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Opening 1,000 Unbroken Bonds Pokemon Packs

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Unbroken Bonds Is here! Let’s Open 1,000 booster packs (1,080 Pokemon packs or 30 Booster Boxes to be exact)


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1,080 packs of unbroken bonds I told him the real number of my own 1080 that's right we have mr. beautiful cases Mahone here a blast from the past with us I haven't done this in what feels like so long that I don't even know how to do this anymore on my own and you part the Red Sea alright we want to let you know also real quick I guess as we're crack-a-lackin' here that uh this video is brought to you by me and Mahone and we have our own little oscillator up there tricky Jim this is so weird that's not a DCE to really see I'm already confused alright anyways won't let you know that yes we are live-streaming this right now on Twitch which I live streams seven days a week we open pokemon product mahone i livestream 5 days a week and I do Pokemon Trading Card Game online I also stream live tournaments at full grip games.com have full grip games every Wednesday so if you want to see Pokemon product be open go check us out if you want to see any kind of competitive play and you pokemon online go check him out you want to buy booster boxes including on broken bonds for as low as $65 darienne's calm but if you're like whoa whoa whoa Darian I can't get singles from you bulgar Gamescom all of these booster boxes have been provided by full grip games where I work and we have all of the unbroken bonds singles available for pre-order on photograph Gamescom and then we were actually gonna be putting all of these cards that we crack speaking of crack there's ma j up we're gonna be putting all these cards on full graph Gamescom for sale as well so you can check those out for all of your Pokemon singles needs and then of course darienne's calm for your $65 booster box and codes also if you're just like you know what Mahone there am I don't I don't want to buy anything well I got an answer for you all this week during the release of unbroken bonds week and giving away a bro and broken bonds booster box virtually every single day on Twitch cuz we do Pokemon giveaways literally every single day and coming up this weekend this is our giveaway yeah yeah alright alright sick come watch us and win free stuff yes basically it that's it watch us and good things will happen okay well I'm trying to sort this differently than I've never sort of this I think this wrong is not gonna happen I'm thinking just sorted later just sort of later I'm I'm trying my best I can't even open just so long as we just like can keep the codes that would be great yeah actually this is full grips product yeah we're gonna need those so and if we accidentally reveal any of the codes and that means this someone who's looking to bike might not get back you know what we'll fix it this I always just want to grab over here and by the way we're not pulling out a lot of the uncommons that are worth a couple bucks apiece right now for a couple reasons one it does slow us way down and grew prices always settle they always settle down so if we if we look at it as in the value of what you get out of a thousand packs it's not an accurate representation dude they're all set is bonkers though this set is not it is there's so much money in this set all of the uncommons are valuable I mean I think it's just a set that is gonna be one of those sets like ultra prism or like or eventually like you mean I gotta print before it releases yeah Oh or like lost under out of print couple month I'm sorry I'm still scorned by that pokey check that out electromagnetic radar yes I think that this is just gonna be one of those that is just so hot right and we got all the fire support in it all the brand-new decks coming out of the set the most playable Charizard ever printed and I said that last set because it was true last set but it's true again we're getting back-to-back Charizard sets it's absolutely insane now do you think where do you think Charizard rainbow rare price is gonna settle oh well we've got it it's stupid high fifty dollars but that's uh I think that that will maybe eventually settle at like a hundred dollars but then it's just gonna go right back up to like two to three it's okay we're talking about the most playable Charizard ever released and it's in a set that I think might just go out of print very quickly that's you know since we're as well so with rotation coming up right right now as it sits I mean I'm broken bonds it's gonna be in it so you're gonna have what six that's right yep three of them three of them are out of print right yes yes so then then a substandard is out of print so if you want to buy stuff literally the best in imprint set is gonna be unbroken bond yeah so I think you are right in the sense of it's gonna be harder to get for a while unless pokemon prepared put it they probably did and probably didn't right you know so it's this set is so hype Charizard sort this no no don't worry I'm trying just don't worry about it sort it later sort of later just yep sorted later so I think that you know chars aren't the most hyped deck out of Japan right now it's a huge deck it's good I've played with it I've actually been doing tabletop game plays on tricky Jim this week and I've been streaming live games with unbroken bonds decks so if you want to see unbroken bonds gameplay I got them uploaded to youtube also on my twitch channel tricky Jim master salesman we got here getting better yeah so I'm getting worse I'm gonna lazy you could sell I work my style I do work at historic but yes and I no longer work at a store so there you go we switched roles you what's going on I know I know master salesman now he works at a store and I'm like what do I do and I don't were trying to do both both and my question is this well yes should we try to stack these the way we do Oh so at the end it's a lot easier to be like we got this many this many before that's not I can do that right there are a lot of G X Pokemon in the set there are a lot of geniuses well keep getting huge 214 cards not including seekers here's here's the deal though it is huge this set this set is huge and I think that's another thing that Charizard has going for its prices this is set like again it's very big the chart that the cards actually a lot harder to get and the thing is I think the actual regular our Charizard could make its way out to be like a $50 card I think it could I think right now it's already in the 30s and they could just be up to a $50 card because it's the most hype deck out of Japan right now and the Charizard X don't just play one Charizard they play story or four and it's hard to get there's a lot of G X's in this set and then also it's a Charizard are you kidding me so when they going to complain I'll go to your into your pack here in a second your codes facedown no they switch they fly I've been doing this all day some boxes are some ways some boxes are the other way yes also I would like to say for the YouTube crowd I've been chucking these over here anyways dude this set is print phenomenally all of these guys all of these guys are pretty pristine I'm just saying like they have done away oh dude this is eeveelutions yes level amazing okay so let me explain what I mean by evolutions level real quick when you look at the back right that might look a little bit like damage right there but it's not that's actually just something on the card what I mean by evolutions print is when they pressed it and cut it it actually like tear to the side of the cardboard down yeah which makes a perfect cut perfect yeah it's a perfect cut it's actually hard to get damaged cuz most of the cards are kind of like a flat cut when you think you cut a piece of paper yeah but these actually tear down off the edges which actually means you get less flaking around the corners and things like that yeah cuz the difference between a 9.5 and 10 territory is that is that and I have seen almost no flaking on any of the corners every corner I've looked at in the set is perfect also darian because this is your first time opening these pick up one of the full arts and feel it give it a feel give it a feel the texture is different it is different this is the same texture as the tin promos the new Tim promos the new tag-team tint it's the same like kinda smooth ish texture right I guess so because there are people that push their thumbs down right you know I mean so it's kind of a little yeah it's interesting it's interesting so the cards do all have a new texture on them which is pretty sick so definitely check it out the secret rears do feel different as well they just feel they're smoother still textured but they're smoother so I'll keep in mind though as good as news is for most people in general if you are someone who is integrating or collecting those if you're looking to buy them don't overpay because if this quark card quality stays like this and it is like evolutions there will be infinite number of PSA tens out there boy that's interesting for the rainbow browser yes at the same token though if you are going to argue someone who likes to buy grade and sell do it right now and actually pay for quicker processing on your card so when you go to sell them on eBay there's less out there be the first yeah be the first yep so that's actually what we're gonna do is we're actually taking like we're taking our chars or our rainbow tears were just grading guys like any yeah any does any we're just gonna we're just great yep because they're all good they're all cut beautifully they all look great and you know is just gonna be hype to be the first one on the market with that card so what I'm worried or wondering now worried yeah is so the average of the rainbow archers are burning shadows which people are still chasing I'm burning shadows is over $1 box now which is great yes it's about like one in 30 ish boxes for the rainbow Charizard right do you feel this one's gonna be rarer so say we probably it opened like 15 cases so far something like the Ox was per case yep and we had pulled like 6 rainbow rares arts so far in cases right 90 boxes yep you pulled six yeah but I think we're high on that's really gone like the high end because there's also like I pulled two to give you guys okay another figure we pulled one rainbow rear Blastoise so far one one we've pulled one famous off 100 box 15 cases we pulled one so this this can easily be explained though as well because a lot of times in a set is very first printed mm-hmm there's not good randomization that happens exactly so different regions and areas will end up getting an abundance of one and a lack of another we've also opened like 10 full art welders or something like that like a dozen maybe and then we've opened like five greens you know it immediately four or five greens that's probably randomization which usually gets fixed on their second printer it will even out eventually but like we're high on Zords right now so like we're pretty excited at full grip right now because we've just been opening Zords all day yeah I think you're definitely just getting the you got you got the lock we did because we've actually opened up I think less full arts then we have rainbows of the chars I like about this about the same like a similar amount so it's been pretty wild well that was kind of like when we struck gold with the pseudo ins centering show that there are some centering issues the cuts are that the cuts are nice now the cuts great like one of these eyes open armor which one it was like this just has nicking on it it's not for it's not the cutting process it's their automation factor yeah but when we struck gold with the evolutions pre-release yes because everybody got the same problem we got all charts all