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FIFA 19 Ultimate Team PRIMER 97 RONALDO
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yo what's going on youtubers your boy double-edged knife skills welcome back to the brother for champions our teens here at this boy like the rich man in the glory Edition I feel like today we are completing Ultimate Team Intel team of the season is released I told you guys I was trying so hard to make this happen and finally I'm gonna make it happen guys smash a big old thumbs I'll smash a thumbs up on this video if you're as hype as I am bro because this is a card I've been trying to showcase to you guys on this channel for the longest time look I sold holy for 9 million I suppose Michael for F 580 I saw it Acosta for 3 right card for 6 lose em bu for 1 point for your part like why do you have all these Portuguese players I'll link down below it's gonna be my second time I leave a link down there straight to the video past and present and Liga nos team I played in the weekend League for my first like 5 6 games with the Lea 4 like first 4 games with the League of nos team past and present and I uploaded that to my second channel second channel career mode ultimate team channel if you guys want to go over there I may be posting squad builders and just other stuff that I'm not gonna be posting here imma lay it on that channel for you guys so you guys can have more contest so go make sure to follow that channel and I also watch the video from yesterday so for another Silve all these players were part of the League of nos team I sold all of them see what happened was I built the League of nos team and I actually went like three and one with the League of nos team right I lost with them unfortunately early on the weekend League but either way I lose with them am I gonna play the whole weekend League with the Legion or steam whatever boom or whatever but then I get a DM BAM from one of my Twitter what am I one of my Twitter twitch friends right a streamer hits me up hectic jokes hits me up yo dude I heard you want r9 you want him right I have a friend selling them and I'm like yo I do so he's a guy follow this guy and I follow the homie and I start to chop it up with the beast right and he starts to tell me how he has its r9 and he's gonna sell him and I'm kind of just like wait what and I started to get super excited I didn't know though I didn't know what was going on so the homie and also I want to leave his Twitter down below so if you guys want to go fall the homie man and show him some love big big shout-out to the homie man but his name is wolf right so I'm SS I be wolf I'll leave the link down below to his Twitter so he look he's like yo I'll sell him to you so he lists them up for 15 million and ladies and gentlemen finally i buy r9 finally we get r9 now we're gonna go on a stupid run and save our weekend league because we start off pretty bad as you can see I've played six games or r9 I've scored eight goals and got three assists the team I'm rocking with right now right now though r9 at Stryker Christiano Ronaldo left him for 231 kimbap a right camera now dingo middle came Viera left CDM mateus right CDM III sold so much stuff that I didn't have a keeper for the last leg it's like I think like six seven games I was using Yoshi now yah shin has ran now unfortunately I have no more yo shin which means I now need to pick up a keeper now it has to be either either Peter Sagan Oh block Lafond or an icon let me know in the comments down below who you guys would use right here so court Watchers Sagan Lafont Oh block or an icon blow it up in the comments down below let me know who you would use for the first weekend ever I'm using florenzi because I just don't have a lot of coins but we have a man we have big boy r9 I'm gonna showcase some gameplay with you with with him in the weekend League and unbelievable big ups to Wolfman Big Ups to everyone that was involved man I appreciate you guys follow wolf link down below also a link to my second channel he could watch the League of nos VA Oh and finally bros we have done it we have gotten him and I feel like we completed like I said we completed team of the season and tell how we completed Ultimate Team and tell team of the season is released once team of the seasons release we right back on that grind but in the meantime in between time we've completed I'm gonna do my best to try to get top 100 now this is the team on be rocking out with I just want to do fun teams and post that content to the second channel and then post drafts here but I ended up having a chance that are nine so I couldn't wait and I ended up doing it so with that being said let's jump into some freaking game play with our 9 smash a big old thumbs up make sure to subscribe so happy I could finally deliver this video D for you guys I've been trying for like look I haven't used oh my god for like five videos but you best believe oh my god has to be in this title cuz this is oh my god tight moment so with that being said enjoy the gameplay let's get into a baby weekend here we go gameplay timer our tonight we've waited so long for this moment this is that moment this is the time this is the time we've been waiting for now at the top right