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that what's going on YouTube mushy boy double laying out skills to welcome back to the rota for Champions RTG Edition you might tell him my voice your boy just woke up with this new promo is out team of the knockout stages here and we got some pretty dope cards I'm not gonna lie to you from Ronaldo to messy – I think the link gotta SVC my man van van Dijk got a big card now the thing about is very dike Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo all have team of the years right so you got to be a little bit careful with these now there's 99 Messi Team of the Year and 99 Messi team in a knockout stage right there's two of them now the knockout stage is a little bit of a downgrade to his team of the year and what's crazy on Xbox is that the Messi team of knockout stakes is actually more expensive right now but for my homies because I know how much you guys have always wanted Messi on this series get messy get messy get messy spray that name I see the mostly comments down below imma get him now I'm gonna take the biggest L of V for 19 but I think it's worth it cuz I think I make a lot of people happy you guys get to see what I think about you guys know I've uses Team of the Year and I've played with it a lot I've used TV you're a stupid amount of times I enjoy him the only thing I don't really like about him is he's kind of small sweet doesn't win as many headers but as you can see here like his 99 is he's 90 90 but a year like this that difference is pretty crazy look it's 99 stam here 94 jumping and when you go to the team in a knockout stage one you got a 80 jumping in an 84 stems so that's a huge downgrading – really really important stats but everything else seems pretty darn the same but I want to try them for you guys let you know what I think about him I do think his price will tank under this team of the year it's just like you know the hype right now around him is brand new look there's one right there four three six which is already going under the team of the year so that's not that bad so I'm gonna look to see if I could find one complete like a way like pretty down because like I said I'm gonna take an L here but I want to review this for you man so I wanted to drop that vid look I might get this one right here oof wait let me look at the price of his team of the year real quick gotta get Steve of the year on Xbox is it's actually 3039 I mean yeah 37 so three mil three hundred three point seven and his other one is this one three point six so I think I'm taking the boys I think we gotta take it I think we gotta run with it and see what this mess is about to do for us hopefully doesn't absolute bitch it's happening I know y'all are gonna make fun of me but yo I did it for y'all I got him got big boy messy 99 let's go try them in the weekend League yo everyone that always wanted Messi on this series I need you to smash that thumbs up right now I know y'all out there hit that thumbs up this video should get way over 10,000 likes cuz I swear every time I do a rota for Champions everyone's in the comments like skills skills you got it you got to get messy you got to get messy you need to be a messy well I just picked up 98 messy we're gonna play them in this team right here he's gonna play probably middle cam for me I think I think i'ma put a middle cam which means I'm a player as an outside cam but I think he'll be an absolute animal for us so middle cam behind Cristiano Ronaldo whole it will be an outside camera and I'll take over being outside cam and the coolest thing about this team is we get to watch it burn out dingo and Messi play together which that's pretty iconic I saw it changed up just a little bit to make it I think like to be the team like the most successful for Messi to be able to succeed on this team I got messy at middle cam I got one I'll do it outside right cam cuz he's so good at back post headers we're now dingo middle of and i'll dingo left cam and holy is now my striker but remember this is primer a whole it man so honestly I think this is where well he should play in the first place here's a 5-star weak foot on his 88 pace 95 shooting in 92 passing at 90 dribbling this guy should be nowhere like defensive I just think this guy needs to be 100% do 97 stand with 90 jumping this guy's high everything about him 6-3 I just think he needs to be that number 9 striker beating and feasting so with that being said into the weekend lead we go to trial this Messi I approach here we go game number one of the weekend league and we kind of get we kind of get bailed out by the team now getting never judge a book by its cover but my man is rock and Cavani and uh what do we have April that's tough that's that's that's tough so hopefully Messi goes off this game and hopefully you know I don't I'm not sitting here talking about his team and then we end up getting absolutely smack because that would just look absolutely really bad I think I might keep a full life come or maybe I'll chop it up we'll see maybe this guy's just backs out I kind of want you guys to see Messi performing they're not just highlights cuz in highlights you can't really see how good a player is you get to see my reactions to the way like he gets the balls jumps and stuff and you know jumps at the ball like shoots damn everything you get to see my full reaction when I just make highlights and highlights you can make any player look good pretty much what I'm trying to say I know the holy thing that Stryker sounds crazy and why I'm not having them Ronaldo striker by the way the game is right now with the ability to cross the ball and crossing being so successful because don't know no chill chill the waist crossing is so successful having someone that can score a lot of goals outside is humongous grow those back post crosses right now our mental message make an