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open a i5 business oh gee game 1 what the AI thinks about their current situation and how likely they are to be able to get kills how likely they are to die so if you see a super red bar pretty much which means they're done for already up so the action is kicking off it's open a I will clean first blood no town is to be caught out here as the two teams meet off later that kid survived pretty all geez look at that it's already gone up quite a bit since the drafting phase the trash talk has already begun absolutely she will be unable to do so for now leaving step on his own down bottom she shouldn't kill the crystal maiden actually yeah they set it up Thompson rotates over it didn't see that coming that's exactly the point they've got a Ricky mid I never see people come into that bottom lane from the sniper AI bringing him back up at the same time a is going aggressive up top open AI diving past the tower they'll find notes out but they do pretty deep for this the open AI the reaction will be there from og they have both the combo of the SF and the shaker to bring down the gyrocopter now very close between the two you see Jax he's gonna look for around Brown on mate the setups there with the fish open hours blocked in nowhere for the deaf prophet to run as that will be another kill here for Thompson on his Riki top lane back towards more action open AI once again look the diving deep past the tower with this Chara cops and spend combination they've got the Buddha restoration the og notes he'll keeping the two of them alive as oh jeez able to turn bring down the span still though trying for this SF Jarrah desperate for the kill but he cat off poisoning us with a fissure and the heels from no tail and then another one is the Buddha restoration choice picking up the witchdoctor we've seen how the harassment openiy I super good about being able to do that in the Buddha restorations cutting a lot of that out making these mites go their way see they I go in this time with the help of the cm look at it leading on to the SF no tells they're though again as you mentioned this beauty restoration just making it that little to half the AI to instantly kill the SF they'll get another stun out he's still alive though finally they get that kill onto an ax they will finish up the shadow fiend they're trying to see if they can find him for more potentially open hours it looks towards no tail with the rocket barrage the jaracaca finds another this time the open air is getting away with the aggression up top they realized it wasn't working with just the spend in the Jaro so they add in that crystal Maiden and it makes all the difference yeah are still made and safe they'll back up up to the high ground ot are attempting to chase jump poured in enough of Fisher now on to the CM with tricks the trait they'll kick the kill paralyzing cars cat as well from note sale as ot aren't done yet they're trying to chase for more looking towards this fan but they cannot finish him off he's already open AI realizing that they are outnumbered here and will retreat back towards the tower we'll see if they bring in any backup to try and fight this as the Jerry is getting gone upon and of a slow comes out from the CM holding back Gerak's and Topsham but there's a Fisher another jump forward as og should be able to find it totally dies they see hey that's not worth it we're not rotating to save a hero we're gonna make sure we take an objective in that top lane instead see back suppose mid Thompson and that was a chase down the sea and a big old comes out oh that's beautiful oh the Oakland AI crystal maiden doing a big thunder and in fact they're gonna get this SF as well Anna falls the crystal maiden going big standing her ground committing with the ultimate she knew she wouldn't die Xin you should get those two kills oh we were talking about like oh man how well is he opening I gonna be able to adjust to like the patch changes have they read it at all but maybe it's og who didn't read the patch changes that armor for the crystal main saves her life gets multiple kills to get the talisman is incredibly low so that's gonna TP in and try and find this kill for sure over at the viper strike instance done from the span will hold sab back in position is he gonna tick down to the pussy's not this event they'll survive and now open our they turn onto sab they'll get the Viper killed Hopson and jerax they're still trying to desperately chase it at least something here jump for from Thompson tricks the trade it won't quite do it the char is too speedy he continues to retreat Thompson is gonna try and chase this down he's got another jump forward and he will finally be able to claim the life of the gyrocopter but open a at least do keep that tail on town on the top lane alive as they'll stop the push back in the jungle though we've og forcing open eyes reaction up top they know that the jarrah is pretty alone here tops is trying to chase they've got the catch with the fissure and with that double damage rune top someone had the damn is it gonna be a media buyback in fact