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Pokemon Ash vs Sawyer (Ash Greninja vs Mega Sceptile)!! English Dub HD

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now we wait for Sawyer's six Oh ash take care Pikachu you're up there it is [Applause] Pikachu is unable to battle sceptile's the winner all right let's do it [Applause] hey sorry we made you wait this one will decide it all let's both give it everything we've got I can have to catch my breath watching this it seems like the whole arena feels the same way here goes furniture there it is mysterious for a ninja [Applause] you're ready sceptile we've got tons experience let's go [Applause] planets yeah ashes power is the power of two becoming one as long as ash becomes one with greninja and as long as greninja becomes one with ash will always be stronger for it subtitles unable to battle greninja wins the match goes to ash it's decided we'll be moving on to the incredible that's a Pokemon that let's give another big round of applause for this stupendous [Applause] I experienced everything you had to give he reminded me once again why I admire you so much it was great for sure you had me so super psyched I was having a ball thanks for the kind words I'm gonna keep on training and battling and getting lots of experience and one day I'm gonna be even better than you and else you forget I'm gonna work harder and get stronger too I'll never give up well battle again right battle again the fierce and highly competitive match between ash and Sawyer has come to an end of course both trainers will continue to gain more experience and strength along with the promise to battle again one day but for now the finals are up next with elan as our hero's opponent constant journey continues