unbelievable run imagine if they're crazy those why why I just want to run out dingo bro stop it having someone that can get those headers and are crazy and that's that's the one thing man is that people always tell me skills why not rock out with the 99 Messi and the one thing that people don't understand is that Messi such a unique player in real life that ei it's impossible for EA to mimic his play style and the reason I tell you guys because for example when Messi was that like the best years of his life what made Messi like so amazing is the fact that nobody can nobody could get the ball off my don't care what defender you were and his sergio ramos in his prime you couldn't get the ball of imagine if they programmed this game – every time you tackle messes the ball bounces back to him you know how you know a ridiculous that would be everybody would rage this game i mean it already hat when it happens oof but when it happens already when the ball bounces back to your opponent we all go crazy isn't it so imagine if they program messages get the ball every time so it's tough for them to make Messi what a goal from Quran it's tough to make Messi Messi in this game I still love him I still think he's amazing his shots incredible but the thing about this game is right now especially right now after that patch where from that shots are going to things right Messi would have been amazing pre patch had he had stamina I don't know how you can give a player even now I'm playing with a 99 I think this 99 only 84 Stan like that's disrespectful because I don't even think like when's the last time mess has been subbed out when he's not hurt it just doesn't get subbed out so there's that and then the whole thing of the way the game is right now this meta you can cross a lot and mess he's just not the type of guy that's gonna win a lot of headers for you unfortunately I'm legitimately thinking about put a messy at striker and playing holy by him I wonder if that would work because when if you do do a lot of crossing it's usually not your striker who gets oh it's not usually a striker who the ball goes to it's always the guy in the back post usually I say usually so but I'm thinking heavy this could be a gold Mateus just kidding Naldo nobody Messi nobody come on now I'm like I don't really score a lot of headers with my striker so I think maybe Messi might be a dope strike could it be honest but even though he's small good pass I said oh easy peasy for Messi uh I don't know he's not running forward like besides that he's been alright he's been decent big banger right there he's not running forward he's like maybe I think I'm gonna put my striker I don't know what what's Messi's work race I think it's a high medium this year right I don't even know what his work rights are to be honest with you cuz I don't play with them enough but he wouldn't run forward there I kept trying to him to go forward and he just wouldn't go forward I might throw him at the number 9 position for the second half I feel like he'll score Matt goes there it's Gomes let's go mess the ball bingo Messi I said oh my goodness that he's gonna bang that to the back pile dope would that have been if you hit that anybody Messi come on boy come on boy come on boy go on boy ooh naughty didn't lock or get again so for the second half I'm gonna play the team the way I would usually play it right so I'm gonna move pull it back to where Mateus is I'm gonna bring a Bop a off I'm gonna put Ronaldo up top and look at this messy but look at everybody else actually ding oh it's almost dead as well how much stand this thing holding on is 86 man I guess I can't really complain about Messi cuz I'm think I have did I do sit for the last leg since price since I could get him since the primer came up and I've top 100 with him and the only has 86 damn and I never sell him out well actually I do i selling off a rash for a little bit but that's only when a game is like really really close otherwise he stays the whole time I see what you got from me poppy look I'm I'm telling him the Michael kept it he scored I was telling him a lot I'm literally holding from the lock but get that it's not registering right now either way Messi got to that's probably luckiest goal that mess you ever score because I'm pretty sure I hit somebody and went to the back of the net but massive gold man 3 knowing this one big boy Messi showing up I don't know why he didn't lock were kept again I'm literally telling the locker counter and I should have been a pen right there as well 3 Nelson Messi would too got to get a hat cheap on his debut gotta get a hatchery and it's interesting right because trying to compare him to the team of the year I think the only thing that's gonna make the difference is going to be the stamp thing because it's stupid that mess he can't make a full 90 simply because it Sam I think that's the only thing that'll make a difference because I feel like this feels just like the team of the year pace wise I think once you pass like a certain skill rate like stats or whatever I don't know if you can feel a difference man honestly don't know if you could feel any more than just their past the point of being just too good you know I mean and they all feel the same past that point maybe I'm crazy Cavani Matthias they're in the next level Mateo I mean I Maldini I'll Dean is just next level absolutely next level quick has to go what a ball from Messi what a ball from Messi I don't got that that's lucky puppy that's just some Lucky puppy took his own player how's this guy not ragequitting bro first half was a disaster but I knew once I changed the team that the game would completely change I just feel like I don't know maybe hole it needs to be in that midfield maybe I'm top he can't hold the ball or something I'm not sure but interesting leap over an eyelid up top we bring it in Bop a game