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Multiple Ultra Rares pulled in a Pokemon Card Opening! 64 Fake GX & EX cards in this Sun and Moon booster box! This is so funny!
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what is pokemon fans and I'm laughing a little bit today because today we are doing it we are finally doing it we are opening up a fake booster box of Pokemon cards this is burning shadow so this is supporter a little bit more humor but also to kind of educate you guys of what to look out for when you are buying pokemon cards if it's too good to be true remember the rule it probably is too good to be true I'm real breaking eight hopefully you guys are all having a fantastic day sending you a little bit of positive vibes your direction to make your day just a little bit hopefully just a little bit better and we have this burning shadows booster box right here that we are going to open up right now I got this off eBay for wait for it 14 dollars now if you ever see a booster booster box for $14 you are getting a fake booster box that is a 100% guarantee and if you take a look at the wrapper on the outside just take a look at this it's obviously beaten up also the plastic wrapping is loose it's almost like it's just saran wrap around it real plastic wrapping will have the pokeball logo all around it you've probably seen this before so let's go ahead and open it up right down here now booster boxes you're probably gonna have to spend about $89 for so if you're spending any less than 89 well I mean it give it or take maybe use maybe sometimes you might get a good deal for like 79 but if you're paying it really really low a really far away from $89 you are probably getting fake booster boxes and that is definitely not good because you don't want fake pokemon cards in your collection the booster box on the outside is all I guess they're trying to make it holographic i-s I don't know but that seems to be the case right here let's look around the outside of it they're putting the logos on there just trying to make it look official let's see what this says right here fiery battles and deep shadows is what that says I could not read it at all and then if you look at the bottom right down there that's although the wording and whatnot and the booster packs are already falling out of it take a look at these booster packs right here guys girls and guys take a look at booster packs you can I mean I can tell right off the bat that that is definitely not real at all go on I mean they're trying they're trying hard but they're too bright they're too shiny Requena requires a requires a so obviously that's I mean some of those are not the powerpack artwork but I mean we have what thirty-six booster packs right here we're gonna open them up right now this is just so funny guys this is so funny so humorous so let's go ahead open up these booster packs see how many alter airs we end up getting I'm sure it's going to be a lot of them they're probably going to be an ultra rare inside of every one of these booster packs and ultra rare there's probably gonna be one inside of every one of these so and I can even tell just by the length of this part right here that is not real oh I can't give it open wow they're kind of hard to rip open so if you want to take a look at a real pokemon card this is a real pokemon card right here this is from forbidden light the newest set forbidden light and then here is a fake pokemon card right here you can see that they are not the same in size either the fake one is a little bit smaller than the real one you can also tell by the color variation the real one's a little bit darker this one's a little bit brighter especially on both sides of it this one it looks like it has a glossy finish over it it will not have a glossy finish it will have a cardboard type finish so this is the real card this right here is the fake card and they're probably going to be as some of these might have wrong names on them misspellings so that's kind of other things you can look out for I'll show you some other tricks that you can check out as well see look look at this look at this you can already I mean the the cards are already every which way we got a rare DRAM p'h oh my goodness and we have a ghost pod a Sableye so look at this look at this and our Laurentiis GX a lil again a Bellsprout and a Mewtwo e^x oh my goodness and mega Mewtwo e^x I never knew that came inside of burning shadows so look at this we got we got all those rares all those rare out of this just this one booster pack so already you can tell that it is not it is not looking good not looking good at all so but this is kind of humorous let's continue opening these up this is definitely this is definitely fun guys definitely fun if you enjoy these fake Pokemon card openings so you kind of know what to look out for let me know in the comment section down below maybe we'll open up some more in the future just so you guys know what to keep a watch out for I'd rather me waste my money than you waste your money all right going into it look that's this is the exact same booster pack except for the ultra rare this time we got in a lull in MUC GX but all the other cards were exactly the same Wow okay okay I'm feeling a little bit cheated even though I know they're fake even though I know they're fake pokemon cards let's take a look at one other way that you can tell if they are fake pokemon cards or if they are real pokemon cards I want to grab an energy right over here so here is a real pokemon card here is the fake pokemon card right here you can't play with these in tournaments so they they serve no purpose they really don't alright so when you rip it you see the color right there and I mean it's just paper it's just paper that's all it is take a good look at that that's what it looks like a real pokemon card is going to be white on the inside with a black line you can see that right there check that out so you see that black line going through it that is actually kind of the ink it's a layer so that is a good way to tell if it's a real pokemon card so if you buy a booster pack and you have an energy card inside of it and you kind of want to tell maybe if this booster pack is real or fake just rip up the energy card or another card that you don't necessarily need and see if you see this right here and if you do see that then you know you get yourself a real booster pack if you're buying them from stores like your card game comic book shops Target Walmart not Toys R Us anymore unfortunately I game stuff you know you're getting real pokemon cards then alright continuing on into the next booster pack we're just gonna see what all kinds of oay chores are the GX hopefully you know what would kind of I kind of oh now down with aura Coria hashtag down with or aquario one thing that I out to ORAC Wario's oh no stop it stop it don't do that to me one thing that I am kind of hoping is that we pull a hyper rare chars rgx because I've yet to pull a real one so it would be pretty funny to pull a fake one and then I could finally feel like I ended up pulling a real a real Pokemon real hyper rare Charizard GX I could kind of pretend for a bit in my heart what did we get inside this one SP on GX and then we have a dark rye TX alright continuing on where guys don't forget forbidden light gets released is this Friday but we have already opened up some on the channel