from the gyrocopter side piece man it's it's a buyback for what as Bernays Jarrah cannot really get back a position to punish ojio she's already out there Thompson actually he's still trying to make a call he's gonna jump in he's alive for that one a very unnecessary play there from Thompson about 3k net worth now down and it seems like oh geez founds a kind of pattern to take it to the AI but they are gonna lose to here again very aggressive plays here emoji actually fool boy he nearly gets away but will not be the case smart though gyro ran back to give vision to the snipers so he could actually get the the auto attack you see in the middle jarett's and coach Sam's gonna be used quick set up in another instant buyback this team open a I will not stay down they get immediately back into the game as this fan is in trouble they're bringing back up they soon he's having to grab it before the Spanish in fact though they turn open AI just looks to watch the Ricky put the backup of the crystal made and they have that control as back really back home form it's a 95 percent here for open AI for human perspective this is an even game boy how do they say 95 percent I'm pretty sure even though a blessed at the moment wouldn't be in the night is as this game does not look one-sided it's very even in the net worth open AI though feeling incredibly confident with themselves and they all get a diving past the tower and look with the old earlier from the gyro BKP is there from Anna's he'll try and tell but step he's already fallen swam will make sure that no tails pushed all the way back a Fisher will come out to hold them down but open AI they've got two more kills happened Gerak's fall a third as well that they sniped down no tell right up the high ground of tempo it has the you'll scepter controlling Anna and as sort of left on his own in to try and hold back but this the stun france man and it's going to fall as well as open a height there into the base it's 19 minutes in there taking the tier 3 Tower they're almost certainly going to look for more as og they have 410 at the moment only a Ricky and Ricky not the best hero a holding back a five-man push on his own you know sometimes oh and we say that oh oh the net worth is a little deceiving overwatch tops a die as well only x net worth is deceiving but you would still say like no matter what like this game is you know pretty even we'd say 6040 or something like that one of those five man pushes I think there's something triggered once they saw him like the way that the lanes were set up and how much stronger they were in teamfights they said we can take an objective here and that's what gives us the 95% I can see a nice car bounce here on to the two of them the CM and thus van but they're straight again again the CN holter ground pops the ultimate will fall but they'll get seven return see if they can try and chase for more than the Exorcism out but there's gonna be a quick TP away the power of early game buybacks oh they got another one it's always worth it it's gonna be Viper at the top lane the blink dagger they just put a holding this on somebody and then they just always have the follow-up they know fact in the river they're gonna find the follow-up on to another as anna is in trouble gets peeped down here by the sniper turns to or jerks I mean it's for Ted again on Oh G only no-tell alive he'll pop down a very symbolistic death Ward as he is going to die as there's the DEF profit with the safe and chasing him down assassinates gonna come in from the sniper one more right-click will do it from the DEF profit Oh G getting team wiped by open a I Thompson giving a lot of very very important vision there's the set of jump in from Jericho Sam's out with the falls see him she's gonna be forced to safety they do lose the gyro the see I'm still alive for now a TP out we'll get another back to safety i they've found some more setup airs they'll go straight away to Ward's AB opening up with the you'll scepter SEP will turn with a viper strike down under the span Girardi heading towards the back lines of OGG making it hard for ot to get a teamfight fully together as once again open our putting a bit of a stop to OG trying to make a play now they're going on the deaf probability or can't they get the kill that they've already lost to ROG they will get that their profit but a media again these buybacks being used as open our knows that there has the edge with the numbers Jax will throw down a fissure to block off and he attempted catch from the gyro but span finishes off sab open a eye they actually move away from that pot on him before finishing it off and now after getting the kills towards mid they'll just continue to sweep around at top take another tier 3 Tower step is now back in the game it's got to be a little careful as open a I have a 13k lead they are sort of an item ahead of their cores on og silence comes out from the Ricky there's the Viper stroke as well but the beat kibby's gonna be popped straight away jump forward they'll look towards tops some force to the side tops and in potential trouble the red cream comes out from