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you know what is going on YouTube it's your boy double lane our skills welcome back welcome back to the drastic or and welcome back today to the day that I get the one knife or at least I'm good an attempt to do the one nine forward today I want you to know that this is a challenge video I want to pop up a picture of my drops yesterday and let you guys know that I believe I was like an 85 or maybe even eighty-six away from a 194 I got extremely close that was my fourth 193 on YouTube bro and it was crazy because it was such an amazing drive and I got so freakin lucky that so many awesome cards popped the way they pop as you can see on my burner account a lot of losses all I do is draft on this bad boy and try to get the best of the best jazz for you guys you're smashing big old thumbs up you guys believing me maybe I could do it and smash the big old thumbs up if you loved yesterday's video that draft was awesome a lot of people in the comments a thumbs up really thought that was a sick job if you missed it make sure to go check it out but it's a but for me it's the best draft that's on YouTube when it comes to me man like that was an incredible sum with that being said i'ma jump into this hopefully we could do something special you know one night for that sabe so we're going after the most icon record challenge if we could break that hey your boys looking to break some records today so like I said big thumbs up make sure to subscribe let's go ahead and get into it baby draft number one obviously you want to get lucky right and luck needs to be on your side I say it all the time these drives don't just you know it takes a little bit of luck man it definitely takes a bit of luck now I kind of want to go for three one two but I don't know if that's the right you know what Yolo Yolo man let's start off with a weird formation let's do something weird who am i loan up hop set the cam position the only one better could have been a 99 to 9999 bad left but we get the 99 Maradona we can hit an arch or at night up here Bros that could be special but hey look let's not get ahead of ourselves we did start off great with a nice model or not goodness a 94 Messi the question is do you take this or do you wait and I'm gonna take it could be the stupidest thing I ever did but hey I don't know I felt like it was the right thing to do and the last one Oh big boy hold it so we get the Messi 94 a 90 who lit I mean a ninety-eight Maradona and at 94 Messi if this would have been the nighttime STI to be like bro we're on to something special it's not unfortunately the problem with the three four one two is that these cm spots bro you gotta get really lucky you got to get like a ninety nine moderate you know well let me get myself let me get my glasses on that made me look smart okay hmm yeah got my smart glasses on you need like a 99 moderates you need a Viera and here you need a lot to really go your way and we're gonna start off with it not going our way that's pretty bad let's just be honest very very very very bad I'm a good eye here the reserve one time see what's popping over here we're all gonna get a nice little card here what are we gonna get a lot eise i Kevin de Bruyne i mean i lured east or sergio biscuits i'm gonna take sergio busquets over Luiz and let's keep rockin can we get a big card how about a Viera how about I cut about something OK ROCK attached is not the highest but we get CEM with him you got imma go rocket itch that's too right I could have got a 91 no that's three ratings off for what you know getting something I could have taken him as well bro and now I'm gonna take pause but which would have went into our war war whatever his name is so that's kind of an L on my part I'll be honest with y'all definitely a little bit of an L but I don't know I felt like it was the right and give me that more yes let's go more solos out there let's go big more solo okay so this attempt is kind of coming together you know I'm saying buddies this attempt is coming together slowly but surely can I get an icon in the back oh oh my my my my my mother Maldini ha ha ha I was gonna call her mother Nonna and then I I played it off the girl yo look maybe the frontwards hat you know I'm saying what maybe the frontwards hat maybe that's where is that maybe the frontwards hat and that's where it's at rhyming accidentally Yash in would be amazing I guess that goes Sommers although there's a bigger summers I'm a way for the bigger summers and that's probably an L as well but you know how that goes man you gotta take your chances maybe I should take in what's-his-face maybe I should have taken a Leno write a 9-2 before we go down that's not that bad especially with the