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I'm not surprised yummy Oh oh my god y'all think y'all think up play it alright I've got 200 of these alright I don't have 50 or 10 or fucking five no no no no no no no no I'm going for see our mother F at seven alright I'll do it from Messi all right I'll go for the big points two hundred of these alright two hundred so we go fishing right so we're going there we get there and Peter's looking at me like you're not gonna catch anything and then I used one of my favorite lures that I used to use back when I was like 10 years old I used to drive to this fishing shop and I used to buy a little lure it's called the MEPS eglee a size 2 or size 1 Gold Edition alright it's for bass and you guys wouldn't know about that shit cuz you probably don't even know about fishy so she says she says you're not gonna catch anything with that I get nothing the first time the second time I throw it out I cast out I'm reeling it in and towards the end boom this big-ass fish it was like it was like it was like Bateson's head it was fucking massive dude so it was like boom and all of a sudden she's like oh my god and I'm like right in front of my girl is better than Messi out of 200 of these fucking things how many I don't even know if they're good or not I just woke up to a whole bunch of people telling like tweeting me about what they got in their shit and a lot of people are getting like that died there was a guy this morning that set he said I think of Ronaldo I don't know how many team of the knockout stage players do you think I will get son and number 7 all right listen I'm gonna do the first one you ready for this ready here goes the first ever player big pack for me alright cuz we didn't sleep yesterday here we go first of 200 bow [Applause] I mean that's not bad lying to you I don't know deserve the days off to get time on Good Friday and the barbecue sauce boy in these player picks and rewrite Amaro vamos Papa I mean I wouldn't say the first five were that bad right all right maybe they were I'm not surprised yummy Oh oh my god what the butt cheeks is that oh my god yo how much is is mommy valued at Rose Paul movie three two one three and Ohio will be city's Man of the Match Bateson's trim is better than yours hair discard or no balls it's a 90 rated Marty bro nah dude what the hell that was my six-pack sex back to back team of the knockout stage here we go here we go back to that so back in school when I used to play football other students used to call me Suarez and I was happy for it the other day when I was at work I thought about it and I think they used to call me Suarez because of my teeth not because of my gameplay like Suarez like teeth or something alright so funny Cal pucelli thank you for the 60 bucks Baga 30 bucks francis 23 bucks Shakalaka Pepe all right I think this Yatim ending will also be tradable again I have 200 of these things boys I'm hyped as fuck for my rewards tomorrow man 26 and for rewards I mean dude my 2016 4 Awards last week we're fucking fire so I'm hoping that I can somehow poo 86 getting out 86 Otamendi Wow do I take the city fire or the inter player what do I think I'm gonna take scream yeah because fuck City three months and Abby dropping the prime fabs drop in the oh damn it that could have been a new inform I need to wait until the new team of the week comes out the car let's see who's on the discord hopefully Bateson's on discord hello whoa holy shit I didn't think I'll get on I live in Sweden but uh I'm originally from Lebanon oh how do you like Sweden you love it yeah it's really dope it's really okay well who's your favorite team mining either yeah are we gonna wait today or what yeah obviously good good good answer good answer all right well are you ready for your player pic yeah of course if you get me an 85 or higher or obviously if you get me a team of the knockout stage you win you ready yeah let's go good luck man thank you damn unlucky you got me lately and I think he's getting an in-form in like ten minutes that's up amen it was nice meeting you hello yes can you hear me yeah what's up Castro is this therapy you know oh my fucking god I love you I love you too man why did you leave why did he leave his mom came in the room was like see ya let's see if he would have won would he have won oh just build it all over the place oh my god bro answer me yo what up say que oh my god what's good bro oh my god I love you how are you just saying alright listen because because you said that because because you said that you only will win if you get an 88 ready player yeah yeah sure alright nobody lowers only if it's 88 if it's not 88 you don't win shy I'll get you