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PUBG – Trapped Between Two ARMORED UAZ's! (Playerunknown's Battlegrounds)

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oh yeah hey what's up guys average sniper here and welcome to another pub G video in today's video we are playing my favourite map Aran Gale yeah and it was just one of those random matches that I had a good time on and there was enough cool stuff that happened that I decided to upload it to YouTube so anyway I landed over here at Stauber there was a guy that landed right next to me but I never saw him again not sure exactly where he went or if he just took off who knows sometimes you see people down right beside you never see him again but then this guy just appears out of nowhere after I'm all looted up with no loot so I was gonna drop him some ammo and maybe a pistol but then he kept like trying to punch me so I was like well this is crazy why are you trying to punch a guy with a gun man so after he tried to Superman function like three times I had to put him down I had to put him down you can't let somebody like that live I mean if you give him a guy if they're already trying to punch you and you still give him a gun they're just gonna shoot you in the back I know how this works so then I realize how far away I was from the zone I had no car I'm like alright well this is gonna be one of those routing simulators running simulator 2019 that's pub G sometimes I see this guy in front of me that's in the same situation maybe maybe this is the guy that landed a Stuber with me I don't know I've already ran all the way from Stauber to yaz nyeh so this could be anybody so I'm like let me just see if I can run up behind this guy I think he was waiting for me but then I look and he's still just running down the street so I just take him out no big deal I went up to loot him it turns out he didn't even really have anything so that's that's two guys basically running around with like no weapons so far how weird is that man that is just weird that maybe they're trying to do the some kind of challenge I don't know so I finally found a vehicle it's this motorcycle right here and I had to take some sniper shots at that Jeep driving by because why would you not you know every time I see a car driving straight to me straight towards me I always think easy shot but I missed him on that game fortunately he swerved swerve right when I pulled the trigger that's what happened yeah so I go over here I hit this jump and I don't know why but all of a sudden I was in the middle of a backflip and I don't know how I survived that all right so I know this Jeep guys around here somewhere so I'm like shit let me just lay down the grass I hope he doesn't see me let me check my medical situation here all I have is bandages literally that's all I have so I'm like wow I'm in the blue I'm dying I only hope my only hope is that this guy just doesn't see me and he doesn't he takes off in his Jeep and that was the last I saw of him well maybe I saw him later but I don't know so I get myself healed up as much as I can with the bandages that I had I get back on the bike and I raced her that safe zone look how far away a man and it's a bridge block safe zone so I'm like alright I got to get to the bridge quickly as possible quickly as possible got a car 98 and a UMP then I see a guy right there in those bushes think he was having a fight with somebody else but I got out and decided to just engage him and this was a cool little fight I mean nothing nothing super awesome about it this guy just kept hiding behind the tree he he checked her a grenade at me I was gonna throw a grenade at him that's that's a that's a big third-person thing right there he got two guys behind trees you know that won't peek you're gonna throw a grenades but I wanted to be aggressive with this guy I had this little hill as cover so I just kept running back and forth to try and confuse him and it actually worked I think he couldn't figure out where I was and the last second I was able to surprise him there and get a kill on him before he finished me off so that is uh that's where I got the rest of my medical supplies right there and a three times scope for my car ninety eight and a couple other goodies so we're back on the bike heading for the bridge now I'm fully fully expecting that there's somebody blocking this bridge but that's okay whenever I think somebody's blocking the bridge and I don't send e-cards I just ride up to it and kind of just see what happens that's kind of the fun with pub G it's almost like a gamble even if you're good at the game it's always like a gamble you don't know where people are hiding there was definitely a guy camp in the bridge but I don't think he was expecting to get shot in the head so quick even I was kind of surprised I'm like wow maybe that guy thinks I'm hack I just I just rolled up and saw where he was and shot him in the head does he think I'm using radar something I don't know so then I this is my favorite bridge a block because it's got this little middle part here I get a nice head shot on that guy out of the Jeep with the car 98 bolt-action sniper rifle and then I decided to move further down the bridge and loot this first guy and here comes a guy to bike out look at what he's he doing he's just he's all over the place get a nice chest shot with that sniper and then finish him off with a couple more shots from the UMP a great gun that UMP and car 98 now this guy has a 4-time scope which I put on car 98 actually you know what I think I already had a 6 x to go up on there I must edit out the part where I found the 6 x go cuz that looks like what I had on there so I Drive up to this place there's a guy shooting at me from the beach and I just pull the bike right inside I'm like yeah now you can't blow the tires out on my bike it's probably the best place to put it I always do that whenever I have a bike and I see an open door and I need cover I will literally just drive the bike right into the building who else does that my friends think I'm crazy they're like he's driving a bike into a building again this guy was up here on the tree he didn't have very much cover and he was shooting at cars that were passing by so I decided to try and take him out and oh my god I'm so glad I got that first shot on him because his bullet literally hit me right in the head but fortunately in pub G there's no kill trading so basically whoever's bullet hits whoever first gets the kill and then even if they've already shot their bullet and it's in the air coming towards you it gets rendered completely useless so I think in other games that would've been a kill trade but in pub G you just don't kill trade well at least pub G on PC you don't kill trade I have seen kill trading in pub G Lite get a nice little head shot on that guy he decided to shoot at the cars that were driving by I try my best to avoid shooting at cars in the final circle because it gives up your position but sometimes you just have to if they get too close so completely understand where that guy's head was at this last guy the last two guys are driving around in you AZ's and they're both armored u-az so I'm just sitting here like man these are the last two guys driving around in these armored cars what the f bro like like I hope they don't see me but one of them is really fucked up and it's already smoking so I'm just sitting here thinking like I guess I'll just watch what happens unless one of them gets too close to me and I have to engage or start shooting at it so and this guy's kind of pissing me off he keeps driving close I want to take shots at him so bad okay let me see let me see what we can do here oh he got blown up bro so now it's just a 1v1 that other guy also has an armoured u-az so I'm like man okay what's going on here let's let's see if we can sneak in here without being seen it's such a tense situation in pub G when you get into that final 1v1 circle look this guy's part is armoured uiz at a care package I'm like man hopefully I can get this final kill on him we'll see what happens here we'll see what happens that's all you can do it's kind of like watching a movie at this point except you're like you're like the main actor in the movie just hoping things go your way so much luck luck and skill both involved with this luck always a factor this guy gets back in his armored u-az drives right up to me and I think I thought he was gonna jump out right there and try to fight me but he didn't he just kept driving the armored u-az and took cover down here by this street so I'm like oh man this might this might actually go in my favor here he got out of his armored u-az it's ready to blow up let me check a grenade over there see if I can get him launched a grenade and I think I I either cooked it too long or I just couldn't throw it far enough this guy hits me with a nice nade right there but fortunately it doesn't take me out then he gets behind the armored u-az and I'm thinking to myself wait a minute didn't did I really just see him run behind that u-az that's on fire who would do that so I just put some shots into the u-az for the nine kill chicken dinner thank you very much for watching guys I hope you enjoyed and remember even if it's an armored car never take cover on it if it's about to blow up it will not end well for you later everybody like and subscribe if you enjoyed see ya