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FIFA 19 Ultimate Team Draft!
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hey what is up YouTube it's your boy double lane on skills and welcome back to the rotor for Champions RTG edition but this is going to be the draft to Glory edition as I told you guys in yesterday's video if you missed yesterday's video I had a little bit of a rant a little bit of a getting things off my chest man when it comes to EA and the way the game is and stuff like that it's just not really in a great place especially with what they've done with SBC's I feel like it's all done wrong but with that being said man I wasn't gonna play any more weekend League I did play a little bit last night I'm not gonna lie to you guys I was on a livestream and I played with Jerome Felix he got a man of the match card for these awesome awesome performance in the Europa League shout out to my man she won't felt like doing well for a fika doing big things yes so he's card came out and I wanted to play with it so I bought him I played some weekend league and I think we're like 12 and one right now something like that but I don't think I'll play anymore as you guys know I'm gonna take a big break from the weekend League and tell team of the season just simply because yo may not find the draft more enjoyable it's like funner it's a new team every time new players new different rewards just find a more enjoyable right now feeling more rewarding than old in the weekend League by the comments down below let me know what your record is in the weekend like if you are planning also how many times have you won the draft this year let me know down below with that being said we're gonna jump into this bad boy hopefully get a nice team I'm not looking for the highest-rated it kind of just whatever dude I just want to have fun put a sick team together play some FIFA and hopefully get some dope rewards man that's kind of what I'm after man in this one we got three five two which honestly I want to take three five two simply because this formation is actually causing me problems in the weekend League three four two one that's what if you want to get the high rated but I want to take this this formation bro it's causing me problems in the weekend League so I want to take it and see what it can do I want to see if it's really really that powerful so we'll start off with a Gareth Bale don't know what kind of team I'll be able to put together and at three five two look at that the big boys fans like in my opinion best centre back in the world football right now big old thumbs up if you're enjoying the content make sure to subscribe appreciate the support on yesterday's video a lot of people understood where I was coming from some people didn't understand where I was coming from but I think at the end of the day we are all frustrated with the way EA Sports is handling some of the stuff with with this game this year but here we go man barsa man going into van Dijk because of the netherlands link which is pretty nope in the back we got me and that's pretty much that so I'll take me none of this is really it's not really helping boys we need something big come on come on come on mmm that that ain't it chief that that ain't it chief um steak Phil Jones that ain't me man I'm really hoping this back line can sort itself out and hopefully the rest of the team can get stronger big-boy casimiro or Conte I mean that's a no-brainer casimiro would go into bale blood Conte is too good of a car to leave behind if I could get that casimiro again i 100% take them of course we don't um all right it's gotta be nice little French link-up right there same league same league same nation nice little hard link and starting to form into a prime team Oh 99 better not bad 99 Pele what's up with this guy stats 55 pace ok he's terrible i lo low okay a low low what does he do then what does this guy do nothing just does nothing on the field this guy that guy there's nothing obviously that guy does lays a low low but I got does nothing really um interesting here I got a Frenchman Frenchman right there obviously the right pick but I rather play with him buddy but I'm gonna go with the right pick all right let's keep it let's keep it up let's keep it right Wow got it take them you can't leave them you can't leave a 99 bro you can't you can't leave a 99 stop it and then Messi wowzers um Messi and Ronaldo together it's gotta be man it's gotta be I can't leave those guys wow what a team so far not bad it's 92 and I'm gonna get trying to get high rated um Malcolm is better than didn't been uh what's his face in it cuz the Lincoln to barson devarsi link and he gets a 10 right there that's beautiful that's actually beautiful right there man that's very very very nice I need like a David Luiz and David Luiz back here give really good chemistry and a better keeper as well um Suso could take him in case we put it into Cristiano Ronaldo we would need a Spanish defender to make that happen so it's kind of forming into something that could be decent what's up Desai Oh interesting kind of forming into something that could be good you know I'm saying could be um kinda is forming into something good I'm not gonna lie to you guys man again now all of a sudden we could go sue so for now though you know I'm saying and and and yo that's you would still be on seven in it yo will Fort will build into something nice team so far man very very very nice team in at three five to name our salah okay what I got messed I left wing I said name our lesson Bob I'm sorry um that's interesting I don't really know where I want to go with this I guess in Bob there's a super stuff yeah let's take him pop it as a super sub why not I mean dude it's not it's not it's not the best but it's also not awful star I need a couple pieces and we could call some damage here man Italian stallion right here Frenchman um Brazilian that's how you pour so you know he knows better than me swing des ie over you see one coming