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RAFAAAAAAM Sucks – Rise of Shadows Hearthstone

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Rise of Shadows Hearthstone – Just how good is one of the most popular Legendaries of Rise of Shadows, Arch-villain Rafaam?
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hey guys how's it going kripparian here today I want to give you guys a bit of a how good is a little bit a spoiler cuz obviously I don't think the card is very good and the card in question is the numeral fom warlock legendary now this card is included in arguably the best win rate deck in constructive that is zoo lock but it's it's a very interesting situation because if you actually look at the win rates of when the card is played its abysmal it's actually one of the worst performing cards being played right now in the meta yet it's in one of the best decks and it seems like it's a center point of the deck well it's not what Roth um is it's kind of like the back-up plan to the back-up plan with the back-up plan if you're playing zoo lock and you can aggregate ponent good if not well okay we try to sue the opponent we try to get you know a little bit of value trades and stick on the board well if that doesn't work we'll just keep pumping out minions until well maybe our ponal runner two cards and then if that doesn't work well I guess they'll play a riff on then hopefully something will happen the thing with the fom that I noticed playing at the fireside event actually for this expansion is that the typical legendary card doesn't do anything when it's played a typical legendary card doesn't have time it doesn't heal you doesn't really do damage right away so typical legendary card is kind of like fair and that's one thing that just doesn't work in hearthstone fare cards know they don't really pass it's just you know it works in that deck because it's not much of a cost to include the card and it's like your final way to maybe win the way that I really think you can test the true power level of a card stand alone is of course arena and I had that a very chance a few nights ago playing against rough on in arena just how good is rough on when you just drop him into a deck in a game mode with an overall lower power level well if he's not good there it's probably just not a very good standalone card right well enjoy the clip and find out fine let's keep going blast all right I only got dig day but nothing else so this is not great the problem of that card is they can it can get like all healy and stuff and I obviously don't want that well with nothing else to play that's a pretty decent option no deck tracker do you guys not see the deck tracker add-on it should be working yeah people see it so I just tour around the settings a little bit you're having trouble could do that there pretty weak it's a really scary-looking card so might be all right okay yeah that's okay mage reform and to kel'thuzad now that i'm the hearthstone superstar screw this dude bag on head all the way bro do you even dig day so many wonderful am I scared of malygos it's the cost of killing wasn't that big a deal but all right fair enough enough bro that's it how disappointing dude then even put up a fight it's like play rhythm proceed to instantly lose