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Harry was on to something big this is very exciting are you excited yeah I think you just peed a little oh no that's me that's very twisty it's not the sort of place you want to visit a lot I'm gonna be pretty good at being alone today nope that did not thing right at all have you ever talked to a woman before some in there hit you uh geez did you just talk whoa did you just understand me you can understand me I've been so lonely there's magic that brought us together and that magic is called hope you can talk to humans I can dr. Pokemon you can talk to each other we're gonna do this me you found yourself a pokémon partner yeah she's trying to work me kid but trust me I can't haul sweet mother of Arceus that feels so good [Applause] what are you doing I can't do when people are watching [Applause] this is very exciting are you excited yeah I think he just peed a little so oh no that's me that was me Pokemon detective Pikachu rated PG May 10 it started with the beat drop that came in my mind it failed so divisive can't describe to my kind and I'm the master of the I created this bit just a while yo but now I'm here for the I gotta tell ya