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FIFA 19 Ultimate team Draft
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yo what's up YouTube bishop boy ee not skills – welcome back to the road for champions RTG edition account but today it's a drafter glory account baby today's that draft we're gonna jump in i want to get you all sick team look today it's not about the highest-rated today it's not about this or that today is me jumping in trying to get some dope cards we to rock out which i get some dope cars that we can really review and have fun with so if you're ready for this draft man smash that big old thumbs up for your boy make sure to subscribe but I'm just hoping that can give y'all something really really nice to look at something really enjoyable something really fun and hopefully I can get y'all some good gameplay and hopefully I can give y'all some freakin a win a big draft we're in win man I really want to be able to deliver you guys a big draft win I know y'all love seeing your draft rewards so I'm gonna try to give you all the perfect episode and put it all together but with that being said we need a little bit of luck on our side cuz you guys know how to dress though cuz I'll get lucky could get unlucky 4-2-3-1 or 4 triple to my best ever draft came in a four triple two but I'm gonna try to have four two three one you never know baby let's see what's going on my captain is Viera my captain is Ferdinand my captain is Overmars three icons and I will go with Viera I mean I don't know if you can go really wrong with that the next CDM up what's it gonna be my man Conte and this is what they would say is the perfect start that's unbelievable a ninety six contact a ninety two Vieira honestly it doesn't get much better than that man that's a humongous star I'm gonna go to that striker position in another car it's gonna pop up that could be big and we see San al dome like a jetty or Giroud new Giroud card but I'ma be honest I think I'm really ready to go for this Sanada although lakas Eddie is a beast and he's French for some links but I will go with Sanel though I don't know I felt like that was the move I felt like he's a great striker so why not my man Fonda be absolute beast doesn't link to anyone in real life he's a stud man dude is an absolute monster I'm gonna take him why not my camp positions are I'm really going down so well don't just you know what real quick how about a 99 pin lay in a 92 Viera and a 96 contact hey man if you would have offered me that before I started this draft I would have looked at you and laughed and be like but honestly may that's a great start imagine if we hit one more thing here like I'm a donor or something that could Wow Socrates hey Bros call it what you want imma call it briefly and fiercely you know I'm saying call it what you want i'ma call it beastly and fiercely a great 92 a great 99 a great vieira great I'm a great 92 in a great 96 unbelievable start what's the back line gonna look like how about a Bobby Moore how about a Bobby Moore and four icons to kick this bad boy off and a team of the year that is pretty darn impressive if you ask me man unbelievable to kick this bad boy off goalkeeper I will take Somers 92 rady why not that's not bad at all um that's gonna bring the Ken cam up cuz Vonda Bea's gonna get a link right there I say I think it's von der beek or something I always call him Vonda because you guys know I'm just stupid how about a Marcelo oof not that Marcelo imma take Alex Telus because there's a bigger Marcelo so imma take Alex Telus man that's the Champions League Alex tell us his card unbelievable as well good acceleration good sprint speed good defense good stamina 96 stamina that's huge and big ups FC Porto's if I pick a fan I can look them in the face or look at that team and say you know what may your did good you got eliminated to one of the best teams in Europe Liverpool so good job man good job in the Champions League well played to you guys right here I don't really got much going on I could take a frenchman who links into content that's what i'ma do i'm play it safe you know who I want here Alexander Trent Alexander Trent would be unbelievable if I could get them it doesn't happen I do see it sure won't console Lou but there's no links there which are unfortunate but I'm gonna take them because they may do in the meantime and in between time you know we can make we could probably make it work somehow we really could I think they we could make it work somehow what will rock with it it's a 91 before we go down right now I'm just kind of really intrigued by how many icons I got and a teammate like I'm really happy with how the team is positioning it's not like how it's coming together like a dad a Yosh in Bros oh five icons and not small icons it was a very big icons boys those are very very very very big icons and our next pick is gonna be you know what I was gonna say it's gonna be bad by oh chuckle Asano I like our chew kilos down I'm gonna go ahead and be honest with you guys now you know what bros I'ma be honest cool Wow diabolic be honest what I was about to say is I don't really see us getting many cards any more big cards cuz I mean look at this man in 96 and 99 and 92 or 92 or 93 and 95 like it's just mental this chapters insane right now bro we're getting some huge cards nothing really going on here so I'll take out Shaarawy but where was a write back from the prem that woulda gave me the chem that i needed that's really unfortunate I swear I didn't see it quick enough man that's really unfortunate I just didn't see it quick enough allowing dusky 94 and that's what I'm gonna go with you know why because I could bench senado and plate law and all ski and why not you know he's a big striker dude he's a big striker so um wow I mean wow man it really is all I could say is wow it's a really big team dudes it's huge man and now in 88 men and now an 88 sterling and an 86 Vardy party maybe I should take a party party maybe I've made a big mistake but they're not taking the party party nothing really happening here unfortunately nothing really taking place yeah I'm at a nine to still that's incredible how