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ready yeah boom I just open mind come on yes it's a walkout okay now no one can roast this satisfy that talk shit about my shirts huh well you may go going live in five homies 31 minutes later live in five bTW anyway good luck with packs today five it's it's for the most part it's always five but sometimes I get traffic man what you don't do traffic on your way to work huh and I know you can see my boos but those are pecs alright you don't see no jiggle here do you huh do you see any jiggle exactly hopefully ei listen we've got less than an hour all right let me show you what's going down today alright 50 minutes until team of the knockout stage Netta's team of the knockout stage IX team of the knockout stage son and I've also loaded the fuck up with 78,000 fever points for you guys alright I'm just hoping that ei dropped lightning round so that I can get my coins up bro when are we gonna have some Castro much maybe with some sick flamingos and some of my wife panda think about the resub yokes take him to the three months ooh 85 Goolagong to 83 185 this is looking good at craft some of these Champions League premium upgrade package but Jillian think about the nine months nezzie two finest drop in the prime my guy again vamos in the chat center mid yes 85 rated Alan what the hell walk out center made oh cocaine you know what so sorry we might be able to craft another one so I might even have four of these things oh shit it's 12 p.m. whoa 99 Pasi 93 Van Dyke would know the left wing oh shit your rope illegal Barbra yang weighs her lightning around all of course there is oh snap son netis left mid feed amino sent her forward see yes right mid-fuck they made him a right knit dude oh man they picked a lot of big players can sell oh we're know though left wing you sh man Go Go Go Go Go Go Go Go Go Go Go Go Go Go Go Go Go Go Go Go walk out walk out walk out walk out walk out what is it what is it inform is he good French left-wing comon I'll take it not bad eh keep that quick sell that Go Go Go Go Go oh my god they're gone no I got one more oh it's not even a walkout though I got one walk out in that lightning round what a species did they drop do they not drop any SPC oh wait team of the tournament challenge nice is it repeatable no it's not okay is that all they dropped for SBC's oh nice dude all right we'll keep all these players for SPC's wait what is going on EA Sports did you guys just add another lightning round nah delete this alright do they they actually just dropped another lightning round what the hell they were like yeah we should have pried done 20 yeah this is gonna bring the price of a lot of players down why is this dude fucking dude whoo Giroud walk out walk out Goldeen okay spanish centre-back ramos boom that's good for my coins yeah I wanted other prices of these cards as well Messi 99 dude that's fucking crazy that's correct walk out please I would like a few neighbors and dad believe these guys type are our biggest in Europe enjoys minimal trades while Joel Felix gets a mega upgrade for getting knocked out of the Europa League you know this mother efforts going straight to the Pele SPC chat you know this man's going straight into Pele okay I do want to go ahead and do this and based on what I packed I think we should be able to complete this I'm not buying a 2.4 K freaky position change that's that guy all right we go BOOM BOOM mocha pears think of the bits licked brother I'm telling you I better get something in them damn packs or else we gonna fight ea sports 90 chem okay this should be easy boom-boom-boom-boom all right dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun I would go set the Dutch kit however you know what you know what I'm gonna do oh you already know what I'm gonna do alright you hear me right now bud come to the greatest team in the world for you oh that was also mainly from all the players that we just packed in the lightning round paladin figured with the pipes up pretty shitty bud Thank You Jon : thank you for the prime sub MC hey bud appreciate the 11 months was the greatest team in the world hahahaha 20 greatest damn B looks good in that kid you just stars as 92 what would you give this guy for team of the season he's definitely getting a team of the season 100% er 100% er um 70 acceleration but 81 sprint speed get stabbed and a good jumping good heading yeah I did his team of the seasons gonna be fire I get a nice car to have in the in the squad all right let's see what we actually get for completing that SP see how much is that SBC valued at chat I want to say it's probably the little over 100k maybe the 83 is he going for anything that inform makes it a little expensive in the 85 overall squad makes it expensive remember when I said we were going to bait City a hahahaha vamos Liverpool V Spurs in the final mate glory glory Tottenham Hotspur I've got four Champions League packs to open up four of them farming Jacko pelisek Philip and Renato Sanches please for the love of God any of them here we go first would again team of the knockout stage are in these I don't know what the ring would be would that be cheaper that no Oh God okay wait PK wait oh you know what Hey SPC Pele all right that that listen listen Linda SPC Pele come on come on team in the knockout stage oh my god no no no no oh my god and look at how cheap this dude is brah wait that wasn't a walkout