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PUBG PS4 – Explosions and Super Fun Match! (Playerunknown's Battlegrounds)

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oh yeah ah camping care packages one of my favorite ways to get loot in pub G just owning an unsuspecting noob that runs up to the care package just trying to survive just trying to get level three best level three helmet and an awesome gun well sorry bud I am now the one with the awesome gun and well actually I didn't take the gun so as it grows up not my favorite but I am now the one with the level three gear and the m24 sniper rifle that you so generously gave me so I decided to go up to another care package but there's a guy standing right under the care pack it's just waiting for it to go down so what do I got to do try and shoot this guy this guy's on the wrong side but he keeps playing peekaboo here I take a shot and miss I'm like yeah take a shot and hit him and then I realized the buggy just tried to run me run me over what is happening here so I'm like alright whatever let me join in the fun and drive up here I don't know what this guy and the buggies thinking cuz he hops out like I'm not even there and it's like let me just loot the care package oh I run him over somehow it doesn't kill him I'm like all right let me just circle around here there's another guy out there still shootin like what is happening if the guy there's somebody shooting me from behind I'm like okay whatever let me go take out this other guy that was up here and this guy is just like you know walking around then I realized he's crashed but his game is crashed but no mercy no mercy he gets the front fender just like anybody else that's crashed so that's how my match started out and I was like alright that's cool I'm just gonna drive around and have some fun here we're already pretty far into the match there's only 26 people alive it was a pretty slow match until I found that guide the care package there was just nobody around for like the first half of the game so I'm pull up here to shoot somebody further away and I realize there's a guy on this care package like what's he doing how did that miss take him out I'm like you know what this guy probably just doesn't understand the direction of sounds yet obviously he didn't hear the vehicle pull up behind him or hear me potato a massive sniper rifle round right behind him so we're not gonna talk about that we'll talk about this next guy so this other guy was down here shooting to me but he decides to move shoot another potato said of him another potato shot at him I decide you know what I have I have two more potato shots to shoot so let's go down here and see what we can do it looked like somebody else was shooting at this guy just a little bit so I was like all right let me just kind of bunny hop over here then I see the guy down here and he's turned around and he's looking at me so I'm like oh shit I gotta caught me off guard right here so I potato my last two shots forget I only had two shots going for that third shot and realized I don't have any more ammo left so at this point I'm like all right I got this tree for cover what is this guy gonna do the reason I'm kind of going up and down here is so somebody if there's somebody behind me they don't just shoot me in the head this guy's getting dangerously close so I did a little peek peeking is very important in this game he could barely see me there but I could see him just fine and I get the kill on him decide that uh my sniping is a little below average today so I'll just move on and keep trying so there's a guy hiding back here and I decided to take the tires out on his car because he is way outside of the zone and I know he's relying on that car there were people fighting behind me so I'm just double checking to see if they're there but this guy over by the car is still shooting at me but I'm not too worried about it because he seems to be a potato sniper just like me so there he is there he is I have gotten a couple hits on him but the guy just won't die he just won't die so I decided to keep going at the car tires if what take it out one tire is not enough you got to take out both tires of the car there we go now this guy is gonna have a serious problem getting to the zone especially since the blue is already moving he's basically right out there on the edge as you can see the blue is coming in and it is about to cover him and his little broken car up oh there it goes so now he's probably in oshit mode oh shit I see why this guy shot my tires out now he didn't shoot any of my tires out and I'm pretty happy about that there he goes I'm like alright I don't want to be in the blue so let me get it my little potato Jeep here that's what we're gonna call it when I when I can't any sniper shots we call it the potato Jeep and we'll just drive over here and wait for this guy to come out of the blue hopefully he'll drive right towards me probably won't but maybe so I get out of the car turn back around the blue and what do we have here I feel kind of bad but that old thing was a long and drawn-out plan to shoot his tires out make it harder for him to drive into the circle and it worked this guy sneaks up on me holy crap he gets some good hits on me so I'm like let me just hide and get a first-aid kit off because this guy is a pretty good shot so I just I do uh get out of here go for some cover some gunfights you just just don't want to take on he kind of disappeared and I didn't want him getting the best of me there so I decided to roll out here and take my Jeep closer to the safe zone and try and find some cover but as I'm rolling around I basically end up running over a guy by accident I'll show you right here whoopsie hello what where did you come from my friend I didn't even see you there that was some pretty good hiding and I'll get it man there's my friend that was shooting at me from before I'm not sure if that shot hit or not but it looked like it should have maybe his shoulder or something so we're still potato sniping this guy I don't know where he went so I decided to get the grenade out right when I sister granny I'm like oh shit he's right here so I decide to do a little third-person aiming take him out fairly easily so that guy's going but then a bullet just whizzed right past my head so I'm like all right there's somebody out here that I still don't see but there's only two enemies left I mean there's three total so we've only got two enemies left so let me grab a couple energy drinks and a first-aid kit off this guy and then Oh get out of here in my Jeep so far driving around in the Jeep it seemed pretty safe so why stop now when there's only two enemies left I know for a fact well not for a fact but I'm like 99.9% sure there's a guy in that little yellow house behind me because there always is somebody in the house which can be a deathtrap if you know a house is going to get pushed out you probably want to try and get out of there before you're forced to get out of there because then you just make yourself a target for the enemy so I know if I stop the Jeep that I'll probably get shot by somebody that I can't see laying on the ground or hiding in a bush or maybe this guy in the house but I really want to kind of like find a place on the edge where I can use the Jeep recover my ultimate plan is to blow the Jeep up and use it for cover now the reason I want to blow it up and so it can't be used against me I don't know if some of the new ps4 players out here know this but if you blow up vehicles before that enemies are taking cover on it will kill them it's a massive explosion so if you're using a vehicle for cover in the final circle that's fine but make sure you blow it up before you use it for cover otherwise it's like taking cover on a bomb you don't want to do that so now I'm like alright the zones moving let me see if I can figure out where this last guy is I'm driving around the trees the care packages the little places where people might be able to hide just hoping to see him and then I see a little black dot just crawling on the edge of the blue right in front of me so I'm like let me pretend like I don't see him and then I'll just turn right for him he's like trapped under the Jeep and I just get it this is final circle this stuff never happens this stuff never happens like oh my god that was funny that was funny he was like trapped under the Jeep for a second he actually had to crawl backwards to try and get out from under oh that was funny okay sorry sick so then this other guy in the house just like I thought is throwing grenades and smokes at me so I'm like alright I can't use that Jeep anymore but I can use this Jeep for cover it's in a perfect place right inside the zone I'm gonna blow it up and as I'm shooting the Jeep I see the guy moved from the house getting to that care package he's gonna use that care package for cover the care package that we read earlier so we get the Jeep blown up and then I decided to just grenade this guy because he's just sitting on the care package so why not I get ready for him to run out but he actually just stays there and takes the full force of that grenade so gg that was a amazingly fun match and I can see that there are a lot of new players on ps4 and hopefully this video shows you some of the strategies you can employ to win gunfights you know switching up leaning using grenades and taking out tires on enemy vehicles that have are relying on them to get out of the blue hope you guys enjoyed I had super fun playing and making this video I'll see you guys on the next one like and subscribe if you did later you