Charizard likes wild that was absolutely go to the tune of I don't know over 10 grand I know insane absolutely I gotta tell you you know much that like hurt my soul just handing those out to everyone like thank you for judging our tournament for two hours yeah yeah yeah I know right but it is for the judging staff let's the judges oh yeah but still it's hilarious Mouse yeah Carlos Mencia yeah okay yeah I'm like wait I can't even remember who I'm stealing that from so about the rainbow rare Zard price I think that it just feels like a $150 card to me I know we're like setting the market for it but like it's the most playable chars are ever printed it's one of the most hyped charizard ever you know released in the modern time because it's so playable and that's big and you run multiples and I think like it's from a set that I think is gonna get bought out so quickly that you know it might just be kind of harder to get your hands on eventually so when you talk about running multiples inside to give an example at home of general pricing is Jirachi is a really good one yep because you can run for Jirachi and be fine and Rachid bounces between twenty and thirty dollars as a hollow rare you know so it's like Arrakis utility is mind-blowing Lee huge but still like if it can push a rule our regular just hollow rare to that height yeah then imagine what I can do for GX another big one it's kind of like a point of comparison if we think about plus epsilon GX it was kind of like the big fire deck from lost thunder so yeah that Jack ran four blasts f Ilan's plus f Ilan's were hovering around $30 for a while just the regular art like upper 20s and you're talking one deck and that's just one deck that runs it right and then it eventually kind of you know petered off to be about eighteen dollars for the regular art now this is a so eighteen dollars for any GX is insane yeah that's a great price that is so I'm saying like the Charizard could easily just it's it 30s on like three orders now and it could easily soar up to like 50 just because it's a Charizard and then if that the regular art is like 50 and then maybe it settles back around 30 like you maybe during like peak like you know hype time it's like maybe 50 and then maybe settles back to like 25 $30 then I think the rainbow rare that's always gonna be a collector piece yeah Charizard is for sure yeah you know and it's a really cool I mean even if you call it a gimmick it's a cool gimmick they're doing with the tag team exactly this is the only you know I mean probably going to be the only tag team Charizard ever brentd so big deal and something to you know something for collectors to chase this Charizard is different than any other Charizard ever released it does more damage than any Charizard ever released does 300 damage the attack on it says 230 arjen's absolutely wild plus also with burning shadows and as there's like no feel almost to know well it's there but it's not that's what I'm saying like I did see it what is it right yeah with also the burning shadows going up in price and if burning shadows gets discontinued which even might you know like very soon then it's the only Charizard to hunt as well which is gonna spike the popularity of higher there's a lot going for it has 278 points you know that that's like especially for collectors use and where everything the bigger numbers for you know bigger numbers mean something for a lot of especially like a lot of collectors and I think that the 270 hit point total that's just a big number to have on a Charizard card and I think that that is one of the reasons why the Rockets Charizard you know from the rocket set back in the day is one of the least expensive chars arts because it only has like 80 hit points Wailord territory you know like where the Charizard exactly this card is beautiful The Guardian so anything with guard or just ends up being amazing gorgeous yeah exactly now also when you talk about they like a hit ratio to I notice how we like open three these off the bat right and zero of anything else it's not a lot it's a small set like you know sampling what's yeah just start see things kind of even out you know and we got a lot of multiples still no Blastoise yet I would like to point out that I think that this is the ugliest Blastoise ever released I'm gonna go ahead and just say that no I always say that I stay away from spoilers as much as humanly possible alright because I like to know I mean obviously you hear all the big stuff what I like to know like all as much as I'm opening it you know get that experience of hey this is new right you know I'm gonna do this journey but uh no I ever printed there's a Blastoise GX in this set he's a Blastoise that only a mother could love it's just I don't know he just got hit with the ugly stick man oh it's a rough it's cool though he's definitely a derp stories that's for sure Oh Oh speak of the devil dude look at this look at this guy look at him see we get that at I mean look at look at that face is definitely derpy look at that face do you see healing a page of Zekrom oh my gosh so unfortunately last one of my favorite Pokemon I just had to do them like that yeah that reminds me of like city of zekrom always has like that derp face what's going on it's like you stole that from them right but yeah that's busted welder as awesome as well as the new little blue Cephalon very cool there's a lot of just like where's uncommons that are all just gonna hold value a lot of the supporters greens exploration yeah can it surge well what are you hedging on that's gonna be like the good card power plant is a good card all of these uncommons they're all good so what's gonna have staying power all a fire support welder Charizard lieutenant Serge is gonna be one of those cards like lousã mean that just cease play kind of forever I think in certain kinds of decks and then I think I think again greens exploration is just gonna be one of those cards that's just cause he played forever in certain kinds of decks really sitting at the top in common most triple acceleration energy is gonna be an energy that we just see played in certain kinds of decks that play like decks that would have played DCE because apparently double colorless energy is rotating I don't know what they're doing alright so bring it back I'm not complaining I just man it's just like weird Pokemon listen for anybody who's fretting about rotation I just want to calm your nerves a little bit you got the googly eye venom ah yeah calm your nerves a little bit Pokemon always brings things back they do they do maybe we do listen things do not stay gone for a long time they do not even right now we've got that triple that tripled showed off that's a reprint okay it's actually that card already exists it's at venomoth I'm pretty sure that the artwork on some of these venom Alice is even reprinted come on just loves bringing things back they do extras gun look what do we got here did energy like if the card goes away they bring it back maybe not as back card but they bring back the ability they bring back the ideas yeah they always recycle the same ideas which I'm not complaining about okay we we didn't have listen professors letter right how am I gonna live without professor's letter it was a great card for such a long time now we've got energy spinner dude pretty much the same thing it's like a triple professor letter on the first turn on the game and then otherwise it's an energy search pretty cool card search the deck for basic energy card reveal it put it in your hand if you go second it's your first and it's your first turn searching for three basic energy cards instead of one and then shuffle with your deck they bring similar ideas back pretty straightforward they're always cycling new ideas like they do a lot of the on your first turn or when they're like let's mess with odds even prizes left and get idiotic you know they got a mixing every now and then that's been their theme in the last like year or so has been like how can we make like the prize turns matter I'm like I like the way that they did I mean they essentially brought night March back but they're like well let's do it different but the same do you know what I mean it's not broken we're just took over everything but it gives you the same so if you like playing Knight March Oh Paul are sick then you could still feel like you're playing the deck your life you know mean right exactly similar idea reincarnate greens exploration that's another big card from this set oh gee they're beautiful they're just cut so nice they are like so crispy guys they are just so pretty if I can actually show you can't actually see when talking about unlike the edges because it shows us a white line but it's not a white line it's just razor sharp it's just it is you can see it kind of like that they look a little rounded you know yeah they're the rounded edges and not flat and again that is something I promise you for as many things as I got graded from evolutions that is what PSA and BG s look for intends like this surface is looks flawless to me yeah the centering slight slight issue on that by slight I mean maybe like nine point five maybe but most of the cards are coming out looking clean I've noticed the centering on a few cards but like that I'm like I'm nitpicking that you were nitpicking yeah I mean generally speaking the print is just absolutely fantastic for these the cut is wonderful yeah the centering is not something anyone's ever gonna look at me like oh it's off centered I'm just saying like when you nitpick it for grading that's really the only thing I could say when I cuz like and I got a news perspective now cuz I grade cards at full group games so we sell singles at poker games.com and I have to grade some of the cards that we that we list so I'm confident every card coming out of the set just is near mid every single one every single one is near me now there were other sets burning shadows heavy played at Bass have you played like cards are coming right out the pack have you play which is insane so a part should never come out the pack in played condition but I just know this has to be I'm this is what we worried about too and I wanted about cuz burning shadows the newest print run of burning shadows is good it's not this quality good but it's good the old one was the bad one and like I was wondering like did they switch to the new printer from a broken bond or they gonna use the old prick we don't write and apparently Pokemon got their act together and either did something to get the printing companies change or went to a different one so props to Pokemon for rectifying first sure they've done a phenomenal job with this print round here so definitely pleased on that and with that I think I'm gonna butt out for a little while and let Aaron get some screen you ready you bow ready we haven't even had a Charizard yet though man this is crazy I know we'll get it we'll get there Charizard Zin here I've seen them I've been opening them all day stay till I get a charger so I I could do that but appreciate until you go through all of it there that's not there oh I got one hey I got not the rainbow rare but you know what I'm still super excited for this high go over this card for anybody who might not have actually seen it let's talk about this guy right here Reshiram and chars rgx an insane new tag-team pokemon GX 270 hit points it has got three amazing attacks flare strike is the main one that we're gonna be talking about here you could power it up with the supporter welder does 230 damage you can't use Clary strike during your next turn but that is fine welder attaches to fire energy and draw c3 cards as your supporter for turn you can outrage on turns that you're not Flair striking outrage does 30 damage plus 10 more for each damage counter on this Pokemon so if the restaurant Charizard gets hit you can outrage and deal