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oh you're fucking full of shit you fucking stupid I'm American sir I am American ah you know guys I always thought the most toxic place on earth was probably Chernobyl since it's so toxic you can't actually live there but then I discovered pub G proximity chat yes I've been playing pub G forever but I've always had proximity chat disabled because I just couldn't stand all the toxicity pretty much every time you kill somebody it can be simple toxicity like oh you're bad kid oh you're the one that just died so fuck you know and or it can be advanced hurling racial slurs and all kinds of hate speech at you because you killed them but that's what the game is about murder so of course it's going to be toxic when you murder somebody else but anyway guys that was just one example I've had my proximity chat back on because there are other than all the toxic moments there are actually funny moments that happen in the voice chat I'm saving them up so I can make a video with a compilation of proximity chat funniest moments anyway poach inky hardly ever land here I decided to do it I don't know why maybe I was bored maybe I wanted to get some kills but the main reason I don't like landing in poach inky is basically what you're about to see right here people like to camp they like to camp hard especially when you're playing third-person mode they'll be in the windows this guy went in this house all I wanted to do was assault him with a grenade that's all I wanted to do I just wanted to throw a little grenade in and murder this guy and then I get shot in the back barely make it to cover that guy sitting in a window will run into him later don't worry so then I said I better heal up cuz I'm fucked you know now I've got like no meds well I've got a boost running you know I'll be ok but if if anybody else suits me that's pretty much sausage dress I'm like oh oh god I got sad again I was just I was just trying to sneak up on that guy you know that it's all I was trying to do and somebody shoots me in the ass again you know it's just too many people camping in windows like me right here I finally gave up trying to get that guy in a three-story building and decided I better just do what everybody else is doing find myself a nice little window camp it up until I hear some footsteps and lo and behold our guy runs out of the building finally that's that's part of the reason I don't like PO chinky cuz it's just a camp fest so fast forward about five minutes later and this guy finally finally runs out and goes into this building and slams the door so I decided this is my chance to fight this guy that's been sitting in the window the whole time and finally get him finally then I hear him I'm like oh shit he had full advantage of me right there I don't know why he decided to pop all the way out but he did and he had just what I needed because I was almost out of ammo and I had that crappy holographic sight I do not like the holographic sight that much I mean it's better than nothing but correct me if I'm wrong everybody prefers a red dot right I mean am I crazy or am I crazy how many people out there like the hollow let me know in the comments whether you like the holographic or the red dot sight I'm a red dot sight man myself I feel like I can be more accurate with it I like that small little red dot as opposed to the big bulky reticle that the holographic gives you I feel like I can be more accurate like this right here this guy front flips is Jeep horrible mistake not his fault Pub Gees fault why can't you drive a hundred kilometers per hour over a grassy hill with all kinds of bumps I don't know seems like you could do that in real life to me so I gotta loot this guy and look at all the red dots he's got on him man good stuff and then I start getting shot by this guy I don't know how I won that gunfight I mean he he must have panicked when his first when his first magazine when his first burst didn't kill me he must have panic because I don't know I don't know I I just I honestly just don't know but that's that's what happened so then I decide I better get out of here because somebody else was taking shots at me I'm just riding around in my Jeep minding my own business in this sandbox that we call pub G and a guy shoots my tyre out and almost blows my Jeep up like whoa buddy whoa settle down who woke up on the wrong side of bed today so I'm like all right let me figure out where this guy is I think he's somewhere in front of me turns out he is I start hearing his gunshots on my guard let's get this guy slow and methodical this guy's just standing out in the middle of a field sniping at everybody that drives past all right somebody's got to put a stop to this we can't we can't just let this guy how many times you guys see that in games where no matter where you go you get shot at no matter where you go you are getting shot at by multiple enemies and then you'll just see some random guy standing in a field shooting and everybody that moves and nobody's shooting to him is he invisible do you motherfuckers that are shooting at me not see the guy standing in the middle of the field shooting at everything in Drive why no why don't you shoot him I'm trying to hide behind this dumpster and he'll because you just shot my vest off okay do you ever feel like that I feel like that all the time man like I just have this big target on my back well I do have the target painted on my pan so maybe that's why I don't know I don't know but anyway back to the gameplay here I'm in the bush a yellow dakki has pulled up I know that's not how you pronounce it but that's how I say it dak iya yellow ducky has pulled up now I'm stuck in between two snipers and I'm basically just crying I'm like why