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Playing As THE AVENGERS In Call of Duty Zombies…

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Playing As THE AVENGERS In Call of Duty Zombies….
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Avengers Endgame. It is all I can think about right now. Avengers Endgame was amazing and the Avengers Endgame Ending made me cry. What could be better to celebrate the amazing MCU with the Avengers in Call of Duty Zombies! This is one of the most unique maps I’ve ever played!

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biggest thing in the world right now avengers endgame after over 20 movies and 11 years the saga has come to an end in this video we are jumping into that universe in one of the biggest collaborations ever and though we're not talking about fortnight and the Avengers we're talking about playing as the Avengers in call of duty zombies so sit back get comfy and prepare to be blown away by just how amazing this experience is if you believe this is one of the coolest things you've ever seen in call of duty zombies then feel free to leave a thumbs up I'd love to know below in the comment section if you've seen endgame of what you thought of it or remember no spoilers and enjoy this absolutely incredible map yeah here we go welcome to as god boys and girls where we have some kickass music and the avengers who are we playing as that is the question we have a selection of incredible superheroes to choose from I'm gonna pick spider-man big four go for it dude are you are you have altered wait where are you oh you oughta respond I was gonna say you look a bit different alright okay you can double jump I can double jump as well as insane so we just gotta getting to the other side of this area and then BOOM we are in the map oh there we go boom and oh my god Ross straight to earth yo chill let's put that I've never seen that in a zombies map ever in my life there's only one group who can save the world oh snap there it is adventures Malibu drive Age of Apocalypse alright who's Captain America reading this out menus we can really get all times of our tank and that's that's uh DeNiro oh man that was high yeah so there is there is guns around the map for you I think everyone's got a special weapon I don't know okay chat we've got it we've got to just tell you now we've got to get this out the way codename pizza has never watched The Avengers roast him in the comment section please cuz like none of none of us can fathom this just please don't do that okay so what the objective is lads is we need to open either I think we can go behind us or we can go to the left by this van and we can basically get to the main city but all of us as Avengers right now don't have our super powers or our super weapons so we need to go ahead and basically get those things ASAP I played this map like three years ago but with Avengers endgame out I was like this would be the best thing in the world because you've got your fortnight Avengers crossover right but you don't if you call it you two zombies but you do now until got the story here the zombie wants to clearly follow as well alright there we go don't know join us see some a wild lads yo look at this fan look at this fan and watch the top of it you ready yeah boy you can sling webs cuz I'm spider-man so cool right we should definitely open past this like tree area here because this is gonna like blow your minds alright 12:50 who's got who's uh good yeah the boy look at him go okay got hungergames adverse makes you really feel like wow what a throwback this is back in the day this is literally back in the day feeling kind of kind of old out here you know I've got one more debris to ground alright it's a bit sad all right who's got 2000 open this how there you go so this is wild boys okay this is crazy so chop we're gonna go and get your hammer okay this is how old this map is is crazy it doesn't make sense but this hotel here the best Eastern in the West I think we open that and there's a secret room that only spider-man can get up to and your hammer is tucked away in a toilet okay so I'm pretty sure if you guys run in that hotel it's floor like I'm gonna turn its room floor 403 I think you found it where I can't lift this did I get the wrong here I was right look there it is oh my god the mighty cat who can pronounce that word because I still can't yeah I think that's it me on me I'm Lou I can't a cup but yeah you've got the power of the storm breaker in your hand and you're basically gonna save us because I have those good Gardens I've no good guns I've got no ammo no nothing I'm just fed up I'm just gonna bottom you can't get on the rooftop of this as well which is sick I think there's a missing elements thing up here oh it could be one of the Infinity stones so we do actually have those in the maps it pretty high this is it's actually quite relevant to avengers endgame sort of sort of okay chop you can actually do something with your hammer yeah I can shark and I can mail it so if you want to meet us like oh damn I need you broke my legs oh my god I'm gonna jump off I'm doing a scissor fall damage I don't know go on this could be the saddest moment I was like this could be the saddest moment in Avengers history okay lads let's open this I know this gun show us oh yes the FAMAS all right chop do you have the points for this because we can use your hammer in here sir I'm trying to remember correctly look all these weird heads so this actually Richthofen oh my god is Takeo suck that's kind of wild you know though if we go up the stairs there's one of the Infinity stones just chilling no word of a lie it's just chilling so what we need to do drop you need to shock that thing and just keep shocking it alright just continuously shock it there it is keep going keep going we need a shot get on down oh yeah I forgot the hammers are cool down we seem to keep shocking it until it disappears at the time of recording this video I've seen endgame chopper hasn't Peter doesn't really care so I'm not gonna say I'm not gonna say anything but choppers character is very funny in endgame this all I'm gonna say or is a lot what are you talking about I chopped is still hitting that stone he's still working on it be fair we could just leave it for the end of a round and open up a different part of the map we need Bruce Banner to become the Hulk you know yeah we do remember world at war you can make cruel yeah very nice cases fifteen hundred I don't know if there's gonna be a more expensive door after so if you get this one also I think some of the cars at Easter eggs as well I'm not sure this is twenty five hundred so I open that so close look at that is this Avengers