Anna but Thompson is dead both him and jarek's buying back getting into this game they're looking to try and chase Gerak's does have a blink available he'll jump forward fishes there onto two and Lango shop it's perfect the spend he bleak Ginsu in but I said it's good it killed the snipers he can actually get anyone else out of his fan he's tipping out the deaf profit he'd open out they do have to prompt there with the aftershock and on each on tone him to catch out the deaf profit making sure he can get sort of there I guess the consistent old sounds did the potential BB KB's and such it's gonna be a lot that the AI has to consider when it tries to plan to this SF jump forward here for emoji they're trying to fight into this the BKB comes out from both for them both the SF and the span in response Fischer will be used to try and separate some of the AI from one another jump forward though and with the rocket barrage they've got the damage to take down Thompson they'll look towards Jarrett's Jarrett's is gonna fall as well co G as well they do recognize that now gonna try and make a play wise to snap it doesn't have that BKB available to pop as they look towards the cm the vision down they'll find one missiles gonna be heading away off the SF straight BKB in the TPI from Manny's got to get away but they have to right-click damage to punch through him Derek's already leading in under the cover of the smoke trying to sell something to mediate BKB is out from the DEP rope in making sure the Jarrett's cannot follow Thompson into the action buying Ward's as this important has no real items that never happens with the air on mid lane just a commitment here from the spam BKB jump in with the god strength sopin ai they found sep also outside of the base set dead for two minutes note sail also going to fall stun there from the span as snipe from the sniper as Ana will try and do something at least jumping in with a BKB the first hole comes out will be it no tell killing off the offenders that is gonna be this friend dead for two minutes still although they had to be careful of this sniper as it's doing so much damage towards the SF Ana will fall notes are teepees any stop the dev board but the physical damage from the sniper pulls apart the witch doctor jarett's will be there to hold the creeps up back towards the mid they are trying to keep them drawn away from the ancient as both Thompson and Gerak's are trying to take open a eyes focus away from any again jump forwards heads but it doesn't matter the so on the agent TG is called an open a I take Game one and cap they look pretty terrifying and let's see what is gonna change in the second game we've had the different drafts actor was mid Thompson she really dying here in fact what he does if the poison was too much there's two points there in the poison attack meaning that Thompson ticks down and out of the lane back towards bottom I'm gonna cherish trying to chase down that jarrah he has got less movement speed though and the gyro will be fine in fact the gyro can turn the missiles out as well as the rocket barrage he'll chase this down mangos gonna be provoked so he's got the manna for another rocket brush Fisher will push the gyro away though and we're seeing once again in these first few minutes in terms of the farm people coming up pretty even in CS down bottom steps in trouble though gyro takes the kill set dig commit see up top turn here with the maledicte on to start packed they do have a viper in the sling as well now so OG have to be careful and the gyro copter just racking up these kills he was able to kill off jerax once more as the chase continues top south will be popped but it gets canceled there by the stun open our diving past the tower with the damage from the Viper in the span they'll claim the slark side they'll get no tail as well the AI turning it up early here in this game to a point where he's able to run around cutting creep waves but he just couldn't really get to that I see there the side chariots trying to step forward but they turn immediately towards an out the Viper strike out upon and shrapnel it's down here from Thompson and in the temps I hold assassinate will not get the kill over now again the CM goes for the old I think you at the disable hex comes out from no tail they'll kill up the crystal maiden but open AI 5 / diving past the tower up towards doctors fed coming back in on minimal HP to throw that style secure the kill as opening I again getting the favorable trade another tower taken they are playing at a ferocious speed here in the second get apart elsewhere I'm gonna see the spank emitting on two tops and tops it does have back us but both notes a land chair axe splitting open ai apart as jerax will focus the viper serb comes in with the TP they have surrounded this fan open a I trying to stand their ground as this fan but he's stuck in the trees they'll lose the Sven open ai the viper still gotta fight and they've also know rotated in the gyrocopter said caught on the frontlines siphon will not keep him alive or well it gets the second one out it's a good amount of sustain but surely not