we opened up some in yesterday's video and we opened up some in Monday's video as well may oh no even hyper rare that's our first hyper rare fake card of the box and mega Alakazam it's still kind of cool to see the artwork I mean the artwork is essentially the same except for the coloring alright Victini where's that Victini squad and we have a secret rare dark energy kind of cool kind of cool it still it still kind of gives you those feels when you pull it you're like oh but it's obviously not real so the fields don't last that long Chandelure and another Darkrai and more or coreos don't do this to me don't do this to me even though they're not real aura coreos they're still aura coreos nonetheless or a coreos haunting me every day of my life all right goodra we have a fuller Pokemon breeder that's not even in burning shadows I know some of those other cards weren't in burning shadows either this one's actually out of shining legends and then the gumshoes is actually out of the Sun and Moon base set so you're not even getting you're not even getting the the the right fake cards that you're supposed to get and this is supposed to be a burning shadows booster box and we're just getting a plethora of different things we have a delaila ax put that right down there I don't know how many booster packs were and you guys can count for me if you would like to but we're oh my goodness we're pulling all the ultra rares today don't forget tomorrow we have budget battle with fellow Pokemon youtuber leonhart we do that every single Thursday both on my channel as well as his channel so don't forget to tune in tomorrow for that goodness all right Nick rasma GX and we did pick one of the viewers challenges that they submitted last week so one of the viewers will be challenging or submitted a challenge so I'm excited to see to see well I mean I technically already know what it is but I'm excited to see how excited that person is that we picked their challenge laparis GX and an nth agx and a loon ology X I really wish that we could pull that many G X's out of one booster pack how insane would that be that would be absolutely insane if in real life that you could pull a GX or multiple G X's or multiple ultra rares and the same booster pack that would be pretty cool I always thought it would be cool look at that mega Altaria X Snorlax GX I always thought it would be cool if they did it to where like maybe there's like one booster pack in every every like ten cases or something like that ten cases of booster boxes where one of the booster packs has nothing but ultra rare cards inside of it I thought that would be super super that'd be a really cool idea if they did that let me know in the comment section down below if you think that's a cool idea we're like one booster pack out of like every 10,000 booster packs had nothing but ultra rare cards inside of them it gives you something cool to chase where and you'd really feel you'd really feel it in your heart when you pulled something when you pulled that because you know it's one in like every 10,000 or so Darkrai GX that's like the what tenth dark ride that we've pulled in this video my fingers are starting to hurt from trying to open up these booster packs laparis GX what else do we got here right u GX hyper rare and a loon Allah we have still not pulled we have still not pulled our hyper rare Charizard GX just yet I'm hoping fingers crossed I'm hoping more Lapras GX goodness and mega houndoom mega houndoom and another aloo Nala at the very end we'll take a look at all of these X's that we ended up getting e^x is an G X's that we ended up getting out of this booster box alright rainbow energy I know we're kind of all over the place with this video Entei GX pre marina GX but they are just fake cards and like I said it's more of an educational tool for you guys to realized how how to look out for fake pokemon cards what else do we have here a lichen rock GX so Gallio GX and a mega sized or a ex full art we still have a bunch of booster packs left I want to try to speed through these guys so I don't take too much of your time today we have a mega Sceptile e^x that's from ancient origins and a Snorlax GX all right come on my fingers are hurting what else we got here mud Bray mud Brie action or coreos and a lichen rock hyper rare GX throw trash on the ground world tour 2018 we have Gyarados e^x continuing onward continuing onward if we pull a hyper air Charizard GX will just go ahead and stop the openings Gardevoir GX will stop the openings for this video not stop the openings for the rest of our lives oh my goodness no we would never do that Machamp Machamp coming at you my fingers feel oh look at that secret rare I'm you to GX my fingers feel really weird almost like I've been you know like if you if you're reading a newspaper if you touch the newspaper like the ink kind of gets on your hands and they feel really weird and dry that's what my hands feel like right now that's why my fingers feel like and it's not a good feeling at all pre Marina and a size or X this is just absolutely bonkers guys this is absolutely bonkers Lapras and a Louis of all and another Lu Nala are 20 billion Lu nology X oh I thought that was the hyper rare Charizard so as our our GX man even in fake booster packs we still can't pull a hyper rare Charizard GX it must be that rare it must be that rare even if it's in fake booster packs you still can't pull it we have a secret rare fairy energy SP on GX I want to laugh its if it's in the very last booster pack Lapras GX Darkrai GX hyper air and another Lu Nala hopefully you guys are having a good laugh I'm I'm really hoping you guys are mega size R and a gumshoes G X we have one two three four five six seven booster packs left so we are almost there we almost made it pokey fam nation a lowland muck GX hyper rare and another s beyond thank you guys for joining me today I absolutely enjoyed it it's been fun it's been fun this is the first time that we've done a video like this here on the channel where we've opened up an entire booster box of fake pokemon cards we've looked at fake pokemon cards here on the channel before but we've never opened up an entire booster box before guys like I said don't forget Marsh shadow GX don't forget Marsha shadow GX don't forget we got some more forbidden light openings coming up coming up this week we got budget battle tomorrow and if you want to see some forbidden light we opened up for VIN light in yesterday's video as well as Monday's video as well some real pokemon cards and not these fake garbage ones right ugx hyper rare 3 booster packs left hit the like button maybe give us our us a hyper rare Charizard GX no that's not a hyper rare Charizard @ GX Prix marina alright – booster packs left I can't help but smile and just shake my head at this point we got a lichen rock last booster pack to try to get that hyper rare Charizard rainbow rare Charizard be in here alright what do we have here what do we have we did not get the Charizard it is that Raynor it is that rare we can't even get it out of a fake pokemon booster box anyways guys I had so much fun hanging out with all of you awesome people today don't forget to check out yesterday's video where we opened up an elite trainer box of forbidden light check it out the videos right down there and I will see all of you all of you amazing people in tomorrow's video peace love in a high-five