a ton of damage for just to energy or of course double blaze GX which isn't a phenomenal GX attack for just three fire energy three you are dealing 200 damage or if you have six fire energy on this bad boy or these bad boys or girls or dragons or whatever then you can do 300 damage right 300 damage if you have six fire energy on it enough to knock out any tag-team pokemon GX ever released now getting six fire energy on that thing I thought it would be challenging its no not with the Kia you could go turn one key away to this thing search for deck 4 for fire energy get them on to the rest Ram Charizard that's on the first turn of the game turn to welder you've got six energy on it like that happens pretty quickly insane yeah honestly it's like yeah it feels like cheating feels like cheating yeah busted cards so in Japan this thing is winning tournaments left and rights huge huge cards we in the meta is there any counter that works good again oh well I think that pika rom can kind of hold a candle to it pika rom is the other big bad tag-team pokemon GX deck and they both just slug around for huge you know huge numbers and so like they're kind of like the two dueling tag-team pokemon GX in in japan right now I think that there are certainly counters to it there's a dugong in the set that actually is like pretty good that people are putting in theirs or architects there is also like cards like taboo cocoa GX which does have two cocoa jack 50 damage times the amount of energy you have attached to you so it could do 200 damage if it's got four if it does have six it's gonna be knocking out the Charizard in one hit not MIG X is going very well in these Pikachu and Zekrom decks which is crazy because the type of clubs where DX was so bad for so long forever unplayable reverie and now it's getting rotated and it probably just had a couple months of playability and then he's gonna be gone yeah so sad so sad yeah and they pushed a poo cocoa on us hey oh we've got all the different type of cocoa cards or something it would not they were trying to make it happen and we're like no I think the non GX decks will be a nice counter to the rest Ram Charizard obviously when Reshiram Charizard X gets knocked out he gives out three prize cards that is a lot that's half the games worth of prize cards so your non GX decks are gonna do pretty well against the referee of Charizard your loss marches your Zapdos decks things like that are gonna bring one man like the buzz wall because you're like it's one against here – exactly and I hit like a hammer bring exactly so the non GX cards I think they're gonna be very good because it's pretty tough to heal your Reshiram and chars rgx it's not like you could just taste a roll of that bad boy up or anything like that I mean you can but you're gonna lose all those energy attacks energy right so once you kind of get the energy on to the restaurant shards are it's probably stay in there you will have wasted your supporter cards to get the energy onto the charger now chars are pairs very well with did any as does pretty much every other deck in the format discarding your hand drawing six cards is insane I like Shaymin was good it's just like that yeah so I think the Bene DX if there's another card to look out for we were actually we are pre selling the did any GX is for like twenty to thirty dollars on bulgar teams and I think that this card will easily just hit fifty dollars it'll be the new taboo lele DX so I think that's a big card to look out for as well and so many utility curves and good cards in one set yes what oh yeah I print yeah like I feel like I'm on QVC right now just like I literally feel like he's selling a product and I'm the QVC host I'm like you are act there's actually a lot of reasons to pick this up yeah no joke yeah you might want to go put more boxes on pre-order and again if you want or you can buy them for as low as $65 from us or you can be like Shh and get your singles from full group Gamescom and then or or how about this if you want to see what comes out of boxes you know maybe you don't know if the hit ratio is gonna not come over to our live stream on Twitch watch us open hundreds of boxes as we do before you decide if you want to buy singles you should head over to tricky Jim and he can tell you which singles are worth buying or not look at the synergy there I know minecraft news channel I was telling my I was telling my twitch audience this morning as I was streaming against the European International Championship so don't necessarily suggest it but as I was streaming against the European international Championships this morning I'm still pretty good crowd so shout out to you if you were there appreciate it I was telling them they were asking are you gonna you know I was like yeah we're gonna spend all day opening packs I was and they were like are you gonna stream it and I was like no you know all the love in the world Ford areum that's his ballpark that's what he does it's actually a lot of work the set up I know I was like listen man I am NOT because like we had to open 30 oh we did it you did it yeah y'all even I've done it I've done it everybody I've done it is beautiful I was like no I loved areum and areum opens the packs I just show you what to do with them it's a perfect synergy really is really I'm like we honestly like should do more I know because it doesn't make we covered literally every aspect that you want I know because we even so like tax now and lots of nine it's a beautiful symbiotic relationship and I was like listen man I ain't trying to step on nobody's toes just like dare you ain't gonna log on and play PT cgo for ten hours or anything like that you know nope I'll watch her and play Minecraft exactly now we got our own thing going on and we work together well so one little one little thing to that though yes if they ever open 128 man tournaments on Pokemon online I'm there alright so if that ever happens I'll expect me oh well that's fine we'll play against each other it'd be you know who creates the stream event of the century squash you we can just squash because we're both partnered but what we would do with squads we simply do like such a different content you know I mean what our squads on Twitch we can do squads of your partners so you have to be partners to be in it yeah and we it's a joint streaming together okay where they see you and me on the same screw you and we share viewers viewers are combined total yes so if you have 200 and I have 300 whatever it just says you both have fun interesting yes but our content is like different enough that that makes no sense yeah I'm trying to think of how you would actually do it and I I don't know other than literally you and I doing this remotely yes where you're just talking about all the stuff as I'm opening it I don't know whether maybe it's like I might as well no we got it okay I'm like the first hunt girl what yeah yeah no exactly and if we're gonna do that I might as well just hop on over here yeah so I don't yeah I don't know that's a cool idea for most people for sure oh yeah but anyways I stream a lot of mornings so that's because I don't start till 8 p.m. Eastern Standard Time and usually go to 11 or 12 yeah what are your normal stream hours so on Monday on Monday there's a great fun Monday I also started eight so yeah same time Tuesdays though 10 a.m. Eastern Standard Time so if you are at work chillin at the office at school in college class not listening to pop in your boat pop in the earbud I'm on 10 a.m. it's actually the morning streams are our most lit time to stream it's when I get the biggest crowd so the morning crowds are list 10:00 a.m. on Tuesday Wednesday night starting at 7:00 p.m. so you can actually come hang out with me before you tune into Darian on Wednesday nights start at 7:00 p.m. and I actually stream live tabletop tournaments at full group games there's been so many times I wanted to come over and bring everybody a my cuz a lot of times I'd show up and you're doing the commentating yeah like I'm not coming over when he's commentating different right because I don't that's like a major kind of like I'm commentating so I don't interact with the chatter I'm like even professional mode right now yeah I'm gonna go get them and then I cut as soon as I like cut like I make like the usable bits for YouTube right and I like commentate and I do that seriously but then as soon as like we cut back to me in the studio and we're like between rounds then I'm like chatting it up with the chat and doing that kind of well the one time I waited I was just watching you yeah just one line he was gonna be done something we're gonna go get him something yeah yeah yeah so that's on Wednesdays and then on Thursdays and Fridays I stream at 10:00 a.m. Eastern Standard Time as well and on Fridays I do viewer tournaments so if you do Pokemon Trading Card Game online we all hop into a 8 pod tournament and then you have an opportunity to play against me it should be 64 you know and that's a lot of fun too so that's one of my most popular days as well so that's actually something I would probably jump into it's a lot of fun no joke so Gordon the greeting the morning streams definitely check me out ooh that would be my Late Late Late evening though yeah what made you pick ten I am that I am work for you or is it like best for your channel is it just when you're ready to go throughout the day you know I mean so I work from like noon to 8:00 every day and I don't like grinding every night because there's actually just like a lot of other streamers that are on at night so the morning time I get my highest viewership in the mornings there are my best times if you look at like my my stat bars or whatever I'm like the most well you know I'm having the best viewership the most interaction all of that happens right now it's 10 o'clock it's still early right yeah at about 11:00 11:30 that numbers will start going up close to maybe like the 500 range and then if we keep going beyond midnight they just it's weird like I think it's because it becomes late enough where everyone can be here but also early or late enough in the morning where United Kingdom can jump on ah you know I mean because we have a lot of that as well I'm artists uh I accidentally I accidentally released a YouTube video at 1:30 a.m. the other day nice accident right and I was like you know I was no longer at the office if my options are to either delete it and reload it but I wasn't at the office anymore so I was gonna have to delete it in real a put it in the morning when I got to work or you know just no no exactly we're just like whatever it's up there now right and it's my most watched video this week it got insane views dude yep releasing it at 1 a.m. maybe that's what you should be doing my friends but I was I think I just got like I tapped into a different out on the other side live stream there's a lot of people from Australia yeah over the EU there is a very large portion of those yes and no one cuz even people like unlisted leaf caters to the American crowd which is like schedule a lot too so yeah it is actually starved so that's what I'm saying like the 10:00 a.m. stream crowd I'm competing against almost nobody and there are a lot of people hanging out at work or on their drive to work or whatever who just want to tune in and listen and I'll ask us I asked all the time like how many guys at work dude the whole chats at work exactly so it's it's fun though it's you know it's also like for me personally I enjoy doing the streaming like right as I'm waking up because get your coffee ice cream as soon as I do we're just a different schedule yeah I wake up at like 7:00 p.m. so yeah yes you get your coffee and then you're actually the most energetic you're not tired you're not you know sore from being up all day I only promise when I wake up at like 7:45 I that 15 minutes isn't