enough as the poison will be therefore on the Viper open III getting PO for the kills and this is definitely sort of the games that we've seen from at the open era in the past where you know 13 minutes in they get this lead open a eyes it is they're not gonna make mistakes they're not going to throw away this leach you have to outplay them you have to outmaneuver them and at this rate oh gee they're struggling to certainly do that as they'll lose tops instead trying to move in but the crystal maiden with that massive amounts of damage coming out from the ultimate just stands her ground to dead there will be a buyback here's Thompson trying for some open a is tactics to try and bring the game back around but I don't know how much this buybacks going to do for him if they're still without Seb and serve just failing to have any sort of impact this game as the DEF prophet after a terrible laning stage against the gyrocopter the crystal maiden open AI fourteen minutes in there up to the high ground on to the tier 3 Tower Anna will be able to jump away doesn't even matter to kill off the courier the Viper God like diving past towers killing off tops and it's a die back from the sniper so he's gonna try and leave fall but the cars prances around sab stands too close to jerax jerax is in trouble as well as he's forced away open ai taking that top tier 3 Tower they're on to the barracks it's only 14 minutes in cap 15 minutes in taking a barracks an incredibly fast timing here from the AI jerax will fall she tried to get some damage out onto the Viper but the poison is too much for this underfund underleveled shaker no-tell will try and get back sev and tempting everything to hold them off with the siphons with the crit form but he doesn't have the damage he does not have to HP to survive sev is dead the racks taken an open ai they are not leaving this space surely anytime soon brother had to back up I see because the tier 2 still stands in the middle lanes the min/max they're positioning as much as possible Derek's probably died again yeah and almost certainly severs world chair ax does not have the damage Seb does have an ax with him but this slug only has treads and a rave ban there's nothing he can do he's got a shadow dance papi will be able to steal up a bit of essence shift but the cast Brown – down on – no tell stun as well out on to the triple kill for the opening Viper tops and he's desperately looking for this crystal mater but the movements here the shadow amulet dancing herself away utilizing the image to make sure the Thompson cannot get that final hit on a continuous accused the army like getting away out of this Thompson County finest he does get the vision for the assassinate but we are able the stone comes out for the class canceling the assassinate the crystal maiden kept safe and alive there looks like there's very little chance of og turning this one around they will find the witch doctor pushing out alone they may be able to at least claimed the life of a witch doctor can they get more than oh that crystal Maiden again using the old enchant owner comes out with the answer shock does cancel the Ottoman from the CM finger comes out but it's not enough damage to kill off the crystal Maiden they'll be buyback from both side no tail gets back in so does the open AI witch doctor is open now I wants to continue the aggression Leggero up onto the high ground past the tier 3 past the barracks playing so aggressive his set has to be careful of potential wrap arounds they're pushing in both lanes at the same time the AI both the middle lane and the bottom lane under threat also the team as well of OG getting drove upon out past the tear falls and it's trying to come in in open air their load but they have to heels the booty restoration from the witch doctor meaning that oh gee cannot finish up any of these kills Anna will fall again on the slug he has got a buyback he will use it but oh gee they are just crumbling and getting entirely crushed here in this game – it looks like there's very little chance for them to play anything back in response as once again AI just collapse onto og they cannot fight back at this point their heroes their Drive it does nothing when open a Ice Heroes at this far head thus a male's of today do he's playing in the action in the lanes they say no afk jungle at this point open AI are looking to play a full power yeah it just looks fantastic I wonder I mean I before savage they get this kill it's worth so much but they don't go anymore and I'll get he a bit do it this Viper will not die that they could be there in time and with the ancient falling there is no hope here for OG they have a fortification for with an ax dead 41k lead there are they're asking for the finishing blow to coming from the open a eyes open out I almost playing around with them at this point finger attempting onto the gyro the stun from no tell mrs. Thompson's afk he's had enough at this one as the agent willful and that is GG game over open AI taking game to taking the series two to zero as a player at or two as a professional you watch how open a I just absolutely crushed