from it's kind of that take Chiellini get an Italian left mid or Italian right mid didn't Renaldo from Juventus and all of a sudden he could be on full cam let's go ahead and take Chiellini just in case I get an Italian that can go I may be soo so but again I'm trying to get him on ten in it when I keep staying in it I just keep saying that but I don't even know who I want to take oh man I really want to take Cliver move in Dyke over I could do that as well Kluivert here hmmm let's keep going let's keep going let's keep going maybe maybe I can make something happen there maybe I can make something happen ooh Paris it's now casimiro Paris it's kind of dope dude I'm not gonna lie I'm taking Paris that's a good card man oh but he doesn't give mmm keep banging away keep banging away keep banging away we can do this keep banging away we can do this keep banging away we could fix this we could fix this okay night goal on that goal line goes there Paris it gets a link Nicole and gets a link Conte scoots over haunted me wouldn't need Conte wouldn't need that cyi in the middle and it's a cam night going on I usually have to be a cam not going wrong why does that to be a cam Nye Golan Bros that feels bad why is they got to be a cam that Golan man that feels real bad some that's unfortunate that feels real bad man still a cool card I was trying to get para stitch on fool you I need a centre-back please dupes a centre-back that can kind of that ain't it that that's not the center-back come on I want to put it all again all right so what would I need now a goalkeeper from the Premier League and English maybe like a Johar it would be dope and we didn't even get one wow that's incredible that's actually incredible we didn't get anybody um I didn't get a prime goalie hey sucks the suck man really does suck this up last pick here damn no Prem keeper alright so obviously I can get full count right maybe maybe not if maybe maybe not good me sooo so what's – so over here I can't move well if I put Van Dyke right there and then I bring in the Frenchman it's the keeper that's just absolutely screwing us over really is man the keeper has given us such a hard did I play him pocket mess he goes off Messi's on seven now where's me bring me back in could rock out with Paris instead that drops it huh huh this gives us way better chem obviously so that's where we're at man it's a sick team don't get it twisted this team is something serious for sure the only person off chemistry now though the keeper and me and see if the manager we need a prime manager maybe a Prem this is only one that's two points we got two points there can I save can I get a pointer now would I be able to get a point would I be able to get a point I mean one point would I be able to get that point I don't even know do I really care for the point that's the real question just one point do we actually care enough I don't know if we care enough you know I'm saying I just don't know if we care enough for the point the team is dirty bro let's just be honest the team is nasty we got 99 Ronaldo and a 96 Messi like that's that's a dope team in itself I wouldn't mind you get the full chem but I just don't think it's gonna happen that drops it yeah I don't think it's gonna happen hey Phil Jones no Jones there that gives us a point play I don't want that you don't mean like I'd rather play Van Dyke every day of the week bro so I can get full cam but I don't want full cab at this point so there it goes man let me quickly show you my custom tactics I'm gonna rock out with just stay forward getting behind stay forward on pele as well and I'll let the rest kind of just be the rest you know I'm saying we'll leave it like that let's go ahead and jump into some gameplay all right my man isn't a four-for-one one with the Zeb you with my man Maldini yo did we get any prime oh yeah we got primer Pele that's all we really got though was primer Pele it when it comes to the primers he has right back it's a net T as well it's dope team pretty cool-looking team let's see what our team can do there you go Renaldo there you go Cristiano Cristiano back at him at I think he thought I was gonna cross it but when you got 99 cr7 nah man you can't pass it you can't pass it bro there is no such thing as passing when you got 9999 Reyes cr7 you got it you got to shoot it good pass this card is so bad nice find a messy drag back Messi nice one too Pele back into Messi the ball movement sexy it's clean oh man I thought I scored there bro you're wise were not over another stake in the corner I should have run out on your post it's a goalie the way it's 99 Pele this time big ups to the boy Pele 99 or now 99 Pele what a banging finish from the Brazilian legend messy messy messy messy messy messy messy Bessy who does it better than Messi not many baby not many do it better than Messi the man puts it into the back of the net three nil I think Cristiano Ronaldo might get that assist and a beautiful finish man just creeping the ball into the back of the net and we're quickly up 3-0 Messi haha into the back of the net for now last big boy messy let's go baby well done messy we forced a rage quit in the first half messy went offer and Aldo went off incredibly done three five two not so bad once again another four four one one I like this formation again this time we'll get matched up against our toodle and GaN doozy and hazard and the striker Van Dyck very interesting lineup I'm getting matched up against I'm excited hopefully we could play some good FIFA and advance to the semi it's not Ronaldo near post doesn't make it to him unfortunately 99 no go sir I'm starting to think that this is one of the rarest drafts that I'll ever play with because to have a 99 Pele a 99 Ronaldo and a freakin 96 Messi on attack I didn't even realize what I had until I got into the gameplay I have some incredibly overpowered front three huh prior to Barry's attack ever unless you can get a 99 Messi Ronaldo and Pele what you rarely see if you can get those three GG