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I am over this game I want to play a taco what's going on oh no dude we're gonna get a moon server like a hard mincer as the slowest seconds I've ever seen look how slow it is right now look at the line moving I got about three games left before I quit this game forever for forever forever I think Bannen I'd rather play pub gee well and that's that's saying something now pug got a real estate he's in a really good club he's in a really good state right now actually I just after playing the movement in this game I just don't know if I could do it was not that bad just really not really maybe I'm just thinking of old pub G then cuz it was so bad back drew some duo's was Justin I don't even know if he's like I said isn't his new schedule like 9 to 1 it's already almost one fuck where's this trash bro that's real howdy fuck that one up all I had to do is relax for a second not having fuckin freak attack it would win our Hatton was jumping around and shit there's no way I should have won that with a fucking pistol with 15 bullets oh my guys mutant he's fuckin owning how does it get old it really does it keeps me motherfucker there we go for eggs aim Keely stock weird to put a stock on a fucking m16 but you can do it because this is the future of pub G well sucks I should have died right there I'm lucky you probably only saw my arm so I'm only alive yeah like that shit out that what feel huh right now fucking head I hope those that shot if I hit him in the arm all will be very no wasn't a headshot it was an arm shot fuck I don't even know how it's clean okay why is the words edream dead though they're busy they're too busy for us all right that's all good Michael I'll keep you safe innocent eyes right now you know better than to be looking like this young man you are Pepe ger I mean grounded that's true okay that's your shot you never that's though it's me he has me in school I didn't pick up the vest are you fucking kidding me after all that he's got one wait this doesn't take it posed the DMR's versus why is an ER you say this game owns I know okay solo oh my god it registers bullet before mine fuck [Applause] I'm spreading to him in the head he's only showing his head to like I had an anger on me can you explain to me why he doesn't put one minute delay to avoid snipers I don't know cuz like change games like you don't always like you always play fucking multiplayer games where you get stream snape right and like you can't change delay you have to just steal what the house just it's not worth you much work Oh I was hoping I was hoping to run her out in circles just to die to somebody else what I died to him instead ah the fuck is going why is there so many people here what you guys doing what are you shooting at he's dead look all I need to go to the bathroom how are you alive huh donate me breath well perfect need the services I can't play this game that's how I feel right now exactly like that I'm gonna freak the fuck out literally no no no you just took Lauren side it just lied so annoying so wanna have to deal stream snipers too I have to deal with some fucking asshat ddossing the servers and it's like a 50/50 chance I get a server that's even playable I don't know no literally if I don't hide my ID like the bottom there if I don't hide that every game gets tossed Saul takes is that one DDoS sure to find the server by joining it in stream sniping me and if he finds the right one that's it that's the end of the server and I'm ridiculous you're ridiculous I can't play pub gee man I just want to play the game that I love and I can't devs fix it please I can't play pop g-men it really just sucks it really just sucks like it really just sucks please pub G devs if you're watching fucking help me man I can't play your game fuck I hate everyone in here no you're great I just hate everyone else whose Topanga yikes what's the passwords of that channel I can't give it to you here only if you're in here you're live and water was just speaking in there I'm gonna pull him in here well he's talking I don't know if you could I have that perilously why do you oh you know just full of it here whatever I want to do I'm gonna catch up what he slippin why