is this a nine to I mean I know how it's nine to it's huge see what's going on the goalie position is probably gonna be weak sauce and it oh wow Lori's so big Lori says well I could play wherever I want lorries or Yosh in keep rockin boys another decent pick it looks like coming out here mmm not so much very good cuz shiny is dope though cuz showing is better than what I got it's be honest cam wise to it pops me up which is though what's my man speed here at 63 my man speed here is 65 I mean you need that you don't really want either of them starting but if they have to then they have to it's not really anything that we want you all see anything because I don't see anything um I don't see anything Bros unless I was to move Bobby moreover I don't see anything I don't see anything I really don't I'm gonna take a look nama Tech go Dean but I don't really there's nothing really there's no play there I don't think I don't think we really got to play oh my goodness Maradona wowzers Maradona man what the heck is that wow what a team dudes Wow are we almost nine 3d you honestly did we almost nine three I think we did i thankfully almost nine three rows like furro furro I think we're probably like one card off of a 93 it's pretty impressive I'm not gonna lie to you oh man oh wait maybe but this guy wasn't playing I actually could 9 3 let's find out let's find out if that guy's not here is this a 93 no it's too low these two are too low but dude that's the point right there as well but it's bad cam I could do like that for our little extra chem it's incredible dude what a team man I could put sterling back there as well couldn't I drops one point but sterling could play back their last card gonna be a bad card as well otherwise who knows if this would have been a 193 man who knows if this could have been a 193 it's very close I think in my opinion we're very close to a 93 I think um I don't know if I will get the cam I think I should almost get the cab but what an insane team dude Wow um that's gonna put me on a 98 I mean no matter how I look at it I'm getting the cam I'm getting a hundred chemistry 100% and I'll tell you why I'm get on your chemistry I take off a bonitas and now that I got off a bonitas I just go ahead and uh well realistically I ain't got a play I could just play Kashani honestly I could play Kashani and then bang each I'm saying there's the cam with the shiny man what an insane team how many icons 1 2 3 4 5 6 team of the year like wow dude nice squad man my man I almost want to do this bro he's on for as well though they both are for hey I'm gonna try that I'm actually gonna try that let's jump into it right baby so now we jump into the first game of this episode and we see a pretty cool team he's off chemistry but man he is – pretty bad wife cuz Shoni as well so I can't say bad and cuz someone the comments down below let me know how close I was to a 9 3 again because I think I was probably one card off of a night that's a very very high 92 in my opinion let me know the comments down below fairly low endorse key one nil baby allowing Dorsky 10 minutes in getting that job done very quickly 94 Lowenthal ski I have this a card on my account as a read I got him from weekly rewards from getting top 100 what a finish baby what a finish from lowendahl ski one No maradona mad or nah he moved to Kieffer let's go mother though that to the near post he keeps moving it every time he moves I'm banging him bro I wait for a second and see right when he touches that stick and right when he does bang it down the middle and it always goes like near postman so it's beautiful 26 minutes in black would get there free me up he move lorries we're back in the net we're about to gone pillar gone pillar go on pillar go on pellet let's go three nil baby big boy pillar does it again low and auskey puts the beautiful ball in and Pele takes care of Hamas belly that did the beast a 99 look at a man look at that tucks it nicely into the bottom corner beautiful goal la still pellet still let's go for nill for my man Pele 30 minutes in 38 minutes in almost 40 Pele does it with some nice Lockwood gets this I step overs in the box puts it by Lord East and we're feeling good ladies and gents we did it man pass round one really good to us opponent was a really good opponent man and I feel like we just came out here and you know we took on a strong opponent and we were able to walk out here with a huge victory get someone that really knew how to play this game so shows me how insanely strong this team really is right baby in game number two we get matched up against a good team of four three one two with Conte and fold in and assembly and the beast himself crave so very very interesting game we got on our hands here hopefully we could beast and fishy as a right-back playing center back goes by the name of Alexander Trent still Pele what a play Maradona back of the net baby Bella and Maradona two iconic names making it one nil four minutes in la corte cote de la corte get this from Bella into Maradona for the easy tap-in vamos papa law and oski socrates chillin no what is that bro Levin dusky win that nice la socrates Maradona making the run popped inside toward Socrates doesn't work foster Vieira Vieira Kabang but he does and what a safe from beg of its huge say from beggar bitch and we get that corner man Pele's in that box it's not going towards him who's it going towards the header I think that was Alex tellus who got that header Ronnie I'm not even sure we're going again though here we go a ball whipped it is going towards Belle at this time in bel-air makes it – no pickle for the Brazilian 99 overall monster and could that be a ragequit it is baby semi-finals here we come baby secure in the bag into the semies let's get there let's see what we could do game one was extremely difficult game kill we forced the ragequit we haven't suffered a goal yet come on game number three your team is dudu and so we get matched up against he's gonna 442 defensive 442 and the SI his best CDM is gonna be Robbie all up top he got stack Wow Van Dyck he's probably gonna put Van Dyck at center back and bring in a striker I would imagine but hey