fact that we gotta 82 right here in 86 and the 86 that's not that bad man that's not that bad at all what we got going on here come on baby better than a better Berber conte no re a hundred percent let's go baby give me re that's that's the that's the queen right back as well to this Aria got upgraded right cuz Spurs went through that's a clean card man 86 pace with some pretty good defense on him decent high high high not bad not bad I'm saying not bad not a bad card at all what we got going on here Teemo Varner oh goodness gracious look up hold on hold on hold on calm down whoa I see you baby I got a 193 ok ok ok ok ok calm down calm down calm down we need big big cards icons come on I kinds of icons only mad I goes down that plug was a 92 I think I gotta take Jordy in case I go hey come on man come on man come on I mean it's cool it's cool we still like I said yet maybe maybe lockers I think maybe I'll take a look I said t here because if I took like I said he obviously I do bitch like that will for chem but we're not really looking for Cameron I'm saying we're looking for high rated right now and it will figure out the chem later how about a big hard oh of course not let's keep rockin boys we had a 93 at one point and now it's kind of flopping it's still flopping that's the 91 we'll take it huh mental Rodriguez and realistically it's gonna come back to that backline and it ain't looking good can I get a freaking hike huh La Porte a pull-up or tahir for chem and ladies and gents this is the definition of rim it started great and then it kind of just tail it off really quickly yeah you know why that's a good first attempt I had a 93 there for a little bit and would probably ended up with a 92 let's see let's see did we get up to that 92 or no we might have ended with a 9 – if I get messy into the lineup is it a 92 let me see put him there swapped it over there is that 92 or not oh it's not a 92 I guess it's not a know a hotel case still could be it still could be bring that over there is it 92 Wow it's not a 92 surely must be very close to a 92 still a great attempt for the first one of this episode I'm gonna go ahead and put that out there it's a hundred cam 191 possibly could have been a 192 little bit unlucky probably should take it a messy early on but I'm pretty happy with that attempt I'm pretty happy with an attempt I'm not gonna lie we're gonna reset and we're gonna try again this is banger season which means we only do bangers you understand backwards hat is gonna bring the luck I got a fourth I'm going for three three flat wish me luck wish me a lot of luck boys banger season only man banger season Oh Kevin de Bruyne or East Co Kevin de Bruyne has a big card so imma go east go I don't know if that's the right pick but once you drop me the 99 messy right here the 99 messy right here 88 Bale nice link up right nice link up it makes me look like I know what I'm doing as a drafter but it's not really what I'm looking for Del Piero's cool but bingo is much better as these two extra points if I get our Denine right here and then Viera somewhere in here I say we're doing some bits it's not gonna happen can I get 99 ok-lau and auskey it's still a high rated card man look you know what we got the chem there we're doing good here can I get a Viera can I get the icon Viera Hey look at ain't the icon Viera but you know it's a heck of a good player now can I get the Viera no ball Padma that's dope as well too 90s I want to say this is a decent start but we have we've gotten great players like to play with but we haven't gotten oh we haven't gotten the big names like the board of big ratings I should say right we haven't got the boom you know the boom oh the boom there's the boom boys yes please please 99 I mean 97 what's-his-name's 97 right uh the hairs are 97 right yeah oh come on boys I can't swap this though it goes down it's all good we'll keep it like this it's all good it's all good what we got going on this side what we got going on this side nothing okay we are at a nine one with a hundred chemistry which means from this point forward all we need to do from this point forward is get hydrated cards that's it there's nothing else high that we have the camp all we need is bangers after bangers after bangers we do not start off with a banger hey in the comments down below DVD player of the month or Player of the Year or Stirling Player of the Year this is how I see it DVD player of the year I think it comes out of who wins the league but DVD player of the year sterling Young Player of the Year anybody agree let me know in the comments down below or maybe I'm just stupid hey but listen that's my prediction let me know yours bangers only game ok not out right that's it I said unless we get