but I think I have one of the rarest attacks in the draft bro which is super dope I still now though nobody was covering contact country come back gods a shot let's go boys did that guy who no it's that terrible CD oh no he's so bad the low low work raids and he scores for a low low work raids and my man actually scores in the draft it took a deflection to go in but yo we're up to no messy la you hear ronaldo cristiano 9900 we got something special we got something special 99 peddler 96 message 99 Ronaldo dude this team is nasty away for pehla pehla pehla pehla bang ha ha ha who better lay in the back of the net it's kind of like just shoot bro it's kind of like just shoot honestly that's all it really is man it's kind of like just get the ball and shoot the thing bro because you're probably gonna hit the back of the net for nill about to be at halftime make this 5 mil man let's make this 5 no let's make this 5 no it's going this going there it is there let's go then like 5 no big boys saying Dyke does it my man he's that he's the apartment complex there he he's the building he's the tower bro you just didn't bro and my man was waiting in there keep her try to come out to collect but there's no collecting this 99 Ronaldo puts it right on to his head back at a net 1 nil no chance for layman let's go Messi let's go Messi the stoic Messi Jets on popped into the middle 99 Ronaldo nobody's there five new he's out of here baby it was the ollie you up easy well done man so easy Messi was just like he brought the keeper right when he brought to keep us on yellow I'm gonna pop this up cuz 99 Ronaldo yo and against anyone the game I'm putting my money on Christiano so yo this draft man super rare we got team into your Conte des ie who's kind of rare as well but yo just to have the guys we got TV our content was so important that the front three that we have unbelievable yo what a team dude into the semi I bro so I won this game 2-1 I made him rage quit I have never been so like wanting to beat somebody so bad ever the dude had a super super super racist name I don't play with racism I don't I don't like it I hate it I don't understand it I just I hate it so much bro and this guy had such a such a racist name bro that I wanted to beat him and I wanted to beat the bricks off of him yeah I wanted to beat him so so bad that went super trihard I didn't him in the video cuz I don't even want to showcase some stupid stuff like that can't believe EA allows something like that in the game but I want you guys to know that I won the game 2-1 he went up one nail I came back and I smacked him and I just went all out this guy was one point away from a 193 that's unfortunate bro but let's forget about it let's move on that's why the second games not where the third games not in the episode this guy has a great team I could be in trouble here could lose but honestly bro I let him go ahead because I was so mad I was like so mad in my head that I couldn't even concentrate but anyways yo we beat him we're on to the final we got a really good opponent right here that we got to face so let's go try hard messy messy messy messy messy messy messy messy messy messy messy messy messy messy messy messy better than the rusty bang bang boogie let's go baby big boy messy yo come on boys big goal one nil 12 minutes in this guy has a fire team Christiana with some nice skill moves put the man in and the two goats together on the field at the same time but making it happen nah man Felipe Anderson Pele back to Felipe Anderson here to here nice moves that's a pen that's the red card bro that's that's a huge that's has to beat that's what I'm saying that's got to be a red card bro that has to be a red car red card and Payless stepping up Payless stepping up and stepping up LL boom red card and a goal against a team that should be a 193 the only reason that really isn't cuz he had like a Socrates in the back which was unfortunate of IC would have had it bro important important moment in the game because like I said he's playing he's playing he's playing it gue Oh foo huge rage quit man amen absolutely unbelievable I wrote that entire draft took me 40 minutes all four games 40 minutes my rarest draft I gotta say bro this is rare bro this is one of the rarest traps I've ever had the last two guys I raised quickly good I made that third guy rage quit you know I'm saying bros I don't play that man with that being said let's get these roids a big old thumbs up man make sure to subscribe to the channel if you guys enjoying it some sick little gameplay for you all right there hopefully I'll enjoy the draft is I was very very fun to play with 9999 ronaldo 99 pellet and a freaking 96 mesh that's so rare and a Team of the Year Conte like that for me Wow you know what's crazy is that man-of-the-match I had that was like a Lolo CDM that guy was actually like that guy was actually solid which is mental to me it blows my mind but yo he was meant to anyways with two more packs to open up hopefully you guys really enjoyed it like I said man I'll be back to the weekend League man and maybe even this maybe I finished this week I don't know but I'll be back and if I you know I'm gonna be back for team of the season hundred percent I just like the draft right now it's enjoyable you get all the cards play with them all the cards that are in draft obviously I talked about that already one more come on man give us some secrets take rewards really hope you guys enjoy this episode because it was a fun one let me know down below your rarest team your rarest team that you've ever got and what made it so rare for me this was rare because I've never gotten a messy 96 a Ronaldo 99 and a pea and 99 all on the same field at the same time unbelievable I was such a good team so much fun made everybody rage crispin your boy skills I'm glad I could deliver this sick content for you on this episode but your boy skills pick thumbs up subscribe and I will catch you back here tomorrow same time same place and I love your face