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what's up YouTube it's your boy double a knife skills welcome back to the road for champions RTG edition but today it's gonna be to trap the glory Edition but before we do drop the glory Edition you know what time it is baby it's time to let you guys know how I did in the weekend League and I picked up a top 100 finished with 28 and one that's right I had one game remaining I didn't even play it because I didn't need it man I thought with a 1 I would have been all the way I would have got better packs if I wanted to be honest with you I'd have been you know in the top 4 looks like top 40 somewhere but if I were to lost I could have risk it and kicked out a top 100 so I left it this is a pretty cool accomplishment because as you guys know if you watch my second channel I started off the weekend league like two and one because I play with a league of Knauss team and the team wasn't really that good and I ended up losing so if how'd I not play with the League of nos team we could have been looking at a 30 or no finish which is pretty wild we've done that a few times this year but you know we've done it a few times but not anytime recently now I did pick up our 9 as you guys know mid weekend I picked him up he played 23 games in the weekend leave from me he scored 34 32 goals 14 assists and after having it for 23 games I can tell you guys that this card shot is completely broken now before I jump into the draft also 2010 goals we did it my biggest milestone in any FIFA with one card I played a thousand five hundred nineteen games with one to watch Christian over now don't have score 2010 goals and picked up a thousand and sixty assists I've never done I don't think I've ever done a thousand assists with one player and I know I've never gotten 2000 car 2000 goals with one card in any FIFA so crazy accomplished me would have been cool to believe that up with a 30 you know finish but also one more thing I want to say played 17 games with this card and I gotta say that I truly believe that this is the best goalie in the game a lot of people will argue it I know that but Lord East was incredible for me with that being said guys I wanted to jump into a dry 4 3 2 1 and look at that as we speak about luck a 98 one to watch Cristiano Ronaldo can I get the Renault dingo beside him yes Wow George best or Luis Figo could be massive I want to take messy but I know the right pick is best for CEM plus there's a bigger messy there's could be a Ryan Giggs here but Ryan Giggs is so rare that you know it's not gonna happen so let's get this dump pick out the way cuz it's always gonna be bad and this pic as well like this pic is always C it's always it was a mediocre pics man now you got to start to get lucky now you need the luck on your side again let's see if we can make it happen man marquinhos not really a big player now VVD I'm taking him I gotta take him he's a 95 rated team of the year and the rest so look dick we got four good players in this draft right now that's it for good players a ninety nine and ninety eight and 95 or 94 and now a ninety nine okay so oh yo that's crazy I'll take this low D okay it's a 93 before we go down because we got a 95 or 99 and 98 and 94 95 not good enough not good enough not good enough not good enough not good enough so we got like five players that are good and the rest needs help let's pray boys let's pray let's pray for something big and soggy does he help us I feel like Alexandro is better for this I mean it goes up there so we'll take that we'll try it let's go just keep banging away at this thing man take this swap that bang bang-bang okay give me r9 give me our nine for the bench wow I don't even know if this was the right paper was that the right pick or no I need icons Harry Kane has it again I gotta take Howser at this point I have to hat like I think hazard needs to come I really do man I think hazard has to happen imagine I don't get the camera imagine I don't get the camera Socrates gotta leave Namor you ain't got no choice here bro don't even think about it bro got no choice man do the right thing man do the right thing man man give me a big holy please okay oh we're 900 we down down down down oh yeah yeah oh I still 93 it's still a 93 bros Laurice is my keeper I got a pass Sergio Ramos I need fur on because Veron goes into Lori's and it's only a one-point different and I meet I'm starving for chem right now I am starving for chem if we get the hair that's really gonna suck but I gotta take foot on here it's six points chem difference six point on cam difference that was huge gotta find more chemistry now really gotta find more chemistry now can you talk about this card over here what's wrong can we get rid of that room that's such a low rated card bro still a 94 I mean nine three nine two high yet still decent I still KBB I know how to get the can over Mars gives more links but let's not good-mouth us it's too high of a car to leave behind so we've gotta take care just doesn't just help us yes it has to help us right god I feel like he helps us he's a low-rated though I need him here man it didn't really help us I actually thought it would help us with it nothing it actually did nothing that did nothing I need him if I