absolute bangers past this point and that's that ain't it that's not good enough mm-hmm that's not good enough I could take this Salah here do I take the Salah oh no I know what to do take the Verratti put the Verratti here and then swap that there oof that was stupid take that never mind never mind me now whatever I did there don't act like you've seen it yo what's up what's up you George besties better than the rest E in it George besties better than oh wait wait give me besties and put them at right-back hold on yeah come now easy it's a nine – dough is a nine – Wow that's a nine – but it's really I don't got the cam now hey I need something big joshing come on game now it's going right back to a 911 or season only bro how do you get this to be a banger this is not a bet I mean it's decent drop icon icon remodelled oh don't need him alala decent Lala's decent but I mean you know it's not really I mean that ain't it chief what about Papa George best right here drops bangers only nice a big card what's up with him here goes down by one he's at ninety the weight doesn't really matter hey at the end of the day this draft started great and then quickly hey what's up ty Bala it quickly uh disappeared but I listen listen listen I can get the fool come here what did this go to just a 91 at least I can get full cam here I just need to know what this is first it's a 91 that's a 91 still a 911 I think that's still a 91 as long as I get that 84 hours Oh No yeah it's still a 91 so there you have it another 91 with 4 icons decent draft but we did we need to do a little bit better a little we're going for the 94 it's a decent draft let's continue I like to give y'all something specialist stare at man I like to give you an absolute banger and that's what I want to do here this formation ain't the greatest but I will rock out with the 3 4 to 1 and hopefully guys hopefully I can do something special right here man I love love getting your old man who do you take all right let me break it down for you like this I could take Toni Kroos which then leaves 99 right now although 99 messy or I could take Renaldo and hope that the 99 messy pops at the right forward i'ma pass up on both the goats and go Toni Kroos it sounds absolutely stupid but let's see if my decision will pay off and it all wow it does it shouldn't of I didn't get his 99 but I got a 98 I got extremely lucky right there and now if I could get her now bingo it doesn't happen but I got it I got extremely lucky I passed up and I passed up on a 94 ended up getting a 98 and a 90 so that that payoff is decent can I see the r9 is the r9 available no but this card is dope and not only is this card dope but he goes into messy and he goes into sterling which is pretty serious if I get vieira it's not gonna happen but I do get Paul Pogba the problem here is is that I have no icons like it's high rated teams and again you don't need icons icons a dope for chemistry purpose for example bang now look at my man Paul Pogba so for chemistry purposes that's what the icons are good for but honestly like some of their ratings aren't even that great to be honest with you you know I mean that's not even the big van Dijk can I get like another icon Maldini oh wow okay baby we're not getting how do you say it we're not really getting sue can I get Ryan Giggs we're not getting like superstar after superstar after superstar I mean we're not getting the icons and put up we're getting really good cards we're getting really good cards this card goes well here as well Pablo not bad I could switch that look at a camp whoo okay man Yash in Annette 95 Yash in would be the dream what do I get here I get a two lengths bang okay so we are a 92 before we go down bottom and we have one icon that's pretty serious business Joe the fact that we have 100 chemistry we're at a 92 already we got an 88 in the team and just a flat 1987 with one icon and it's not even a prime or a primer icon I don't think that's the prime is it is it maybe is I don't know I'm not sure I don't know if there's a bigger his biggest one I'm not sure can I see a 99 rated card no I will take David Luiz here and let's keep rocking out baby come on come on come on come on come on come on come on that is the new Willie on four star four star with some decent pace on new Europa League Willie on I do think your opal League will be Chelsea first Arsenal in the final you let me know in the comments down below come on baby bangers only bangers only bangers only bangers only 90 ones gotta be it's gotta be the 91 and we could start them so that that makes us even better and we're still and we're still a 9 – come on bangers only banger that feels bad that feels bad we're still at 92 even with this low of a card so that's decent I