completely flips even Messi gets involved big time you know he might be off I said big boy right now those scores it's not Messi's hat-trick but we're gonna win this one five no Christian over now though doing bits and again the only issue with this Messi as spam and he makes some questionable runs there's some of this sometimes I'm like hoping that he'll kind of like make that run into the number nine spot and maybe it's because of the custom tactics I have setup maybe he just doesn't make the run because of the eye and it's not messy himself but that's one thing I didn't notice his runs are kind of weird but besides that he definitely feels just like his team of years so if this price tanks a lot compared to his team of the year then I would say that's probably a smart bet the only thing you're getting way better in the team of the year is that extra jumping and then the stand which is pretty important let's go mess let's go mess let's go mess let's go mess woman let's go mess oh my god attention to miss it Patrick Messi on the debut baby six nil and Messi with a great run that one I was able to do the one to pass with in Bop a but if I didn't do the one too I don't know if he would have made the run by himself and that one hit the post that thing almost went out Messi though on his debut from middle camp position drops three I believe Cristiano Ronaldo got one Varane got one and I don't know who scored my other to be honest with you I don't think it was holy hole didn't do anything at the number nine position I brought like I said that's a six no dub right there and literally as I'm as as I'm playing this Messi price is just tanking so I think what I'm gonna do is get like as many games off as possible in the weekend League with him and then so I bought him for three point six if you guys saw he's already had three point three so I'm going to play a couple more games list him up and then make a decision on if I'm gonna bring back one to probably bring back his team of the year it all depends on what this price do if this price drops down into the twos which I don't think it will because the thing about it is is 98 is 3 mil so it can't go under his 98 his 97 is 1.4 unless his 98 drops down into like man anyone who either 98 really got screwed huh if there's 98 drops down at 2.5 then this one will drop down about 2.8 3 million I would imagine that this one's gonna stay around 3 mil because his 98 was 3 point it looks like it was 3 point 7 I don't know this is all baffle I don't know I don't know what the heck is no wait wait maybe that's the different one which one is this one yeah not this one is saying all right no his 3 is 98 was 3 point 5 2 3 2 3 mil so based off of that I think this 99 will stay anywhere in there which if he drops under 3 I'm saying it's worth it if he doesn't drop it I say safe for the team of the year because that stam is a big difference I Prost we go again and this time this guy has a pretty dog what is this it's just going for the flashback team I guess he gots name or I got shot Nani is Ibrahim the Rossi David Silva I didn't even know company had a flashback bro David Luiz my guy pulled up with the Back to the Future squad straight up with a flashback squad I think it was just three players that weren't flashback but I'm a flashback to Messi destroying this guy right Messi gonna go ham we gotta be confident man we gotta be confident Messi that's about to go off Messi's gonna carry us we is Luis Figo as well wait we lost where's there now the words Messi Messi what are you doing with must you better get for now do dump playing games gym se get forward bro let's go papi oh look at Dingle oh my goodness who left the Brazilian by himself like this way is messy back post Messi he's gonna header haha Messi scores a header why do you leave Messi that open back post the smallest guy on the field for us way is messy smaller than Marcelo I don't know I don't actually don't know who's smaller maybe Marcelo I don't know maybe Messi I'm not even sure but either way he might be the smallest guy on the field no old context the smalls gonna fit I'll take that back Conte the tiny do give me that his messy holy at this point I kind of want to see if hula can start scoring some goals – my man is not doing nothing up there he go in the box oof back in a net – no big boy digger and how look I should put the bar circuit on cuz to see ding or messy on the same when they played together there wasn't that one mess he had like this super long hair and looked like a child and like a live mess he's come a long way from those days – my man was hella ugly not gonna lie not gonna lie about it boys home he's come a long way come over now though come back no I keep forgetting to change my kits if you look down at the radar both both teams are ready and that's super super super confusing give me that boat David no David no no David give me that also I got that David via and yesterday's buddy I don't know if y'all seen it when I open turn the champions league packs give me that give me that good thank you and I thought about playing with him but I don't know now though all mateus I'm done Mateus gotta go boys messy oh he scored no no no I thought he was score how did that guy steal that locker get at the end how listen incredible days past that look at dingoes runs naw one of the outside holy oh that's that that's that floor runs he isn't it that new messy I said yes messy yes messy damn the first time shots usually bang but I'm not I'm not getting him more like his back has turned to gold that's when they really bang that's it go over and although easy money you know it like you could see by the way the team is positioned and you can see who was covering Ronaldo there's no chance that company could defend him that was easy work boys easy work who with that I just realized they have Messi's like that – I never knew that