don't get I've lost if I don't it's gonna be a silver right it's still a 93 I'm gonna lose because of chemistry wait the kale I'm gonna lose because the chemistry oh hold on hold on hold on hold on cutter Cahill goes into I have hazard on the bench plus Cahill but he's already on full cam I think I'm gonna take Kato but I have pie yet I put pie at right there I don't feel like Cahill fixes anything but show you BBE it's a rave kale busily lately but no hard on that chai ko it's it's a fail though yeah we just 193 we just 193 didn't we yeah we did we just 193 unless I don't get the manager Wow wow-whee 193 and last I don't get the manager take bro miss Kay miss one night for and on yeah we one knife for here another I don't know if we could 194 Wow you did 193 I think that's like the fifth one fourth one on this channel I wonder the 194 I one of the 194 bro this is a one run four this is the 194 challenge bro I know we won 93 but this is the 194 challenge bro um why like a hill pick was huge huh I almost messed that up that Cahill pick was crazy big I just want to see if I put my biggest players out there if it goes to a 1 knife or if that makes sense no it doesn't okay so it's not a one knife for so 193 though it is a 193 boys it is a 193 we won 9 wait wait show chill get out of here it's a 193 get that I do get that I do you get that I did get one I agree bang 193 boys we won 9 3 once again it's not a 194 but we did 1 9 3 first of all before we jump into this Player of the Year TV a VVD Player of the Year sterling which one do you want me to complete I was thinking not going with vvd on the on on the on the on the rota for champions because b-but he hasn't even a year and he's gonna get teammate season which means you can get those cards buy it buy them and sell them spc you're stuck with that one but sterling is only really gonna get a team of the season card so I thought that one maybe I should complete blow it up in a car I want to see nothing else but that in the comments down below because I really need your help man what should I buy what should i complete team of the year VV a player of the year DVD or a young player of the year sterling with that being said I jumped on the burner account the reason for this is because these drafted Glory's on the main account and on the burner account very different than the poor man wrote a blurry poor man wrote of glory here I'll probably take a 4-3-3 defensive because I feel as if I could win the draft in this formation right but for this while I'm trying to get the best teams ever I'm going with 3 for 3 I'm sure put together sick drive something fun for you guys to look at so it's two different mindsets let's go oh let's go it's two different mindsets right when I jump into these and know this man I do not think I do not think for a second and I am a good giraffe two bros I don't even think I'm a good FIFA player I literally wake up every day and make a youtube video because I really really enjoy creating content and I like to entertain people I don't do it because I think I'm good at drafting I don't do it because I think I'm good at the game I've never done it for that I've never done it for that so again bros I just want to clarify that because I don't want any of your if I see people to comment like you're a terrible job that my brother told you that myself bro I'd have told you that's cool I'd have told you that myself so when I'm doing the poor man I would have taken stuff for chemistry here but 99 and a 93 and I'm just trying to get a really really high rating a really dope draft we started off great and then it kind of went downhill I feel like when you get the icon it's a captain it's kind of just like a big fat hopefully y'all we could turn this frown upside down and get this thing popping right now it's not looking so good can we get a good back line what's going on there's vvd there's Chiellini at some point you need chemistry and I haven't really gone for chemistry at all on the burner account trying to get you all cool draft to look at but well it takes I'm telling you man to get a really really good draft it takes many many many many many many attempts at least for me and that's that just could be down to me being a terrible drafted but look we're not even getting really good picks man maybe the bench will save this but where it stands right now the chemistry is bad we've really haven't got any good picks um big boys saddle has to be right and then maybe something like keep it like that for now so that's where we're at Bros definitely definitely not great but ooh there we go 90 Sanchez or Del Piero Delpy doing Delpy type things bro Delpy doing Delpy type things can the bench save us from this disaster George besties Oh better than the rest II put them in baby okay so it's starting to save us a little bit can we get some more good pics please now the icon maybe no baby oh wait this could be good because I could take this and then put this right there means they say so 9 1 s die set 99 pen lay wait what the heck is going on everything just started changing a blink of eyes like we're late was terrible and all of a sudden everything is starting to get a little bit better can we continue to get the luck on our side please the luck on our side what