let's see what we could do back in the Lowenthal ski back in the Pele Pele one-time shot back in the net whoo yo you need a lot to stop this guy boys you need a lot to stop this guy boys Lao and Doss he gives it to him and my mentor legislators one he absolutely lasers this shot bro unbelievable finish for my man look at that from distance bro one-nil allowing the ski the era airs Bella let's deal with it they like fighting for but let's still with it my man Bella but your Pampa been low indoor ski I don't know the keepers in the forts in I don't know what just happened to keep us on the floor and it said allow indoor ski scores a cheesy goal I think his goalkeeper right into his centre back I thought that leg was gonna score to be fair but yeah I think look right here watch they just fought oh wow his own guide trips the keeper and then allowing the ski has an empty net to shoot on to one error slow and Oscar I think he's our son actually he's on side oh I shoulda kept going Vieira's in the box no fear fear fear let's go Vieira Vieira was in the box and he scores the game oh he does as far as gain but we score again the air and the ball just kind of got to him baby three one let's go socrates Landowski finest man off and Maradona you gotta do better there along with us key right here now Pele now Bella still with a pellet londo ski no ski callosum yes Lord all ski or what Lowenthal ski soon my man actually be school I mean not a beast go but lucky go that turns into a beast go because my man Pele was some nice nice feet work man I hope I don't forget to edit that part in because there's a nice little skill moves to get us to the point of that but uh lucky that the ball bounced up popped up to him like that fella until our and Oscar Socrates here I don't know what to do with it let me drop it at the ballet here the hill felt like still with it all I gotta get this beautiful lowendahl ski all our dog ski gets a hat-trick and my man Pele is just creating chance after chance after chance after chance big goal right there look at that man beautifully played I'm surprised lowendahl skis scored as well it's like a turning left footed shot and we'll take it now and our ski with a steal I was scratching my nose bro I was scratching about those that controller with my left hand I still stole the ball allowing go ski sporty sport it's almost a 50th minute I don't think my opponents gonna rage quit Oh looking for a look at Pele look at my land look at my lai look at pehla pehla pehla pehla pehla pehla seven one for Bella and the semi-finals baby we are 100% going to the final and it feels good bros what a ball to Pele I think at this point I'm gonna try to stop scored and kind of just get to the final you know I'm saying let's go bros it's over and finally and honestly I was just trying to end the game a man started scoring a lot of goals but I just kind of just try to get it over with as quickly as possible ends up ending eight four so a pretty crazy game towards the end but hey we're on to the final man and that's the first game we suffered goals so let's see what we do in the final right baby here we go we are in the final against a 43 attacking which is a great formation let's be honest he has bail and Rennell dingo and not and Neymar in Bella and contest so this team Coulibaly yo he has a big one too as a 92 as well so my man has a Fuego team good final man we're gonna battle it out listen you could take it away for LA endorsed can I find him as well I'm endorsing in the Box Island dog he takes that shot I think he moved the keeper their sucker jeez let's go baby Socrates taller than everybody and I think he moved to keep I gotta pay attention that baby he's moving the keeper I gotta abuse it you know how that goes baby come on now big goal right there Socrates gets over be biting the final we're up 1 nil good job baby top pins let's go like a flare what a poor would appall with hoodoo baby the Brazilian Bellamy turned the Jets on and just burn fur on I don't know if that's team in the air for on or which fur on that was but man that 99 Pele turned the Jets on and he was gone nobody was catching him look at that through pass look he just gets away from Vuitton right gets onto the ball and just bangs it straight down straight down past the keeper come on baby come on nice corner one nice corner one nice corner why might I Dona oh we went to Viera are you guys I was controlling my ladawna Viera just scored that by himself I take it I take it I'm happy but I didn't do nothing I was controlling my Dolores Bella back in the Lewandowski opportunity what a pastor Maradona and I'm gonna run it in baby I'm gonna run it in for the for deal with Milo no we might get a ragequit yeah we do guys that only suffered goals in the semi-finals unbelievable dudes what a draft insane amazing the best ever who knows my best ever oh no my camera just overheated y'all see that right my camera just overheated so this is gonna be kind of weird my camera overheated so what you're gonna watch here is me open up these rewards without a face cam I apologize for that hopefully y'all ain't too mad but it's a jumbo to make a smash a big old thumbs up if you guys enjoyed it and I'm gonna walk out as well if I get oh I was about to say it's an informer I'll say if I got a blue without a camera I'd be so mad English striker who's that okay okay okay okay 84 overall I'll take it I take it 84 with some speed we'll take it y'all guys hit that big ol thumbs up make sure subscribe a look already some great rewards you made our money back already great rewards beast draft amazing team I mean everything was perfect all you're gonna do is hit that thumbs up make sure to subscribe and make the day perfect cuz it's a perfect video last draft I mean last pack back to the back walkouts best rewards ever another inform as well Wow Argentinian striker okay I take it two back-to-back informs big drafts big rewards big gameplay amazing make sure to drop a thumbs up make sure subscribe I said about ten times sorry I'm repeating myself make sure subscribe guys I will you guys back here tomorrow same time same flip same place I love your face I'll catch you soon