right let's go remember yesterday and today I said I wanted one dude from the team of the knockout stage and it was Metis boo I was so confused I was like dude he didn't even walk out hell yeah man give me Sun feet give me son come on son son son walk out fuck shut up chats not even that funny why do you guys keep laughing like it's freakin hilarious shit there we go 1 p.m. 100k packs da come on and give me a bloody icon here we go I told you they were gonna release a lot 40,000 it was supposed to be 20,000 because the first one was 10,000 but since they saw how many people bought him they changed it to 20 and 40,000 a high a sports ah-ha-ha-ha-ha Oh 2 Mende SPC we'll take it let's go another one I can't no Argentina agüero egg-laying fuck's sake he's not even get a walk out of his Paki so lazy oh why he slipped through his back sick all there it is Ikon where are the Blues where the Archon da Silva or ESCO ESCO that's really good for Pele really good for Pele skipping that shit though 32 another walk out dude rotate and walk outs man I just need to get this icon we're getting walk outs boys German goalkeeper Neuer did you guys see that he didn't mistake this is a walkout hi guys welcome back to the video guys have you packed how much of you Willian and Giroud oh my god how much how much have you loaded up alright $45 $4,500 or $45 $45 dude what do you mean 15 you want you want to go you want to do a 50,000 people point pack opening yeah well do Fisher together okay whoever packs loser has to gift 50 subs you are okay let's just meet here again in 19 minutes for the 125k lighting round okay and then you decide well what you decided what we decided or should we decide between us I mean gaydom I'm gonna ask my chance see what they said someone just said whoever gets the most champs and Europa League cards in 50k fifa points and then 50 subs yeah I'm down I'm down are you sure yeah most most amount so they're they can keep track right the race okay the most amount do your best baits in 87 intro impression and I will donate 50 dollars did I do it like every day my best baits and impression hi guys welcome back to another video sulfates in 87 guys today we are going to be doing the Cannavaro SPC guys for any MSP piercing could make sure to head over to g2 a guys and don't forget to use cold bateson I check out guys basically now so messy instant win the rest is counted as one alright fine deal right deal deal any other rules cuz I know you're a cheater I'm golden I think oh you know I'm not here what about icons icons annoying part of the better icons are not part of the bad nope no that's fair any guys what's your fish right first pack I don't get a walk how did you know what why why Islam wins 1 nil waits long wins 1 nil would've known it was packed shit that could also happen as what this he's gonna be disgusting oh you're a Jewish players are selling by the way ya been listening like Hendersons and stuff oh my god did you open you already open it I'm gonna walk out I've got a walk out gonna walk out fuck off nice not any no worries you got these easy win wins were between imagine someone wins that were nervous shit I should have saved my champions league packs well that's cheating walk out walk out don't fuck yes Italian striker eMobile if come on let's go 70 subs walk out walk out come on ha ha ha this is so tense it's like waiting for my kids so ever misses to give birth it's like oh oh can't tell is that by years ago oh I already know it's I found out multiple by UA up to forty thousand yeah I know I just Pat casimiro that's pretty good I have you actually get a point for that don't think so because then I listen I packed to informs casimiro 85 fall cow in the same pack congratulations you've earned yourself a pat on the back walk I don't know walk out come on come on come on I did a moment I can't tell what is it Castro I comes with two points did you say yes in Zagat yes that's not a point he said yes he said yes you're the one that said no that's what you get suck it shit I got as well everyone said one point no no you can't change the rules right walk walk walk on blue back back back bro you're losing I got free ketotic up the i-x I'm actually packed into there Bravo actually good you're such an idiot oh where they won such a chi and they said it was a pre-recorded pack how don't I'm just saying what they're saying brother I'm not I'm not life ba ba guys o-tar ditch and voice in the same pack oh nothing literally informs on often cuz my icon who the hell agree for no icon you did you what an idiot what an idiot right I don't know if you know this Castro but I'm pretty good at coming in from behind so I'm gonna let you go ahead of me crack on you do know there's a TOS on Twitter right yeah I'm just testing the walkout dude write what you want what you want what you want what your honor what well you out what you are like is that I'm at 30,000 well but who the hell can walk this idea like I will just chill in by myself and driver your home veneer and then people just white term like it's like it's like going to school you're benefits you get a little bit of money for your school dinner a little Mexican Castro over there comes crawling up vamos vamos and yeah I go what's up Castro and you're like ah give me a dinner I'm like what give Castro well you little you're Mexicans and you call Castro so I'm not making anything up derogatory terms there yes walk