but how do I get myself into these situations man I don't have any cover I just have some concealment in this bush so I'm looking at this guy I'm like maybe maybe I can shoot this guy with my SKS with this crappy little two-time scope which is like the worst scope to have for a sniper rifle it's just it's just ass it's just ass so I decide you know what I'm not gonna shoot this guy because all that's going to do is is tell that yeah and the other guy that hey take a break from your fight and shoot the moron that got himself stuck in the middle it's anyway I decide you know what fuck it this guy is very close I can see him now I'm gonna take him out i'ma go up there I would take your man I'm thinking how best to kill him and I'm like grenade definitely great so pull the grin out I cook it and network lag I'm frozen so I throw the grenade as soon as I unfreeze because I'm like it's gonna blow up in my hand and shoot through the smoke and I'm just thinking Pub gee you fucked me again but this guy has no idea which direct no come on bro I shoot him and I'm like yes and then I'm like no now this other guy sees me my worst fears have come true except I actually know because I'm not trapped in between the two snipers anymore now it's just me versus another sniper but I have zero cover so this guy's bold man this guy's the guy was talking about to stand out in the field shooting at people he's only got his car for cover you know I'm like man what do I do here if I start shooting at him here he's just gonna murder me cuz I got no cover I gotta do something so I'm like let me grab a smoke grenade I got one left so I'm a chuck it Oh city shooting at me so as soon as I pull the smoke graze their student me so I'm like I better move better do some circles or Juke him and then some hero out of nowhere start shooting at this guy I'm like oh thank god he has to take cover by me and he gets taken out somebody just someone at some hero some absolute hero just saved my life and then all of a sudden oh shit somebody else is shooting at me from the fucking zone you're not expecting anybody to be in the zone the zone has been there forever but it's been here literally for like two minutes why would anybody be in the zone still but whatever he's dead now it's time to move to the next zone and oh my god I waited too long I've waited way too long I've completely miscalculated how fast this zone is going to move and I am so far away and it's like the what phase are we in like phase four this is gonna hurt really bad when it gets to where it's good but I have to kill this guy so I take a pause I'm like if I'm gonna die you're gonna die you ever feel like that when you're in the blue you'd see a guy in front of you gonna make it out you're like no new new new new sorry my friend if I'm gonna die you're gonna die still super far away but at this point I'm thinking maybe there's hope this zone is not Chungking me as much as I thought it would so I continued on my journey using first-aid kits as soon as I think that I need them and I definitely definitely need them now I'm down to two first aid kits still pretty far from the zone but I am determined to live all I can think of is I don't want to die in the zone we have 9 kills I have nine kills and I don't want to die in the zone so I just I just keep slamming those first aid kits and going for it at this point I'm like I can make it all the way I can make it all the way I might have even been able to make it without using that last first-aid kit but it was a risk I was not willing to take and of course all we have for cover or concealment are these bushes so I'm like fucking worthy is in this last first-aid kit and we're getting in we're gonna win this one Wow at this point I'm all I want to do is survive I see a dude over here I let him run past and then I decide you know what he's moving towards his own I need to do the same thing I'll come up behind this guy you know take him out come up behind him give him the old reach around and murder him okay you know what I mean alright so moving on moving towards the zone sneaking up behind this guy hoping nobody's gonna shoot me from these houses right there such a critical moment when you have to move from one zone to the next and there's really not that much cover like anywhere except a couple hills and ditches oh my god it's so nerve-wracking so especially when you have a lot of kills and you really want the dinner you're like I do not want to die I don't I don't want to die with this many kills and come in like tenth place there's ten people alive so I get up to this hill I realized I'm basically right next to the safe zone so I'm like I'm just give it chill hear hiccups sorry this guy just runs out in the open I know I don't know what he's doing I guess he had to run from the zone not really I mean after some serious potatoe sniping I get him and we're into the double digit kills once you get to the double digit kills you know it's serious that chicken dinner has to belong to you you do not want the dude that wins the game to be the one killer chicken dinner winner you've done all this work you've used all your meds you've suffered you've gotten to the final circle you see the last guy in your sights it's too good to be true you start taking the shots and you start smacking him but you know he has all level 3 everything so you really have to get some hits on and then the blue is on you but you're so obsessed with killing this guy can't get in the zone one more shot yes chicken dinner I feel so good when chicken dinners end like that man ah and that's why I wanted to upload this video to YouTube thanks for watching guys hope you enjoyed it I'll see you on the next video hit that like button and subscribe if you want to see more later