pinky was it Tony Stark's house sink this is mad fifteen hundred are this doors two thousand so close to getting inside here so I'm pretty sure in here is his computer with all of his Iron Man suits really yeah yeah here it is look oh my god all of them yo chat press for javis console menu selection but obviously oh my servers are offline oh man we've got to activate them so it's nice kitchen in here you know if you could pick one of the three spider-man's to be which one are you gonna be I can be Tobey Maguire huh that's all you to be the question which one you want I think I'd be Tom Holland to be honest yeah he's cool he's the coolest of this off the spider-man so far so yeah this is where this is where Pete's is gonna become the Incredible Hulk very exciting here we open this we might need to make a crawler for this we've got the fat on now the FAMAS is here are you kidding me come to me my friend come to me my friend oh there's a clock okay one sir okay chop you take this on be away from us see Larry Bruce Banner I need to fill the tank in the correct order so you see this little tank here on the table with all these perk bottles you just need to activate the right perk but if you activate it the right one the liquid will start rising in the tank so just pick throw any purple it doesn't do it it's not the right one okay there's a crawler coming towards you guys five so oh that was fast yep so quick I've been drugged two hours later Simon said it's more just like a guessing game just gotta activate and the right order but you've got to work it out over you like your trial and error oh my god yeah yeah alleged cherry yep there it is now you go drink about you drink that serum my dude smashes elevations that's so cool so cool that's that's it look at him go that's so cool that's amazing just say if you can get the serum ik I don't know how you get the serum again but I think I guess I got to do the same thing so I can still use it now it's just I've only got oh it's it's loading back up again ah nice okay so save that I'm gonna I'm gonna become Captain America turn into the Hulk but don't do just yet because we need we need you on the beach mate soon as we go on the beach you can be the whole you just got one job to do if the hope would like to just come down to the beach oh that must be where the box is a massive green thing what the hell so yeah look up look up in the in the cliff where I'm here can you see that yeah jump up and hit it that's all you got to do to jump up and punch it boom there it is boys yes I have my shield now big shield and there's the mystery box a sick is it where is this the box oh it's a tesseract right here oh snap himself to use tesseract who's got the racks for that pizzas got the racks go on EB activate the tesseract he knows what this is clearly oh the whole time battles cancer keep it fun as complete as awful alright lads are you ready for the time stone I don't think you're ready look at this here it is the time stone literally you just stand I don't know if zombies spawn or not I hope they don't oh uh oh I I genuinely think zombies have sport I got no ammo I see how look if my shield oh look at that this shoot is sick watch this omigod get close come back you've got a stand by the time stone there's a lot coming from I don't have coordinates but it's it's pretty close behind us as well oh oh [Applause] this is invisible zombie see this one right through this right in front of us literally it's right in front of us somewhere Oh too late to save it should we just should we just come back to this [Laughter] yeah see the other stage so there is another there's an easy stone that we can get but you need to be Hawkeye for it and I I will be winning KY but this is lads I've got spearhead arrows on my bow to sit ok where are you guys yeah look right here I'm right here dude look at look at the film's they show in frozen Superman on fire mer man lord of the bling liam neeson fights wolves that's a favorite classic mr. bean let's go let's go watch a movie oh my god what the hell propagandist are actually playing frozen oh no don't spoil it ruining my dreams calling it just the Gibbs how unfair is that I'm running out with my cellphone and I can't kill zombies with it what's the point okay here we go moment of truth can I become my Iron Man cuz surely it can't be this long-winded but surely one more squad intervention oh I can pick one yo I'm deploying armor I'm deploying armor Mach 1 the og oh that looks awful no way I ain't picking that up Jarvis I don't want it protect me lads ok Oh a Mach 1 I've got a flamethrower oh okay hold on how do I get out of this this is crazy you wanna give I'd okay how do you think like but I can't see anything in this wait does it actually block your vision yeah legit got goggles on can I return this please return the armor to it's charging dawg alright here we go protect me boys alright there we go it is ah alright suit is back ok lads I have a lot in here with me I'm gonna pick Mach 4 ok Mach 4 being deployed alright here we go here we go Mach 4 that's the Puffin I'm coming down here we go repulses on my arms oh do I look good do I look good here we go lads look at this oh my god this is so cool I'm serving it shows how many kills I've got a headshots yah this is so cool you have like a whole interface yeah a whole interface this is in the sale I can see power levels how many revives down zombies left I can see a zombie count Earth although I think I have limited power yeah I've got like 25% of my power levels that's not good that's not what you want to see but I think I can just place it back to charge it back up it's so cool oh that gives all my health back on my shoes and I think I can fly yeah remember when I said we felt powerful yeah not anymore [Applause] mark 3 deploying it putting it on all right spikes are going to you so Mach 3 Ironman is not that much different to mod 4 it's a slightly different hard do I have any minute Mele can I punch somebody stood there yes I can feels good well I think the Avengers are done here the zombie outbreak just cannot be stopped and I mean we couldn't get the Infinity stones finals snatched them from our grasp when we weren't looking and also because we just didn't fully outright try to get them but nevertheless I hope you guys enjoyed this video if you did a like rating smacked on it would be very much appreciated and also make sure you check out chopper and pizza down in the description well I'm sure you guys already know about them but if you haven't already subscribed hit that sub button on all three channels I hope you guys enjoy the vengers n game if you're seeing it anytime soon don't spoil it in the comments I'll catch you later peace