want to shoot for the goalie spot but we got to get you lucky and get Yasha him we need icons bro come on lobby a boy what do I take here Bobby Orr I'm gonna take a Dipity because the chance of us still getting in Bobby is out there 87 rate and Anthony ma hsiao and now we just need the luck on our side boys here we go we need some icons some big ones as well my man named out of Zito but no way to fit him because there's no icons there's just no way to fit him dude there's no icons Bros you know we need some type of icons can I get a 99 ready card that's good it still hasn't dropped us that's pretty impressive rose that's pretty impressive we still have it we're still at a nine two with three picks remaining can I get a big keeper no no big keeper now we go to a night now we're down to a nine one do we raise back up now we're back to a 92 so a low 92 we got to make it strong come on that's it boys hey sixteen no icons right no icons killed it man like that's point blank period it'd be a nine one again because there's no icons literally no icons so that started banging up top was decent we came down with a 92 honestly like again a dope draft man the fact that we got the sterling agüero and Messi all to go into each other but not good enough let's go baby let's go bangers only baby come on come on come on bad formations Wow okay I'm taking the four three three the four three three flat and this is a bad start man I'm gonna take deli idly to keep the top three spots open can we get a Rinaldi no answer is no where are the icons man where are the icons Harry Kane I mean he goes into hazards so why not n we got deli alley can I get an I kind of get George best he better than the rest and I got a passable messy cuz there's a 99 you never want to pass up on messy but I felt like it was the right thing to do out of here Alexander Trent maybe that's tough will take Gomez who links but Bros I'm gonna be honest this draft and I'm trying really hard I'm trying really hard really hard to hit this one nine four I'm trying to give y'all some sick drives on the way but it's just not my day man I'm doing my very best to make this challenge absolutely lit and it's just not going down it's not going down at all I mean the icons are wild let's go big boy Viera the icons aren't really popping can I get Marcel oh yes but I don't know if it's too small I need a Yash in here possibly I just don't know if it's too is it too small is it too small to save I feel like it might be too small to save I mean I got three huge icons it's a nine one before I go down and we just need three points of chemistry so if I could start to see some icons then we could possibly save this but as you guys can see the pics are not in our favor soo so 85 come on game come on come on come on give me a 99 or something Philippe Coutinho left-wing I'll take it I'm down to a 90 101 I was already out of 91 right right now Dingle pops and he goes there we're now dingo Viera George besties and my man more can I please get another icon back-to-backs of course not I'll take a porter to man maybe he'll give me some luck by taking the porter man I need a Yasha and it's not gonna happen and I feel like this is where we go down to a 90 AUSA Nettie that's huge as well we get the chemistry now but our midfield is just weak sauce bros it really is our midfield is so bad our midfield is so bad and we're not gonna see enough icons to really flip this thing huh Oh such a bad attempt man Draft after draft I continue to try to get y'all something wicked but it's not really going down that way man I could put him here and swap this there we get some chemistry boosting up you know I'm saying but at the end of the day man it's only a nine one I got two more picks but one's gonna be a silver and I just I just can't I guys like I can't seem to do better I can't seem to do better than a nine one right now I really can't I cannot seem to do better than a 911 it's unfortunate bro but it's just not happening it's unfortunate but it's just not happening I cannot seem to do any better than a nine one I think this is a nine one it is if I put sterling up here still not white it doesn't even matter I can't do better bros I cannot do better I'm trash now bro I mean how call I'd like I just I don't underst how lucky you have to beat a 194 man like the 193 I could do man but a 194 III don't think I got it in me man I do not think I have a 194 Amy I'm gonna go ahead and be 100% honest but you guys I just think it's too hard I think the amount of things I have to go your way is is is incredible like you would have to hit almost an icon in every single spot can I see the r9 no but I could see the 99 Cristiano Ronaldo honestly this has the potential to maybe do if I get the 99 Pele I