another I'll get to another lowers alright here it goes ready yikes man you got me Dahle ally oh that's a B player that's a what B player yeah he left hey man Sabra oh shit deep voice what up dude were you from Florida a fucking cave Shh so so who's your favorite team Arsenal yeah sorry about that man and be like yeah you know what you'll get through it you'll get through it maybe you'll get top ten maybe alright man are you ready for your player pic yeah good luck if you keep it for now I'll give you 500 dollars ready but it has to be Ronaldo ready Oh I mean you didn't get me where no though but you still won you got me 85 like is there any place for Arsenal Oh baby let's go oh that's a side dude man hey bro it was nice meeting you man take care you too bro all right so we got a first winner of the day he's an Arsenal fan yikes what did I what did I ok so that's the one that we have ok Champions League rare player guerre this came out I didn't do that yet I don't even know if I will and then someone else Jovic came out oh snap 93 cristiana Dixon fuck dude that's a big point SPC for a a 2 drop man all the Danish homies dude I mean it looks like it would be a hell of an expensive card 85 overall with one inform 285s overall damn you need three informs three informs 285s man that's looking kind of expensive I'll bet you get a 50k pack a 55k pack a mega pack and a problem good pack pack you could get lucky and get something dirty in those probably to get achieving the knockout stage player man for sure I wonder if Dion's gonna be the last player that we did the lillywhites would it be saying chat doing this or not Shaun thank you for the plan keyword is o88 equate that's been my highest rated players since I packed team of the knockout stage money in these never felt more like singing the blues city win United lose OCD you got me singing the blues what do you the city is yours but fit is your sweater thousand after sex are you fucking sure boo there's your blue right there for nill her hat yeah I'm fine yeah fun yeah hat let's go baby ninety wouldn't David too he'll appreciate it blue I'm hot how big was the fishy cord okay Lily why do you do this Lulu Lulu Lulu shit why do I just picture you basic going like what do you like would you like that buddy big did you see Bateson he gave you guys fucking 30 of these things could never be me 200 baby 200 BC 230 hi guys welcome back to another video but myself me gusta 87 guys today guys we've got 30 caliber oh fuck 3200 baby 30s for plebs that's what Bateson gave you guys imagine that could never be me I went above and beyond 200 to be fair he pi he probably is gonna get better better pics in 30 than I am in 200 TL Stryker thank you for the prime sub welcome megusta alright listen I think it's about that bucket time that we get our our second team of the knockout stage yeah I don't even know how many of these things I got left hurry up I'll give you five seconds five hello Edwin Oh for fuck's sake I was hoping you hey bud how's it going good you I'm doing great you how was your sheep today it was pretty good I started watching this count on our video where this guy's smashed a fucking egg with his cock is interesting you guys use in the video yeah no I know I know I don't like to watch copy honestly Fiona see sounds like I'm making it but I'm not I watch a video of some wood smashing an egg on their cockpits no no no no he smashed the cock no he smashed the egg with his cock his fucking unique is like literally it's like a carpal he's like he got a fucking tensioned up tension tension them and then frigging smack smack to be fair that's how I care about it someone said can I just kill bitch how about George Oh John no a good story yes I've stream longer in the past did the new have in the past four days also I got top 100 I watch your last game you were slightly as fuck and I done silent I can tell you a fucking foaming at the mouth the game have a bit of fun people can chill would have to do the wager I knew I would not do in a way to enjoy him that was my Mexican egg head versus neck ahead pogchamp one I thought I went to a burrito place account member than ever got food poisoning from there so I think it was what whatever you just say no when I go to America what's the burrito place called Taco Bell no not Taco Bell I love it I can't remember it's called the I got people there yeah and it was an American person it was no other authenticity it was an American person Jamal is legit if you want the shit's Taco Bell dude oh is it you not get a co-op ecoli from that other person mmm pretty schewe kastanka story he makes it free get in well done two million farm fantastic of the video like rating guys bit