I just realized that mess he's late if you look at the sod mess you can see mess he's like tattoo coming up for massage I never knew that that's crazy give me that come on my cellphone Oh buddy you're screwed messy don't mess this up bro everyone's watching mess no mess this up messy that's tough please nope he didn't even pass that I was doing life go to get this and a dude tackled the ball into Cristiano I can Kris shot that back post up ever tear the place on the back post the ones that scored the most cuz the ball always gets them somehow another goal though for nail at 33 minutes head and people are just not in the ragequit mood today boys they're really not and Messi's played great look I'm not even sit in this video and talk smack because he's played good man his wrong his runs have been questionable at times but I mean he's been involved he scored goals obviously he missed that one a minute ago that was kind of tough but the only downfall from this 99 car that doesn't feel like dude look how quick he is he's fast and he gots a great pass on this ball nice down I said finally no bro how taking out Matthias I've moved whole it backwards that's outside I've moved whole it backwards and we move Christiano Ronaldo to the striker position so him a mess you up top together now and in the last game this is one Messi really really stepped it up and just went off he started scoring goal have to go off the goal when I made him when I put her an aldo in front of him and I'm moving it backwards so hopefully same thing happens here hopefully we just dominate the midfield so bad that messy just able to get loads of chances that we could see what he's well made rule he's really made of Nani this guy's actually may come back in no way man could you imagine he was four that my man is trying to make a comeback here dingo look at him Bobby's wrong oh my gosh that's still deadly bro that is so deadly bro look at me move oh wait what No then go making a crazy run come back this is it from SE bang let's go old man so that's why I've been trying to do but I haven't been able to get on his left foot like I've been taking shot after shot after shot that shot on his right and I haven't been able to do it keep her keep saving it but once you get that thing on his left foot look at that bang like how's that side to side turn he's not even looking that goal you just let that thing rip first time and it just goes with too much power keeper can't save it so messy now hates he should have to in his game because he missed the 101 now that one was tough I'm not gonna lie to you that mess was tough especially for the factory people moving like my opponent move the keeper man thanks for that oh that's a great run from Podolski on there we no no no oh no I thought the hair would get that probing away this could be a chance I had to make sure I put this guy away I had to go like trihard concentrate for a second just to make sure that this guy knows he's not gonna get back at the game when make it six to 72nd minute he keeps moving to keep her alive so I'm gonna go to cutbacks every time I get in front of goal and you can see he moved and left it completely open and I'll dingo easy girlfriend dingo and yeah man we've played a pretty good game honestly I feel like this game's over he's outside and I was going in as well oh man yeah hate to see it yeah absolutely hate to see it's gonna be a double double boys we're gonna win our second game of the weekend League and we're gonna do it with Messi again and I think Messi scored one and maybe got an assist he should have had too many easily shot attitude that one-on-one was tough and again that probably was my fault maybe I put too much power in there she's just banged a low on the ground maybe downoload yeah I definitely should download ribbon that was the right player low-driven but regardless we dominated this game another huge win and I want to see Messi's performance in this one so messy got oh he got two goals that's my fault two goals and Noah says so he could have had a hat-trick so in two games he scored five but dinger walks away with man of the match so the way I'm gonna put this is this if this Messi car drops away under his team of the year then it's worth it right it's a good car to rock out with and it's probably common sense y'all could have thought about this yourself but I liked him I would he was enjoyable to play with is he as good as Team of the Year definitely not because that stamp aspect is huge but I was like once you get past the 60th minute you start to think about subbing Messi out Messi goes from being this 99 blue card to his gold card by the time the 60th minute comes around and that's just that's just tough wait that's core I thought scored actually the first game with them nah maybe I did him a moment score too anyways for gos I thought it's quite hot chick in the first game with him but yeah and honestly I thought he would be an incredible cam because medium medium is just like the perfect cam work rate so he's the perfect card he needs stamp if you can if his car drops a lot go after this one if he if it doesn't drop go for his team of the year because that's Tam you'll tell us such a huge difference so if you've been saving to get that team of the year do it also way first like his team of the season could be potentially you and I'm saying it's gonna obviously most likely be under his team of the year so I don't know what the hell I honestly don't know what they do for chip of the season maybe it's 99 again maybe that one has more maybe that that's the one that gives stamp I don't know man either way spend your boy skills hopefully guys enjoyed it hope you guys are happy I brought it in messy big old thumbs up for you enjoyed it and if this should be Team of the Year messy spot let me know in the comments down below I love your faces I appreciate y'all booyah