enough time it's not yeah no but no yeah we both do streams when we wake up we do and I think you could attest to that being a generally a pretty nice thing yes I know I agree because as the day goes on then you're like you've already done everything else oh well well way to go Dario because the day was on it's 10 o'clock I'm gonna wait for 3 hours right you know I'm trying to drop all on the ground got it sick yeah no so I agree with you on that one cuz then when you're done you just you're done man exactly and you just feel good the rest of the day cuz you already put in like you know yaar did your stream stuff and you got that checked off the list and then pretty much do whatever else you need to do for the day yeah plus it actually does help to having an end time because we don't have an end time it's I never know when I should just know but it's like hey I gotta leave at noon yep that's where I start the work shift yep yeah like I can show up earlier or whatever and I'm like gonna get into doing more hours um working I work full time in full grab games now so you know when you guys shop there you support story directly support me as well as a content creator has that helps me keep my job and I'm on fire which is amazing so that's been awesome so far no we must have covered him up with something those are like no ways that our first Lucario male mental he's gotta be in another stack somewhere and this one it's our first one did it's our first Acharya memo and we just put all the speakers insane up that is man yep there's our first one sick but but yes so like having the structure there is is kind of nice and I've just been getting into the routine of doing it everyday and it's cool just like the viewers kind of know my schedule too and they they know when to up on to and then also I've talked with Jamison Jamison Owens folk of games and super cool guy but you know I think our goal is to get me creating content 40 to 50 hours a week that's like we're both working for set well same thing okay so now I own the story I wanted the same thing right yeah and it is if you do it 10% correctly right yeah it's gonna be amazing yes it's just so hard logistically to like make it come to fruition but the only thing I can say I miss this is my advice leave it up to one guy I mean like if he leaves it up to you one guy to make all like the creative thoughts on it all the executions all it's gonna be a ton of work yeah but it's too easy to get too many cooks in the kitchen when you're trying to do creative ideas or something like that I know I'm the one-man show dude no it's just me I'm the one-man show yeah it's like give them veto power you know anybody like other than that it's like nobody gives me complete creative freedom which is amazing I mean obviously tricky doom is still mine it's my channel it's just sponsored battery because I gave it to you yeah that was my gift to you better never giving it to anybody else no no it's my channel yeah because you gave it to I gave that to you I wouldn't I would have never given it to anybody I'm saying it's my channel though but it is sponsored by full group games now yeah what good that's the way that it works well that's what I wanted into being for you anyways because you were like well I work for is areum's but I'm a person personality I'm like dude you go up on your own yeah go up on your own and that's so much better it's like it's tricky Jim at full grip games sponsored by full group games and he provides me with a job which is amazing so it's like super dope but like his goal is to have me creating content all the time and to content sponsored by full grip right so then sponsored by but not for so like it's not full grips channel you're building or no even better that's even better I'd say not huge for you that's huge that is that's a huge opportunity so that's what I'm working towards and then obviously I would still do things like I create commercials and things like that for them now but like that's not like in every week thing you know what I mean it would be on a day to day I'm just streaming basically all day and sponsoring programs and then creating doing things like creating advertisements thumbnails flyers banners doing Facebook stuff you know that's kind of like my other auxilary stuff but I was wanting to it's kind of like because the hardest part of being a streamer is the content right yeah if you're playing like world of warcraft cool I can turn world Warcraft is the content right you're always in like the issue where what if the game starts declining yet idiotic but that's what's also funny about yours and eyes we thought how much similarities behind right hundred percent of my twitch content it's sponsored by the people that watch yes because it's everyone who buys the product right without them I would have nothing and it's like you're working the same way with full grip where yeah you don't have to worry about what contents they're like will supply the content will do the sponsoring yeah you do the hosting of it and that is like literally the dream to be in it really is so like I get I get so much benefit from working with them I mean they have live tournaments for me to stream that's amazing that's it's just providing me content yeah which is so hard to get it is so hard otherwise you'd have to be like okay I gotta round up a bunch of my friends do it my basement set up the rigs horrible it's a nightmare yes not to mention I have like my own personal studio there is it's it's phenomenal right and then the courts the courts are in the shop all the time right so like it's just it's infinite it's an infinite content real for me phenomenal and then high also just like I love those guys so like working at the store and supporting the shop is like really really dope so it's kind of like a dream job for me I was just talking Jameson about it it's really like a dream scenario and it's like also a perfectly symbiotic relationship so it's really cool and definitely a dope opportunity for me I never would have thought that like you know a few years ago when I was teaching and just playing Pokemon that I would ever be able to make like a full-time career out of Pokemon I didn't say yeah I'm still this many years later after doing this for a living it's like how how is this working right I don't understand it you know it's it's awesome just riding that wave man just doing the things happen I'm not saying that oh you know you can't live off Pokemon just like this idiot I know how you did it and you know you know how you actually hard work Aaron Aaron's hard work it's hard work it's hard work and charisma helps a lot you got a little bit of that I know how to ramble yes that's the thing that's that's the funny part – in order to do especially with twitch you just have to be able to never shut up yep that's it that's like that's key never shut up part about is the best but and that's the thing is like me and you we don't play background music no I like I do in this video oh yeah only because we had a little bit of if you turn the volume up too much just the static in there it drowns off the static that's like most streamers will like rely pretty heavily on background music but like oh I've been on during my stream but in the YouTube video I do well so I'm saying during the streams we don't need to because we talk so dang much I the problem I have is this I will talk no joke breakfast cereals even right I was going on too much about breakfast cereals donations and like subscriptions or are piling up like a bad car accident and people are like dude you even gonna knowledge hold on I'm still ranting about cornflakes here for like right that's my I don't want it's almost a character flaw but just give me a subject and I'll go BAM fifth restaurant man Charizard not on the charger time again that is that is good those are good numbers for sure that's a lot better than two of these already sylveon school we're missing we don't have welder a lot of full arts the parts have been very hard to find I've noticed that the pull rates in this set the full arts are really really light the yeah the pull rates on them are just weird we're finding like almost as many rainbow rares as we are full arts on a lot of cards which is crazy and then I think that it's just super weird because they have the alternative artful arts now – yeah which are beautiful not as rare as I father would be at least from team up they are beautiful I was noting they were gonna be like super uber uber rare yeah I mean something that just like stands out when you just you have one like four so we'll had that they had that almost like every set with cards they'd have just like alternate colors alternate arts but they were right super rare so I think one of my favorite ones who don't have it yet the Ma chant as much checkmark shadow his alternative art it's like super cool it's mob ham from our shadow there's like a sunset in the background it's just like very very dead looking we actually didn't get an alternative part for the restaurant ours art in this set you haven't got one there isn't one oh it's like wait you opened a million okay it exists like there is one in Japan I believe an alternative art but we did not get in this set so I think that points to the maybe the card will get that will get a promo with that card in it probably want to do yeah I probably want to do a promo of it to be honest because they they love milking right that's why I don't even like to ask a lot of times we don't have spoilers mike is there even for on this side right you know sometimes it's not or you have things like the you only have full art in like hyper rares be regular it's weird in the way they do it exactly so lots you yeah and then they figure like okay so the restaurant ours are you know maybe it's getting a promo in the future which is something to think about as well as far as the price of the cards you can do and Zekrom that one they would love to push a product with that as the problem I think they would they would love it you know they would love that probably char's art in Walmart exclusive Walmart exclusive Charizard in thanks to Dewey yeah hey you've got to say thanks yeah what kind of yeah what kind of kid in the checkout aisle isn't gonna want that pay thirty I will say that the new the new tins are phenomenal I'm sure you've opened crunch with one hand can you know how you have done it a few times in video all right but the new GX counters in them very nice I know they are they sitting around yes no no they're amazing they are they are like actually high quality really cool so those are like super cool and I think just generally points to Pokemon just do in a cooler job with her products and their do their job okay I have to give them credit recruits do they're getting better and a lot of things right there has been a laundry list of complaints against Pokemon for how much they they slack yes and borderline take advantage of fans fervor like that weld or beautiful card super hype love the artwork on this thing very very good as well it's like fifty dollars right now rightfully so yeah I got you buddy but yeah with Pokemon there was for a while it felt borderline like they were just taking advantage of our loyalty right when they're like have fates collide have steam siege just right I know they're emptying their warehouse I get it I get it but they were doing a lot of just like I hate all their products coming out now yeah I'm tired of tattoo Coco I'm tired of getting steamed seeds but they have the silve alibaba's nun Pucelle valleys and then the SIL Valley boxes what were you doing to me with those two Valley boxes on the other side they have gotten a lot better they have let me talk about something that I loved that Pokemon did just recently I'm sure you guys have opened some I see some detective Pikachu over there I am did you happen to open one of the