you're gonna see me talking but I'm muting myself and I'm gonna talk over this see because I was live-streaming this gameplay because I want to explain to spend and play the weekend League with you guys it's something that you guys really really enjoy for me is the weekend League and I want to be able to do it live and for YouTube which you guys now I usually take the footage and don't put my camera but I wanted to put my camera this time because I want you guys to see how emotionally I how emotionally involved I am with the week ending like when I tell you guys and I love the weekend League when I tell you guys the weekend League brings a different joy out of me didn't anything any of the mode like I love the draft right in the draft is fun I have fun in the draft but nothing and I mean nothing there's no mode in FIFA that makes me react like look at this look at my veins are popping out of my head bro my veins are coming out of my neck bro like when I score in this mode bro it's like I turn into an animal bro so I want to show you guys this so I'm gonna keep me up there doing what I do but I'm gonna mute mean I'm gonna talk to you guys everyone watch the stream in twitch.tv slash j9 skills i stream late at night in the in America it's like 8:30 Eastern Time usually 7:30 8:30 Eastern Time on time a very late in the UK and I'm sorry about that guys but what I like to do is get my youtube videos done first and then spend time with you guys on the livestream but I'd like to get my youtube videos done first so they're all done and ready to go so with that being said man I get this aura 9 right shout-out to the homie that got an R 9 again because without him I would never have this card and honestly I didn't know what to expect I can't really expect like what can you expect right and this is not a weird flex but okay cuz I am NOT flexing I would never flex on you guys you guys give me everything I have I would never flex on y'all but I've 13 note a few times this year a back-to-back 13 or 16 note this year so what are we expecting for more 9 what can r9 bring to the table honestly I wasn't expecting that I just wanted to try them like this is rare card in the market I goes from 15 mil you can't get him you can't find him nobody has him why what's so special about him I gotta get this guy in my life I got to see what's going on here I got to see what's so special about this Brazilian man you know I'm saying with this beautiful bald head I got to see what's going on with my carne asada no ever my gordito No I gotta see what's going on with our ninth so I pick him up and the one thing I want to say real quick man is that I play with all the primers pretty much now I play with who labor in out bingo I love Marvin out Dingle I still haven't sold him you guys know he's been a card that I was really really attached right I got attached to that car it's r9 is a scoring machine but he's he better than his prime and I can't really answer that properly I can't tell you yes or no it's hard bro because once you get to a level in fifa nigh tell you guys it's all the time once you hit that level of good cards that's it bro like you can't really like Cristiano Ronaldo's 94 card up to his 98 that I'm playing with now because if I got the one to watch I keep getting I got very lucky got his for free and I've been it's been upgrading the whole I can't tell a difference bro like and you'll be like what stop loading skills listen bro like I've been you guys know if you follow me on the Instagram my post you'll feel full minutes I'll be putting clips loaded a amazing it freaking funny you gotta go check it out man this awesome awesome clips on there pictures yo real a a nine skills are e8l a a nine skills okay yeah I had to pull real somebody took a nine skills I'm so real a nine skills okay so I put these clips over there and stuff like that if you wall you follow the pictures at my pictures you know I had when I had a 90 for Cristiano Ronaldo just a regular one to watch I was already doing crazy stats with him and his stats have continued just give like you know the same but just I'm scoring so many goes with him right so he's once you get the top to your players you got the top tier players I don't know if you can really upgrade past that point bro like the difference between the prime to the primer like what's the time saying like is it that much different now look man the one thing that surprises me the most is I got this 15 mil card right and and and at this point I'm like okay listen I'm PSG I just bought Neymar all right I paid a stupid my money from her name arm go with me the Champions League and that's where I'm at like if I lose a game with this Ronaldo I blame her I mean I'm saying because I've paid 15 million bro like if I lose a game it's on Ronaldo but you know I'm saying like that's kind of where I'm at I've invested so much into this card West like yo you better carry me I'm gonna be honest with you my man's carry me because I haven't lost a game and you know I started with the League of noise team like I told you guys and I took a stupid L but I had a lot of fun playing my boss dolls and stuff like that check that video if you guys want that links down below to more 89 skills where you could watch