think we can make where we're in business but as you guys can see there is no 99 per letter behind there is no 99 Pele to be had and not only that there's another bad pick and that's the silver what's going on here it's Paul Pogba which is dope I will take a pawpaw book if I get a Viera right here we're a business no Viera I'm gonna take gun do Z and then I'm gonna hope for a Viera I get a scores I like that I'm gonna put him here I'm gonna go and get Paul Pogba down here bang I mean that's not bad if I can get an icon right here to kind of get all together delay not really helping at all maybe a VanDyke I mean uh uh yeah van Dijk – link Maldini that's alright man joshan know de hey a team of the year no and I just don't even know take the Italian for that hard link he's a 98 which is still pretty dope we do get a vent dike but it's also a PK I'm gonna take PK probably really dumb to take a yo Ryan Giggs Ryan Douglas cost was actually better than Ryan Giggs for their Lincoln – Ronaldo we're now those now on 10 we're at a nine – and we're kind of in business which is dope but our first pick down here is an awful one our second pick down here I mean is no better it's awful as well isn't it that's an 88 I could take that and do this I mean I get two points two points in CHEM I'm at a nine – I need a couple icons what's up for now Dino he drops one point I don't got the chem anywhere no Cameron II feels bad man feels bad Majan not being able to play imagine not being able to play imagine Dino not fitting into your draft wait what Bruno for Mons it's still at 9 – I feel like it's a week 9 – hey my man junior that's pretty big right there what do we got we got some pretty big cards man I don't know how I would make the chemistry work right now but I do got some pretty big cards I need a huge keeper didn't happen no huge keeper to be had for us boys and wow we were at a high 9 – you guys saw that right the fat it's now down to a 91 only now did it go down to a 91 that means we were extremely extremely extremely strong 9 – but then I went in tanked it you know I mean that was that was a strong 9 – boys and then we just went in tanked it and I feel it's pretty bad I'm not gonna lie to you guys it feels pretty awful that we were that strong of a 92 we were very close to 9 3 and again but we came up just a little bit short again it's a 191 pretty decent attempt with the right manager we could be walking out here with a hundred chem that's the 99 that's a 99 it's very close if I just got one point we would be a nine one but again not what we're looking for eyebrows whether I get it or I don't this is my last attempt it might be the worst attempt it might be the best attempt I get a four triple two and that's what I'm gonna go out with I'm gonna go out in the same formation that I had a banger in the last episode with and I'm gonna go with skulls and I'm gonna hope and pray man for the icon cams first one doesn't happen I'm gonna take Erickson give me a bang man you you hate to see it you hate to see a start like that ninety nine eighty nine that's that's a good messy man please lobby the Pele Kevin de Bruyne er you hate to see a start like that to see two icons and then it all kind of just crumble man that feels it really feels bad I don't really know how else to say it it just feels so bad man where's that Yassin man is he coming out no give me Lord East and then we got a hope for team of the years bro is this attempt is bad as well bro oh yeah I gave him my old man I gave it my all this episode yesterday I came out with two incredible drafts unbelievable drives and today it's just not my day man I tried super hard to I did a lot of attempts putting it's just it's just that a Mittman cam is bad in this one yes I'm the luck is just not on my side but I'm gonna tell y'all something bros I will 194 I don't know when I'm gonna 194 but it's gonna happen it's gonna happen Bros I am going to 194 I'm gonna get it bros I am going to 194 I promise y'all it's gonna happen bros I'm gonna get it I don't know when I can't tell you when I don't win but I know I'm gonna one night four and look how bad this draft is again it's all luck bros it's all luck if the cards pop your ways then you're lucky if it doesn't it's just an absolute flop guys I want to thank you so much for taking the time out of your day to watch my episode I hope you guys enjoyed this draft aroni I had a blast making it I'm sorry I couldn't 194 you know what's sad is I don't even think I won 92 yet alone 194 so ah it doesn't feel good man hey I gave it my all hopefully you guys enjoyed it smashed that big old thumbs up if you did make sure to subscribe but we're gonna end it with one of the worst droughts ever I love your faces I appreciate y'all watching