Charizard detective Pikachu things yeah and you saw how that how it was packaged right now and they no longer are doing the the lip thing where they've ever plugs the plug and now all of the promo Charizard cert ends because the chards were also cut like these are cut I don't know what they've been doing they've had it for a while that had two prongs yes you can slide the card out yeah and then they did the four prongs with a problem of the four prongs is first of all it's impossible get out but second of all when the machine put it in the bottom always got caught in one of the prongs and just ripped it up damaged apart and I can't remember what I was opening that was like $12 promised at the time what so Galle oh yeah and I did a profit or loss on it where I'm just like we're dead even guys because because the promo covers it and then no all the primers are destroyed right hey there's $12 a card insane wait yes gone yep absolutely nuts so yeah no no the way they're doing that just sent some of those detective Pikachu movie promo Charizard away get graded grading them the only negative thing not negative my in slightly annoying thing is detective Pikachu set as the general it's like a PSA 9 yeah most the cards that come out are like 9 18 cards I want to have a 10 second yes but when I was looking at it I don't think I cause I wanted to grade one of the detective Pikachu's like the actual hollow rare from set I want the entire set grated German 10 something card sets I'm saying it should be easy the chars arts you know but a lot of those were tough now I found that the GX is that you actually got out of the promote those were mostly good yeah I thought those were pretty easy to get intends but the cards coming out of the packs were not tense I did notice that as well no I I gave up again I gave up on an 18 card set like it wasn't burning shadows damaged destroyed they were near mint condition right they gotta be all perfect like off-center one little white in the mourner yep yeah I noticed that I'm a detective Pikachu that I opened as well speaking of detect speak too excited about that movie dude that movie no joke when I first heard about it uh-huh it's kind of like you turn your head real life Pokemon what really and then I saw some screenshots of the Pokemon and I was like you're gonna destroy this gross right but then I watch the two trailers I'm like I love mr. mime can we have a mr. mime spin-off please I know it was a mime the Ludicolo the side Psyduck was amazing in the so funny Ryan Reynolds doing a phenomenal job dude they let Pikachu be way ruder than I thought that they would okay that's a slight slight concern I'm not saying that went overboard what I know but I was like please don't try to get edgy don't try to become your Pokemon you're poke do I trust that they were probably guarded enough with their IP that they didn't let anything crazy happen you know it's Pokemon well I know but I explained in one of the trailers all the comments like he could you cost I he said yeah yeah now look I'm like okay that's not really well consider a cuss word yeah but for Pokemon that's a custom yes edgy edgy edgy right so like I'm really excited Ryan Reynolds I love I love that I still think should been dating debido i wany DeVito in a suit she went Danny DeVito in a speak achoo suit gone actually and I sort of accepted your passion a full grip we actually got pre-screening tickets so we worked with the like a movie promotional team or whatever from the Greater Cleveland area and they hooked us up with like tickets to give away at our events and things like that and they're really happy with the job that we did promoting movie and they sent us all pre-screening tickets actually going to see it on May 7th Mikey has like a tile ticket I saw that yes he took a pictures with a massive pile of ticket yes yes yes we were giving them away like on stream on my stream Trajan on Turkey so come win a plasma freeze box we're gonna give this away for free yes i'm darian and also i'm pretty cool too I give I'll give away stuff every single day right now we're giving away a burning shadows box and this is being recorded my love and affection I give away Amazon gift cards anything you want check that out all right I can't compete with that all right but we do have all of these singles available on full group Gamescom so you can you can get them all right so by booster boxes for $65 in Burien for your attacks but you can we just appreciate the miracle that is this upside down we also sell codes I opened it some burning shadows and 19 cents all right all right sure again look at this it's an upside down greninja and zorag GX opened right out the pack upside down you know sometimes babies come out upside down sometimes you're GX comes up outside down as well it's like the same thing don't worry gone with this I just turned back in and I don't know what's happening right now yes anyways that was an upside down baby there excellent Zorich and grenade starting to get there he is yeah engines or it's starting to get much variation going on here as much as what you think right but we do have like these stack and these are stacked so I'm so you're probably like halfway through the video by the way thanks for in get in here now make sure to check me out on twitch TV slash tricky Tim stream five days a week once again for me twitch.tv slash tricky jammed areas Pokemon and then also twitch.tv slash tricky Jim make sure to check out dare iam stock on links are down for those super-sweet booster box deals and their course will give Gamescom leave my singles to help me keep my job thank you guys for all the singles available for pre-order and then all these cards these beautiful cards are seeing open right now could it be available on full group Gamescom as well you guys have a great opening I'll be back know if Aaron's coming in mr. John Lake is there a mr. John Lake the Emperor of Dairy UM's in the house on the stream with me I mean I want to it just contain my excitement mr. John Lake well I want to stream with you and John but I want you to stream it your you know it's guys share the love alright I'm gonna force you John Lake to come crack some packs with Iran for a little bit I guess you know what I'll open with Aaron for a little bit and then you this is your this is your 5 to 10 minute warning sir how about that iron that work guess it makes more sense than me just walking away spend on face collide not as good as scheme siege yeah come back to us team seed Steve siege actually first came out that was honestly a really hot set Oh eat sorting man and I'm not looking forward to sorting this later though yeah me either what you got there Aaron oh my god I got a muck in a mug I got a I'm mocking a mock Oh for walk you know it's okay all right it's your you literally just sat down yeah this is a mock in the mock which looks like muck amuck I lost I would suck and blow and mock as an angry cat it is a very what do you want to talk about Aaron do you have anything you want to sell to the people okay if I knew your twitch was I think it's a twitch at cbiit Aaron Channel right I actually don't know it's twitch.tv slash Aaron Gore oh yeah with two R's or one arm to ours I don't even know I'm a good friend ro and it's with I had to yeah it is kind of like that yeah I didn't realize even up to I'm applying water runescape three honestly let's restate this yeah came out like twenty years ago over in skate three didn't Mariinsky well else tell me on runescape sell you on it yeah alright it is a game where it's sandbox II okay and everything is a grind okay and it takes you forever to do anything okay and you have to do that like 20 different times with your skills again level 99 which is gonna take you years to accomplish okay and then once you accomplish it you get a cool little cloak that doesn't do anything okay and then after that they were like now you have to do 120 s and everything and you're gonna spend probably eight hours a day grinding any of your skills erase it by about four levels alright and then you're gonna realize this is my life now and everything you do in the game is extremely slow and oh it's great man so the first game that made you like make a character named no that was awesome online oh okay do you like clicker games you know you just click for no reason like Diablo Diablo kind of click your game I guess but you know those games that like you just click yeah you can say us basically runescape that just has some kind of graphics in the back okay it's actually really fun I play Minecraft I know you seen hightail its Minecraft 2.0 I've been streaming vanilla Mike what are you doing vanilla minecraft you know I just go for it build a house and you're done actually we were pirates so I made a boat made like a little tiny robot on like armor pirates let's go you know adventuring eh-eh underwater shrine like immediately so I'm like alright now you have to do this you know it's like two weeks later no it is the best part about minecraft though you know vanilla minecraft has nothing for you to do it's just small it's a sandbox game it's just great but you can spend like ten hours a day playing it accomplishing nothing yeah but it's fun so yeah yeah okay there was a team that did mods for Minecraft and they got together and they're making their own game it's called hi and it looks amazing it literally it does look like it's like Minecraft – oh yeah you know why you do that okay so this takes the fire energy you want six fire energy on it alright well it or you know attach them to energy cards from handling your Pokemon if you do draw three cards that's really good yeah and like if you ever have to actually get rid of them by putting this back into your hand you just go get put three fire energy from your discard pile into your hand like there's so much insane synergy it happens it's like they made around alright John like get over here good I know I talked about Minecraft or so on we're gonna be very quiet no you better not be quiet by the way we are live-streaming this to a twitch right now YouTube come on just I'm gonna go upstairs and I'm gonna watch I'm gonna yell at you and chat that you were ignoring right now Emily I'm just gonna ignore I'm just getting our everything we're just gonna open things up quietly yes very quietly you do you really a lot with the Wilder card lady welder so except on broken bones I actually I got a Charizard this is my first time seeing it and well right now there's a bunch of cards in front of me but I really looked at any of them I've seen this Charizard good you gonna collect them yes do it we click regular rubbers they'll be way cheaper hello hello hello youtube hello youtube this is John you might remember him from previous episodes of launch code on jakku the GX y interesting mischief is bird damage SMR I gotta turn down the background music the microphone the microphon super-sensitive alright well I guess they just heard a bunch of background music I like the music I can't hear you I know I'm very quiet you are very quiet I'm very shy too oh my god how's it feel to be on YouTube oh it's not my first time on YouTube it's not my first time either on YouTube still have the right angles I don't I got rid of right angles I got rid of right angles a long time ago and then I got another car and then I got another car and then I'm like man I wish I had right angles you could fit so many things in there you get fit a lot of right angles in the right angle for everyone imagine all the boxes you get inside of a box you know how you can fit a box inside of a box inside of a bar like yes that's so nice I hold around a while hiding up I had to buy a new hot water here one day and I'm like man this part here is not goop in angles and it did oh my gosh I was so happy that was no it's a good thing about right angles I know they're Charizard oh my gosh I'm just hoping