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like what is this what the like it looks like a can nine year old was like don't suit it going down that yeah oh wait he's on that Court I got you pretty well luckily this game isn't that hard but and then you know obviously the B play comes it you only lose gleave who had the cz so it's not the end of the world if he's able to get one or two kills as well oh it's like we're on the swing this is nice do we go down the slide we better cuz that's a new one Russia's been working away on these what a game of shot Esperanto drops in now it's hunter versus three smoke guy and in a key picked up hunters for know what to do and what a triple kill transfers his frame right onto the face of C power just gonna turn around why would you even say something burning on the ramp out one more fun yeah he's on the wooden one this side a around maybe side throw the little triple boost then I love this device gonna go up will tap some be ready for it he is scope did up here and obviously was smoother in there he brought the all palaces it that I was talking about gets one two three and then dis deagle from really excited to play cities I'm just saying I don't know if you guys are feeling the same way I'm feeling but cities skylines because a lot of players would know you want to be with their out loud that's a shot killing for I totally hang with useless why don't I have one more from a shot flash coming hi behind you don't need a turn between because of that performance they find themselves here about to take map one Fitch so one v5 I feel confident to say it is impossible it is over this map is done he's just sitting here even going for it he's not just going and dying cuz cuz they're gonna win the game now is he why is he saving he wants one that's death statistic same for last rounds elseís 1 rush it that he didn't try to the major I had people that don't don't play a lot of sense I avoid happy within them anymore yeah a little sweat like Oh guys what's gone wrong zip nick is gonna kickstart this shot at least with a kill entities he and this attempted beer app now could get shut down relatively easily they try it off so stroll this with a blistering pace but device doubling down and this rounds falling apart to mess Harry it's a mess through the smoke big sit the Glock being taken that's when you know things are going crazy I'm yet to be even picked up it's committed towards beasts and Horus with the wrap round device on the other side flashbang is fantastic and of course it is it's astralis binding their form into the second pistol round into the pose of embers I'm gonna do some basic cross Simo kills on the board its hunts up already finding the first pick up they seem clean today as they find three picks outside it's a single pronged attack now as for two tried to take it downstairs let me get some clean headshots over by ramp there as well brilliant work from him looks like they're gonna close in on B side and keep it nice and contentious amazes trying to get up close and personal where he finds at least one had shot picks up the USPS and straight back down to B where three players ingly waiting to defuse that bomb another clean edge you're al Mesa that's incredible bomb still hasn't been diffused in our mazes doing absolutely everything oh and a hole a sore five head shots there how Mason does everything