I like a red sky I like team how I like what he's got going on there I'd like that but Silva as a footballer I love him he's got all the booze again pretty much even did Sancho Brandt so G's alleging going all out with the point is like a player of the month this year I like the team G we've got a team coming from Gaza Linga and he says going to give have hurts a world this weekend I like this team a lot I think Sun is very good I'm very pissed I didn't do florenzi I don't know why I didn't do him my whole stream was telling me to do him I never did learn seize a moment's guard I don't know why I did that we've got habits at the center of imposition and he's got Holland in Ballack which are very solid Ebro a very consistent hazard consistent Alonso consistent dhaba do is very good as well then he's got this idea with the heya this is a very very good team dude you don't really do much else with this team I think habits is gonna be really fun I think habits if EA goes crazy with team in the season he might get a team a season card even on top of that card which for me dude if we end up getting that that's insane I can't even imagine yeah going crazy like that that would be absolutely nuts if we get that so like the team dude we've got a team coming in uh and he says still using golds but honestly he's using the right gold right the only player that I would say I would use a gold instead of and his team is if he could because of chemistry would be Paris such and I'm not sure if he can because of chemistry at instead of in soon yay but imbaba is a very good gold Marcelo is very good I was using Marcelo weeks ago man Courtois Bron Ramos those are the standards Lala's solid plugg Laham sequin sweetie like you're using the right Goldsman so you can't get away with golds and you can see this 25 likes on this tweet man people know that this is actually a team that you can get away with so I'd like the team and I like the team at this time of the year rocking a little bit of cheaper of a team as we head into a little bit you know market challenging times of the year and guys this is why I tell you guys that Bundesliga rules everything this year we've got a team coming in from Sky and he says just tosses me a little smiley face but look I mean people are going crazy with Bundesliga team this year this is this is one of the better but is look it seems you can get for the most part I know that you've got a little bit of a German hybrid which I can appreciate Neuer I think was used a little bit more the beginning of year when some people saw some of the pros using Miller and then they and then they stopped using one when pros stopped using as much but I like the team man I think you got a lot of player of the month so you're very very into that which i think is good and i and i don't really have much else to say I hope that Robins treating you well is very expensive SBC I like the team team coming in from Salta and this is a fourth triple three no four three three now four triple two and I'm assuming he's going for two three one a game freaking beautiful team men prime Pele right mutters team of the year and bopping team of the year delict Mele tau Telus and this is one of the first teams that we've seen today with this delict sorry with this Milly town Telus combination which is a very overpowered cumbers the combination if you guys don't already that those two together are fantastic moments Mattias which is one of my personal favorite cards absolutely love that card with the prime hold it in there as well a lot to like with this team guys so I think this is a very good team I liked it licked I'm actually using him a bit right now I'm enjoying him a lot he's very good I like this team a lot do four or five one coming in from the man Stephanie from the lad Stephanie it's a woman but anyways guys this is the squad that we're looking at and we have a Ramos Marcelo pairing which is very good I would say – hey a team of the year if you could get it my only problem is team so far is you've got a hunter on and Bappi and a hunter on Ronaldo and I would probably play engines on or I think in boppy you could play a I think I have a sniper I'm on let me see what I have in my own poppy I think on Mayim poppy I have a finishers so I have a finisher on my own Buffy it's probably what we just we just sort out some of the camp styles in this team but other than that I like the team man very very good all right we've got a last team coming in guys and I will do more of these if you guys smash the like button you guys enjoy this I'll do more it'll let me know that I you guys like this this is coming in from mr. go Cod and he's got a 4 3 3 3 and he did that moment's bail card the 1.6 million rich man SBC Matthias moments and petit moments in the midfield which are very good cards I'm assuming that's a 4-2-3-1 bailout left hazard out to the right rubble at cam with Ronaldo up top very solid defense with safe you could upgrade the left side to a better version of Sandro and a better centre back than the Sol Campbell if you could submit him in for a guy like Cannavaro or block or one of those that would be really good and get some contracts on Maldini and for NZ thank you guys for sending in some of the teams today man this was a lot of fun I want to do more of this if you guys want to see more of this and check out more squads that people are rocking all around foot just smash the like button boys I like doing this because I get to see different kind of formations and and then I get to prioritize maybe some players that I want to try on the future so it's awesome doing this man so if you guys do enjoy this man just let me know by dropping a thumbs up thanks watch the video today guys I love you see you soon