you Nepal the Charizard zero zero that's all right nice Sharpedo quais oh right right right very skin yes the dragon is a very all right so ready ready huh yeah you play pokemon go where this card on your neck infinite hell yes it's like an amulet looks like how would I make that in Minecraft do it should twinsies twinsies good job nothing you're like I'm not sure what this is wait what's this card Lucario is no he was my first day what else we got alright okay and then we have them a sharp marshmallow anima tan and then we go Blastoise we have a kitty cat and there's a kink over here too greninja green engine Azure I love Zord and I also like ninjas it's the great like kitty cat oh my god I feel like I feel like there's more cats than any other subtitle Pokemon what do you think oh maybe bugs there's a lot of bugs well bugs is pretty generic and I don't know very broad cat is very specific what do you think I'm gonna guess 10 and 10 Pokemon then I would say 3 or we've very seen three cats there's probably five more than ten let's go with well no there's at least 150 because yeah because I mean that one set you know way back when oh you know what this card needs a kitten no yes well I feel like I feel like so beyond the cat basically well I don't know maybe it's like a bunny because it has really the ears well it feels like any it's a top hat a monocle a cane and a bowtie the white area has a bowtie and maybe Gardevoir needs to be a pirate so oh wait does it go here yes goes here oh we had one we've gotten three maybe it's not an alternate art it's just how it is it's my first day obviously like it's very cute though my first day then that's got to be what my first I mean I have not seen any maybe I'm just silly wait what's the stick this character over here oh there we go different arcs here okay this has to be one so there is is it confirmed all right so we got a maka no luck okay interesting okay the only thing this is a very happy cuz its names happy oh my gosh you're all out of packs I just thought you got all the packs because you opened a sternum and you know no they were not split down the middle and that's okay I need to leave this so this is what it's like to do with house impact opening at darienne's or it's a mouse it's an insect probably as well yeah these are bugs I bet that's a lizard right and then Kashiram is also a fyrelizard so those are just lizards there might be a lot of lizards because there's a lot higher absorbance ojos fire chicken right yes oh-ho is the fire turkey and Moltres is the fire chicken chicken because we're talking about whether or not there's more cats than any other subtype of Pokemon what do you think now you're tagged out for a few minutes tag me in Aaron all right here you go here's a fact ya know you can sit in my chair else feels weird you know the person to Aaron's left which is now my right is to the emperor of Dairy um's mr. John Lake himself mm-hmm I can feel night portals jealousy from here that your excuse for being awkward on camera Aaron's not here to judge you anymore he left I forgot where there one of these stacks are so distinctive lack of something John I need you to affect yeah that's like I only have this many packs left and I wish I could show you how many John has left one two three four five six seven eyes like ten boxes left to get the work John so how's house welding what do you weld by the way I know you weld I don't know what you're actually weld right now I will mufflers but I pretty much welds mufflers make sure they're tight so they don't leak turn the mic towards you bet so they don't leak huh what's wrong with a leaky muffler helps you pass each s helps to pass a check that's a that's a big thing in my part here in a while you track yeah we do we know unfortunately they look underneath your car with mirrors and everything you know to make sure like drilling a hole in your muffler line anywhere yeah they they want you to be legit unfortunately yeah we got to even like when I bought my newest car brand new car it doesn't pass it's not on me alright you're on I was just too much silence there what's up John alright let's let's to get it real Harry first what kind like a huge stack of packs um so why did you pick Star Wars or Star Trek John that's what I want to know why Star Wars what do you have against Captain Kirk what's wrong is William Shatner don't you don't like William because indoctrination huh pretty much thought as a kid you know like alright so a couple weekends ago Parker and I was starting to watch the Star Trek movies the movies are they're special they're definitely but John always quotes Star Wars to me and I never know what he's saying I always assume if it doesn't make any sense hit some Star Wars yes I actually brought some Star Wars toys here to put on the toy shelf down here yeah yeah he brought me gifts I love it I'm so I don't know I've never seen Star Wars man and I I don't at this point I know growing up I just never yeah no one ever talked about it it just wasn't like a thing until I was slightly older and then I figured well everyone always says but I watched as a child I watched as a child so I assume it's kind of like the labyrinth or any other movie that if you watch now it's so boring but you'll love it because you saw it growing up you know what I mean so I just never gave it a shot and then they started rebooting everything it's like I don't feel like going back and catching up on it never did last are you sure it's gonna last a multi billion trillion dollar thing just that's what I was trying to explain to the kids when we went Avengers I can't just like that I mean how many times they brought Superman back you know I mean they're like all right story's over it's done no I'm just kidding just kidding he's back just kidding I mean it's like I don't how much George Lucas actually owns anymore he owns a lot I know he owns a lot of Star Wars rights but I don't know if he actually has the power to end it all or he got lucky I think in a sense or maybe not even lucky where didn't he own most the rights to like the the merchandise thing was where he Mela I can't remember I'm thinking of the right thing I don't know but I could see it if it was like him and he's like I own most of this I'm retiring I'm done you know I mean then let it go because he's got so much money who cares yeah for a Shinto never die but people do yeah probably do is probably end the main story and then do all kinds of spin-off just so they have I'll maybe someday know I'm not gonna catch up on all of it whatever man man I mean even some things Star Trek there's no way man if I didn't grow up watching love like next gen and everything in the 90s I wouldn't catch over it yeah buddy episodes are look at thousand episodes you gonna spend like 500 hours catching up on one series that's not counting any of the other spin-offs man it's so much I like to watch I actually like to benoît binge watch stuff on Netflix but I usually wait till all the episodes come out I thought about doing that with Game of Thrones I've never seen one second hey I mean it's good I don't manage season whatever but like since it's the final season everyone's kind of spoiling it so I can't wait that's what I love Cobra Kai Cobra Kai season 2 came out a couple days ago at midnight and bam all 10 episodes right there so you've been watching the entire thing which of course I did great no but I like the way when they really shows like that it's like five hour chunk all right I'll spend five hours once a year watching it not a problem but at least when they offer you a free trial you can watch all all the episodes and leave Triple D see ya that's not nearly as good as DCU though it's yeah but I got sucked in with out with Game of Thrones this year because normally it's like alright HBO I want my 30-day it's actually part of the big big big combos no that's a lady and then well you know she's getting ready or she's doing work and now she's like man that was work you know same gear yeah sure they also pokeball still like you know what I'm at work welding and I'm just gonna have like pokeballs on my on my waist because you never know when something might pop off on the end the welding booth it's kind of like me checking in on stream every so often yeah exactly I can't I haven't been able to do that because it's it's nice where I work because I rotate out of the weld booth so I not stuck doing the same job all ten hours try to catch a few minutes from work yeah the question is if you were welding right let's say you're welding a muffler you're in the middle of like you know work and all of a sudden like I don't know a Pokemon appears behind you you're gonna have time just to turn around just like catch it or do a Pokemon battle if so I think your employer would be okay with that so I think welder is probably not pulling her fair share no I mean if Aaron was just if I walked into work Aaron's supposed to be shipping boxes and he's just trying to catch a Pokemon or he's doing a Pokemon battle while work I'd be like man I'm not paying for that I mean challenge actually really what kind of welding she does because some of it you have more free time Team Rocket yeah I guess the team rocket pops up then it's fair fair game yeah you got to stop that because they're basically terrorists so yeah I get that one BAM I dude are you feeling I don't think because when you're negative about it a usually ends up lying out to your favorite right now we are looking at it's like one two three four five six about eight boxes left I want to say about so we're 22 boxes deep I don't know basically it would be like you just pick rain any eight boxes what are your odds of getting one not good there's a lot plus all the seekers yeah they're just going crazy okay I knew where this was it was up here and was down there we go Sammy subtract where everything is plus you have the alternate arts there's a lot man and pokemons probably gonna announce next week that this set is out of print off the prism they can't they can't they can't because dude in standard half of the sets are out of print half can you match up this one out of print prices skyrocketing they're depending on unbroken bonds basically for a while I don't know ah fire crystal I'm gonna go at the end I'm gonna look at everything and see how many of what we got but we'll do a breakdown of it guys have until today I haven't seen any cards that's how I'd like to do it I'd like to stay away from spoilers I was looking some people posting in Burbank matter of fact mentioned to the boys on the way down here if any of them pull a welder in their pre-release boxes tomorrow that they are mine that's the price of the price of admission yes it's one of the better cards in the site it's actually really amazing it is I think they thought I was joking with them until actually I will take it from them I mean that's like if someone opened a card that said Pokemon youtuber twice slash twitch streamer be like that card says me gimme gimme I understand that one actually I give it a lean heart now I can't really I mean again because all of our content is supplied by the viewers you know it'd be impossible to do it on your own impossible hit the Powerball things will change then you could do it but let's be fair if you had about a hundred million dollars in the bank when your last thoughts is let's go twitch stream for six hours you know it's probably it's hard to have that thought when you're sitting on a cruise ship somewhere down and like the Bahamas you know that again if you have that much money you could just hire 12 people that follow you around everywhere and you're just like switch setups go they can Amazon drone you in some packages from your your cabin on or the lounge shot by the pool and there you go your live stream Islands relatively cheap what I mean cheap I mean it's cheapest you know it's a relative term