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PUBG PS4 – The Super Duo (Playerunknown's Battlegrounds)

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thanks Gareth Jacob says quick Matt's you call this one Jules I'm sick of calling it go paradise Wow you want to get this over with quick I get it no I want us to come out of here with both or kills a piece right from the get-go seven we have three dinners out of four games I believe read up about a six game wait three out of five I think do we have three dinners yeah if we have three days what's that three in a row yes what were our dinners I remember the desert map and I remember the one we just played what was the other one because it wasn't Aaron go we got all the way up to third place I mean it wasn't Santa we got all the way up to third place on this ni do we have three I'm pretty sure that's three I'm appreciating three bro we have two on Miramar you're in the fucking middle I'm over here at the edge yeah we always land at different places when we ever I got a qbz and there's like eight guys on me yes I'll get killed oh my god give me the cube easy you fucking fruitcake what over to you he's up here with me so oh I think I just saw one oh he's right here on the other side of this building that I'm on upstairs on the balcony over here he's about to come out good inched just had the murder that guy bro I was scared I was terrified you know why he doesn't have a gun where's my level two helmet off that guy just killed current car 98 over here I'm gonna drop this do this I'm over here yeah there's a hump here you want that hump I got a one I'm gonna take it then I'm pissed my shit man you know that guy was shooting at us from like our 85 happening qbz with 133 5000 taking the car 98 where's the six times this other two time in here make that from all right so the zones already pushing should we not worry about these guys and get into the zone or what do you want to do oh no just want to run around the outside see if we can catch him yeah I need more um PMO yeah me too here's 30 right here 30 right here I have 90 I'm gonna go grab this first date hey you time scope over here good Oh backpack that's level 3 was that level to back right I'm moving to the zone I guess I didn't realize I was so close Sanna am I gonna watch a ninja stream I never watched a ninja stream I've never watched one of the strings ninja who ninja gayden if he's streaming gee they used to watch his replays when he played pub G and I lost interest when he switched a fortnight all right Vicky's a red card me too yeah oh this is looted well there's a crate over here there's a great fight here Oh read that on this guy oh my god then holographic holographic on him if you want that all right for Tom scope no chance get it all right what's the plan Oh kill that son of a bitch that was trying to kill us then actually I don't know I mean like head more oh I remember our chicken dinner now you're right we do have to it was the one right got much of the book here it is we need the buggy only no we don't know if you want to be playing the blue like we have been or if you want right now I just kind of want to loot ooh a red guy well half grip please nobody be in here thank you flash hider for an assault rifle in this I've got a cop I need a grip I will do helmet on me for help a vehicle too loose for your car 98 buggy gotten past on the red Oh people sniping at the biggie oh they just stopped at a northeast they just stopped at northeast oh I see a guy sniping at him he said he's at North I'm gonna see if I can get a little headshot on him at the building to our north all right I knocked the guy at a Northwest and killed his buddy about that no the other guys are too I'm sorry the other guys are tore northeast at that compound right in front of you yeah I'm not worried about the guys that are coming out of I'll show you how worried I am oh shit let me know if you're gonna do that I've already done it there's something else you know that well shit the guys over here you guys you got two other meat you got any good you see me I see him I see him I get a head shot he's a stand-in there Oh mrs. head by a fucking inch I'm pushing up your flank left side I got your left side hey this guy's he's peeking right there's another one up further up the hill I knocked the guy for a little bit no I think that's a separate squad separate squad not careful doctor when you're running right towards them yeah I know where it is the other guys right here there's more guys up the hill behind you behind you behind you North by yeah we got to go we got to go over here I go don't okay I'll meet you over here hop and pardner I got the wheels oh my god just died I've been pad got the wheels seven to mark the potash alleles what the big bridge of the small bridge I don't give a shit shit she's crazy everybody he's crazy I want this Hill right here's what ninja's doing a 12-hour New Year string yeah I need band all today hey buggy coming in behind us right here right here me one still driving ones behind the tree down one is down he's the last nice shit that guys just driving past it looks like I'll keep my eye on them good shooting bro I had to think a little bit my bed I just ran straight at him oh my god I have for know what's left in my um I have four bullets left that's it I didn't want it I didn't like that approach of going straight at him so I flanked a little bit and I apologize well that worked for me don't think cuz I have a good teammate okay I gotta get 9mm all right here's 30 guys got a group of nine oh yeah I'm gonna come get there then I'm gonna get some heels because I have nothing nice yeah I'm gonna take one grenade you do what you got to do man but you got to do who do their pants oh shit there's a guy down here down at the rock that's right oh there's two of them there's two of them won't get grenade in there too grenades out Oh an act 1 and act when I'm pushing pushing from the right side I see him go got him there about that good call that on that we got 40 seconds before we got to get back to rat buggy I'm just gonna grab some nines and some whatever else and usually some fives if they have any any fives on this guy this guy has tons of fives this guy's under fives all right let's get back to buggy oh shit fucking San Hawkman