that and you know I'm saying like it's one of those things where it's like boss boss was cool to play with but had the chance for an I had to go get him right I had to I had to get this or not so I get this r9 I'm feeling pretty good he scored a lot of goals and here's Cristiano Ronaldo not even playing the number nine position playing the left cam position a 4-2-3-1 okay right came and popped a left cam Neymar I mean Ronaldo middle Cameron el dingo r9 striker and Ronaldo scoring as many goals as the Ronaldo cr7 scores as many as are nine and that to me is just wild because it's 15 million coins you're playing the nine position like you should dominate but once you got these high cards that's what I'm trying to explain you guys like a lot of people like yo this game is paid to win and yo listen when you got to get big cards trust me they help you okay don't don't get it twisted can you do it with a small team yes could you do it with a road to glory yes could you do it with all go team yes but when you got the big cards you got the big cards there's nothing else to be said here right so I got you get the big cards right and that comes a point where it's like how much like like once you get to that level you're good bro like once you get to the golden Isle doing stuff like it's already great you know I'm saying once you get to any vieira you're great like you got great team already now it comes down to you know if you're better than your opponent stuff like that you got it you didn't no one's gonna really have it you know I'm saying like it gets to that point I can't really tell the difference units are an eye on his primer but again if I was to downgrade from prior to this primer to his prime I probably would tell a difference at that point you said I'm saying so I don't know I love him don't get a twist he scored a lot of goals and he definitely he's definitely putting the team on his back he's definitely caring but with Vernell dinger within Bop a with r9 it's just another animal man the team is it's another animal dude like I like you got el tornado crosses from everyone everybody can do for alternate across everybody is a five-star skill in pop a five-star burnout dingo five-star ran out dingo ran out they already said that Renaldo burnout all five stars right that's crazy that's crazy bro then you got our 9 with a 5-star weak foot you got it poppin it's just oh man it's it's so crazy in the front that it's it's you can score so many different ways and it's just fun dude it's just a really really fun team to play with and again you can see how emotionally attached I am and you can see how cringy I am in that top end corner but this is one of the reasons I didn't really stream weekend league for people or really show you my life camera we can leave because yo my girl used to come down here as I'm playing like hey you good cuz yo I get in boys and not even like as you can see it's not rage it's just happy it's like a fun like yeah I don't know I just have a lot of punch up around I probably Bernie can either you I need to lose some weight you burning calories playing this game but yeah man our night is fun man the one thing I wish bro is that every single one of you could play with this team I have like that's cuz you know I did the poor man road to glory two years in a row last year I might be doing the next year my second channel as well Maury nice cuz I'm gonna pour my mother go in a rich man here and the poor man is dope trust me man like I love it you know I'm saying everything about his dope but it's also cool to have a road of glory and I've read a rich man and like I just wished that y'all could see and feel what the game is like with these cards I'm not saying the game is better with these cards I'm just saying that it's it's it's a whole nother experience you didn't mean to have five starts killers everywhere great weak foots everywhere people that can head the ball it's just a whole nother experience man it's it's really cool man some anyways bro shout-out to the homie that got me to r9 I appreciate you listening him ups like about 50 million appreciate everyone that was involved in it man I love you guys for that y'all booyah nation hope you guys enjoyed this video I really really wanted to get this video out to you guys for the longest time finally got my hands on the r9 finally wasn't able to deliver the video for you guys like I said I mean I hope you guys enjoyed it big old thumbs up if you did make sure to subscribe I am a fool when I'm playing the weekend League I got glasses on I got stupid hats on I'm screaming I'm dancing but it's crazy man I have a absolute blast so again man I love you guys on the bottom I heart make sure to subscribe if you haven't already I will see you back here tomorrow for another video tomorrow I think I'm gonna drop for you guys a chill little draft to glory you know I'm saying when a new episodes thank you guys so much for a new series I love on the new series that was amazing you guys are amazing I think I'm up to like twelve or thirteen and one now which is pretty dope cuz I was like two and one with that legal on Steam or three and one anyways I love you guys and I will catch you back here tomorrow same time same place I love your faces booyah