here but for the price of an island yeah however I would not like to live anywhere that's really far away from a hospital because eventually everybody has to go yeah you know it's like I want to be around really good medical care just just in case you're trying to talk you're on you got this go for mister beasts recounted a hundred thousand in one video that's it subscribe mm that means dead so didn't mean used to be a thing make it come back Nanomech come back sir Oh another restaurant Machado's on memes would come on memes okay wifey had no dude that meme is super old right super old meme that just made a huge comeback why she had no idea it existed I did explain it to her I had no idea either the first one I seen was a picture of a Walmart employee said might open up some lanes later but [Laughter] that's an old one on the internet for sure mr. John Lake I'm out of packs and have some more practice I don't know I'll look at the box count again here in a bit that's me like two three maybe I was home do only knock out two boxes in amount of time oh maybe I don't know try it see here's the key to rambling don't think this family-friendly obviously so that might be a little slightly more difficult no Aaron what's the secret to learning how to ramble on us to our video what how do you do it think of a song cochlear can't sing copyright so you ramble about song lyrics the song called ramble on yeah whose things alright so here's the options now we can either talk about the song we can talk about whatever happened in the 70s we're going well Led Zeppelin I've never made is Epling out of blood no that is something I've never even ponder doing but they make ships out of metal why can't make balloons out of metal yeah they fly um well there's actually a very easy science behind that magic called magic that is how magnets work that is a great meme yeah yeah exactly they also brought us right back to memes as well because that guy hit with a really hard name you just go man you just link everything together yeah pretty much and then you just find a sticking taco do you remember the 70s when were you born 81 81 year old John yeah I was born in 96 I'm still young and hip now I just I skipped the first like six years or ten years of school that's all what happened okay basically with this I could grow a beard at a really young age so I was really convincing I'm like nah nah I should be in high school that's all what happened why do you think I did nothing with my education because I had nothing I can do it and how much education I am lazy my hair back because it's nice not having to shave it or anything just let it go oh it's great cuz people are off you should stop being lazy and shave no no no I'm not being lazy I'm growing it out it's different yes I say something's my yard we should probably know it yeah we're letting it grow [Laughter] yeah I don't know what mowings not that difficult doesn't take a while I just absolutely hate doing it yeah I don't it's so satisfying when it's done it's one of those very easy projects that you can visually look at and be like I feel accomplished no garbage night is always the worst every Thursday like the worst whenever wife is like it's trash night I'm like no you have any empty Pokemon wrappers we have to move they weigh like nothing it's very easy but man it's annoying I don't do you just hire someone to do your taxes and just hope that they did a good job see what's great about the government of the taxes is right the government's like yo do your taxes I'm like wait don't don't you know how much that I owe you and they're like yeah but you gotta come up the same number less than six to six grand what do mean it's free just free basic you go to H&R Block and be like free labor I don't know if it works that way but TurboTax if you make six six grand turbo taught you can pay TurboTax you got to buy their stuff right always do taxes kids file federal for free but then they charge you for state and that's where they get you mess if you just have a basic W to what anything other than a basic w-2 then they're gonna charge you this amount and then they want to charge you to deposit it in your bank account I would not three things are nice but if anyone's like you know your taxes can be done free ah that's something I don't know if I wanna sure alright alright let me know how the audit goes I think it's always approved because they need the money to be fair if I had people just mailing me checks all the time like yeah except at all you know it's just all of it it's free money you gave me money good enough more than some people do didn't miss solid we're done schooling some of the cost of education dude we're not getting a rainbow chard I don't feel it we have four boxes left after this I don't feel it that makes me so sad yes yes let me read that to stream yes I've seen this before and I love it this is so good about taxes in school says me how do I do taxes school here's a recorder me what's a credit score school just put it in your mouth and blow like this me how do I choose the right health care plan school Hot Cross Buns that's so true that is public schooling to a tee oh man I'm ER I can I remember how to make crepes like crepe Suzette I remember doing that but man I had no idea how to get a mortgage no you know it's sad when the person giving you the mortgage has to explain how you get a mortgage because it's their benefit for you to not know what you're doing never get the lesson from the person selling you something there they kind of have an agenda to services yeah it's fine it's only thirty years of my life it's fine nothing and if you mess up ending the payment it's fine you just can't never do it again you know okay so if you going to foreclosure you don't have to worry about buying a new house because you can't student loans have a loan yes okay that's yeah it's only was literally the price of a home man I wish someone would have laid that down on me when I was 18 we like to look look look look look look you have one of two directions you're either taking out a home loan for a home or taking out a home loan for four years of school where you're probably gonna change your mind three years into it which one do you want you're not wrong it is it's that mean no I've seen that mean before and it was awesome because it's so true yeah I'm still not even sure where all the piles are and we've been doing this for a while we only have four boxes left after these small stacks Aaron and no rainbow rare Charizard we've confirmed there is no such thing as rainbow Charizard doesn't exist anyone who says it does is lying all right this is empirical empirical empirical evidence that's awesome I love my errors like that happen yeah there's a lot of good in common sense that's up but maybe that's gonna help keep on common phrases hi Donna oh thanks Aaron for that giant stack of seven packs that's gonna keep me occupied for a while Aaron just walks around and deliveries me this he's trying his best I should probably my boss before I knock it over again it's gonna it's gonna happen I'm just gonna slide it there we go actually have room for bulk here no now the packs are getting we can see the end of the tunnel John Lake yes got this watch TV so many yeah I don't know Aaron and I let's talk about how we regret setting this as a standard of our channel you know every three months were like aha we got to do it again pretty much I do like the way this one went down because I got a message from Mahone while streaming do you want to do this right now like yes right now let's do this no no time to prepare no time to cry Springer we're doing it now we're doing it and then we'll be done doing it purpleberries I can't play that clip right now now can I even play the sprinkler I have to use the mouse I can actually do it boring yeah the mouse is so far away the stream deck do it it's amazing telling you that oh you listen to that oh oh we haven't done what we do which is customer here every time we record a video that's longer than three minutes long what are we doing for food it's 11:30 p.m. on a Friday from where do you have steak okay I hate long horn so that makes it better that makes it better I love outback I don't like long horn because long horn pre-seasons their steaks and I don't like seasoning on my steak because after you get over a certain threshold of quality of meat it doesn't need to be seasoned anymore true butter or like I don't mind things like that but you just put some grilled onions and mushrooms on it done don't I mean no salt no pepper I don't need any of that stuff on there yeah she wants a hamburger she that's a thick hamburgers at that point all right so you don't you're not hungry okay it's 11:30 our options are almost actually over John Lake are you are you dipping out right after this so what are you doing three homes should buy some foods just yummy a bad wife you're standing back there got a wifey I have a delete my browser history shirt please do that bad if I'm ever in like a really bad situation just remember delete my browser history okay I don't want anyone to find it you need my stuff yeah you don't need my browsing history that's one thing you don't need Aaron can you delete my browser history thank you and work just eat the computer done I'll teach you how to log in all the bank accounts and all the boring stuff Aaron's just gonna destroy my hard drives everything's okay [Laughter] we haven't seen a rainbow rare Charizard yet it's in the set we haven't seen it it's yeah they're in the set I mean that's the card it's just we don't have one yet slightly under where the burning shadows one sitting right now so currently there are two reign where our Charizard worth about $200 a piece we're down to three ish boxes now all right more the story so I guess are you in mind the only ones eating I don't know honestly oh I don't know how many cards on a Miss I'll do a recap here of how many of each we got but I don't know exactly what we're gonna be missing I don't know how long this video been there's been a long video we are very I did it it said well it says stop recording so hopefully it means it is recording it is there's there's nothing on the screen telling me that it's currently recording it scares me okay if you didn't record this guy do it again Aaron no just to stop streaming yep it's awesome I love it well it's just on you and me then what do you want for food them we got to eat something okay gonna work yeah honey barbecue wings a big man Italian no bell peppers the other work thank you do you want it do you want the nachos do you want the Nardo someone want the nachos do you want the nachos but but but do you want the nachos it's it's a pizza place I'm sorry I I know you ate before you got here but doesn't mean you can't eat again okay I was too worried about the packs not falling I keep these don't follow her just don't fall no crime yeah got it got it thank you for being willing to assist there I stack the walkway to my family even bought this stuff we have to sort through oh no I forgot about that – no I'm I quit I quit you're the only one that works here anymore so you got to do it we all just quit I forgot about that I want to sort out the uncommons all the hollows in one stack rares and then Commons energy they the only different way they're sorting it is they want the uncommon separate from the Commons but Mahone's like maybe that's not that big of a deal so I don't know I assume it's mainly just the trainers because the trainers are hot right now and there's like four bucks a piece a lot of them so they want to sell them as quick as they can so I'd assume trainers in one stack you know and if they yell at us we'll be like sorry we'll fix it next time they're not watching this video this late in right if you are I'm so sorry how many pile I don't know how many piles okay listen I'll ask Mahone we have we have