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Watch me play with the best Thresh on the Korean server, Destiny!

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before we get started our video is sponsored by none other than raid shadow legends a game that's been talked about by a lot of other streamers and content creators honestly I'm just glad that dragons were always legends and never real thing in the world what CLE show us that does not look fun to go up against ever every Dragon has a weak spot I guarantee you she dies first nope who saw that coming she's fucking dead as we talked about the visuals the game has an amazing storyline awesome 3d graphics giant balsa fights PvP battles and hundreds of gem to collect and customize the list is never-ending details in this game really make it one of the most ambitious RPG projects of 2019 that's gonna really change everything Randy's getting a real big real fast so get it early sorry now we'll give you a huge head start there's also an upcoming special launch tournament with crazy prizes so please don't forget to join my client before that just search the client named mythic and hit me up obviously nothing is free in life but this game is absolutely free so now go to the description of this video and download rate only do my link to get 50,000 silver immediately and a free epic champion is part of a new player program of course here the dev team so what are you waiting for I'll see you guys there just got home after a long day and now we're coming to Rank 1 thresh in korea i believe he's done first Thresh Oh too soon is he always asked her first pick yeah I'm pretty tired I've been played League all day let's hope we have an easy game why the fuck would you caught the tall crab plus we're out you just give me three level three also this organs like on my dog's list but first thing no today I'll expect much also one thing I noticed a really love and Incas in this region like every single game in Spain guys dive this we count everything angler saw she doesn't have luck she'll be up let's go straight bitch start good start got them for the black shield why she got both kills the monster so I love vertical jungle on rocks I just get freaky with your bottlings good I suppose no I thought get sodas long I might have not played up for one flushed I'm like really targeting frost hopping right now holy shit eighteen to one CS that's why all my dogs was boys arrows XD I'll just grab this crowd then I guess go for another dive not really much else I'm David Lane is eventually go for drugs uh oh yeah they're a perimeter from XP they're doing what keeps diving tall if I can just go by them this probably paints face off their movement that is warded while I knock up and go through what's cause we were boys it's looking kind of bad hold my movements are like so bad right now tell the rust you want to go for this all right okay plunger we find the ice is how you win games they have a fucking feeder on once other my just others life I'm gonna be like have the sleep right now but I don't want to have to probably have the best Russian mechanics on point boys you can't expect to play perfection after a long day of eating Korean sushi it's funny how crew is not known for this issue never seems like Canada it's fucking crazy I love this place everything is so much better smile like ten seconds we can just do this fuss all I get shoes Drake not so easily there are top leashes and then he's up 18 cs2 once like kind of awkward row for no guys I'm not complaining I think that trade I need you of the week fatter neck nurses like guys a baby's not useful and I'm six as well so our seven sir so I don't need that speech on top side just correct resets are way more valuable I think not just bought them and I'm here perfect time did she just dive 27 CS locally I really only help offline on this one I guess no vision is nothing now working the time helping surely give especially finally mechanically quarterly right now what's the kill you up to I can just check they're all here you got fuckin words everywhere coming up once the lane swaps happen you want on master lanes all your fault line that's why in this case if knocking with salty I'm pretty sure they offered guys is probably dead I was a mid-laner chef no flush nice watch I should have really good saw blows – ahem – no I was in range yes I won't be afraid to tank tower for your teammates important what sir 99% of you would have done that but yeah quick thinking it's easy oh I was thrusting earlier nice character that's like shipper to go got his philosopher for drinks in my death is I got perfect I'm just missing a good trick right now dude I'm fucking terrible or no it's for a scheme of the day mine's not here errors XD on my team you know I've got a decent bought admit sheet for this streak but we're acting as party what the fuck is our table please know this trick I'll go for steal if anything why would he give you infernal everything sorry it's just all for cut now you kill this guy there's no vision and that one actually I feel it the fuck is he dying kill the cannon what am i how am i half health is like kill queue whatever that was those lot of damage I think it's game crews you ought to be immensely their first two deaths weren't that great but I know how to get my team has good on the right lane so not to live but free hackle perfection this game then you carry two items 40 minutes until one for normal it's really likely to throw we have the alpha getting some orders of Atlanta they're all talking LTP maybe you'll finally use it what soap another towers on top oh nothing else gets for maybe three too much watch lush were there over connote as we're outnumbered refer them going to us that gilds gamefreak our bottom it's better to chill the beauty about jungle is like you don't be warmed up to be winning like I'm up 24 CS I'm like a fucking retard but I got my chin said hold still thought to use it on us have to be my flux settings hire some job me better jungler wins why because I can't bottom lane me Camp tallboy thing is nocturnes early ganks aren't the most for its right side you see if youth are dive with the aftershocks of bird why do you have exhaust they're literally using everything for me I'm the most useless member or has an exhaust either like sister guitar where I went for one whole game easy one easy fucking Club come on Harris you got it bro what is that slow actually I've got this and you're so hot feels good like coming home after a long day of social activity and I get carried your first game by rank one creme fraiche + Chinese guys why let me see this shit it's just me holy fuck got stopwatch ought to be at this doctor launched this when you're Alton ultimately please I'm so poor down by Bueller on semana será 700 sometime you guys get a career right now just can't walk it's all you have to do if your bottom plate you can't lose his bottom let me take this entire Mountain miss meadow well it's most like a mid lane dictates crowd control falling controls the base of the game who wins most of the time and there you go disgusting performance by being rewarded by camping the right lane vertical jungling meta off Twitter open for some reason yes 25 games height restriction I'm typing you mom boom thank you they told my mom today it's okay I'll take good take the LPA I did 30 nothing in the skin but Riven did more he deserves to win this one this guy's just too good anyways let's take a look at the stats before we go like I said this guy was ranked worn for like the entire I think not entire but most of the season reset happened who's been playing good too so thank you for the carrier is made to carrying one red world relevance nope use it random like me anyways thanks for watching take care you