do you do what do you do this is when you try to make the chemistry work what do you do what do you do what do you do what do you do what do you do what do do do do um you got the Italian stallion link right there which is dope but there you don't really got much going on hmm I guess I'm just gonna go for raiding here now really a good pic there if you ask me it's 92 oh nice it's 92 so far and now it's starting to fall apart bad stop no yay stop oh thank you thank you very much thank you thank you thank you that say I take our yes please yes please thank you thank you thank you very much slowly a ninety two's them such a suck mate all right come on big defense big defense babe mmm is that bigger know it doesn't feel big could be big though well that's big how's that now my 1 now I use down down down down down yeah you're gonna take away my 9 1 just like that bro you're gonna take away by not my 92 I mean just like that now it's back up to a 92 so it comes down to these last two picks is what you're telling me what you're telling me is it's gonna come down to these last two picks that's what you gonna tell me that's why that's how you feel that's how you feel how you feel 25 sitting on 25 mil that's how you feel it's coming down to the last two picks we need a huge goalkeeper it's gonna be a silver in it oh all right be in peace all right P and peace dudes what we got a 92 still can I finish with a bang can we finish with a bang I mean it's a big card but uh that's really all it is in it I mean it's a big card oof it ends as a nine – yo sterling why I'm gonna try to give you all another good attempt here baby come on now come on man we've had some decent ones want to get y'all something man let's try three four three attacking something different right let's just try to get a big drop right yo 98 motto though that cam yo can we get or not can we go can we get our nine bro stop man we're now Dima please we're now dingo please we're not and you know what I'm not mad at Del Piero I'm really not mad at Del Piero I'm really not mad at I gotta be honest with you I'm not mad at Del Piero I'm not mad at mad at George best that is three awesome icons I know Messi was there but I that was three awesome icons okay that was 300 schools that's four awesome icons go Fiera Fiera feet sometimes in life you can't have everything it is true sometimes in life life you can't have everything come on baby come on baby come on baby Bobby more value more value more Bobby more about whatever that sound was I apologize for it I do I apologize for what we got o BK that's decent joshing yeah son how you gonna give me this mic well that's a troll bro you don't even give me like the Koosh Michael you gonna give me that one like come on man give me the son really ah all right I'm gonna lure these oh I should take in yeah Laurie says that ninety one card that could have been an L are they dropping else on it they dropping f-bombs oh man this guy's hair lines like mine yeah mine's worse so um alright let me take your this L bomb and say oh it's a oh they dropped oh Marcello Marcello Marcello Marcello Marcello I'm amazed that though right 92 before we go down real good spot terrible keep nah not decent keeper terrible right back but decent yo hey is it decent decent decent decent we might be able to do something with this look at this Messi don't go right there buddy so 93 that's pretty cool mace at 93 that's that's pretty that's pretty cool yeah what's up dmattia that's update stop de Maria I'm gonna take dem idea for rating but I don't know if that's really helping us so I needed an Anna strike we had a high 93 orlova it's a decent night come on come on come on come on come on come on come on come on think think think think think think think think think think think think think for me thank you for me guess I gotta take that to decently rated cards there don't love me an icon bro like come on now stop playing with me if I put that there and then and it's still a 93 forever okay okay well you got from here oh you drop me to a night to oh that hurts bro okay wait but I gotta take this a thing oh he's not that's not the that's not the La Liga wine my fault no come on no no no no no no Thomas Rodriguez wait give me Conte I know you drop me that ain't it chief I'm gonna start crying dude I'm about to start crime about to start crying dude if I grab him and move him up and everything man I was yo I was looking like a 9 4 dude guys that was looking like ahh that was looking like a 9 4 dude give me a big key for at least please come on something something something make em bang on jerk em how bro how did I go from that – come on man stop playing with me man stop playing with me man stop man 91 right boys I hope you guys enjoyed this episode I 193 that did not 194 I tried my very best for the 194 as a 1:9 for a challenge unfortunately it didn't happen I hope you guys do it or did enjoy this episode if you did make sure to smash that big old thumbs up and subscribe and yeah man I love y'all's faces you guys are the best people in the world man I appreciate you guys giving this channel so much love and support and I appreciate you guys allowing me to live my dreams every single day thank y'all for watching y'all amazing and I'll see you next time