ways of contacting him yeah probably wants all the stuff we don't have 5000 comp I give it okay go get some bags put it on bags you're like thanks dude see you in three months that'll be great right what am i doing I'm sorting this opening a no codes no bulk box that was muscle memory kicking in right there yeah we might have to like pilfer some over 5,000 cow boxes we are so prepared for everything Aaron well your Excuse flies I allow a turn oh wait we're actually beyond the thousand packs now I think cuz we're doing 1080 so we did not get a rainbow rare Charizard in a thousand packs didn't happen and it's looking like we're not gonna get one in 1080 out of 90 boxes which yeah 90 baht wait no I keep make sense we're opening 30 right now we're opening a third of what they opened wait they only opened 90 boxes at it if us idiots can do this in two hours well I guess they're sorting they're doing a proper okay that makes sense yeah we are no restaurant what we're actually getting these now though however no rainbow rares don't worry they're all in our $65 booster boxes you can buy from Darren comm link in the dooblydoo down below perfect now this set we're gonna sell an insane amount this set like no joke this set is like I looked at some of the pricing and I've started looking at some of the cards now and it's gotta be it's gotta be right I don't know where's the here's the staff now that's our only fort we had of it so in a thousand packs we didn't even get a full art of one of these whoa yeah we might sell a okay so it's really hard to get what you want in this set and we know that didn't slow down people from buying burning shadows we have a card in here worth almost as much as the burning shadows one this print condition is flawless it's the most recent set has a bunch of other $60 cards in it as a bunch of $4 to $5 currently uncommons in it right now this set is the best set to buy period because it's brand-new it's huge and it has the most money I don't know our orders are probably going up if so DUII yeah we should probably order more boxes pre-order more boxes yeah so that's all now we got this we got we got it yeah I get a feeling we're gonna be opening okay no yeah now we just got a second one what we want a thousand packs and didn't get one and then like in 15 packs I got to come on John link don't fail us don't let us down you know I invite you over to the studio John like and all I asked of you is I'm like John I need a coffee from every Dunkin Donuts you pass within a 15-mile radius and a rainbow a Charizard what John Lake bring me and I'm gonna open it and I'm gonna get a Roman or James autograph and a swatch from you know it's just thanks John yeah not that I'm unappreciative or anything buddy I'm just thanks John oh you want Aaron to draw well I'm on it the old Aaron of the new Aaron yeah he ordered a lawman his signature Aaron can you give the man a llama in a signature those are free from David Adams card world which I love by the way non sponsored but I love it four bucks yeah it's a play on he sniped our first ever play mat that we've ever done Aaron and I years ago was on eBay and I mistakingly on stream I was like what it's there I want to go by it so I found the listing and I showed it and I went to go buy it but I wasn't signed into the eBay so I try to correct that I go back it's gone why John bought it you just sniped about it before you I was willing to give it to you well that sounds like a great thing for you to say that now that you're the owner of it you know seems really convenient John yeah that's extra work now John don't worry we're gonna charge him $10 for signature and $50 Solano so we still made out someone else will sell us one haha thought you were helping John one thing we're known for here our customer service all right we are down to under a box right Wow okay we are down to a box a box we're 29 boxes in no rainbow rare Charizard yet it's always hope this is my hope I can actually easily do that that's yeah we I'll add that into the reruns I'll actually make this video right now the first rerun tonight all right we got a rain brochures all ready heard he promised John Lee promised he said he said it's gonna happen he put this play man he bought on eBay on the line we don't get a Charizard we get the play man you all heard it it's somewhere in this video a couple hours back he just popped in for a second sided and walked away but it's it's in there somewhere I can't believe that seriously this is maybe box sales are not gonna go up all right we're proving good luck if one customer would have bought 30 boxes from us they would have had no rainbow rare charizard charizard he's just so worth a good amount still yeah make sure we don't mix this bulk up with any other ball all mine's right down here on the floor you know where it should be Wow I wonder what else were missing from the site we have to be missing something I wish I know yeah just that if that's the only card we're missing I would just giggle we're just missing that you know 200 our card yes good to be here hour-and-a-half 95 minutes wait what something happening right now I left you with three packs good luck John that's zero amount of Hope than John zero yeah this that's so massive there's no way we got a complete set of thousand packs anyway okay so we hit that one so what do I hit which one's the alternate work I don't know I don't know I assume that one's the alternate art because it's like cooler looking yeah exactly just to me this one looks a lot better than this one so this one has to be the alternate art has to be right I don't know I have no idea Miss Maggie yes all right John there's your last pack let's do this what I can't believe that I can't believe that nothing nothing no rainbow rare chart I'm right I'm not gonna cut the video I'm just gonna eat over a little bit John I'm gonna tell you to get out of here body in a nice loving way I think I accomplished that man let me pull all of this off here and let's see let's see how we did and what we have again I don't know what we're missing but we're definitely missing stuff especially with a set this large that would be incredibly hard to accomplish so I'm just gonna make some yeah I can't you want to better be a huge help actually I'm just gonna get them all off of here okay so these I'll just start with that why not all right all right fair Mozie and Buzz wall we had one two three four five six seven eight regular and I assume this is the alternate art I don't know to all tarts one full art one rainbow rare again this is 1080 pax just just like especially one of a full art that's that's so bad so bad and then one two three four five six seven one full art – rainbow rares this is not even to place that's this set this set is huge this is gonna be a problem for a lot of collectors and then a lot of these one two three four five six seven eight so we hit two place that's three full arts that seemed this seems a bit more what I would expect out of a thousand packs to place that's almost a place that two rainbow riders this I think is hitting more where I would expect out of a normal set I'm just gonna keep grabbing stacks 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 3 and 1 about the same a little bit of variance here but again it seems closer to normal greninja and zoroark 1 2 3 4 5 6 6 two forts but three rainbow riders definitely on the we're top-heavy on this one and I'll take that for sure so don't do the same thing derpy Blastoise 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 I assume no full hearts and no rainbow rares I assume I would assume if not they'd be terrible I'm 10 of those I'll save these for last I didn't do okay I didn't do this one yet I don't think no 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 1 and 1 so we're seeing where they're starting to fall into place about 7 about 1 wildcards always a wild-card so you never know venomoth seems like a large stack 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 play set of full arts well I just blew my theory out of the water place at a 4 it's 3 rainbow rares and then 7 irregular hit really high in the top end and I love these googly eyes on all of these there's this is probably my favorite card to the set hands down look how Google and awesome that is so amazing I asked venomoth super top-heavy and hunts girl coming on screw and one two three four five six seven two and one again I think that's where we're gonna land with the odds somewhere right around in that ballpark but again it's a very small sampling 1080 packs there's really not a lot we have got over 200 boxes to open on Twitch and we're keeping spreadsheets of it so we will let you know here in about a week of where you what you can expect out of your boxes but this is all we have to go off for now 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 again art which is up there 7 2 & 1 so again that's not bad we're gonna do the mosh out on my champ 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 whet 8 1 & 1 so about one extra ish here but only one still 1 out of a 1080 packs we're talking about $4,000 if you were to buy these that's not cheap and Mach teaming up with Mach 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 and then 3 & 1 a little bit higher here now when it comes to altering art it looks like we've only found one that we got a full art and alternate art of which is really bad really bad and then 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 oh there we go there okay wait so maybe the other ones maybe this is the alternate art or are we really hitting higher on the alternate arts I feel like this would be alternate art because this looks to be more of a normal what I'd expect out of a full art this is what the kind of colors in the way it is seems like more to expect out of an alternate art but I might be I'm probably wrong everyone does I'm there's most likely I'm wrong so yeah 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 playset and 1 and so that's the second card we've had both the fuller and alternate art played sure I'm probably wrong and which one's the alternate art then if that's true what these are not the alternate then I don't like the alternate arts in my in my opinion all right we've got now the saddest news of all in 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 regular so we're up by a lot on the regular one full art 0/0 rainbow rares this is the only one we have not had a rainbow rare of right yes the only GX one ever oh well there's Blastoise but I I don't know I can't this so we hit high here but that's what the rain bear should be that's where the rainbow rare should be then for our secret rares one two let's see here I didn't actually sort these out yet that I know okay so two of the electromagnetic radars and one two three we had a play set of the metalcore barriers one polka gear at 3.00 one B Springer to fire crystals again I'm problem missing cards I guarantee I missing cards around around here and yes Blastoise more rare than Charizard confirmed and the full arts greens exploration three of them three of these two and one and I'm sure I'm probably missing things the two welders again 1080 packs to get what we have so it's two hundred and fourteen cards as much again if you want to watch this open two hundred more boxes we do livestream seven days a week pokemon product on Twitch a TV slash dare iums Pokemon you want singles thank you for beard games of supplying us with November or Charizard 'z but hey the packs were cool thinking they do blue down to them you can buy boost box below 6000 whatever just come to our twitch ok that's all that matters we love you we will see you hopefully most of you when we start cracking 200 boxes coming up this videos releasing on Saturday the 27th and this coming Wednesday we will start doing it live a few hours a day see that right right right