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Playerunknown's Battlegrounds – The Return – Solo, Against All Odds #22

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Hey guys! I had to cut the beginning away as audio was muted due to music playing. I hope you enjoy! — Watch live at

um I was thinking about getting back to play nya cuz I just started that and then I never finished it pretty good game that's I will see probably play Sakura next honestly so yeah I'm I'm not really sure how much I can say but I okay I can't tell you this I'm back in pub G for a reason outside of just wanting to play pop G I mean the majority of why I'm back in pub G is because I want to be back in Babji but there's also a sideline reason that I cannot yet tell you about that's gonna be pretty cool thanks for asking one that's not being released yet I don't know that's in progress still but that's not why I'm back either a secret father's I know I saw annoying my bttv is an enabled on my chat I need to do that on my stream streaming PC I'd love to do that when I formatted what up cage how you do oh yeah ring Cydia I saw on that need was pretty close leave this building in the tier next to them and then try to find some trouble mr. circle at all perfect we can actually bridge camp this sub Davey I don't see how there is a deeper reason as to why I'm back in pub G that's the main reason is the fact that I'm actually enjoying it again and it's nice to be back in ya have to decide on that's occurred what what attachments beautiful Oh beautiful okay now it's okay now talking all right all right take a break from it was good yeah it's still there still like I'm not gonna stop ranting about the issues of pubsey but that doesn't mean I don't enjoy it's still like people people live under the the understanding that's just because there's a lot of complaints so we had about a game doesn't mean that you can't still enjoy it I still enjoy the game but I still have plenty of complaints about it because there are issues that should have been fixed ages ago the upcoming update helps a lot too yeah yeah a bit of sign of hope almost probably shift so that's the car 98 I kind of won a British Gate Bridge campaign honestly it'll be fun as fuck haven't done that in a while do you know this play a sled town in fact by the way about the scar you see this iron sight that it has that everybody hates the stock weapon doesn't even come with that specific iron sights it's just a rail I think I'd actually prefer just having the rail from another angle now I think I must have hit him with that nade he didn't heal up from when I shot him because he was low I needed to hit him once I was getting shot from somewhere else I think that was a VSS he almost rinsed my entire vest outs I found calf I don't really want to play the test over maybe I will see I don't really feel like installing that again though it was like getting shot from I know there was somebody else firing from somewhere pollute the sky for some moments yeah yeah nothing you'd have this it's not really good as it is what this'll do no crates oh oh okay okay warming up well that was a plane moving there looks like yet those players ever sure like this gotta be okay I guess I'll take it and then go to the rich Wow we didn't manage to hit me once Congrats you just gotta take it up on n24 I don't really want to mess with that cuz I don't have boosts you gonna find one in here yeah easy clap on that jump yes like that was bike so badly there's gameplay for dude I'd like dude go the other guy the sided to cross as well Oh somebody on the other side too all right I wish I had another boosts I wish I could kill that guy when he was up here it's now whoever we have the proper red dot now at least she'll make things a little bit easier there's a car coming I have an idea kind of want to go for that box there yes yes all right now we're talking much better so we can get back alive as well seems like it I'm not the timing these finishes please hurry get get him he's dead he's gonna die give me fucking yeah yeah yeah yes this is the gateway to hell that's another one but quickscope bow over vacuum foam g-baby we are back in pub G we back with a vengeance making up for all those lost kills hell yeah dude there was a combination here somewhere like delivery a good chat on ice there's that fucker they're shooting in another one oh my god that's amazing headshot that fall as well let's show that konnani a guy those have been looking for me all this time and he's dead somebody's hungry huh [Applause] [Applause] where's this fucking guy that's not possible you know surely that's not all of them right the only vehicle that's a guy do you steal one of the bikes come in ah it's gotta be one more of them somewhere I got us heard him that's them firing I think over those 16 left's no guys you know we doing we go for the MATLAB place yeah really really MATLAB place it's our boat around here onna they took it okay something it was a boat of somehow [Applause] alright there's one more I'm gonna scream send it we're committing we're committing it's too late now down the rabbit hole we go we're okay not to worry we're in full control of the situation do not worry okay chuckles gonna cause soon minutes 20 seconds on the clock a lot of my angles wouldn't pay me to cover here may not be the best position as a motherfucker looking at me over there my gran brought another one helmet that second shot was perfectly aligned but it didn't connects awm up there down there there's all the people are gonna be forced towards me he's hiding way out there all right it's like I stopped throwing up there I wonder oh there I seem I'm alright the fuck you doing mate I think it's safe for me hello that's probably the guy that's the guy that was ran down there was probably the guy that was up on the mountainside I scared him off let's see where this is going I'll just set up at the top here I think I need more kills awm that is still very out of my blood I got a minute I looked away cuz I didn't think the last shot would hurt are you still firing back you insane do you know what you're challenging right now various I'd assume that this guy's camp in the building but I can't be too sure about that either get me down below me as well Nobby smokes maybe kicking the bucket here mm-hmm that's for the fact that there is no good cover and he's probably got building cover you know situations like this remember to breathe deeply and slowly that's what most people tilt up because they don't relax enough gotta keep your breathing going to make sure your heart B doesn't go up he's been sitting in there all the final circle all of it that's a distraction it's gotta be or he's actually there I didn't see any of anymore throw anything from the building yeah it was down in the dip there all that time