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PUBG 300 IQ EPIC plays Ep 33 | PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Highlights

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PUBG 300 IQ EPIC plays Ep 33 PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Highlights

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I have to go for vests which is why I didn't commit for that kill do bullets oh my god well II can't miss a little blonde i oka and I'm a compounder holy moly [Applause] oh shit you think you saw me that's a good one offense so do it have mission admission admission admission run away please for me thank you what a nice guy no I'm fine I just need to reach top five man good thank you you're a hero you're a hero [Applause] [Laughter] irony is crazy can I yes yes I can hit the like Oh [Laughter] we're blessed you watch sorry sorry sorry you wanna make it more interesting so we're not gonna die I feel the heat a back lip – yeah we're done sure he was looking straight I'm gonna go ahead and cross oh yeah they two of them two of them I'm gonna go have them the Hat I mean eating I'm needing more laughs they didn't realize noise I'd let go let me polish on that if they're not on the roof either oh yeah now I speak no suka you bite it down laughs we got Gucci at the PCC at the quad ashes hello yeah oops