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PJ Masks "CATBOY" MOD (GTA 5 PC Mods Gameplay)

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GTA 5 Mods – PJ Masks “CATBOY” Mod!!! Catboy hears crime and problems in the city and takes care of all of them….. well, somewhat.

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welcome back to another GTA 5 video and today to Dave we've got I don't know how you feel about it cuz I don't know how I feel about it we got PJ masks we only have one of them yeah only one of them we could get more in the future if you guys really enjoy this mod but here's my thing I don't know what this show was I had to read about it this is not my era probably your arm so if you like BJ Metz just let me know the comments below maybe we'll bring him back or something but right now as you can see on my screen it is day tap and what I read is supposedly they go out and take care of the problems that night and this is his pajama now I do not have the non pajama version which we couldn't get and let me just show you guys a little something all right you see me right I look great I look cool but let me just show you how big I am I know normal kid baby this is PJ masks the giant version look how big I am smack his car take you to it yeah I'm sorry bread sorry sorry okay I'm a little kid I'm a big little kid I'm a huge little kid could you stop alright we forget this we can't be doing this in the daytime this is just not right I'm supposed to go out at night with my pajamas on and I'm running around in daytime all right you know what we're just gonna make a night out we're making nighttime and the pajamas are gonna be normal the only thing it's not gonna be normal is my abnormal size what a nice rest in the forest oh well at least it's night time so if pajamas aren't exactly weird now maybe I should watch an episode of something to understand this a bit more but my understanding is my abilities as cat boy I think his name is my beers water for some reason because I'm a cat you know what I mean but my abilities as I can run fast I can hi and stuff and I can hear like really far so I'm no problems anywhere baby now we do have some I guess you could say super powers in this mod it's kind of a superpower I could just run fast maybe as you can see I'm running a little fast right now but this is not my only speed if I really want to go I can go boom or even whoa okay I'm kind of glitch okay that was just weird you might as well just stick to the regular two speeds this one and this one now we can also kind of jump a little I think that's a probably a little too high it's probably a little too high now we can also hear things super far away but I only hear problems so I can take care of the day alright guys I finally made it to the city area but I can hear problems if you listen closely they're going oh no oh no I know exactly where to go that sounds like the voice says pink Powerpuff men berry pink baby who's that well I just made him up and it's this dude right here and we do have a slight problem his pink powerpuffs stuff gets everywhere and it starts affecting people and if I keep letting them go the entire world will be pink dah dah dah okay okay what's wrong with me we're gonna just kind of walk up to him cuz he can't really see when he's doing this crap but I am gonna have to take care of them I know fat Oh God where's yet get Xena I can't say nothing this is the Pink Palace thump it's everywhere we get any attacks Oh God where'd it go I'm gonna attack by all these villains and bad people gonna smack destroy and kill everybody that's near me run away run around real fast they can't catch me aah idiots what is your problem alright now that it took care of all the bad people where's the pink Powerpuff man oh god we got more problems take care of all these I think I found him I think I found him he's right here oh you almost got red over but I already took care of him oh you ain't people Powerpuff men now your green green robot ninja dead man I took care of you don't worry about nothing guys but I'm hearing more problems while I was doing all that fighting I heard the prom if you listen closely you can hear Oh God oh god I think I hear it this way it's definitely this way what is this we got problems take that to the face Punk don't mess with me baby I am on the loose I gotta go help the people I just heard other person I just heard where's yet it's like right around here where is he and here I was right there I can see him he's about to fall don't worry I'm coming up don't you worry I'm gonna be there in a in a jiffy now be quick where's the stairs that maybe I should just drop the wall where you at I'm up here finally I made it up here what sir sir wait right here right here right here okay I don't want you to move okay I'm gonna have to be very slow see I'm the fast maybe we're sitting talking maybe wishing huh card I'm gonna reach free rich I don't never do that I didn't mean to do that where's yet I did not mean ok still up there good I gotta get back up there aren't I'm back I'm back I'm sorry to keep you holding on but alright all you gotta do is grab my blue cat PJ masks and all right so the amulets is here I need to grab you okay I'm gonna put in slow motion so you don't have to hold on for so long all right I'm gonna see if I've got some powers I don't have anything really I can't grab this man he's still stuck up there could you just help me up please I'm gonna fall to my death if you don't hurry up I'm just gonna find something don't worry about nothing I'm gonna I'm gonna find it and all that stuff I'm gonna find a rope or something I'm gonna help you guess the way my hands work they're not really sir sir are you Oh God Oh God Oh sir okay yeah II felt eat them ah ah I'm gonna come down Oh God let's see for me is I could just drop down like this and I'm I'm okay but I could see for you it was a little problem sorry the amulets abuse there's ambulance ambulance ambulance ambulance asleep emulous is leaving me to me true there's another problem down the road I called the cops they'll be there surely okay I'm outta here really fast now cuz I gotta go help what happened down here it's actually really bad but somebody just died back there what the heck is this it's a big car pileup I gotta fix this I gotta fix this there's no problem see what I usually do when I got problems I eliminate the problem your know-how eliminates problems I'm just gonna do something the PJ masks can do that VJ mess can't do that her deejay cat boys he can't do that but uh there ain't no problem now is there baby Liberty no problem so uh BJ cat boy I'm out of here and save the night actually what what did happen today this ain't the only thing only problem I fix was I Pete Powerpuff man the guy fell down he died crash back there I just moved all the cars now the waste people could drive again they probably died I didn't save much of anything today all of them we felt we completely felt but if we had some of our team members from PJ masks or something like that you know wouldn't be so bad maybe if we could have an evil version you know we can have all that stuff for you guys enjoyed this PJ masks mod don't breathe drop that light subscribe if you are new and I will see you guys in the next 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