out come on this is gonna be a no yes Suki Suki oh my god I'm literally Pat like that and just said then I Pat two icons I nearly come then well then I realize it was an inform to key how many points is that none because he's a fraud I was told he's a diver he's not living I said cooky not Salih Saleh is entire magazine what's Lozano doing yeah that's right he's reading Time magazine which in he was solid how was how was again on Tuesday good okay I mean No thank you guys for this okay but you're getting subs not something to me guys god you're gonna win we got the same beard let's go chat oh you won't even know cause no one's donate free hundred bits for you to read a message saw Bateson's pact sorry O'Malley ninety read Liverpool team of the tournament we are back level terms and inside the pack potentially just run out there he doesn't it's like a bottle well he does have a Gucci head but let me he's not as cool as me well I could beast like a beast walking around with a Gucci headband in McDonald's for a french fries at people going peasants calling out of peasants point get french fries of them when I'm unclear 12500 easily subdued little Enix next pack Windsor I think oh my god I'm at 15,000 here we go come on walk out walk out how have you got behind me I might let you open all yours in the meat come from behind no dude why'd y'all I'm in from behind bad guys what do you think what's we do be drawn well we'll see when it comes we'll see it when it comes back open your pack I think if we draw we do 25 subs each oh another 12 K fifa points what are you people agreed people agreed we split we split this 25 25 yes right yeah yeah I didn't even walk out you gonna walk out please don't get a walk out know all these packs these usually get packs get good at the end though as well usually I got an informed but walk out how much for Pisco 89 rated boom opening six out one two three go she gonna walk out I don't know yeah one thing unless you're scared of bateson oh boy I got an inform I got another damn Maury bro I got the need shipping yeah beneath Jim oh it's down to the final pack oh this is bad one two three go yes I actually did it actually did it oh yeah you know Frasier 86 rated in my last pack you got a fucking scream yawn so technically I mean I got an icon so did I got two two keys I would do in sudden death five former did you open a pack yet no no you you can master Bateson me to no walk out I think nervous is gonna win it for one of us how are we tied 2-2 that's so weird right if this is how we should do it right because there's not there's no you shouldn't have a draw which I never draw drawings are boring what would you do is the final pack if it doesn't contain a team of the tournament player or whatever it is it should be the highest rate can't deal enough so it should be the final card did you open your second back no you yeah I just did it no walk out knowing his buddies EA is doing this so we keep adding more points deal okay the last the last one yeah alright deal we'll do that all these cells Dignitas wait you going through the park like it's a sandwich lettuce am come out cucumber you go through your fucking sandwiches what no because that wouldn't be my son because it's got sulla Don and I'm fat ha ha ha ha joke's on you you liar right well too fast are you ready yeah boom my dissolve in mind come on yes it's a walkout yeah yeah here we go dot it's a guide I see you're gonna win it with tonnage let's go look it up retarded you slow fuck but I love you oh let's go Pat key to be fair if you win TV packing number 1 in the next pot you've won it all you've won it home well know you can get to Pat you can get two of them in one pack potentially all right you want me to do we know we have two more I'm at 4,500 no that's only one mom we've open free that was you fed one more pack and with Archie files people has left okay I open it back to back blues come on baby it's a walkout oh that's an in-form Kevin de Bruyne oh you sure I'm up 3-2 250 subs plus 20 extra let's go do you open it yeah oh my god excuse me dye is ridiculous david icke excuse me package status boy's house smells as fast as that there you guys completely your clothes I'll take you scum me you've room a weekend you've ruined my year you've ruined my children's diet because they're not eating anything now it's absolutely ridiculous and I packed them of a booking icon I got a walkout you know GG thank you for that it was fun it was fun very much appreciate if did subs chat and then Greg gifted his Ted as well what a man make sure you guys go follow dates in on Twitch if you can subscribe as well because I'm a bitch skin are the money FIFA points that be brilliant thank you I accept donations I send nudes for five dollars I really I thought I'd do it for ten dollars ten dollars beneath I'll even do personalized messages as well for like maybe 20s I'll even do it with a shirt off do YouTube as well guys youtube.com foster space and a7 subscribe comment like all that good stuff hi guys welcome to another caliber SBC babbles a bit soon see you all later and good night Thank You Edwin I'll see you later I got a blue I got a blue gel I told you he wasn't a walkout he's untrainable so I can sell this one Rishi thank you but the Risa let's go that was a really good collab hey I'm happy you guys enjoyed it I mean you guys are the ones that told me to do it right and he was totally down for it