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Playing as Genji but in Apex Legends

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I think I'm gonna do ock stars only I'm Genji Oh No like – even good enough to the point where she can carry me and if you're there to inky oh you'll be fine so don't pick up any ox does yes who's your championship that star boy have you champion she's the type that she's the jumpmaster yeah I think this is a meme as well I literally forgot dude how do you forget okay forget until I see her as the jumpmaster she's dropping us hot there's more people here oh yeah I'm out here doing men oh my god oh oh faasil tea fuck you dude now you're getting all the kiss oh it's coming I'm coming I've got one box top red red there's a guy just around the corner there yet oh no I missed him are you miss I missed the odd system come back here you little shit come on come on yeah you wanna fight me she's gonna Mozambique yeah yeah here you win come here come here you little shit come on I'm beating up Typho essentially she's got the same skin what weight is it alright well yep it's so much fun to beat up tiefer hey no come back another teammate type of helmet god I wish I had a gun Thank You terrified – you legend actual God in the maze you know my favorite no Archie there's not 301 I'll take that I mean I got it pause on it – yes guys you're doing it you see you guys just have to deal with it um beginning people sure do I run as fast as someone with arcs RL if they I think okay let's try it just run – they're not you run with like a weapon in your hand okay yeah good to know you run like a weapon I want to know that too actually yeah yeah sorry okay no with that I gotta get this place is that the life 100 fuck that's the light I'm 90 in ahead come on you little shit come on you little shit come on you little shit huh what oh okay so I'm not I'm I was too tall that person's really hurt though in there nice and the other people peeled over there oh oh I will I'll be back another time WikiWiki was hiding in here this is me I couldn't get in look at this rock star I have to walk stars yeah they're more oxidized oh okay I'm the most useless getting Uriah yeah me how I mean sorry oh my god it's just like I see all these pistols and like please just one of those I see you gonna go feet 2020 oh no I'm not I can't it's a sign you guys protect me so hard they're like extremely where's my fucking was my ox does literally can't find anything I've been looking for you I could use some med kids oh I got two does that mean that you're gonna heal the spirit Ifill heal me alright take take take ourselves take my little cells are you jeez thank God huh oh they're 3ox doesn't mean they're wasting the Ox does all right no I'm run right Brett done it all right whoa what the shit Winkie that was a good shot I'm gonna have to finish that rat long burger is very annoying sorry I hit him in the head distraction and I'm pretty good at distracting come on stick room come on you little shits come on it's right on him come on yeah I stuck him twice guys I'm helpful oh nice man I'll protect you from behind you might have somebody come up on you but I'm the one to protect you man thanks man oh it was such a gamer such a gamer moment you feel me oh you're not just like knock down the fine hey guys I got a lot of meds what kind of a guy oh dear at this butterflies in the bins now oh yeah that's a wise that's a plan what I kept eyes oh holy shit I'm trip where I'm what you're shaking and crying right now I'm shedding I'm shredding my oh my god you made me scared stop stop don't scream very good yeah we ki other stroll in here oh my god you actually scared me oh what a massive our different teams good I punched it puncher Oh God must've hurts against a punch oh boy that guy hit me real oh nice nice yep oh the guy's scared of me hey fuck you uh-huh Dean I can finish this rifle thank you wait the guy up above oh right fuck you right yes you fell for my trap I'm the best I'm really oh you stole my kill that was actually a steel still killed if anything oh thank god is that everyone notice over here almost got him oh it hit him twice eggnog easy wait don't worry about I'm just gonna Phoenix just close the doors just got me no no no oh I lost all my heart to us oh my god it's hell out there we can tell rock stars I need more fucking up stuff oh are you gonna punch him oh no he's gonna wingman now we can back away from that guy Hey oh you're going from okay oh no another guys well yeah that was my boys it is it works reason ox toss ah boys back in action I think the last guys solo yourself if you solo all let me deal with actually I think it's a so League you be okay oh I can't believe I'm alive I can't believe I'm alive legit did everything that I know thanks I'd like to say that I legitimately did my part oh shit they're waiting for us what oh my god wait they probably know that it's us yeah this time come on no no no no guys don't know next up I want to do the fist fight with this guy oh okay Gibraltar come on you little shit yeah come on I took you fucking team he's got a birdie skin there little shit fuck me Oh God oh it's just the fist fight this is hell he takes no damage from punches anymore I'll get a game someone help me I don't want to die by the way guys this way guys follow me hurry up oh oh yes [Laughter] [Laughter] there better take the box don't shoot yet if he takes the box I'm gonna ladies reviving partner they're still eating bread oh I got my nail you dare to how the fuck did I not stick him first one-on-one there although more rock stars I'm good baby ox dust fly for them oh this man isn't merchant I've got nine I've got the most I've ever gotten uh up there brother huh they're shooting up there on top yes gold back there gold I'm sure it's a gold backpack I'm checking it back lock stop oh I am the ultimate soldier oh yeah they're all fighting on the ground now good go type or get in there what are you waiting for Emily got you a legend type first swing dad one nice up here there's the last guy was up top here where is he definitely killing sight right here in this way nice one left one left don't worry about anything he's coming he's coming he's trying to stop me hey stop the entire time I would have killed him if it wasn't for typhoid but we did it what type of you sent us you actually saved us by getting the double kill and that other guy hey guys I jumped five underneath the ship oh my eye I've literally come back five times the strongest before oh wait no did I have one on nothing cuz now what's math well I can make this a cool-off havoc for someone what is math he shots there exactly it brought them all out yet name no yet I must use it precisely watch this shit what the fuck does that guy catching up yeah I need report oh no that's good getting think what this shit is going on what do I aim it what do I aim it where's the third guy dude I don't know everything Rockstar Oh last bullet gonna seem coming I got backpack fast heal guys oh wow shit I stuck him yes good that's all right I got the cure the stick is to just make that movement fucked and they call name I mean it will damage them but like they're fucked you know yeah you're right hi sweetie mid I just ducked my fucking rock star that's little shit what do I do I've got four left four more chances at life oh boy oh wow that's a lot of people on you run away please they all have nurse shield yeah I know sorry oh oh I just killed them all I'll keep distracting you oxide right oh no oh no all right come over here come on me fuck reload breaking these guns okay he's gonna race again the rest what fuck you fuck you my heel right in front of you look at me look at me this is what'll come back come on you son of a bitch is that gonna work oh no bro oh my god brah hey guys I'm right here no knock did I stuck him get him and have myself in the proof oh I already did my turn it's Winkies turn and hit that notification bill [Laughter]