youtube.com father's business open I'm here hello right also never story I really I really a female streamer to this particular FIFA you raided a female swimmer yeah really good at FIFA shut not free for gambler gambler I could tell she was definitely like why are you why did you say yeah she was really good why did you say like that cuz my hums a visit anyway yeah they are they're they're really good do they got I don't know I think I think you guys are lose to them oh man who the hell donated earlier saying I was gonna get another toddy oh look at how angry a little Mexican face is that's what is wrong with you I'm taller than you you're not talking you dude yeah about as tall as my inner thigh our inner thighs fucking Chinese like my 50 Atari he's pretty good though introduce him maybe it's a sign 75 fuckin pace yeah use him up fun with nervous on the left-hand side cuz keep gaining it was although yeah you're fucking faster than I'm fastest foot boy you should see me when I saw that when I saw that flaccid penis just about to fucking go towards a egg I was like whoa reactions have a cat did this guy just tweeted me as well fuck what is on the same level it isn't the people guys not a pastor abused me I'll report you to Twitter to delete you an FBI come call it and then your hard drives get investigated and then it finds out you repeat of hell okay be careful what you do guys don't need during my losses and you're literally sitting there waiting for me to lose a fucking game afoot chance to donate living it fucking awesome a pistol Peter Marshall I'm Adam in there as Adams in as well he's vow ya know Adams nice eye he said he liked this girl stream and last night so donated it must submit him very awkward he went mad good good good girl ah how many slopes of end yeah you have to give me so that's how shit the pack was oh wow he's good he's 86 in the game this week yeah he's 82 right now uh some debates and guys I'm for Astro check this out it's Bates and check out a dicot in 90s tweet this is Uncle Fester from Adams family do you think it looks like Bateson this is this is Bateson's fucking twin this is fuckin twin I mean look can you tell it's not Bates it just from looking at this that is basin confirmed Oh 86 Ralf ah that's not bad but it's not a team of the knockout say that's not bad though 86 off of it on it's a pretty good player to get especially dude I'm gonna have a hell of players for a team of the season SBC's 12 11 10 9 – bossa in the chat I see you just subscribe – bossa – bossa oh oh we're oh that's it it's not a cheaper than knockout stage but that's still pretty dope 89 agüero let's go 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 here we go even though it's not pay de to pay to get oh wait it was just inform alright come on baby girl come on baby girl one more team in the knockout stage ha ha 3 4 5 6 7 pack 7 4 cr7 it only makes sense does it oh I mean I'll take it right cuz that thing could still get upgraded actually its arsenal come on it was super oh let's go up the I acts Oh I ask I mean he's a right mint which which kind of sucks I wish this dude if this card was a can this car would be so much better uh he's valued at Wow 62 K yeah I don't know about that come on I haven't seen a walkout in a while here we go first pack walkout come on baby blue blue blue oh fuck you've actually got to be kidding me bro this has to be a fucking joke Oh have I packed so many damn torches God man make it someone else Ronaldo Messi something bro oh I got so excited as well as like bro this is it all right here we go walk out walk out yes blue blue hommies I mean taken all right here Cubs could he said any sin I still don't know if this card has a dynamic image oh he does and it's actually a sick dynamic image well I I hope he at least walks out with a dynamic image my best team of the knockout stage player in a pack pong please have the dynamic image oh my god didn't even walk out with a dynamic image s they will do that to you probably but you know what if they do do that well then look on the bright side oh look up walk out from Edison walk out from Edison Spanish Center made Oh Iago ah yes sir I guess that's an 87 hey that's something all right like he was working dude he was working but everyone else was just fucking trash trash fall cow 85 rated all right so we get an 87 and 85 and then Splunk it thank you for the three months as well man come on baby give me a nice little jakey blue fucking dost asks for a blue bitch bastard dass dude come on oh my god dude these are fucking ass please bro – really guys I've got one I got four left you will get a blue Papa I got four left out of 40 let's just pretend that never happened