fucking Santa every do you have eight kills yeah you yeah why how are you keeping track of my kills I'm not the people in the chat are damn it I'm like where is the kill counter in this game that showed you how many kills I have if remember I killed it remember when the budget you chew up two other guys remember remember that the buggy the buggy pulled up and I sniped the two guys over snipe in the buggy then I ran in there I just had a fucking fight with like three other do is I got to see like two kills out of that patrolling the fill yeah I want to see where these guys are all right I'm worried about pie nom but there's a buggy outside of pie mom I know it's pretty big place and there's nothing any lines of sight from right here where they can shoot us already any bist I only have one energy drink get any boosts yeah yeah I just gave you two and now I only have to just drop one I gotta jump I might take one now just so I got a little bit of a bar going I'll just and they're like like they blend it in with that damn rock I'm like wait that's my squad and knocked one with the nade and then I ran I did it right flank and the guy was resin clear as day he was resin so I just emptied the UMP into him well I threw two grenades right on top of those guys I don't know how I might've damaged them but I didn't you know anything like it the dad thanks for subscribing man appreciate that bro if they move in though they're gonna go through the city why not where the bridge I don't think they go there bro you don't hurt shot so like you know they done hurt us to the east they seen things I got to your drop tattoos there he is right on the hill at Northeast right on the edge of the cliff gonna swim and there's another one northeast not gonna take shots until I have a chat until they jump in the water and there's my head holy shit up getting shot from the lab Rakesh a turbine alright now we can get our buggy unless we can move down this hill where those other guys can't see us oh I think I see my damn guy dude well we got shots to her right now so you might know that's not the down get it okay 25 goddamn those guys on both sides we retreat yeah Oh fine let's go find some oh now they have a they're like FK s over there if we can get high ground up here we should be straight we're gonna get or my name isn't Julie Jules wait what hey I'm gonna go kind of this way see if I can figure out those other guys that were snipping at us 300 I guess not I guess maybe well what should we do just kind of patrol this area and play defense anybody that runs up on us watch keep our eyes on pine on going back to the buggy yes God welcome to the road nation appreciate the sub yeah you're a guy that support JA means a lot Beto's can kill you I'm just saying one from 7 to 8 K was like the longest K and now it seems like it's starting to speed up a little bit so I appreciate y'all helped me achieve my goals oh my god there's a drop north 350 and the people that were sniping at us would have a good chance of getting it okay hey do you want to kind of move to the edge of the zone here yeah I'm having trouble seeing the edge it's gonna head out to this little rock over Oh now the donas chain I just want to check these trees real quick and just make sure there's not any snakes you go snake illy snake parla plays welcome to the rodeo nation appreciate this up thank you guys much love thank you so much I don't see anybody up on this in all right so those guys down in the city are gonna get hit for sure they're gonna get pushed down we can hit the guys to hit them that's what I did one of those buggy fools pulled Oh any movement down there right now stay up on top of the how do you wanna all right there's movin we're pretty separated we're pretty separated I'm not I'm not worried about pi9 at the moment just watching for people just appearing out of nowhere here oh I see guys in front of us at 3:25 in the zone on top that Hill when I move in from the left side of this Shack here up there's a guy right in front of me he doesn't see me he's moving left to right at Northwest yeah we're gonna be running into a whole bunch of people right here up there guy does see me at the rock up multiples I got them all the fools that see me oh no just one just one yeah I'm all right finish him I got two on me okay I'm moving up oh those over there you got them okay I got a grenade out on this guy up here I got a hill I got a heel all right go ahead in here all right doctor guy with a nade I'm pushing him got him both now I got a heel all right we got realize I got to see if there is a I'm doing beside lookout one first aid kit and 12 banjos up I'm gonna loot this guy killed where's the other box up this guy has two first aids to energy drinks I'm just gonna take the painkillers damn it now I guess I know I'm not taking that best either jabroni fuck oh this guy's got a full three vest I just took ass ice my helmet is shredded there's a full level to helmet right here right here come here before the zone pushes there's four first aid kits I'm taking there's more first aid kits on the bottom I couldn't even take them off – lets go I got three I got three we're right in the zone we're right in the zone here probably people right on this rock actually I have no grenade oh I have none I have no throws with you all right they're fighting down there that's good one guy just got killed now that's to be – we know where they are where that guy got killed I'm gonna move down the hill get a better position he died right and beats in the middle stop there's a guy on me at this rock in front of me at this rock in front of me that's watch for his buddy right okay knocked him knocked him the last guy's running out right now due to a grenade I killed the down guy oh that grenade almost fucked me I'm gonna heal we can take our time with this now check one guy left yeah keep there on him brother you know you're fucked blues is gonna push him out he's coming I said oh nice grenade yeah baby fuck you definitely I definitely killed you I definitely killed you first I'm pretty sure I killed you first I think I killed I think I would know if I killed you first you know what like this anxiety is make I have to go to the bathroom again what anxiety that was a good one that was a good one that what's up Edie I remember you